A question to Americans


Just simply put, why?
You're a highly developed nation with nuclear capabilities, you've produced some of the best minds of the past 300 years, ultimately you've a ridiculous amount of power within the world.

Despite all this, you still wake up everyday, put your pants on one leg at a time, pick up the morning paper, drink your cup of joe and fling open your front door, proudly making your way down the street on your way to work. Yet before you arrive at work you stop in at your local mart, purely to shart.
What's the fucking point? Do you not have toilets or something over there?

It's their religion, they go to Wallmart 5 times a day, face towards Washington DC and shart

>He uses the porcelain jew.


You should pay less attention to things at WalMart. That's where my servants shop. I have never even been to one.

Wal-Marts are designed to attract and contain the filthy masses so that we can shop in peace in places like Kroger's and Citymarket.

Wal-Mart's provide a much needed service to those that don't shop there.

Its a numbers game, with so many people you are bound to have a bunch of filthy retards, just look at India, plenty of smart people there.


These people vote. Basically it's because most Americans no longer have to think or fend for themselves. About half the country cannot wipe their own ass without government assistance.

Except when you need to do the Great Ritual of Shart in a Mart!

don't really think Ireland is a country to lecture others on public dignity lmao

When I went to America I found Publix to be far superior to wal-shart


I imagine it's a combination of bad diet and just general being poor/not giving a fuck. I've never seen a mart sharter personally but I rarely go to Wal Mart.

I am just here to understand diverse American culture and to find out what makes them want to empty their bowels at their local shops

It's a meme you dip. Like those ice bath things for aids or whatever they were.

It's not a meme though, muhammad, I've been on expeditions to the US and I can confirm I've seen many a shart in multiple marts.

This stupid meme didn't take last time, what makes you think it would take this time. Fucking pasta nigger. Are you just buttmad we replaced you with russians in our movies?

freedom means letting people make the wrong decisions.

Oh wait it's ireland, not italy. Excuse me, potato niggers, not pasta niggers, and you're buttmad because you've NEVER been important


For those who don't know, Wal-Mart is the bottom of the barrel. I haven't been to one in over a decade, and a lot of people I know would be embarrassed to be seen in one.

It's mostly for poor and uneducated people, like Trump supporters.


>Be Ireland
>Have high water bill for using the toilet jew