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Okay goyim, I need a serious answer here

Do you honestly think zionist israeli jews shill for islamic immigration into Europe? Or is this just a meme and you're not really as irredeemably retarded as I feared?

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>absolutely zero jews involved in politics in Europe have said islamic immigration should be stopped.


right just checking.

yeah, which is why I said ZIONIST ISRAELI JEWS

In honesty I'm a 'National Socialist' and I don't think the Jews are running everything. I do believe there is a group or chain of globalists trying to destroy Western Society's culture and national identity's in order to exploit it for profit. I think the only reason the main culprits such as the Rothschild's are Jewish is because Jews are simply smarter, and are raised with high expectations therefor gain more power economically. Same with Japs and shit. The only beef I have with Jews is that the kikes always keep in segregated Jew only community like sand niggers. But the simple solution is to expand the Jew state and send you there.

I'm not a white nationalist and I don't know if the conspiritard version is true but the following seems accurate:

Many Jews are progressives, many are intellectual leaders of progressivism.

Many Jews, whether progressive conservative, are Zionist to some extent.

Zionists support ethnic nationalism for themselves.

Do they support it for others, specifically for Europeans?

Many probably do not, for fear that European nationalism is tied to anti semitic violence. Sensible enough.

Zionist Jews are faggot tier Gentiles to the true elites of this world.

They're the same.
The globalist kikes are building a world of slaves for you kikes back in Israel.

> the eternal zionist rat
> saged

>Do you honestly think zionist israeli jews shill for islamic immigration into Europe?

who knows if the zionist jews are up to this, they keep their cards closer to their chest so I cant be sure, were I to guess? secretly yes I think all jews hate all goyim or at least look down on them a lot.

globalist liberal jews? 100% totally and completely yes they want whites dead and once the normies get woke they will want all jews dead

either you side with us or you go in the ovens as well



Every one can get an Israeli passport and has the right of 'return'

There is literally no difference

These Cred Forumsards are fucking retards, they have no idea what a Zionist actually is. They go around shouting "hurr durr muh soros i hate zionists hurr" without actually knowing fuck all about anything.

> Diaspora Jews > Israeli Jews

Get stuffed you shit-skin

Would you say a European jew investing in Isreal is a zionist?

>reposting this every day
Oven dodger.

How is what I said not true:
Honestly interested in your response.

Full disclosure I support Israel as an American ally.

>Sensible enough

Except subverting the nations with mass immigration that actually fought Hitler and gave the jews a chance of survival is not very sensible.

I don't think Israeli Jews care beyond the 'hey lmao, now the Arabs are your problem too goy.' I do however, think secular nepotistic European and American Jews enjoy fucking shit up to create opportunities to cash out.

zionists are based.
diaspora = hate israel

I meant in the sense that the fear is not totally without justification. Is it a good long term strategy? No, because Israel needs a white Christian America to back them up. Blacks and Hispanics and Asians and Muslims (!) don't give a fuck about Israel. So I think progressive Zionists are shooting themselves the foot long term.

Depends. There are many Israeli Jews who migrate to Europe then they become as bad as their globalist cousins. But all thing considered, most Israeli Jews are redpilled. They only promote multiculturalism if theyre planning to migrate to a Shabbos Goyim country like Germany or the US.

Israeli Jews dont need to support blue pill causes because many dont want to migrate to Europistan.. Then there are the Israeli Jews who promote muslim migration to Europe because they know that Muslims chimpout and after years of,terrorist attacks by migrants, Europe would turn anti Islam and support Israel.

Honestly I'm not too sure about how diaspora Jews feel about us Israelis. Though from what I gathered, it's a lukewarm reaction at best.

A progressive diaspora Jew would care more about "muh palestine", then yearning for Israel.

A few. I think zionist jews were in favour of the US taking European jews while also setting up Israel. This mutated into a general liberal pro-immigration to the west stance. Globalists (some of whom are jews) don't mind this, they think they will rise above it all, while some zionist jews still haven't realised that actually filling the west with muslims is actually a really retarded idea for the security of Israel.

