How epic will it be to see these statues taken down and destroyed?

How epic will it be to see these statues taken down and destroyed?

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Not very

It's like kicking sand in the face of a retarded orphan, it's just waiting for literally anyone to do it, since literally anyone can.


anyone else really want to go to DPRK just to get some photos of stuff like this? it's so bizarre looking that I feel like you need to see it with your own eyes.

what would be the point? that faggot is globally recognized as a monster and its doctrine as backwards, barbaric and simply a failure
the only reason it has any relevance to this day is for its historic value, laughing stock and to apply punishable laws

I have a lot of empathy for north korea, and north koreans..

and I hope pyongyang is preserved forever as a reminder.

not worth the 10 trillion dollars itll take to stabilize the fucking country

ya I kinda do.

I've heard some interviews and everyone says its really bazzare but really cool and fun too.

and even for americans its super safe, nobody except your guide is even allowed to talk to you.. lolm

> The one country in the world that totally resists McDonalds & CocaCola Americo-Jewish hegemony and cultural subversion
> lol lets blow up their nationalist symbols


>he thinks the us stabilizes countries
oh, to be a good goy again

They should be preserved to remind future generations to fight tooth and nail for every inch of freedom

not before this

is that kid still in prison - the one that got sentenced for like taking a sign or something

It's kind of funny how casually dressed they are.

what do you think the US does anyway?
we traffic drugs and guns.... Its kinda our thing.

We do hollywood movies in north korea too, the drugs and guns will come later.

Looks like they made a space for the kid.


Removing monuments of oppression causes people to forget why they were there in the first place

Stay safe. If they throw you in the concentration camps you'll be the biggest guy there so don't cry on TV please.

funfact: the largest American Flag in the world is actually in North Korea

we aint taking in ' refugees '

how big is it?

the ones they bring out on the field for football games are rediculously huge

>It's kind of funny how casually dressed they are.
The statue of Kim Jong-il (right) initially also featured a long formal coat but they changed it later to his signature parka

where's baby kim's statue?


they really dont do that unless you walk in and do something like tear up your passport and demand to meet the leader or something crazy like handing out bibles to the locals. They make a lot of money on tourism and americans are $$$$

They are pretty cool.
The world needs more cool statues.

I was thinking the same thing

You get more $$$ if you capture Americans and Obama pays your bounty in rice

I imagine it would have a point to North Koreans when they'll finally manage to get some kind of a government that doesn't look at them as slaves to be brainwashed and exploited.

No, the irony of posting that under my flag is not lost on me, but even we don't have huge statues of Putin. He's more subtle than that.

I had an interesting dream about North Korea last night.

I had become some sort of ambassador to NK from Canada, and had found out that Kim Jong-il didn't actually die. He retired to go live a playboy life. After he found out what his son was doing, he came back and blew him the fuck out, getting him to give back the Supreme Leader title to Kim Jong-il.

Then for some reason, Kim Jong-il started playing "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden from giant loudspeakers around Pyongyang.

>He retired to go live a playboy life.
That's pretty much what NK leaders already do.

Yeah but this was different for some reason, I can't quite recall why. It was as if Kim Jong-il left the country to see how his son would do without him.

It was a pretty fuckin' cool dream though.

>>he thinks the us stabilizes countries
What is Japan and Germany and South Korea? Sorry that your literal fascist gov't still hasn't helped you recover from WW2.

No, fuck that. The only way I'd even consider going there is if the NK government falls apart.

That kid was a fucking retard. How he got approval to get into NK in the first place is beyond me.

there we go

Nice full house.

>(((He))) thinks his Government, ancestors helped those countries.

Your rotten lot has been doing nothing more than the bidding of Jewish bankers for almost a 100years.

Now, go and praise your greatest ally Israel

I did.

why not? i'd rather want to visit best korea than the US

That kid is an absolute disgrace. He has no idea what he has done.

