Obviously it's time for america to ban knives.

It's off duty police officer instead of CCW holder

Still counts

fantastic news.

"He was driven mad by the rampant islamaphobia in America".

They ignore it

You underestimate their ability to lie through their teeth. Anyone remember how shamelessly Benghazi was spun? That was at the same point in the election cycle and even more embarrassing to democrats.

He was subjected to a microagression and triggered. It wasn't really his fault.

by leaving out all the undesirable information

Of course it should but you know that's an angle they will work.

>"Just imagine if the perp had a gun! so many more dead!"

I heard that on the news this morning. "The attacker was stopped by an off duty police officer"
They won't say that it was a CCW holders, democrats NEED to be able to say that attacks aren't prevented by CCW

>Colour of ID matches colour of face

They pretend that it's Trumps fault somehow. Clearly Islamic terrorism only exists because people say mean things about them.

Dont criticize the religion of peace or theyll fucking kill you

>Crazy mudslime taken out by concealed carry

How are the lefts going to rewrite this

>was wearing a security uniform
>screaming aloha snackbar
>stabs 8 people
>ISIS acknowledged it
MSM still not clear if terrorist attack or not.

They will ask first if the terrorists was white andor born in America and then if the shooter was a nigger, illegal immigrant of something.

*sips liberal tears*

>ISIS acknowledged muslim terrorist on a stabbing spree
>motives unclear

>these people have war trauma therefore we must work harder for their integration into our society

Aren't they pretty successfully sliding it...?

man expressing opinion oppressed by privilege

They don't need to spin it, when they can just ignore it.

I know. All these moderate muslims in the world who would have been peaceful if everyone would just stop discussing their beliefs.

I read he was shot by off duty polees ossifers. Those niggers are required to carry.

Kek is fake and gay.

just blindly accept this religion. you get free nikes and kool aid

If Trump didn't say those bigoted things then this poor man would have never done what he did.

So it is true that Minnesota is Minnesotastan.

Dumb burgers

This. No msm coverage

>white male brutally murders innocent Muslim while Muslim was practicing his faith
>paragraph on gun control
>paragraphs of incoherent rambling
>sources claim Muslim may have had a knife

That screen cap makes me sick



Ban those bloody knives

>mall attacker referenced Allah before stabbing rampage
Read: motives unknown, mentally unstable, family says he was a good boy.


1. source please
2. this story will be suppressed by the media if it's real

Don't give them ideas you mong. They are among us

>How are the lefts going to rewrite this

They already did, goy.

Was it an AR-15? Those are the weapons the libs want to ban first.

Libs will still stick to "guns never prevented a mass shooting". And since in this case it wasn't even a shooting but a stabbing, their intellectual argumentation holds supreme weight.

too late

And it was thanks to you spaghetti-nigger wop immigrants that we got The Mafia and all the shit that came with it.

Look forward to when Italistan puts mosque spires on St. Peter's Basillica

>yfw the dark ages happened because Rome couldn't into massive empire

White nationalist klan member goes on race motivated mass shooting and kills innocent knife salesmen.

>police are required to carry when off duty
u wot m8?

They'll just ignore it

"But dae Drumpf is le bigot??!"

If America didn't have such a gun culture then we wouldn't have been so gun-ho in invading Afghanistan and Iraq and therefore Muslims wouldn't have fled and come over here and felt hatred for America and therefore they wouldn't attack us so the whole stabbing incident wouldn't have even happened haha checkmate you pleb


>White guy brutally guns down muslim

more like
>White supremacist Trump supported brutally executes peaceful muslim promoting his religion

thats actually true though

racist nazi fascist alt-right trump supporting pepe creator violently executes knife collector who was getting attacked by other white cis males showering him with their own blood

>inb4 he pointed the gun at the mudlum and forced him to go on a stabbing spree.

Muslims have been attacking the white world for over a thousand years. We could be absolute angels and they would still attack us because we don't follow the Quran. We crippled their civilization as punishment, but there is still more work to be done. Thus won't be over until Islam is gone.

The Alt right is ready and well regulated to fight off Islam in America, We will bare arms down the trough of Muh-hamad.

No difference between the two in this case


Stop fantasizing Sweden.



How do retarded conservatives even begin to spin this?

He had a knife. If he had a gun he would have killed people. And in America, 9 out of 10 times they have a gun, because it's legal.

why are white people so racist?

>is british and actually cares about degenerate USA

>isolated incident

how is that rewriting?
its exactly what happened

>if the man who was conceal-carrying the weapon was black, the police would've shot him!

this will be the leftist bullshit argument here.

>radical terrorist brought down by off-duty officer

And when you ask what the difference between an off-duty officer and anyone else is they will just ignore you because they're double-thinking little rats who will literally lift inconvenient information from existence in their mind.

he wasn't Muslim. stop spreading disinfo.

America obviously doesn't have enough freedom if terrorist can't buy gun and forced to use knife

maybe he just wanted to be cool, because an axe is a cool weapon.

and it would be even more if he was driving a truck.

This is why BBC news is trash

Quiet Ahmed. Go Taqiya somewhere else.

Holy shit who wrote this, names please.

Prove he was Muslim?

by burying it under other news stories HEY DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THAT RACIST FROG "MEME"????

Doesn't say. Does has this in the sidebar though

get the fuck out of my country you traitor


The "poor victim" was just touched in the head. What he needed, was professional psycological help.
As for the attacker, the vicious shooter hurt an de-facto innocent man! Jail, I say. JAIL!


But officers, by training, obtain their CCW permit and aren't allowed to use their work weapon...

So this man bought his own gun and was carrying because of CCW...


It's not your country anymore.