It's really retarded for the globalists too actually, but there you go.

the jews are fucking up syria to expand its borders

They aren't always bad though

>From there, word-of-mouth spread. In 2003, the non-profit Foundation for US Historical Monuments was formed to help bring about the monument's creation.[16] After their efforts faltered, an anonymous group of Wall Street bankers who lost friends and co-workers in the 9/11 attacks[13] learned about his sculpture. They commissioned Blumberg to build a large-scale version for a monument near Ground Zero, paying $500,000 for the work.[20] The Gary Sinese Foundation[21] and the Green Beret Foundation[22] supported the effort to build the monument. No public funds were used. Two of the individual Wall Street supporters said they were asked by families and friends if there was a place that individuals could go to remember the U.S. troops overseas who daily combat potential terrorist threats. "We wanted to do something for the special operations community and all military service branches, because every day since 9/11, we've had to look at that hole in the ground," one of the private backers says. "What everyone needs to know is: There are people out there like this team, like the Green Berets, that are willing to sacrifice at all costs for them."[13] At its rededication, the statue's entire cost of over $750,000 was paid by hundreds of private citizens.[23]

Remember that fighting Hitler didn't mean not being anti semitic for a lot of Brits and Americans back then. Not to mention frogs were and are still pussy pseudo axis collaborators. Cultural attitudes towards Jews shifted a lot in our countries after ww2.


They openly shill for mass immigration OP.

>Do you honestly think zionist israeli jews shill for islamic immigration into Europe
I'm not sure, but it makes sense.
It would put all possible "anti-semits" in support of Israel.

Anyway, the jewish problem is not only about immigration

Watch this then kill yourself

That's true I do see bds liberal Jews but honestly I think that's a minority. Most are conflicted or critical yet supportive. That's a position I understand. I'm an American patriot but I also acknowledge many failures and faults. Doesn't mean i want to give our land back to the natives.

This. They're the same.

The same guys that created Israel were the ones that tricked the Europe.
Even the Rotschilds are zionists


And also many Israeli Jews want more terrorist attacks in Europe inorder to convince European Jews to migrate to Israel. Like in France


Isn't a zionist basically just a jew that is stupid enough to believe that the old testament was an accurate reflection of borders?

Besides that, most of you are ashkenazi, so your claim to being from the levant is, at best, dubious. You might as well be returning to the holy land of the ukraine, seeing as most ashkenazis came out of the pale of settlement.

Ashkenazis are a mixed race. Theyre mostly a mix of Persians, Anatolian greeks, Germanics and slavic people.

So what if it's bullshit, every nation is founded on some degree of bullshit. Should they give their land back to mud farming savages bc they don't actually have a signed titled from God giving them a "right" to it?

Not the point of being 'anti semitic' The point I'm making is no one in the UK was sending jews to camps and most couldn't care less about them one way or the other.

The reaction of jews is the issue here, basically every non jew was seen as the enemy after 1945.

Yes, that being the case it is akin to a mulatto with a distant great-great-aunt hailing from port au prince claiming a right to the entirety of Haiti.

If these are the sensible jews, you've got to wonder how insane their counterparts are.

Jokes aside.
Majority of diaspora do support Israel. It's tricky because it's not as simple as that.
You get some that do support you, but call for a 2-state solution - which to you guys doesn't count as proper support, and rightly so.
Then you get the ones that fully support you and are openly calling for a Palestinian genocide.
And lastly you get ones that don't really care about the situation at all.

From what I see here is that most Israelis despise all diaspora and put them all in the same box.

Yes I agree Jews have overreacted but after the holocaust you can perhaps understand why...

Similarly I support clamping down on immigration but think the alt right neo Nazi shit is a dangerous overreaction too.

Barbara Lerner Spectre

Barbara Lerner Spectre

>Should they give their land back to mud farming savages bc they don't actually have a signed titled from God giving them a "right" to it?

if you say they should sort out their own problems they will whine for military aid and call people anti semites, not that that will ever happen

Should have just given the Jews Brooklyn instead of Palestine.

>every nation is founded on some degree of bullshit

Sure, but this particular nation started a thread proclaiming that its most virulent supporters were somehow less crazy than anyone else.

Worth pointing out that they're bat shit crazy, I reckon.

If your neighbor wandered into your backyard with a rifle and told you that jesus said it was his, you'd call the psych ward. This is a country built by people like that, so probably a given that they're not "all there" upstairs.

George Soros funds feminist and "refugee welcome" groups in Europe, but stops funding them as soon as they spread to Israel(for example, Femen). He's the type of guy we're on about when we say zionists are pushing Islamic immigration and degeneracy.

>people seriously think we want to islamize Europe
>As if there aren't enough Islamic countries who want us dead, and we want europ to join their ranks
People post without thinking.

I don't think Jews living in Israel care about anything aside from Israel and getting America to give them money and fight wars for them. I know that Zionist Jews in powerful positions in the west DO shill for immigration and drive it though.