Why is there two? Why not one? Looks retarded

Kek will be funny to see if they're filled with paper maché

Holy fuck youre stupid

Fuck that I want to see this massive, hollow amalgamation of first world code violations destroyed

Only 14 years left in his sentence

I feel bad for the dude. 15 years hard labor over a poster is downright inhumane. I mean, I don't expect the DPRK to last that long, but still. Just give him a good ass-kicking and send him home.

We Ministry of Truth now

It would be stupid.
Its a very built statue

I think at least Japan and Germany would have preferred not be """"stabilized"""" by you.

I still like you though ;^)

very nice statue

Melt them down and make a Trump statue that is twice the size.

Yeah, because Japan is such a shit hole now. We should have just let them win WW2 because Amerikkka is the real fascist nation, right?


I'd rather someone make a gigantic silly hat and put it on their heads.

I dunno if statues and stuff are bizarre.

Pyongyang has a pretty neat history if you're interested: Pyongyang - Ancient and Modern - The Capital of North Korea by A. Schinz and E. Dege.

People can talk to you and you can talk to them, their restrictions have been reduced a surprising amount.

If you're interested in a story from someone who was at a camp:

Pretty much.

This. It's funny how you clowns pretend to be so opposed to the propaganda that our media has shoved down your throats since infancy, yet you turn around and suck (((their))) dicks whenever it comes to the last true nationalist holdout on the planet.


>obama is under the control of Soros so much he has to go babysit his kid in NYC at his kid's apartment.

Full house confirms

for yoo

Not as epic as this one

What a cuck he is

It's not a statue of a person that was erected when the person was still alive.









>Lets a jew scribbing in shit about open boarders onto the plaque.

Needs the wrecking ball thb senpai.


A country is resisting the US. Its admirable.

>he doesn't life for Dear Leader

Their houses are bigger than Irish apartments and have private entrances and gardens.

That is a a wealth that I cannot afford and I earn as much as the average American family.

>those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it

An example of insides (this pic and next)


>Wanting to destroy the last bastillion of anti-globalism
Fuck off kike

they're nice statues though

Pretty sweet.

But I also like giant statues of old former rulers

I really want to visit DPRK in my life time, hopefully before dirty American Imperialists destroy it, I'm sure those statues are epic in real life

>encouraging to destroy art and culture
>isis does this
>poster is american
>american news are covering up isis attacks on their soil
>USA is terrorist enabling and supporting kikes

Fuck off OP.

I'd rather see Guan Yu in China than
Kim Jong Fatfucks in best Korea

Hardly any electronics.

>begs for food and aid on a daily basis

yeah, not many in rural houses.

The most you'll get is a voltage regulator with which you tend to charge flashlights and the like during the day, pic related;


And they're better off for it


>Guan Yu
Wtf that statue is HUGE, and for an Ancient General no less. That's some Boss shit right there, not gonna lie.

>Being a materialist
good goy


looks like a warhammer figure

ireland is a shithole unless youre rich


I wish there were super long range drones that were small and could be used by civilians. I'd send one over and fly it all around Pyongyang and the death camps taking photos until it was shot down. I'd want hundreds or thousands of others to join too - completely saturate and look at them. If possible, I'd have it drop shopped animal porn involving their current assclown leader.

who cares their all chinks and shits
practically a non country
they dont even exist on global scale
estonia at least got something into space

Do one with fire coming out if stalin s butt.

Empathy or sympathy?

Have you lived there? Are you North Korean?

those "death camps" are American imperialist propaganda, do not take it seriously
DPRK respects their citizens, unlike USA or any other western country.

Well, the drones can verify that ahmed.

Seth Rogan pls go

Why is so much like... some cartoon parody of an actual state?

Not that epic. North Korea is not a threat to anyone. It's just extremely sad. I feel so bad for anyone who got stuck living on the wrong side of the border. Fuck.

No they look cool as fuck, what are you a member of ISIS you like destroying art? Shouldn't you be busy bombing the Syrian army?

do not stick your disgusting noses there, you have destroyed too many countries because of it. DPRK is great, no need to investigate it.


