That's the face of a woman who is beginning to accept the fact that she got schlonged again...

That's the face of a woman who is beginning to accept the fact that she got schlonged again, this time by a reality TV star with a bad combover, despite having the backing of every major media outlet spinning things positively for her and covering for her, and despite the fact that she had an endless flow of cash and endless corrupt connections to support her campaign.

None of it was enough to overcome the happenings. She's the 2010's version of Baghdad Bob. Blunders, misfires, and random happenings going against her narratives proved too much. Nothing to see here, don't mind all of the shit hitting the fan in the background. Ignore my faintings, my coughing spells, the Islamic terrorism, the chaos in the middle east that I helped cause, the email scandals, the pay to play schemes as secretary of state, and mysterious deaths of key people who potentially would throw a wrench into my campaign.

It was supposed to be her time. A smooth-talking jack-legged negro stole it from her 8 years ago. Now she's seeing it happen to her again. The presidency is slipping from her grip. She'll be too old and unfit to run again after this cycle. She'll die an angry and bitter death on a hospital bed as she watches the combover man with the prize he didn't deserve to win. She deserved it, not him.

This fate is most suitable for such a lying, corrupt, pathological cunt such as herself.

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Well said

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Beatiful post.




Hard to "win" when you have 0 popular support.


may she burn in hell forever, for all the crimes that she has committed to humanity.

give credit to the eloquent Chink who wrote this.

and I kindly thank his son for making the stylish sandals I'm wearing. very efficient folks, they'll work for $5/day..

>A smooth-talking jack-legged negro stole it from her 8 years ago.

This is actually fantastically well spoken.

The Internationalist establishment has handed this woman the election on a plate and with a long stretch of the race still yet to be run she is completely and utterly fucked.

And beyond that - she's losing a man who received notoriety from running a reality show in which he would scream "you're fired" at retarded 20-year-olds for totally random identity-driven reasons. A man with unusually tanned skin, a habit of misspeaking and blatantly inventing words.

Somehow, after patiently waiting her entire life for this opportunity, she is fucking it up.

The pepe or the flag?



I meant the flag. Don't know about pepe.

>60/40 betting odds still
>implying clinton won't win

someone should change the stronger together signs to read schlonged together

Wtf flag is this. Digits.

Ex President of Haiti accuses Hilary of trying to bribe him. Looks like another assassination from the Clinton hit squad is on the books.

nice pasta
imported from China?

I have a theory. I think she knows she can't win. She's just trying to steal as much money as possible while she can, then claim the dementia defense.

I really think she's putting up an act of sickness to cover her ass

b-but the frog!

Wow, she looks like a corpse

If I was as rich and powerful as her I'd be on beach relaxing my remaining years away.

She's a crazy bitch.

Long live Based Chink!!

literally copypasted thread, kys

Yes she's crazy, but not to the point where she's lost her mind. She's just extremely power hungry and amazingly cynical

She sees where the wind is blowing. The dementia defense is perfect. She din know nuffin

>dat face
reminds me of my less glorious days with stimulants

that bitch has tweaked for a few more days than she can handle, and on the way down hard as fuck

Made in China
Do keep it and spread it where it will cause harm.