Teach a Yoga class for past 7 years

>Teach a Yoga class for past 7 years
>High attendance and no problems. I love it.
>SJWs become rabid.
>Class is canned for "poor attendance" which is untrue.
>News Outlet picks up story about my class being cultural appropriation and this being some sort of "protest."
>someone posted it here.
>Cred Forumslacks swoop in on a shining black dragon and burns SJWs to a crisp, original outlet removes story from website.
Just wanted to say thank you for enlightening me and I want to help usher the frog apocalypse.

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Namaste my nigga

I'm glad you are with us friend

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>Teach a yoga class
So are you a woman or a faggot?

google cancelled yoga class


Cred Forums is a international city (albeit virtual) with an eclectic pantheon -- much like Alexandria in its day. Greco-Buddhism flourished there, a syncretic fusion. Likewise we find Christians mingling with chaos magicians. It's comfy.

I'm glad that hit piece was taken down. Hopefully the school will offer the class again. If it's like you say, it's not like there's no demand. Maybe you could offer it on your own, work something out with a gym or a martial arts school.

I must have missed this. When was it?

wait. why did they cancel your class?


Cultural appropriation is problematic, and other buzzword ad libs.

>euro/anglo centrism
>white supremacy
You could make a game of it.

You are retarded

>doing yoga is racist

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Welcome to the resistance


Welcome to the red pill, try to remind yourself who's responsible for the pain you'll be feeling for the rest of this shitfest that is modernity.

I want to try to enhance my occult practices with Yoga. Any book recommendations about opening chakras with yoga?
Yoga has so much new-age stuff around it nowadays that it's hard to find what's actually original and what was made up by a hippie.

Being a yoga instructor is actually a wonderful way for a straight guy to get tons of pussy, as well as stay in good shape.

Guys that would call you a faggot just don't think about it for longer than 2 seconds.

The reality is, the majority of people taking your class would be fit women with too much time on their hands, and those yoga pants don't leave much to the imagination. Especially not when you teach these ladies how to properly stretch.

This is more effective and more interesting than going to bars and trying to pick up drunk sluts.

Nice shrine.

The proper phrase for the LP porcupine flag is "don't tread on anyone".

Yoga is the best redpill

No horseshit, just balance.

Teach all of your students about unlocking the secrets of Esoteric Hitlerism and ending the Jewish Kali Yuga through Indo-Aryan yoga.

Yoga is only redpilled if practiced by Indians. Same with Buddhism

'i'm rissen' nice ID

scroll to bottom

> just balance

If yoga does not challenge your strength and muscular endurance, you are not doing it properly. A real yoga routine is a serious workout. You are correct about it being redpilled.

I highly encourage all anons to give it a shot. I do not know anyone who took up yoga where it has not had a significant improvement in their life, this user included.

Lol how does yoga keep you in good shape?

>How do strenous core and leg exercises keep you in shape

ITT Anatomy of a loser's life, a best selling book written by OP.

>>If yoga does not challenge your strength and muscular endurance, you are not doing it properly
Really? I mean, I suppose you're right, I just haven't thought about it like that. Then again I never found yoga very hard.

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Remember that Hatha Yoga (the purely physical exercises) is only the first and lowest level of practice.

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>Then again I never found yoga very hard.

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Thank you. I'm pretty new I don't know all the etiquette yet. Pretty self explanatory there though.


this was why in HS I always took Volleyball while the "jocks" were out getting concussive brain trauma being hard guys.

me surrounded by dozens of tight High School girls jumping and crashing into me .. sure seemed like a no brajner to me.lol

I am witnessed


now that we are all settled on the matter...

put Your hand on belly, gently pinch the blouse You are wearing, rise Your hand up, and take a photo whispering: "Thank You Cred Forums"

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>take a photo whispering: "Thank You Cred Forums"

Yoga is sin.

>take a photo whispering: "Thank You Cred Forums"

>exercising in a specific manner is sin
Do you know how retarded you sound?

>straight men will never know the joy of sucking a thick, meaty cock
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>wanting to feel man hair on your skin

Your welcome user. Now do your bit to channel meme magic, we've got a presidential candidate to kill here and we're almost there.

It feels great. This guy I was with a few weeks ago had the nicest hairy chest. I ran my hands through it and it was so hot.

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Glad to have you
We have superior banter and snacks
Enjoy your stay

>take a photo whispering: "Thank You Cred Forums"

Laughed too hard at this.

Namaste my nigga hope we helped fight the zombie SJW hordes good

I remember this shit. SJWs are fucking retards.

Cultural appreciation =\= Cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation = bullshit way to express hatred for Whites

Kek is foot over ass?