What has happened to my country, guys?

What has happened to my country, guys?
I made the mistake of going on Jewbook, and posted this link.


Let me give you a rundown.

"Terrorist groups have specifically said they are targeting Canada and Canadians. And on the subject of national security, Trudeau’s critics say he’s a lightweight and a dangerous one. Trudeau’s most radical argument is that Canada is becoming a new kind of state, defined not by its European history but by the multiplicity of its identities from all over the world. His embrace of a pan-cultural heritage makes him an avatar of his father’s vision. ‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ he claimed. ‘‘There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state.’’

>Direct people to the last two paragraphs, as seen above, discussing how Trudeau wanting to remove 'current Canadian identity.
>Want to show that Canada is fine as it is, any change will remove the European heritage we have built up
>Instantly get accused of Racism by some kids of a saudi oil baron who went to my high school so many years back

What happened, Cred Forums?
Why does everything need to erase the culture of the country I live in?
Why do we need to change for immigrants, rather than keeping our values?

Ask him why his heritage is more important than yours

Well I mean, Canada is shit already, just look at all the refugees that we brought in.

The problem I have is that King Cuck literally says "defined not by its European history but by the multiplicity of its identities from all over the world"

Who thinks its okay to erase the past from a country just because it doesnt fit in with current times?

Because im too lazy to edit the image so his name is not present.

"Lmfaooo but my point is Canada is not changing anything. All I said was your points are biased and false. Your speaking on all Canadians when you say the prime minister is changing our identity. My identity was never a European heritage, but I am Canadian. And as a Canadian, I'm completely disagree with you"

He implies it is okay we remove the european part, simply because it isnt his.

Why do people end up like this?

>my point is Canada is not changing anything
>"Canada is becoming a new kind of state"

Use Trudeau's words, the very same Trudeau that he probably supports

"And he also says this right after, "His embrace of a pan-cultural heritage makes him an avatar of his father’s vision. ‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ he claimed. ‘‘There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state.’’Hes not trying to change it, everyone looks at him from a different perspective. Clearly we don't see him or understand him in the same way. So there's no point of having this argument. I'm not going to argue with you anymore, just saying dont make such braud statements like that. Speak for yourself"

He completely either ignored what I said, or did not know what 'a post national state' is.

I never though Cred Forums was right when they said you couldnt argue with liberals.

>"There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ he claimed

And then this guy has the audacity to tell you to "Speak for yourself" right after Trudeau stated something that does not speak for you?

Tell him there is no argument, because a civil debate requires one party doesn't resort to ad hominems like calling you a racist for your non-violent stance on your country. Tell him he can plug his ears and shout "la la la" all he likes, it doesn't change the facts.

Brown people don't care about anyone else.. They are all greedy bastards. And Muslims only care about advancing their barbaric religion.

t. Ontario

The worst part about this was that I was civil.

I opened just saying that trying to change canada to make it easier for immigrants to assimilate is not a good course of action.

And out of nowhere they accuse me of racism and calling all muslims terrorists like I dropped a redpill the size of the moon.

Its a shame, these people used to be okay.

Do not give up user. Maybe they can't be argued with - but it's better they get triggered and angry about it from knowing they're wrong rather than give them the smug sense of satisfaction that they think they've "educated" someone on "tolerance".

I held my point all throughout, even left them with a closing remark on how Cuck King says he wants to change Canada.

Still, it's sad. Should I argue further, I unironically fall to risk of people continuing to call me racist due to my views.

And of course I do hate all minorities, but I do not openly display that I do.

>And of course I do hate all minorities, but I do not openly display that I do.

Though I do not agree with your stance, I support your right to be able to have this stance. The left are fucking insane, no facts or statistics allowed if it hurts anyone's feelings.

How do you feel about immigrants who have assimilated?

I have no problem with them.
The problem is, the only people who do that are the Chinese, and they're a problem simply because they're overriding the population in sheer numbers.

Honestly, I have no problem if people just keep to themselves, but especially in this time, immigrants do not, and they especially do not like to assimilate.

The Liberal Party is morally bankrupt and ridiculously corrupt. I'd have voted for the fucking NDP before the Liberals.

They are destroying Canada faster than the Conservatives ever could.

Ontario is a lost cause, we should nuke it. As bad as bc is ontario is the one dictating policy. Canada would be nice if trudeau just went into office and did nothing.

People keep saying he is naive and innocent, well he sure like to suck clinton and soros cock. You know what that means.

Get off this board, cuck. Are you an abo?

>Get off this board, cuck. Are you an abo?

You sound triggered like OP's SJW friends m80 ;^)

Forget it. It's Facebook. Turn off your account, you won't miss it. Trust me.

I have some family members and personal friends I need to interact with who live far away, otherwise I would.

Funny thing actually, the only comments on my post were from the angry muslims, but all the likes came from working class white people.

We have a small population. a rapid influx of foreigners is going to damage what is already here.

China can literally alter the nation with immigration. There are so many Chinese who could come here, we could easily become an Asian dominated nation.

BC is practically there already.

No offence but I don't want that. And I don't think there has ever been a proper consultation and information provided to the people to inform them about what is actually happening.

There has NEVER been support for this displacement level of immigration… but all the parties just do it anyway.

It's crazy what is happening. We are literally giving the nation to foreigners

I have nothing against the people coming in… but I want it stopped.

Of course it won't be till i have been completely swamped… then the education system and minorities can make me the villain of the Canadian story.

It's wonderful.

>the first postnational state

I'm sure glad I found a way to get my citizenship down south. Canada is getting worse each and every year. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, I go back and I regret going out with the locals.

Bars are a women's scene now where boys go out and flaunt their best style and hope a women gives him an approving glance. Then he will hopelessly wait to see if he can go home with her.