And Barbara Lerner Spectre

Yeah I agree they have disproportionate influence over American policy. But there is a moderate and prudent reaction and there is an extreme, moralistic, and imprudent reaction to that fact. Let's not cut off our nose (hehe) to spite our face.

you don't need to believe in some grand zionist conspiracy, just look at how Israel has behaved internationally throughout history.

deflecting a refugee/migrant problem on to someone else seem like something the Israeli government would do


Talk to Barbara Lerner Spectre about why we think that.

Or Uganda like it was proposed.
Imagine a South Africa, Rhodesia and a Ugandan-Israel alliance at the time.

Some individual idiot who might say stupid shit does not a country represent.
Besides, she looks like a diaspora jew. They are weird to us, we do not understand how they think.

Why didn't we send the migrants to Africa then... We're thinking too short term.

So when they get quoted by mainstream mass media pr write columns, that's all fake? That's an Arab pretending to be an established Jewish columnist with the cooperation of the editors?

Some leader of a Jewish learning center who came directly from Israel to Sweden to cuck their shit up and then bragged about JEWISH LEADING ROLES

Stop playing stupid schlomo.

Go get the smart jidf, you suck at this

This actually isn't true. Whilst Soros doesn't spend very much money on Israel at all, he doesn't seem to like them that much.

On the other hand Femen isn't funded by Soros but some rich American kike called Jed Sunden, who is a religious Zionist. And also owns a ton of media in Ukraine which promotes leftist views and multiculturalism. Make of that what you will.

>Some individual idiot who might say stupid shit does not a country represent.

How 'bout a prime minister? Might as well roll the tape on good old Bibi while we're at it. My understanding is that his nationalist credentials are beyond reproach - doesn't he have familial links to the stern gang?

Time to wake the fuck up

They won't go to Africa. Africans don't have gibsmedats to have out.
>Some stupid cunt on YouTube is a leader of anything except being degenerate
Yeah sure.
He is being stupid lately. I don't think he supports Muslim immigration into Europe, and we did build a wall during his presidency. Not bad at all, that.

If Jews are so crafty why did she publicly brag?

More likely she actually thinks she's morally in the right somehow. I think a lot of these subversives drink their own koolaid, they're not brilliant machiavellians.

You didn't even watch the video, israel posters are usually based.

But you suck at this. Go get the smart jidf


>I don't think he supports Muslim immigration into Europe

Au contrair, that particular brand of Israeli nationalism views muslim immigration into Europe as a quasi-revenge for the jewish experience. This is hardly controversial.

>alt right neo Nazi shit is a dangerous overreaction too

Maybe but there is no real middle ground any more and the blame rest squarely with the jews

I'm pretty sure this is fake. It's a jew who funds them but his name is Jed Sunden. They have never protested agianst Judiaism or Israel though despite protesting against christianity and Islam tons of times.

Nah I saw enough of these videos.
In that case people who support it are stupid. And again, I seriously doubt that's the case.

You would be wrong then.

Just move on

Source on this?
Besides that 1 faceboook post which got deleted and that stormfront article which only had the faceboook post as a source itself.
Would be interesting to read I just can't find anything on it.

>I seriously doubt that's the case.

I care deeply that you seriously doubt something. Truly, the fate of the world rests on whether you'll turn your attention to it.

Then don't pretend to know what the fuck you are talking about schlomo.

>ayyyyyy pol is crazy to think this
Post evidence and facts
>ayyyyyyy I am not looking at all your evidence amd facts ayyyyyyy

Then fuck off tbqh

You are nowhere near ready for us.

It was a femen international post

Posters here don't understand causation/correlation which is why they do indeed think that le ebil Jews are for the proliferation of their one true enemy. somehow

Blame is a concept that has no place in political deliberation. The question is simply what is best for our country, not how to give evil doers their comeuppance. Rhetorically of course it's a different matter as you must motivate the people to action.

>Do you honestly think zionist israeli jews shill for islamic immigration into Europe?
There is content that suggest so.

The Ashkeanzis only claimed to be direct descendants of the orginal Hebrew Israelites inorder to get support from Evangelical Christians who are convinced the creation of Israel is a sign that Judgement day is near. I dont think secular Ashkenazi Jews truly believe they are actually descendents of the original tribes of Israel. Israel is simply a colonial project for Jews. Most Jews are in fact converts.

Honestly, I couldnt care less about the Paleshits s. Sand niggers arent innocent and have arabised most of the levant. And plus, they still have a shit ton of land in the middle east. Palestinians should migrate to Saudi Arabia or Syria, considering theyre all ethnically the same.

George Soros is legitimately an evil kike though.

