Post your best compass edits ITT

Post your best compass edits ITT

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Pinochet was a libertarian though.

>political freedoms


wew lad

Who's the one with the porcupine as their logo? Bottom right


What are the two underneath?

Tfw snek.


Neoliberal go away.



in which quarter is anarcho-transhumanism?

>If you are a capitalist you understand economics
only a rightist would say that. Because they think capitalists understand economics and shit (because they are actually too dumb to understand economics).











when will corbyn gulag you subhumans along with cucks and liberals?


Egoists and individualist anarchists I think.

Why would he Gulag his own supporters?

Corbyn is the cuck supreme

liberals and cucks hate corbyn and side with owen smith.
they always say stupid shit like "oy vey corbyn tolerates anti semites in his party :-DDD" or like pic related

The Libertarian Party isn't right, you stupid retard.

I didn't make the meme you dip





Where can I read the full version of the helicopter comparison, I can't find it on google

Search "Pinochet" "Chile 1973" or "Caravan of Death"


Yeah, you wish. It is a reason why chile is the only livable country in South-America today

Had a nice kek

Absolutely brilliant.


That is due mostly to favorable treatment from the US.

probs the most accurate one ive seen




Chile fun facts
>GDP PPP 16,171 K
>HDI PPP 0,832
>GNI PPP 21,32 K

Yeah go kill yourself with that leftist myth commie, Chile would have been worse than turkey today hadn't it been for mi General

you are trying too hard tovarisch.
>16 K gdp ppp


Yeah, citation needed brah
>inb4 book from noam chomsky
The reason why they're doing good is because they didn't go full commie like all the other countries in SA and obviously they have more white people there




I forgot about that feminist teacher

>gdp ppp 10,971 K
>HDI 0,76
>GNI PPP 19,360
>gdp ppp 19,844 K
>HDI 0,870
>GNI PPP 30,420 K

Turkroach BTFO! How does it feel to know that you're in worse conditions than a country that has been under commie rule for 45 years
>b-b-but muh america is oppressing me
>all we need is anarcho syndicalism and socialism

>Oppressing Anyone

Watch what you say their Czechia, or you might find yourself having to pay for a serious military.

>How does it feel to know that you're in worse conditions than a country that has been under commie rule for 45 years
Turns out that capitalism does not work everywhere

Also you get EU funds. We don't.

>eu gibs
double edged sword m8 we have to pay in and we won't let you in becuase basically you suck at everything and will fuck shit up even more
>cappitalism doesn't work everywhere
True, you need a white population or the country needs to be ruled by white people that are in to cappitalism which you are not. Now combine non-whites and socialism and you either get pre-civilization abboriginal state(basically an ancap society right there) or you get detroit

What is noble czech man's thoughts on whites well educated immigrants who wish to integrate?

>True, you need a white population or the country needs to be ruled by white people that are in to cappitalism which you are not. Now combine non-whites and socialism and you either get pre-civilization abboriginal state(basically an ancap society right there) or you get detroit
yeah. indeed. whites. lol
i just came to the conclusion that you have an iq of 20. also you are a fucking slav do you think you are white :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

>Slavs aren't white
>Is a turk

Fucking roaches are parodies of themselves

At least i am not a fucking slav :-DDDD when i'm walking down the street a syrian does not offer me sex for 20 euros :-DDDDDDDDD and i don't have aids either :DDDDDDDD

>It's a dumb amerishart says dumb shit episode

>At least I'm not a slav :-DDDD

You're right, on one hand slavs and our countries are becoming the last bastions of the west, and our famous figures include people like Marie Curie and Copernicus. While you have people like Cenk Uygur and your countries are known for being full of pedophile worshipers, suicide bombings, genocide deniers, and people who only bath once a week. God am I jealous.

literally everyone but germans deny their genocides you amerishart :-DDDDD are you a polish-american by the way?

>The one and only solution

You are all fags.

>Literally everyone denies their genocides

Oh muslims.

>are you a polish-american by the way


multi-culturalism is shit, it always leads to tribalism and conflict
So you can be a really smart Asian or whatever but that doesn't mean that most of them will have tribal ties to their own people.
Ofcorse we can accept students and tourists but that is it
How even dare you to speak to the noblest of slavs you filthy fucking roach.