Lefties think that if its ISIS then its not real muslims

its a cop out, an imaginary enemy so that they can put all the violent muslims into one basket and keep their pet muslims safe

>Many stabbed, muslim shot, in Minnesota Violence.

>t cnn

This. No evidence has come out about the religion or motives of the suspect. If the press were to speculate that he is Muslim that would just simply be misleading.

2/10 for making me reply.

You should go home.

its a muslim. Stay mad.


Canada is my home

Prove it

>No evidence has come out about the religion or motives of the suspect

little bit of cherrypicking there user
the article continues like this

>Muslims are peaceful if this guy was violent then he's obviously not a Muslim

>Canada is my home and not yours anymore

Stay contradictory, faggot.

Why are you so cucked?

I so hope this causes a shift in politics here and we vote full Trump.

Don't bother. They're not capable of using reason and evidence like you and I.

What's the difference, exactly?

Felt ostracized by the growing movement of Islamophobia in America

Isis can just as well claim any suicidal dumbass as their own, it doesn't mean anything. Notice I said "evidence", kiddo.

ISIS and Al Qaeda will literally take credit for any attack. Also doesn't even matter, they're not Islamic.

Notice how we're peacefully taking over? Islam is a religion of peace.

EVEN if this were true (it's not) the attacker still wouldn't be a Muslim if they used violence to spread the faith.

Actually no they dont take credit for "any"

Yes they do. Read the Quran, talk to your local Imam. Educate yourself on Islam, racist

>taking over

Again, stay contradictory, you fucking insect.

Also, you're not going to win. You've been trying to take over the west for 1400 years and you've been failing the whole time.

>Yes they do.

All I need to know about Islam is that it is a violent barbarian cult bent on world domination.

Also, Islam is not a race. :^)

I bet it was one of those somali rapefugees that bill imported back in the 90's


Ban Semi Automatic Knives

Mn here, this is barely getting covered in twin cities

Or at least the offspring of one.

The vast majority of ISIS recruits from the (((Twin Cities))) have been second-generation Somali immigrants.

an off duty police officer is just a regular citizen. when I'm at home, am I can off duty manager?

If there were no knives or guns this stabbing never would've happened. #binthatknife

Wow it's almost like the media is spinning the story.

the man was a racist alt-right cop

But then how do we empower our Muslim friends if we oppress them from removing our privileged heads?

Enjoy the next cold cycle of the ice age we're still in, faggot. It's gonna get real uncomfortable.

Watch them try to shill for off duty cop being equal to cop therefore gun is good.

..two minutes earlier having told you that fug da bolis, cops be raycis, fucking bootlicker.

The point is that most people will only read the headline and first paragraph.

They'll say the cop is a killer too.

Big guy for white house

That's some kind of mental gymnastics


Fuck Muslims and their goat fucking pedophile warlord mentally I'll profit (that's intentional)


god damn fucking liberals ruined leftism

we need those guns to destroy capitalism ffs

Easy. It wont even get on the news..

That ID with that Pic. You're still a faggot though

They can't.

Gun rights are necessary to put down bastards like rafiq sadiqqi when they go full Islamic Extremist

Bongs have been apologizing to niggers and Arabs for sixty years, and haven't been allowed to defend themselves for decades, yet they still get attacked by shitskins with meat cleavers in broad daylight.

>If we kill our enemies, they win.

Life is so fucking beautiful at times

By not covering it
Digits confirm

That's wrong. Police officers have the right to carry under federal law signed into effect by GWB after 9/11. They have to get rid of their CCW in many cases so the state law doesn't interfere with this. At least that's how it is in Illinois. No sworn peace officer is allowed to have a CCW permit.

They will somehow still get upset because the mall was a "gun-free zone" and insist that the off-duty cop's intervention was unwarranted.

Which shows you how desperate they are to regain control of the narrative.

Whenever I encounter one of those people I just say "You're on the wrong side of history. You've already lost. Your arguments don't matter even if you're right."

In the coming Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo, I look forward to facing you on the field of battle as an honorable enemy.

At least commies like you have the guts to actually fight for what you believe in instead of corrupting democracy with the usual incessant virtue signalling and doublethink.

right, and right now I'm an off duty cashier

go fuck yourself libshit

>Educate yourself on Islam, racist

lie about it and convince their braindead media worshiping followers it was a crazy white dude and a cop or something

they're already doing this

> talk to you local neonazi about nazism
Yeah, that is going to yield useful results. Shitskin detected, go die in a shootout with the police.

learn to google you lazy idiot

Deny it happened.

>referenced Allah
Yes, he just referenced Allah - he included a footnote later on, alongside a bibliography.
This fucking 1984 language sickens me.

>falling for leafposting

I hate Islam and want all Muslims to be kicked out of Western countries


Is he really fake???



St.cloud here. It was Islamic terrorism. Every Somali here is now deemed a threat. Stay safe st.cloud bros.

Why is nobody mentioning the fact Minnesota has so many Muslims now because the Obama admin was importing them wholesale from Somalia

He means the left could spin it and say

>"he was a cop normal citizens still shouldn't be allowed guns it's different because he's a police for a living"

Don't be so dense guys

>"unfortunately due to the traumatic nature of this situation he was found two days later in an alley with three self inflicted gunshot wounds to the back of the head"

Yeah complete msm denial, thumbs up their asses

the day of the rope will come muzzie

>at least that's how it is in Illinois

Not being rude or insulting but

Why are laws so inconsistent state to state especially concerning firearms? I know in some states you can't conceal carry at all unless you're some kind of undercover cop (commiefornia)

> mfw he would've asked the muslims to kindly leave
> or given them his second knife