Make no mistake, women are the ones in control in Canada. I was threatened by a woman that she would get all the boys at the party to come out and remove me from her car because I told her I was the only capable one of getting my friend home who was drunk (the driver felt insulted that I didn't think she could do it).

Question, does Canada have an emerging right-wing movement as a response to Trudeau?

Like we've got UKIP, the US has Trump, France has Marine Le Pen, Germany has the AfD

Is there such a nationalist, conservative movement in Canada?

Obviously Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern and Ezra Levant are all Canadian so obviously there are some conservatives in Canada

Not surprising. Never sell out to foreign interests, especially if they are corrupt.

If there is, it hasn't made a large enough voice for itself. The young generations all seem to rally behind Trudeau. Young generations implies normies. Thinking normies are the minority is a fallacy.

You like minorities. You are a cuck. Do you need a plentiful supply of the BBC for your white wife/gf?

>Thinking normies are the minority is a fallacy.

I don't think that, but basically every Western country has an emerging conservative reactionary party/movement right now, and so I'm wondering what the situation is in Canada

As I said, the existence of The Rebel and its contributors shows there are obviously are conservatives in Canada. Just wondering if there is a political party for these sorts of views, like all the other Western countries have

is there any hope for canada? im noticing a lot of anti-hillary sentiment building as trump calms down. in addition, i detect a malleability of worldview in americans and a sense of independence politically. people either don't care about either candidate or are open to discussion about them.

i feel like canadians are a different species sometimes. like an entire nation of people from san francisco. in them i detect a rabid sort of delusion and attachment to their super socially-liberal ideals. like pride sort of, where their anti-racism and professions of guilt and endless accommodation of foreigners has been internalized.

in addition, i almost never see a canadian poster who is fair and open minded about alternative world views. the entire world is either a joke to them, or is in dire need of multi-culturalism and marijuana. they are always shitposters or super liberals from another dimension.

am i right? can canada be saved?

One of the last provinces to be taken over by the NDP, Alberta, just recently had it's own Conservative party (not relating itself to the actual Conservatives of yesteryear), the Wild Rose Party.

They lost majority of Provincial election seats. They even lost to a 23 yo women who loved to tweet and instagram about her wild parties and illegal activity.

The country is hopelessly killing itself in the name of "progress".


Nothing even on the horizon. Anyone right of Trudeau is painted by the media as a sexist racist devil.

We are almost Sweden tier in that regard. Although not all the people are lefties, the establishment does a good job of maintaining what can be said in public.

Our media is like Guardian tier… but even stupider.

Somehow, at some point the left just took over all the educational and media power. They own it now, and they just demolish opposition or simply pretend it isn't there

That's when you begin to realize that the Right is all about control of money and politics and the Left is about control of thought and speech. They are both control, but I'd argue that having my speech and thoughts controlled by someone else is much worse than someone who controls money and politics.

>Who thinks its okay to erase the past from a country just because it doesnt fit in with current times?

look im the last guy to bring up natives, but yeah.... not really a solid argument.

if it makes you feel any better the indians lost after a long fight, but you're going down without one, so at least you'll have a peaceful death...

well maybe it doesn't make you feel that great, but whatever.

>Who thinks its okay to erase the past from a country just because it doesnt fit in with current times?

Canadians define themselves by their un-Americanness. ("Well, burger, in CANADA). I can't see a country that is snowy California having an emerging right wing movement.

It's there, just not emerging.

It's suppressed by the thought police in Canada. You cannot have dissenting views without being ostracized. I was hanging out with some friends last New Years Eve where I said that Trump, while having many negative qualities about him, could serve a purpose even for the Left. If he does a cock-up job of being President, he could be the catalyst to unite both Left and Right to clear house of corruption in politics. The Right's champion, Trump, would have let them down and they certainly wouldn't go back to the Left. The Left, already hating Trump and thinking politics are corrupt, could use that momentum to bring the Right more center.

That view did NOT go over well, even in a province like Alberta -- the former Texas of Canada.

>Post national state

The white Canadians have no state protecting and promoting their culture. How long will Trudeau last?

Hopefully Trump, and some of the activity in Europe will penetrate the collective mind here.

But I have my doubts. People are made to feel proud and good about accepting multi-culti, feminism, etc. and beyond bad for straying from it

I guess it's human nature to prefer social approval rather than be ostracized …I think women in particular like to feel they are compassionate and doing what is 'good'

It's hard to frame what you are doing as being the 'good' course of action, when all your nice teachers and the folks on the radio with sensible intelligent seeming voices are telling people the opposite.

You literally can't work at the CBC without accepting liberalism as the normal way of being

>What happened, Cred Forums?

You elected a cuckold. A man-meme. Like the article says, a "lightweight".

At this point, no.

Maybe its because they are muslims, but the fact that within half a moment, I was called a racist?

This country is doomed.

> Hopefully Trump will penetrate the collective mind here

That would only ever happen if a belief the Canadian Left has held for a very long time is shown to be fraudulent or bad for your well being. Even if that happens, I could see the Left continue to hold on to their beliefs with the excuse, "Well if the Right can hold on to beliefs that are wrong, then so can I!"

When you prove them wrong after them trying to act high-and-mighty, it's often the childish behavior that makes its way into the conversation.

I think the cure will be hardship. Real hardship, i.e. the absence of food.

At some point the endless and ever-expanding lanes of welfare must, by necessity, break down, and the day after that happens will be an anarchy so intense that comfortable white liberals will have to change their viewpoints or literally die as their throats are slit out in the street

A very slim chance of that happening, but yes, I agree. Some sort of drastic change to the current environment needs to happen in order for a vast, expedited cultural shift away from Regressive thought.