How do you live a non-degenerate lifestyle? What does your normal day look like? I want to improve myself...

How do you live a non-degenerate lifestyle? What does your normal day look like? I want to improve myself, but end up staying on my computer all day.


>wake up
>go to work
>come home
>jack off

stop jerking off
start lifting
delete social media
read more books (use pomodoro technique if you struggle to focus)

>wake up
>make coffee
>take shower
>get my news from Cred Forums
>drive to work in my car
>do work
>at lunch break check my makeup
>take estrogen pill
>have maybe a drink or two at this rock'n Chinese place with my coworkers
>go back to work
>go home
>shower again
>put on lace pajamas
>flick the bean
I don't know if i'm a degenerate or not, I was male though


Read books not memes

Eat clean. No fast food
Lift weights and do cardio

Wake up early with the birds as the sun rises
Switch off your television and computer

Take up a creative hobby such as painting, music or gardening etc

Me in the left.

>live on a small island
>friends just want to smoke and drink all day
>I want to go camping in the woods, go shooting, travel by bike through the state, cool shit
>have to pay $80 just to bring my car back on the island
>or pay $250 a month to store my car in-town

Living on an island sucks.

Yes, you are degenerate.

Nigga I live in apex marxcult in the most poz, zog-occupied city. Being a non-degenerate is impossible. HOWEVER, a few things that I do to stave off degeneracy.

>Workout regularly
>9-5 manual labor job
>No porn watching
>Maintain good posture

I spend too much time on here to be a non-degenerate and also Tinder a bit too much.

Tony robbins nigger

Take the time to do this now!

>I """"""""""""""""""""""""'was""""""""""""""""""""""""' male

>wake up just before dawn
>push ups to jump start, fast shower, fast breakfast
>drink coffee on my way to work
>work, bullshit all day with coworkers, etc
>get off work, get drunk on the way home
>sleep for 2-3 hours
>wake up in the evening
>drink till around midnight

Excel at what you do, may it be doing your job, having a passion outside of work, or being there for your acquaintances.
You can still browse Cred Forums to get your daily chuckles and news, but as few as possible.

>get the cross
good thing I have a stainless steel colt .45 in my purse

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no idea, its 11:24AM and i'm going to sleep, op. good night

This. Basically all the shit you know you should stop/start just do it. Its all a matter of effort not just intention. Id also add eating healthy and staying away from alcohol and other drugs.

Get swole. Listen to audiobooks.

Dont drink alcohol
Dont smoke
Make exercises
Eat healthy

But to keep atrue 100% anti degeneracy way of life you also need to live in a farm, plant or kill your own food and build your own house.

>fuck americans

Wouldnt think of it in a million years dear

Gold Cup 1911. Superb taste.

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Lifting is useless. Do a sport/martial art and do calisthenics

don't masturbate, eat healthy, work out, do productive shit

listen to "fitter happier" by radiohead

American mentally ill faggot calling someone gypsy. 60% mate.And you would be surprised but our gun laws are more liberal than in most american states.

>getting 7 hours of sleep minimum
>Do something productive with the remainder of your free-time
>Eat healthy
>don't fuck whores
>save your money
>regardless of what you're doing try your best

>practice a sport
>good education
>fuck girls (from tinder though)
>honest and true to my beliefs
>law abiding
I think that's it, you don't need much to have a non-degenerate lifestyle, you just need to be the kind of guy who isn't a strain on society

Regular goals. Routines. Review of accomplishments, goals, and process.

I'd elaborate but my system is utterly autistic.

>How do you live a non-degenerate lifestyle?
Don't be a NEET. The rest comes naturally after that.