What does Cred Forums think of Matt Hale

>be openly pro white
>get denied law degree after spending years and thousands in education because of his views
>start pro-white organization
>gets infiltrated by FBI
>Hale is set up by infiltrator, who asks him repeatedly to kill a judge until Hale allegedly agrees
>"uh oh you wanted a judge dead?" 40 years in prison.

The man got literally destroyed for nothing. The liberals simply hated him and wanted him gone. The US is a fucking banana republic. The poor bastard wanted to become a lawyer and the SOBs instead screwed him up completely.

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Wow how sad for this murderer that he got put in jail.

that's actually right
in serbia we had this movie called "Sisanje" (translation Haircut)
about young skinheads being controlled by the government to do dirty shit for them
a good movie actually but for some reason
after that movie we suddenly started getting more 14-18 y/o skinheads

He didn't murder anybody, retard.

Conspiracy to commit murder is still a crime...

Dude, he was fucking asked by a cop many times if he wanted to see a certain person dead. How the fuck is that a conspiracy?


According to you, he agreed to kill a judge. He didn't merely agree that the judge should die.

The cop is said to have asked him many times if he should kill somebody. I don't call that a conspiracy. I call it a set up.

>The cop is said to have asked him many times if he should kill somebody. I don't call that a conspiracy. I call it a set up.

It is a set up. I don't deny that.... But the fact that they're arresting him means he did more than just said "ya dude". He must have taken serious steps to make it happen.

That's not how it went down at all. You should really read up on the details of the case. It wasn't even "ya dude". It was allegedly a wink or something like that. Basically the word of the agent against his.

>the government had to prove that Hale “solicited, commanded, induced, or otherwise tried to persuade” Evola to carry out a violent crime. The government argues that the solicitation was accomplished “through coded and disguised language.” Asking Evola to locate Judge Lefkow’s home address “for whatever reason you wish it to be” was, according to the government, “Hale’s code for approving the attack.” For his part, Hale all but concedes that there was adequate evidence with respect to this element;he seems to accept that the government proved he solicited the murder of someone, just not Judge Lefkow.

There is sufficient evidence in the record to support the jury’s finding on the solicitation element. Hale knew that Evola was willing to arrange murder on his behalf; he had offered to do so on several previous occasions, and Hale had engaged him in serious discussion concerning at least one of those proposed victims. Hale also knew that securing a proposed victim’s home address was a preliminary step in Evola’s process; it is through that lens that the government asked the jury to read Hale’s email of December 4, 2002, asking Evola to acquire Judge Lefkow’s home address. Evola followed up Hale’s email by visiting him the next day and making it clear that he interpreted the email as a suggestion to “exterminate the rat.” When Hale indicated that he did not want to be involved but that Evola was free to act himself, Evola said, “Consider it done,” to which Hale replied, “Good.” Unlike his repudiation of Evola’s earlier plots, Hale did not “veto” Evola’s plan after this conversation; in fact, Hale responded with silence to Evola’s email of December 9, which can be read only as conveying to Hale that the “exterminator” had located Judge Lefkow and was “working to get rid of” her. In their conversation on December 17, Hale protested that he could not be involved in illegal activity in any way. In the same conversation, however, he mentioned that he would have a smile on his face if he was to read in a newspaper that “something happens to certain creepy people.” As the government has maintained, Hale tried to “create ‘plausible deniability’ in the event his conversation was being monitored.” Under these circumstances, we have no difficulty concluding that a jury could find from the evidence that Hale’s conduct was a call to action, not a passive failure to intervene to stop another’s crime or, as Hale would have us believe, disapproval of Evola’s stated preparations to kill the judge

meant to > that.
Anyway.... Yea I think it's definitely a dubious case in terms of the letter of the law itself. On the other hand I think it's a little grey in terms of what to do about it.

Dude he didn't solicit shit. He said he didn't want part in illegal activity. He has no obligation to stop anybody ffs, specially not for a judge who fucked him over.
He literally got 40 years for nothing.

I agree. He didn't solicit according to the letter of the law. but the "consider it done".... "good" thing is definitely approval of the murder.

They won't pay, unless WE make them

So? Is everybody who approves of say Breivik or 9/11 going to be jailed now for 40 years?

I told you: I don't think he violated the law he's jailed for. Obviously he shouldn't face the sentence that crime has associated with it.

But I don't think he's totally innocent either.
There's a causal factor here. By saying "good", he did encourage the act to some degree.

I don't know what the punishment should be (if any). I think it's a grey area.

"Good" can be anything in the context. I think the agent was asking repeatedly, so it could just be a way to end the conversation.
At any rate he didn't encourage any crime that happened, so I'm not sure you can speak of cause either.

swedebro thats how the fbi is

they have trained and supplied people with fake explosives to commit terrorism and then they arrest them

if you are enough of a retarded faggot to do something like that you deserve to get locked up

>the fact that they're arresting him means he did x

no it doesn't.

>if you are enough of a retarded faggot to do something like that you deserve to get locked up
Except you don't. There is a man right now who is doing 40 years for nothing but being politically inconvenient.

pretty much proof that the constitution doesnt actually exist in the United States

please help to kick the United States out of America

i dont even feel bad for him

Why? Do you think it's fun to go to prison?

40 years? how much do you ge4t for an actual murder?

Appears to vary depending on the state:


fucking hell, most of those are like minimum of 10, and he got 40 for no murder?

statist shills in this thread still will still try to convince you the legal system in this country didndu nuffin.

you wonder why we hate cops and judges? you wonder why we want to tear this legal system down and bring it all crashing upon your corrupt little heads

this is why. the prison industry in this nation looks for every chance they can to fuck you over.

jay walk? ticket. speeding? ticket. have to piss before you make it to the toilet? ticket. bottle broke open on the way back from the liquor store? ticket.

and if you don't comply they throw you in jail
and if you don't like that the state murders you

so yeah, i skip with glee when i hear of pigs getting put into blankets. every time. i dont need the police state wlaking around trying to extort me and almost certainly never will. pigs shouldn't be allowed to leave their little hive, or even communicate with citizens in any way, unless they have a fucking call.

now this poor basterd gets to sit in a cell for 40 years while a private prison operator makes a shitload of money off of him in a labor program.


>he must have taken serious steps

Oh you, it's like you think government alphabet agencies are concerned with doing a good job and not at all about throwing a shit tier case together where no danger to the public existed in order to advance a few careers and put on a heroic display for the public.

are you familiar with admirality law?

and common law?

isn't it strange that the same cops who generate revenue for the state one minute would put themselves in danger to pull you from a burning wreck, or to kill a shooter

the corruption is in the head, not the body(mostly)

so many "laws" that even lawyers don't know them all, but ignorance of the law is no defence

what bullshit

I don't think the motive in this case is to get free labor, but to remove someone they see as a danger to their corrupt power

because the target of this whole thing was a judge

The rule of law is a fantasy. It has always been the rule of men.

maybe sort of right, but before the kikes we had a fairer system

based onthe magna carta, not bullshit admirality law on land

good read:

admirality law imposition was one of the problems that triggered the american revolution, and rightly so