This man approaches you on the street and says

"haha dudeeeee legalise weeeed dude haha"

how do you respond?

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Turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Legalize machineguns and I'm with you, brother

pull carry gun, mag dump and tell the cops he was saying convert or die alluah ackbar

I pull out a comb and use it on his beard. I love to get the little knots out.

Fuck off

"hahahaha dooooood it's just a plant man haha smoke herbbbb brahhh hahahahah"

"Just legalise it you fucking facists haha. Ur a part of the system dood haha"

Ignore him and carry on.

This man approaches you on the street and says

"haha dudeeee we must retake Constantinople from the Turks for God's true church man haha"

How do you respond?

I squint like Clint and drive hime away with my steely gaze

Get the fuck away from me you filthy hippy.

Call him a fag then rape him

"right on dude"

Make citizens arrest.We can't have adult men decide what plants to put in their bodies

Make idiotic smile and respond with something like "yeaaah dude weed lmaooo".


i agree man, fuck the (((dea))) brother lets rip a fat one

Set his beard on fire "accidentally".
And then try to beat it down.
"i was just helping him to put fire out"

>that's when he told me weed would ruin my life and turn me into a worthless degenerate

Well i agree

but i dont look like that

t. brah

Get a job, OP.

fuck you facist i wont conform to your society


so you're going to walk right into him?

It's already legal where I live, so I'd assume he was already very high.

I don't and keep walking.

I agree with you, now fuck off you mess

Off to the gulags with you.

I do as my lord, the Tree King, says.

"Yeah dude, of course. Legalize and tax that shit."

Haha. This got me. I pictured it happening with the surprised and weirded out look on his face. Then a look of acceptance and comfort.

>turn 360 degrees and walk away
it's 180 degrees, leaf. you would fucking do a circle and keep walking forward.

hello newfag

Schleich di Graddler!

I'm glad these people usually don't show up in my neighbourhood.

>Muh, chinks have higher IQ

Wow just got here did you? Reddit or Facebook?

Fucking tourists.

You can't do a circle and then walk away??? Is it that hard?




The 360° turn is the easiest way to spot the fuckass motherfucking noobs.

>First post mentioning the 360°
>Someone Calling the first post out
>next post is someone referring to the previous post as a Newfag

This gentleman, is 3 levels of irony

>Implying he is not going to do the moon walk.

I'm almost surprised it has worked for so many years.

"I don't have the power to legalize it, sorry"

fuck off newfag

I say sure! So long as it's monitored and taxed like tobacco and alcohol with a minimum age requirement.

lol I thought it was this nork that had been held prisoner by mudshits and freed today by that pres that gasses druggies.

He looked just like this, but he came from the fucking jungle and was starved....

fuck off leaf

Lmfao you are the real newfags who got counter baited

>impyling you didnt get double clunter baited


Falling for the ol' triple counter bait, just how new are you?

I offer him a joint on one condition, if he does the flipin phil dance and walk away after he breaks his kneecaps

How is he different from everyone else?


>Falling for the quadruple counter super bait

You're planet needs you, you need to go back


"I apologize, upstanding fellow citizen, but I lack the legislative authority to do so. Perhaps I could interest you instead in the remainder of this cruller, in which I have grown disinterested"

Give him leftover puff.
Talk about weed being not universally suitable to everyone and that overusing ANY substance is not good.

Turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Do people not realize that leaf is memeing?

Can't believe you actually replied to that. Jesus christ you're so gullible.

They are either newfags, newfags or retarded.
Or retarded newfags.

Turn 180 degrees and moose walk