Hillary Clinton campaign intern here :)

Hillary Clinton campaign intern here :)

Looks like we've found the alt right headquarters. We've exposed your nazi mascot to the public. Now get ready for some public exposure of this website.


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looks like a sorority for faggots

I'm a Sanders supporter, and trust me, I hate Clinton more than these nazis here.

Fuck off nigger

Gonna need to see some more proofs.

Ew, how can you work there and not feel like commiting suicide every day?

tits or gtfo

Lol, exposed the wrong mascot, pepe is for fags, Moonman for us nazis. Suck it shill.

Oh and are they paying you $15 an hour?

The reason hillary is losing is because she glorifies every kind of degenerate faggot, lazy nigger etc., every one of them has their own little poster on her wall.

But she forgets who pays the bills. Not once has she appealed to the working class or average american, and other than these fringe groups the only people who vote for her are self loathing liberals.

Trump is going to win, and we are going to stop this slide.

The more exposure we get the better.

When normies come here, they never convert any of us to their cause, but we always gain converts among them.

Gonna slam that asshole when we MAGA hard

>alt-right HQ
>Cred Forums

Seems you're lost..

>expose Cred Forums to the masses
>people flow in to see what it's all about
>get redpilled along the way

Please, no bully.

Can you please tell them that Dan from Cred Forums hates niggers and kikes please?

The helicopters can't come soon enough.

Correct the record was here first loser, I bet you get paid more per shill post then I do.

Volunteering right now.

Tomorrows the big day. Watch CNN on Monday because we are going to hit you hard:)

Hillary logos and merchandise is so low energy it is hard to look at

When you see it...


>all those racially based signs
>No "white people for H" sign
Checkmate racists

He noticed!

What is the point? You think 4channers make up a significant voting block LMAO?

Oh god, look at that feminine face...

Cool have fun. normies can either be red pilled, or if they get too obnoxious you can bring out the classic gore posts that nobody on Cred Forums can even register as offensive anymore.

Sounds good but I'm not even right wing. I'm moderate. You fucking retards have no idea that Cred Forums isn't one person.

Pls be in London

Also that fan there, Hillary's not paying for AC?

>no time stamp
Get the fuck outta here

>print billion useless clinton campaign ads to your wall

how is non-productivity working out for you?


>network password on the wall

Time to infitrate


Please do. Each time this place is "exposed" we get a fresh new batch of lurkers who will just become one of us.

>a wall full of propaganda permutations



Oh fug


Lol you do Realize you didn't Expose PEPE, you Got it all WRONG, he's not a Racist, he's just a Cartoon character that "Some Racists" use.

So McDonalds created "Mac Tonight" which is now used as a Racists symbol by Racists..

This site was founded by Moot, not everyone on it is a racist, but we Promote free speech here, which means we accept and tolerate anything truly. That means some people are allowed to do Pro White Pride Cartoons, and we don't give two shits about it.

You Liberal Pussies want to KEK America, and you know what I'm not having that.

>it's the default random router password
jesus christ, these people know nothing about security at all

You, unironically, argue in public about internet nazi cartoon frogs. You could talk policy or make arguments against your opponent, but instead you do this while insulting voters.

This idiocy is why you are going to lose.

>MFW no reverse image search work

What's with "Intern Area" ?

Shut up faggot let her do what she's going to do. Damage control is what normies do

Welcome and enjoy the redpill!

better tell why did you ripped that red arrow from Operation Hope



give it your best shot, faggot





Kek, this campaign is committing political sudoku

> spreads meme magic
> lol you are fucked guys x-----DDD

How's stealing from low income people going?

Sanders is basically a NatSoc except his "Jews" are white men

Why is Hillary so racist?

I want to maga but I'd love to do it with that Pedro's man meat shoved up my mangina. What's his deets?


You stupid bro.... normies will get their brains rekt by coming here.

>Now get ready for some public exposure of this website.
How is this different from any other time "Who is this Cred Forums?" has been in the media?

>Grassroots Intern
>OP just posted proof of astroturfing attempts by Clinton campaign

You dun goofed.

Thank you OP.

You realize you are doing God's work by spreading our message right?

You are breaking some of Saul Alinsky's rules by going outside the experience of your people. You are spreading a message that normal Americans can see is happening to their nation, and it will backfire on you.

People in America know your candidate is literally Merkel 2.0 and will Merkel America to death.







... I've been on this site since 2007. I've watched it shift and change. Now a bunch of 14 yearolds get their Meme on the news, and the people who "Run" this site or that have been on it the "Longest" have always promoted "FREE SPEECH" we only sensor truly illegal and deplorable acts (When we're awake)

Sorry but she does not Know what Cred Forums is, she wants to "Expose" one of the last truly "Free Places left in the World"

time-stamp massive faggot

Where's the safe space room with coloring books and cookies?

We are gonna redpill so many normals

This is free endorsement. No one can refute fact and logic.


Are you talking about the one sign in Hebrew on the left?


I always read thet heshtag

Hmmmm... Pure coincidence?

>Now get ready for some public exposure of this website.

We have been shitting on your faggot candidate and your bitch-ass wants more

where did he get that antique phone?

Fuck, he's cute.

Then you know this site has been "exposed" countless times. It never really changes anything


So guys who wants to DOX Ops Campaign head Quarters and Show Her HOW WE DO IT HERE.

>supports a corrupt authoritarian cunt who has been firmly planted in the establishment for like 50 years

>watch CNN
Yeah, no. Ratings are tanking there, btw. And freaking out about a green frog, the normies think you all are out of your fucking minds.

same here, every fucking time

>jesus christ, these people know nothing about security at all

Uh, well we are talking about the Hillary campaign here.

rig the sig
pop the glock
and shoot for the moon

>Claims pepe is racist alt-right leader
>Goes to Cred Forums
>Threatens to release the "alt right HQ" to MSM

network credentials in image xD good one

The Democrats don't want to solve the problems of racism, or sexism. They want the problems to remain so that they have something to justify all of their organizations.

If there was a way to end racism and sexism and honophobic tendancies tomorrow, they woudnt want it, because then they wouldn't have any thing to fight against.

The contract is already pretty moderate, that is why they need immahrants, it's to create more pockets of racism and division, to keep SJWs busy, and keep them voting for democrats.

I think you're missing a few.