No pics of 'death camps' or the like yet, just speculation.

But you can see 360 videos of Pyongyang and the like if you wanna look for fishy stuff. See here:

The American education system has failed you. I am sorry.

calm down muhammed - we're just going to have a bit of fun

That way they own the copyright, and woe be unto some1 who makes a doujin manga...

>estonia at least got something into space
DPRK has satelites in space. They also have nukes and they can pretty much destroy south korea without even using their nukes.
so they are a 100% more relevant then
Finland 2: post-soviet boogaloo


You can't have nationalist symbols without a nation bruhv. Authority comes from the consent of the governed.

ok they also have 20 times our population
if we had population of shit chink nation
we would have a million satelltines in space and million nukes too because you see the staistickialness analeses when in porpouration to population ok??

so basically estonia greatest than shittest chink small countrie

on a positive note, i bet the stargazing is bretty good from there

Oy vey death camps that have killed 50 trillion North Koreans, it's like another shoah! We must go there and kill the leaders and put Jewish banks and technology there to promote degenera- uh I mean progress!

>destroying history

But you don't
So Norkland is better than you

Correction - *replaced

>posts propaganda picture of round earth

>million nukes
you wouldn't dare develop them because muh sanctions

It's cartoonish to us but idealistic to the agrarian idiots that believe their teetering government's bullshit

As always thanks for sharing, North Koreaboo.

No shit? I bet every communist country respects its citizens.

These pics are always cool af, sempai

Another country destabilized

That was taken during a blackout.

40M+ deaths kind of epic

glad u like them

The whole country had a blackout?

the statesteics dont lie estonai is greatest of all

WHat the fuck is estonia?

That's pretty based for a bunch of commies.

Just a reminder that no communist regime has lasted more than 75-80 years.

I don't want to go to jail for something stupid like not walking on the right side of the sidewalk

is the greatest
the stateistiecs never lies

Monumental architecture is cool as fuck

The whole country except the major cities, apparently

Some countries we're told to hate actually ARE shitholes

have fun getting nuked when you try goy

Yes goy destroy history and dont let people have reminders of the past so they dont repeat it again and learn from those mistakes.

Anybody who destroys statues of leaders or prominent figures are cucks. Those are markers of history and they can teach people of certain time periods.

Kill those who defile history desu senpai famalam desu.

dubs you must go. Also I feel the same way user

Statues should stand forever, regardless of whom they're of.

That's not a crime in NK.

Only the big cities have consistent electricity, and even those sometimes ration near events.

have you gotten dat local access yet to best korear judiciary?

If Estonia is so great then why don't you have your own currency?
If you use the Euro you're not really your own country, just one of Germany's states. That's why your (EU) flag looks like the first American one.


Nigga I wish. I annoy people on about a monthly basis, but it aint all bad - decided I'd work on getting all my materials together for a website.

Planning to make all the shit I've bothered collecting available for anyone looking for primary sources. From laws to published university papers.

No. I think they look bretty kewl.



Wah hah hah! Someone please tell me the backstory on this.

>all this degeneracy and light pollution

It would be anti-climactic.


Best Korea has the best Korean lolis desu.


>wanting to be in NATO

Don't talk to me or my son ever again

Costs about £1k for a single person trip, less if in a group

Seriously you have no reason to not see it for yourself (But don't be a sperg and ask dodgy questions, you will end up being sent home or a gulag)
>"Japanese newspapers estimated the cost of construction was $750 million,[17] consuming 2 percent of North Korea’s GDP"
>"Questions were raised regarding the quality of the building's concrete and the alignment of its elevator shafts,[3] which some sources said were "crooked".

meh, the comedic value of that Orwellian nightmare of a country is worth its weight in gold.

best Korea is best

This picture is bullshit and like someone on here was saying it was taken in a blackout or was doctored. Even africa looks lit up and it's just shitty huts and villages with street lights here and there

>turquoise paint

Yeah. The great 60 year blackout. From 1950 to present


I hope it doesn't happen too soon, I want to go on one of those Best Korea tours.

How much longer can North Korea last anyway? They have hardly any food or money, and they are spending what little money they have on these shitty nuclear bombs that are essentially 1980s technology and wouldn't make it past any modern missile defense system.

The people are starving and they are pretty much isolated. Is there any country on earth that has managed to last more than a few decades in such deplorable living conditions? They don't even have a weaker neighbor to invade and pillage for resources, because they are the weaker neighbor. I don't even see how they could get a bailout from another country because they have no resources worth exploiting other than cheap labor.

You realize we literally send them food right?

NK has existed this long because US/ROK/China prop it up so there's not 18 million fucking refugees flooding the peninsula.

>that lack of traffic
>that lack of advertising
>that use of public transportation

If it wasn't for my mouth and knowing I'd end up doing 15+ hard labor... it would be an incredible trip to go see in it's prime.

Turn them into copper pipe. The only thing befitting those shitheads

>bans ethnic ruskies from speaking their native tongue

How exactly is that based or a good thing?

Come visit the giant buddha on Lantau too

Keep in mind N.Korea also makes the most meth and sells it back to their citizens

I actually wouldn't like that to happen. Im for them waking up and changing the system but I don't like what happened to my country. When commies came they destroyed everything from times of out kingdom, them when we threw commies out we destroyed what they made.

They should just accept it as part of their history and move on.

Communist governments fall. It's either Kim Jong Un gets assassinated and gets replaced by a more liberal leader or he dies and replaced.

It's practically a Berlin Wall 1989/Soviet Union 1991 waiting to happen.

Yeah, some of the color choices are soooo bleh.

Yeah, not much traffic in general. Public transportation is the standard, a vid on some of it if you want:

Except meth is illegal. So is pot.

it even looks Orwellian

Having read 1984, I'm not sure what exactly Orwellian Architecture looks like.

>Finland 2: post-soviet boogaloo
Not the Estonian you were replying to but this made me laugh.

man i think its bullshit. You know your gov is shit when its has to tear down statues like isis. germany did it too after the fall of the ussr.

Either you're one of the local Styopas trying to give Estonia a bad name by acting like a retard or you're actually this stupid. Either way, kill yourself.

They take the food and sell it so they can buy weapons. I think we should stop sending them food and see how long the military is willing to support Kim on an empty stomach.

>Years of hard labour to create a massive city
>Hardly anyone lives in it

It confuses me so much. Why do they even bother trying to keep up appearances? The whole world knows their economy is fucked and they're living off of foreign aid. Yet they spend so much on pointless, extravagant shit and building an army with equipment so stuck in the 20th century that it's practically pointless anyways.

Much better to nuke Mecca.

The appearances are probably not for us to see, but to keep up the delusions of the Kim family.

God this qt makes me wish I was a superman like superhero so I could swoop into best Korea and rescue all the best Korean qt's and bring them to a new and better life in Murica.

Why would you ever wish for the destruction of art work? I think they look cool as hell.

You don't think China would back them up again?

I'm curious, but I wouldn't want to actually go for fear of being kidnapped or thrown into a work camp for accidentally saying something wrong about their government.

this post is 10/10 on the reddit radar

>that pic
Is that what they mean by Korean Tower rush?

>genocide by white washed genes
fuck outta here, Jew.


search jewtube for his name and you'll find his videos crying during the press conference

How much does Kim pay you to CTR?

post pics?

This would look SO much cooler

Except these blackouts happen every day.

>no cars and pastel commie blocks.

yea looks great.

We will do one for Trump, Duterte and Putin.

Purple sweater guy isn't bowing low enough. I think he needs 20 years hard labor to think about what he did.

Cant happen.

North Koreans are just way beyond the word "Brainwashed". They think of their leaders as gods and willing to die for him.

Socialist rapid production under Kim Il Sung, such is socialism.

If only. It's a hobby.

I assume you meant not a lot of cars rather than "no cars", since cars are visible.

How epic will it be to see these buildings taken down and destr...oh..

breddy gud banter leaf

It was pretty epic though. I doubt we'll see another massive happening like that in our lifetimes again.

I want to but fuck giving money to the Kim regime and risk getting my ass thrown into a concentration camp for photographing the wrong statue.

You guys need to get educated on north korea. It isn't what you think.

vote for trump

they're nice statues, why would you want to destroy them? in the case of a regime change, they should be removed and put in a museum.

my family asked me if i wanted to travel anywhere and NK was the only place i could think of. i think it's a place where you'll sort of feel like you're in danger but never actually be in danger. so you get the benefit of going on an adventure without having to risk your life.






Kimchi pot on left

There's a video game where you can blow that up.


Mercenaries, isn't it?








I'll toss up some more random art!


this. It'll be sad. should seldom destroy art/history.






Stop making my country look bad, fucktard.


what are these even made of, they look like fucking plastic, and why does he need two right next to each other?

If you guys ever get bored here is a link I use to watch NK tv. Its not online atm. They have a strict viewing schedule as you can imagine.


Im not sure how accurate this is anymore but it gives you an idea of the times their tv station is active.

Can also watch most of that here:

thanks for the link

No problem bruh. There are some other channels that upload their movies (some with subtitles even). I could find them if you're really interested, but I'll be lazy otherwise.

Many of them don't have electricity. Most don't have running water.

>the year is 4016 AD
>after the liberal wars, the Earth had settled into a period of post-apocalyptic dark ages
>civilization is just beginning to emerge through a neo-renaissance
>explorers rediscover the remains of what was once north korea
>they come across these statues

What goes through their minds, Cred Forums?


they're color-coded

I'll do some digging, I appreciate it though.

>when the glorious communist party of the PRC asks you to design statue
>boot up 20 yrs old computer with 3d modeler program
>can't handle more than 1000 polygons

Time to replace my laughingwhores.jpeg with an oriental edition

Ohoho good thinking, best thing I've gotten so far was a laughing reaction from a Nork guy at his marriage photo-op:


>north korean cow-boy hat
And they you'll hear shills telling you Noth Korea isn't falling for globalization...

They even have a good ol fashioned rodeo.

Told you, they are already americanized.
Superior Best Korea Gaming

Kim Jong Il was well known to be a movie buff, and to especially love the Western genre.

Why non-Americans love Westerns so much, I will never understand. Maybe you could help me out, frog. What's the appeal?

Can you show me an issue of Cahiers du Cinema that discusses it, perhaps? Maybe something written by Godard, Bazin, or Truffaut?

Anyone else think that bowling in NK would be pretty neat? Like imagine a bowling alley in NK with some classic yet cared-for Bowling alley tech and designs. God, tha'd be pretty fun. Shame they're commies, really.

Bowling pics then


Now that's actually quite a good painting. Though the artsy crudely painted background thing missed its mark in the left side of the painting

I'm far from a film buff and I really couldn't direct you to some reliable sources but from what I can see
>exotic appeal : few country had something like the american frontier, the landscapes caught on camera are unique, the culture depicted in it, although not historically accurate, is foreign and interesting
>relatable themes : man storyes are all about undoing a wrong, protecting a loved one (Shane comes to mind) or your community, etc. But Hollywood's very direct take on things that puts the action and confrontation on the foreground and the conflict of ideas and values in the background makes it very easy to watch for someone unfamiliar with american culture
>strong figures : be it the heroic "cow-boy" or the agent of the law in his small town, be it the misunderstood indian or the crooked criminal, all figures are easy to understand, almost in a way similar to that of the comedia dell'arte : you may not be familiar with the context but you can still easily tell who the characters are and most importantly what they are
It's the right blend of familiar and exotic, I'd say.

Best Korean Lhasa Apsos?

Tea Girl's sister?

>socially awkward
>loves video games
>doesn't let globalists push him around
Why do we hate him again?