Globalism is an ideology surfaced straight from satanism, jews just have a prominent role in this.

pfft, the demographic of Brexit shows people who went to multi cultural schools stayed loyal to their friends.
It is however likely that extremist zionists are as stupid as any other extremist.

Actually, it's because many jews have come out and said they are doing it

You really think we just decided to make all this up?

Shills, shills, shills

It's a jew called Jed Sunden that funds them. Doesn't really take away from the point though since he is a "based religious Zionist" jew, supposedly.

I know, I saw it when it came out, but it got deleted very shortly after. There's just nothing on it online.

Now why would they come out and say that...


Soros stopped funding them, but he used to. And now this guy you're talking about funds them.

Are you literally here to defend Soros? It looks like it

"Globalism" isn't an ideology. How can Marxism and Neoconservatism be the same ideology? It's just part of the Jewish mind. They feel the same in their Jewishness.

I knew one who did, met him in Ireland. He was a HaAretz-reading leftist but would always complain about anti-Israel leftists. He would post on Facebook about how wonderfully multicultural Israel is, kek.

I dunno, you should ask them


There is literally no reason why Jews should not have their own country.

> occupied by Romans
> persecuted across Europe
> last but not least holocausted

Look, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania deserve their own country and frankly we are not that important. Jews, whatever you think on them, gave birth to some of the greatest prophets, scientists and artists.

Extremely intelligent people MAY be extremelly dangerous, if they want, but does not have to be. Every action gives a counter-reaction.

>Honestly, I couldnt care less about the Paleshits s. Sand niggers arent innocent and have arabised most of the levant
They are the people with an ancestral link to the land.
>Palestinians should migrate
They aren't even allowed to leave.

To mock the goyim, because they now feel they're at a point they can't be stopped. They'll brag and push it out in the open.

They were at that point 4 years ago.

Now they are losing their minds

Found the Jewish pole

Holocaust didn't happen, at least not in the sense of the narrative kikes peddle.

No. I actually read about this. This guy set up the group and started funding them.

There's no deserving a country. There's having one and not having one. Either you got the juice or you don't. Now their power comes largely from persuading others that they deserve. But that's ideological. Jews have a country because they have the power have one. Until America turns brown... then we'll BDS the fuck out of them and throw them to the Arabs.

WWII?? Federal Reserve? You are arguing for an ideology that MUST BE exterminated for mankind to be free from these rats...

Well add soros to your studies on the topic, is all I can say Dad

Nice try, shlomo

Israel is a kike honeypot that Europe created with zionists to....

Get jews out of Europe. Now it's basically an American colony in the middle east. Where they hold down territory on the cheap and we don't have to send troops.

We would rather keep them there, where they can only jew each other.

>Where they hold down territory on the cheap and we don't have to send troops.
All the wars you've been involved in there have been for Israel.

Israel is jewish Utah tbqh.

>ayyyyy all you red sea pedestrians should go to the middle east it's really nice

>oy vey thanks goy friends, that's really thoughtful of you!

No problem schlomo

Israel forced Jews to be uprooted from safety and sent to a desert. Jews provided all the factories for weaponry during WWII and were specifically not bombed by allies. After WWII, the Rothschilds "loaned" every side billions of dollars and that is why today their offspring are still Zionist Jew rats.
Many living in Israel were not complicit but that does not make them the true residents of the land. America may pledge more money to them that anyone else but that is only until we the people stand up and exterminate every Zionist shitbag...
If you aren't trollin', fucking educate yourself, you worthless slave.

All the wars we have been involved in have been about opec using only dollars for oil sales.

It's our cartel and the only reason we don't have $14 a gallon gasoline.

Plenty of Palestinians migrate. And no one owns a peace of land for an eternity. In fact the land of Israel/Palestine hosted different ethnic groups throughout history, from the Canaanites, to the Phenoicians, to the Jews, then the Arabs. The belief that an ethnic group has ancestral links to a land is largely bullshit. Migration was common in the middle east, because of climate change and ever changing trade routes. Palestinans are ethnically very similar to Syrians and other levantine Arabs. They speak the same language, have the same culture, believe in the same god. Palestinian identity is a lie. I knew a few Palestnian and lebanese arab classmate, and they were identical, but palestinians are a bit darker becuase of mixing with Beduins and southern Arabs. Paleshits need to,realise that their leaders lost their lands to Israel. They lost. Its better to move on and migrate to other lands, than continue this delusion of a Palestinian state which has never existed.

Actually not trying to seek revenge on jews. However if the reality of what has happened is not addressed the future becomes dangerously unpredictable.