>Dawkins in the same pack as "coexist" and Tumblr

How to spot a retard

What about ethnic slavs who hate multiculturalism and want to integrate?


>Authoritian Right is for nobles
>Libertarian right is for capitalists
>Authoritian left is for the working class
>libertarian left is for the niggers

I am ok with other Europeans, just not turks

Spongebob compass is best compass

I enjoy this Britbro, here is a (((you)))



Who /yourrightsendwheremyfeelingsbegin/ here?



I know it's bait but gotta love when butthurt lefties have to go full hamhanded butthurt jokes to prove their point. Way to show your low iq


the best in my opinion

yea its pretty easy to tell
>everything i dont like is a spook


fookin mint bruv

>13 posts by this ID

shoo roach

the best by far

>implying your 5-year-old's understanding of the world is "best"

"Feeding the homeless is barbaric to the middle class! We should just continue to allow the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve to harvest 150 Billion dollars each year from us"

You are a jew slave retard

Holy shit I didn't make that compass nor did I post my position on it, what the fuck is your problem?


Fuck off, we're full.

>and i don't have aids either :DDDDDDDD

I guess not even the AIDS virus considers it safe to enter the body of a turk

You guys got it wrong. I don't even like weed. I'm more a speed guy.

>tfw reclusive against society

could be worse I guess

Chile is not great. It is a shitty banana republic full of brown monkeys that blast reggaeton at 2 in the morning


most accurate ITT

All the new socialist words of the newspeak are in Green

>military junta
Feels good

>just pinochet my shit up

Have mercy on my sides

I'm pro authoritarian if it ends bullshit communists, but disappearing youngsters just because they read some marx sounds like a shitty time to live.

Nazi germany was better. Control the youth, control the future.

Then why did the Authoritarian left ban smoking indoors?

The south american military dictatorships didn't "disappear youngsters just because they read some marx". They disappeared youngesters who read some marx and tried to join guerillas or generally activelly try to subvert the society into the kikery shithole we are currently in.

Less than 2k people killed in chile, 300 people in argentina, 600 people in brazil.

If that is the price of avoiding the gommies genociding people left right and center, i'll be the first to throw my own "youngster who read marx" son off a helicopter the second he decides he wants to throw a fucking bomb at the american embassy.

You're believing in propaganda if you think that the juntas just killed edgy teenagers who read some marx. They killed gommies involved with fucking guerrilla.

top fucking kek


Ok my friend, I don't believe the 30 thousand figure, but my parents went to uni and they had people in their classes disappear for no reason. There were nuns who disappeared. All I'm saying is the military went overboard. They should have just jailed everyone they wanted, but not make them vanish. It was stupid.

this makes me laugh my titts off every time i see it. Bobby compass, best compass.

pls come back for season 2 ;_;


>mfw für gott, heer und vaterland *click*

Made me think tbqh

Give it to me straight.

you're a faggot, but not a retarded one

TFW Pinochet and Hitler have a baby

american bastard, my chart is pretty much perfection.

>tfw debt slave / nietzchen ubermensch

> antarctica
> what did he mean by this?

I didn't understand too. And a African case would be more appropriate for the Green square.



Libertarian right sounds like the funniest option

>all of these "Hitler was on the right side" graphs
Does no one even fucking read anymore?
Nazi Germany had some of the biggest welfare programs in history. It's in the fucking name. Literally state sponsored everything.

>actual anarcho communists arent crybabies

Yeah, about that user...


>Bernie cucks are authoritarian
>Socialism = authoritarianism

what the fuck am i looking at?

it's really hard to set a capitalist system after a period of communism, long or short

What am I? I fall in the economic right in the middle and 1/4 up the authoritarian scale but am not at all involved in america. I have spent my last 10 years sailing around the world working odd jobs when I need a bit more cash for food but am otherwise at sea. Last year I was at sea for 245 days overall.

Wasting time with fake left/right paradigms when the whole thing is a farce. Cred Forums you're better than this.


>Recreational nuclear bombs
Oh god my sides

>sells you the helicopters
would have worked better

Not really into politics, so did I meme this right?

Bottom Left=People who believe everything can be solved by peace and doing fucking nothing
Bottom Right=Free handouts from those who decide to work
Top Left=Blatant anarchy
Top Right=Being a drone to the current system in order to protect your pure bloodline and legacy

>Libertarians & Anarcho-Capitalists = Handouts
>Socialists & Communists = Blatant anarchy
Other way around.


>roach blows the kek out of everyone in the thread and repeats the fall of constantinople
>s-stupid l-leftists!


what the fuck am I looking at?




first letter(ID) and number



H3 is voluntarist as well though, it doesn't make sense



>Rand Paul's pube head
Holy kek


Can someone please explain the "fantasy land" box before the thread 404s? Genuinely curious.





it's just saying that it could not possibly exist without immediately falling apart

>people should share things and do everything for free
>we're also not gonna use force to make people actually do that so everyone just fucks off

I'll take some of that Gott, Heer & Vaterland, but could do with a military junta too

The only mistake our military did was not killing all dem commies instead of letting them rot in jail

>Libertarian Right
Holy shit every other square BTFO. Will statishits ever recover!?!?!

What aspect of it though? You can't have a lightly regulated community collectivist society?

Yeah I see it now I guess.

tbf medieval Iceland and the the early USA were libertarian right

>Tyranids are Libertardians.
Explain this.

Bet my ass this was made by some retard who knows shit about tyranids.
They should be stalin-tier at best.

prove these numbers wrong. protip: you cant

Prove this number wrong: 9,800 of you commie fucks thrown out of helicopters

You have to prove it since you put the claim forward.

Wouldn't they be orks?
> life depends on teef and who is strongest
>no rules
>forms gangs based on whatever they want

>Golden Retriever
I approve.

Fuck I haven't laughed at one of these memes in so long but this is great.

>what is the miracle of chile


>nids not authoritarian left
>deldar not libertarian left off the chart
>imperium not authoritarian left
>tzeentch not pure libertarian
>eldar not centrist swine
You had one job, hans



their entire civilizations is based on a monarchy/military hierarchy system

There's no modern examples of Libertarian Right nations

best one imho

>mfw I have a form 1 filled out for a nuke just need to find $200 and send it in


>commies have the only remotely good dog
what did he mean by this

I don't really see anything wrong with that



all my keks

We need more lyrics edits

>Left Lib - Responsibility's cool but there's more things in life
>Right Lib - Like getting your dick sucked all fucking night

nice as well.


no he was about as neo-liberal as they come, get your terminology straight.

>no pitbull

Where would I land? I'm a fascist



I-93 WAR NOW!!!

>Nepotistic rich kid read ayn rand as required reading in a cushy Ivy League school
Try university of texas

/tg/ edition.

>tfw at the "at last I truly see" stage

The redpill has been hitting me hard over these passed 8 months

here's one its OC

what's your reasoning for dust1 as lib-right?

idk when I made this I though that someone could add meaning to these

Well Authoritarian Left obviously represents the cold, industrial, materialist outlook of gommies and the like. Authoritarian right is a castle because that's where society and culture comes from. Libertarian Left shows how everyone lives under that kind of ideology and Libertarian Right shows how everyone who isn't rich lives under that kind of ideology.

hey thats breddy gud

Lower right quadrant ought to be a cat.

This quote makes me miserable in how correct it is.


could you somehow add this into the pic?

I am in the "sjw"-area, but why? I am against faggots, feminists, vegans, and the rest of the fedora-tier shit

Would be accurate if you flipped it.

>that stormfag denial that Hitler was a leftist as far as economics go

It's more of a regular cuck leftie kind of thing.
Thing is, there has not been any grand massacres committed by obvious principled capitalists, just look how they desperately try to push the less than 5000 dead from Pinochet in his whole reign from repression, most of them proven commies. So they have to grasp at straws to make Hitler fit in the "right wing".

this desu
Yeah a lot of 20th century European NS and fascists cried about muh workers oppression, muh ebul bourgeoise, muh proleteriat and unironically supported "workplace democracy", welfare, high taxes and heavily regulating or nationalising businesses and industries. Marxist-Leninist countries like Mao's China and Stalin's Russia were almost indistinguishable from Hitler's Germany in terms of how they were run.



I just took the political test and compared it to my older ones over the passed year.


Liberals used to be radical.

classical liberals are still a bit cucked but they're bro-tier imo

If you're not a Kemalist BTFO Islamist scum.

my sides

I see all these guys like Sargon calling themselves classical liberals when that belongs to the right and social liberalism belongs to the centre. Literally socialism and anti-westism is the only thing the left still own

Just took a political compass test, tell me what you think

>gibsmedat tier economics
>pick up that can citizen tier social
w e w

how did i do?

Your on you're way

There is no necron on that graph

and then you submit to the biggest an da strongast

nah man, orks are monarhists, only instead of bloodline physical strength determines authority.

Orks should be central top i would say

Gunther is pretty spot on desu

LITERALLY PLOTTING A HORSESHOE. talk about a walking meme.

NatSoc here I come


the influx of ledditors is moving the "redpilled" position closer to the left and some sheep who had moved to the right are moving back to where they started

I just want to let the unions run the economy, replace welfare with national employment, and kill anyone who is a dissident.

Is that so bad?


Fucking commies.

Thank you roach I couldn't tell

Fuck off, old blood, what's good for the majority of people allows for stronger purchasing power of the whole.


We've been expecting you.

Anyone that claims to be a oldfag, is a newfag

Oldfags are right libertarians that are reluctant literal Hitlers at this point. Red Pills grow into hanging trees in time.

>Nazi leaders tested as extremely high IQ during their trials
>Red Pilled as fuck
>Answered the JQ correctly
>Realized national economies don't need (((international finance)))
>Removed kosher
>/fit/ nation

14/88 would fash again.


exactly what a newfag would claim

>things that never happened: the post

pls no bully

You think this guy has a friend that will clear his house out in the case of his untimely demise?

>Italian army

I doubt it.
They will find him someday in this suit, rotting, in the middle of his garbage dump he calls diving space.
The milker still turned on under his chair, because his rotten dick liquefied and was sucked inside




Prove you are an oldfag user. Oh wait you can't.




Someone explain the "helicopter rides" meme to me. I am not a total newfag but apparently too new to know this meme

just google pinochet helicopter and read what you find

is this a new meme

If you want to associate yourself with pitbulls you're not a fascist, you're an idiot.

Looks like I spotted them

Your just a normie. Not even worth the time it would take to make fun of you.


This is the most accurate for today's political climate. These are your choices, lads.

His just a normie what?



But Indonesia, that's a cop.

you win


That Imperium Of Man symbol is too far Left and Libertarian you heretics!

I came from this.


to this in about 14 months. Does that mean anything?

No, you're still very much a mainstream German.

I was that far left about a year and a half ago. I have been so disgusted with the left wing that I started to distance myself from it and do my own research.

I take that test every few months and I keep drifting further and further right.

>I know, I'll overlay my opinions on to the chart, that'll show everyone how right I am

How'd I do Cred Forums?

So true. Fucking saved.

obviously the jew is implying anyone on the left has sufficient IQ to study anything


How am I doing Cred Forums

fuck off, you unibrow little cunt, i'm probably whiter then the added whiteness of your entire country, fucking kebab making ugly ass gorilla fat cunts.

sissy cucks

>literally being the most irrelevant country in the 21st century
yeah, i'll pretend your opinion is relevant

holy shit thats great
anyone have the "your labor belongs to your country (which belongs to me :^)) one?

>what's an Aleppo

Fuck off Canada or I won't protect your cuck ass from the coming Nuclear War.

b-but you can't win a nuclear war

Hey! That's me! Here's the full pic of Jefferson if you want it.

Oldfags were more or less center or right libertarians.

>bill for breathing

I can see this is happening in a libertarian society.

I'm far from a socialist but there has to be regulation for some things. Otherwise the electric company can charge whatever they want since they're a monopoly usually.

rate me pls


would be a nice bait if i still considered anything greeks say as valid. That's why your country is the lowest of the low.


Deus Vult!

Tzeench should be in all of the corners.

whats the 10

Are you the only jersey poster are has that island become the new lebensraum?

why does libertarian left look strung out on oxycontin

>bottom left pic in top right quadrant
Is that fucking Tarantino or what?

gee, I fucking wonder

Big tobacco was lumped in with evil big pharma.

Big DUDE will be eventually as well and we'll come full circle

the interesting part about these is that you can usually tell the ideology of the person who made them

I made new labels for mine.





Cred Forums is always the opposite of whatever is politically mainstream in the US.

If Romney had won presidency Cred Forums would be way more liberal, like it was with Bush.


left wing ideology version

lefty-pol really cant figure out memes cant they?

it was made intentionally autistic if I remember correctly