Interesting. The standard American analysis of the genre is that it's melodramatic. Almost cartoonish. The heroes are very obviously and unequivocally the good guys, and the villains are equally obviously the bad guys, even to the point that it is conventional to costume them in white or black hats depending on their affiliation. Morality is explicit and simplistic. It's seen as a genre for children, really, which is one of the important reasons that it's very much not popular any more.

Well, he had his advisor torn to death by starving hounds, and his uncle obliterated by getting a mortar dropped on his head.

Also he shoots rockets across Japan, working towards a truly intercontinental ballistic missile.

Oh, and then there's the nuclear weapons. And threatening every other week to wipe everyone else out with them.

>not much traffic in general

Are tourists even allowed to drive in the country? Cause it may explain this.

>it's melodramatic, morality is explicit and simplistic
And that's why it works so well : since everything is very obvious, you are not comfused by the cultural difference. This way, you can enjoy something very foreign to you yet still understand it perfectly. By making the values simple and the stories very clear, everyone can follow (which has always been the point of Hollywood, for better and for worse) now that can be a detriment for the domestic audience, but it is also very positive for the foreign audience since it will make the overall understanding much easier.
If you want to see what it's like to be truely lost in some other culture's art, I'd recommend trying to watch a TV adaptation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, especially if you are not very familiar with chinese culture. In that case, the underlying concepts and values are quite complex, they are not explained, and it can make it very misleading for a foreigner who will have no grasp (or wors, project their own) on concepts like loyalty, hierarchy, divinity, power and influence, etc.
>mfw having a better discussion about cinema on Cred Forums than would ever be possible on Cred Forums

That's an interesting question. I am gunna assume there is some sort of license requirement or something - I've never seen a foreigner driving.

I'll have to ask, thanks for the thought.

>Well, he had his advisor torn to death by starving hounds, and his uncle obliterated by getting a mortar dropped on his head.
The hound thing is proven bullshit. That was all based on a tweet by a known Chinese satirist and our media reported it as fact. The media has no credibility.

>Also he shoots rockets across Japan, working towards a truly intercontinental ballistic missile.
>Oh, and then there's the nuclear weapons. And threatening every other week to wipe everyone else out with them.
So he just wants the same sort of weapons their enemies have?

You forgot
>executed his minister for falling asleep during a parade
>as a member of the army, he would be shot in a proper execution
>but not with rifles or gun
>with fucking anti-air missiles

The Tiger Generals are like super heroes to chinks.

I don't know, you tell me, neo-con. Which country would be next on the invasion list? Iran? China? Russia? Any country that's stands in the way of neo-liberal neo-conservative Nato world domination?

i dont know who they are or care.

Go ask Oppenheimer over at /k/ about nuclear weapons, even delivered via ICBM, and how much of a real threat they are.

North Korea doesn't have the resources to even maintain a large nuclear arsenal, plus we have short range missiles to shoot down ICBMs shortly after launch, and if they are detected late we have a missile shield on the west coast that is designed to intercept the ICBMs upon reentry. Beyond that, they don't have a way of hiding the missile unless it's launched from a vehicle, a method that can't be used for ICBMs, only short range missiles (what I'm getting at is we could destroy it at any time, or else it wouldn't be in a usable state if they managed to hide it).

The threat of fallout and the impact of a single strike is greatly exaggerated, but I won't describe that here.

The nuclear issue is posturing on NKs part and fear mongering on ours. Having enemies, especially ones that are existential threats, is good for the military and political establishments, as well as the defense industry

As to NKs saber-rattling elsewhere, it's just that-saber rattling. Their relationship with China is strained so they couldn't be counted on to help in the event of conflict, while we would be. The government is incompetent but not stupid, they know how a war with a US ally would turn out.

In short North Korea shouldn't even be something you think about let alone be worried by or hate.

I gotta say, I like the colorful paint. But the city looks like a shell. A Faberge egg.

I wish one of their leaders would step up and rebuild the country strong. Stop with the propaganda. They could be remembered in history as the leader who bought light to the country and freed his peoples.