There will never be another nazi style regime in Europe but that doesn't mean something more chaotic won't arise as is clearly forming. Historical trends cannot be stopped even if their consequences are obvious as they were in Europe in the 1930s.

What is obvious is that the left/liberals have basically subverted democracy and with it the nation state.

Good luck with where that will lead.



There is nothing more amusing than buttblasted kikes.

See number 5 in the red box

>In fact the land of Israel/Palestine hosted different ethnic groups throughout history,
And if you go back far enough people were apes
>The belief that an ethnic group has ancestral links to a land is largely bullshit.
Classic semitic thought right here.


Look, are whites saints? No wars in Europe? No atrocities during WWI, WWII? No camps in Boer War? No slaughter of Indians in both Americas? Is Christian to kill civilians?

Look, Holocaust has happened, I know it as a Pole, was it 6 millions or less. I know sources, I know there was hunger in ghetto.

I believe only truth will make us free. Both sides are extremely distrustful, and both have reason for that.



Nevermind Ahmed

>The belief that an ethnic group has ancestral links to a land is largely bullshit.
This jewish post modern shit is exactly what is wrong with the world.

In Poland, in 1939 there were about 3,5 millions of Jews. (sourceŻydów_w_Polsce#Demografia_i_kultura )

Warsaw was second the biggest city with Jewish community. Now there are almost none or very little of them. Where did they go?

I hate to see synagogues made shops and galleries as it pains me to see churches destroyed in France or adapted to bars in the UK.

>Where did they go?
To Israel?

so let them have their own country

I do not think the whole thing is suitable for this forum.

Of course not

Do an ama thread

israeli jews are the based ones

its your fucking diaspora who shills for immigration and you need to take them back to israel









Reminder that Jews are behind the islamification of Europe. They truly believe that they'll be able to have the military protect their homes, stores and temples in every islamified country like they do in France.

>tfw the wikipedia claims that we are the closest euro -relatives of the Jews.
It feels good desu


Some just like to troll the kikes and some know it was impossible that 6 gorillion got merkd, but don't forget most of us wish it did happen.

Italians and Greeks are the biggest collaborators with the kikes. America wouldn't have the kike problem if it wasn't for letting in Italians and Greeks. What have these two groups even contributed to America? We were all but free of organized crime in North America until we let in the half-arabs. You've never heard of a Swedish or German mob in the USA for good reason.

I'm pretty sure I've never heard about a Greek mob either.
We are too lazy for that.
Also all 3 of us are chill AF tβh how can you hate us?

that old bitch looks like danny devito

> By their fruit you will recognize them.

I will not play your 13d chess because I will surely lose :^)


I don't like Greeks because they have contributed nothing to my country, are ugly as fuck and they are super nepotistic just like the Italians and the kikes.

Israeli jews are based. They sought after their land, and they won it. Just like any other tribe in the world. Diaspora jews want to erase borders.

Israeli Jews have plunged your country into wars costing trillions, have stolen your biggest secrets, have tried to kill your citizens to frame arabs, and have slaughtered your navy in the med trying to frame egypt.

You're the personification of cuckservative. These people want you wiped off the face of the earth.



If you honestly believe the average jew is out to get us, I don't know what to tell you.
I can't hate, nor want to destroy, my fellow man. I'll call out those against nationalism and against the right to self determination, like hypocritical jews, but to say that some have the right to self determination and others don't, is not being consistent. I don't want to give my tax payer dollars to foreign nations, but I also don't want to eradicate foreign nations for wanting to exist. The US should have called out Israel on the USS incident.

i fucking hate kikes

I don't know to be honest.
If so, then I must've missed the secret Jew meeting last year.

how can I help you?


although muslims are following their own colonising agenda, any help from jews will not be turned down.

They do as the major news outlets are owned by Zionist Jews. You can't deny that they don't shill for immigration.

>If you honestly believe the average jew is out to get us, I don't know what to tell you.
You didn't see these clearly.

>Endgame - White Genocide
>The Jewish-Bolshevik Decimation of the Russian People
>Jewish financiers and the Russian Revolution
>Putin confirms, 85% Jews behind Bolshevism
>The Talmudic basis of Jewish supremacy
>Miscegenation illegal in (((Our Greatest Ally)))
>Jews pushing immigration for white nations
>Barbara Lerner Spectre
>Jewish Supremacism
>Noel Ignatiev
>Mainstreaming white genocide
>Sarkozy on forced misecegenation
>Ben Freedman on World Zionist wars
>Alon Ziv promoting interracial couples
>Alon Ziv defending Jews refusing to breed outside their race
>The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism