Why are black men better looking than whites?

Why do they sing better, dance better and have better bodies?


Please keep it mature guys

You could at least prepare a better bait


We should have never taught apes civilization.

That guy is the whitest black guy I've ever seen

ikr op dey sur wuz kangz nd sheeeeiiit

nigger music is shit, darker skin hides imperfection, they lack the capacity to feel shame so they dont care about making a fool of themselves dancing desu

Bait? I'm legit his fan hes like really talented and super hot!!!! Plus hes famous moron!!!

He doesnt need Cred Forums views lol


Ur just mad cause you wish u be as sexy, talented and famous as kalin!!! I bet ur a micro dick slob

why do 7/10 or higher black women only date white guys?
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Nature gave different races different gifts. Niggers have stronger bodies. Whites have better brains. Whites were made to design, build, and manage. Niggers were made to commit crimes, reproduce as quickly as possible, and fight with police officers.

>they sing better

Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Pavarotti would like a word with you

your bumping your own thread?
that's how pitiful your argument is

> he is a famous moron
Wait, you americucks really don't have punctuation?

not true I'm white and all my friends fuck black guys! White guys lack masculinity

For yorr info kalin would never be violent! Also whites commit more crimes learn the facts

Who are these irrelevant hasbeen crusty white dudes?

Shut up no hes not!!! Hes a hure celebrity!!!

i think black people smell like sweat and garlik

I think white men have small lemon smelling penises


Tropical features are disgusting. Not noble at all. Looks like a subhuman street "youth" ape.

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I thought you were a guy. You like smelling dicks huh

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t. girl ;)

>"niggers have stronger body"
>implying niggers can swim
>implying that there are niggers in strongman or crossfit competitions

Right ...