But I guess it's better to be feared than loved.

(also I kinda wish it would get dark at night here in the US - living near even a moderately sized city means the stars are all but snuffed out. Shit sucks.)

He was just making an observation. Personally I love fucking around on my computer, but I try to turn out the lights when I'm not using them, and don't watch TV. Cred Forums is my TV now.

Have you ever been to NK?

I suppose that makes sense in a way, but I am also reminded of the old traveling western shows, such as Buffalo Bill's. They were even more popular in Europe than they were in the United States. It's almost as though there's something specifically about the West that appeals to Europeans.

My interpretation (which I stole from someone else, but apply in a different way) is that the United States is the ultimate culmination of European civilization. When Europeans came to America, they had a vast empty land to build a nation on. But they brought with them European philosophy, values, and laws. So they started from nothing in the land, but started from a pinnacle in their ideas for how a society should work. The Western genre is the most pure cinematic portrayal of that pioneer spirit, and so when Euros watch it, they feel a pining for that sort of existence.

What I'd be interested in knowing though is why the italian got a particular interest in the genre and developped it themselves too.

Just because it was satire doesn't mean it didn't happen. You can't know the depths of cruelty to which they will stop in the hermit kingdom.

Oh, and the United States isn't incessantly threatening to wipe everyone else out with nuclear weapons. The Kims are known to do that.

That's a pretty shitty outfit to immortalized in on the right though 2bqh lads.

That's a fun one. Although it seems they used a ZPU-4 anti-aircraft cannon, not missiles.

Me too. I've visited North Korea. Had to bow in front of these statues and place flowers in front of them. At the end of the day they take the flowers back to be resold the next day.

This isn't in NK, right?

It is. It's just for show, nobody actually goes there. Same with their Buddhist temples.

That is in NK.

No confirmation on AA executions yet outside anonymous SK spy sources - which have been wrong plenty of times.

Nah, working on it.

>talking to tripfags

It is well within the capability of the North Koreans already to kill ten million people in Seoul. In a matter of seconds.

And all it would take is one rogue officer, or the guru just having a bit of a bad day.

If you don't think that we would be immediately in a bitter war with them after that, then you do not understand our government.

How much more epic would it be to see them come to life and fight each other for control of North Korea.

Shit, I gotta get this to Weinstein quick.

Makes sense since I think practice of religion is forbidden in NK.

So is it a relic from before the formation of NK or what?

No, they have churches available. Includes a Russian orthodox church, a buddhist temple, a christian church, bible meetings in a rural village, etc.

I don't know enough about European cinema to say, but to speculate I would think that the Italians mimicked every other aspect of American cinema, notably the Horror genre. Why not the Western, too?

If anything, I'm somewhat surprised the French didn't make their own version building on the success of the Italian film The Battle of Algiers.



Temple visible here:


>that smog
thanks china

Otherwise this is from their Constitution:

Article 68. Citizens have freedom of religious belief. This right is
granted through the approval of the construction of religious buildings
and the holding of religious ceremonies.
Religion must not be used as a pretext for drawing in foreign forces
or for harming the State or social order.

They need to build a wall to keep the illegal smoggigrants out.

That one is owned by Thomas Demski.
I think it's 500 feet long. Each star is 17 feet high.
The dude rents it out.

Those 15 years hard labor are just there so NK has something to barter with.
I wouldn't expect him serving even one.

WHAT!? Over 280 posts and no one noticed this is a distraction/propaganda post!?


If I were to visit your country would it be nice? Would people be nice. Would they complain to me about America all the time? Is the scenery nice?

Guess I'm not seeing the difference between a firing squad & AA guns apart from theatrics. If anything, you're going to die quicker from the cannon shells.

Yankee pig don't understand. Most Korea hates the US.

Say what you will. North Korea has some fine fucking sculptors. I love this style of scultping.

why do they not have chairs.

explain this shit.
how is this not punished for disbelieving in the godhood of kim sung il?