What meaningful job does Cred Forums have in the private sector?

What meaningful job does Cred Forums have in the private sector?

Anti-Nigger,Anti-Jews,Anti-Hungarian,Anti-Gypsy,Anti-Russians.I defend the country of those rats.

As you can see I have a hard time send help pls.


like u i'm just another rich dude with no purpose

>Cred Forums

>like u i'm just another rich dude with no purpose
I fucking wish.

I work in a pharmacy right now, but I guess the most redpilled occupation is making your own job and working at it every day.



Cook for 8 yrs, did 180 last month

No more kitchens


I hate it but whatever

My Asian friend is in actuary. He told me "Actuary, there is good money to be made at my job."

account manager in a small software company
45.000 €/year

Wall Street.

Just doing my part.

>still working for the corporate jew

Chef here, how did you do it? I need a way out.

>being a wagecuck in the current year

im teaching a machine to understand speech over the phone to eventually remove call center jobs


Walmart associate for the past 10 years.

I wire houses so that more folk have access to electricity, and by extension the internet which leads to redpilling and connecting with you Cred Forumspots.

It's a bit of a stretch but I like to think I'm doing something to help

I tutor math and science, and I consult for a real estate brokerage.


Cyber security

How did you find a job in IT? I've been wanting to look into that myself.

Investment banking analyst in a product group that specializes in credit facilities for BB+ and up rated clients

nigger killer 5000

Software developer
I'm freelance right being paid $550/day and it's pretty chill.
But I still feel like a loser sometimes for not having my successful startup


I used to pull ethernet-cables

I hated it so much but that completion satisfaction ridiculous

Architectural Engineer

Pls respond


its not what it used to be. better money in being a electrician,, Unless you see yourself in school for 8+ years. They have turned IT into a rat race.

What do you trade?

I work at a hospital in a shitty area hepint to keep boomers, junkies, mulatto children, and general parasites alive.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the bad guy.


white women


You could have just said you are part of the groups assigned to exterminate fatties.

Architectural Draftsman

Those jobs are never going away if companies know what's good for them

I just chimpout and yell speak to a representative or mash 0 until I get a real person

No productive job, but I volunteer at many places like neighborhood hospital and community organizations.

My job is at costco stocking shelves for $15/hour + bennies.
No one bothers me and the work is very laid back.

I have a large trust fund and I won the $5000/week lotto, so I'm not aspiring to be anything more than what I'm doing.

Futures. Your kind can't get a price target right not even if they pointed a gun to your head.

I'm in the Navy so I'd like to think I'm on the front lines of the Ninth Crusade. Just doing my part to push back the heathen infidels and take the fight to their homelands.


>private sector

I don't work private sector. Employers have no accountability.

records dick at a hospital

our system has 2 different voices to trick people like you. i was surprised to find out that it works more often than not

is that where all the penis inspection data goes?

Software engineer at a major company. Everything is bullshit.

Ayy lmao. Merchy Marine Engineer here.

>mfw my engine Heils Hitler. Bring a tear to my eye every time.

>groups assigned to exterminate fatties.
almost all my coworkers are fatties, it's disgusting

fresh digits OP
I bottle cannabis nutrients for $12/hr AMA

I market your salary info to other companies so they can undercut their employees.

Picture a behind the scenes Glassdoor.

I'm trying to go elsewhere. I can't look at myself in the mirror anymore.

Basically, yeah.
I literally push paper around all day. Pays well enough so I shan't bitch too much.

>be futures trader on Italy
>get face ripped off every time someone grows too many grapes or makes too much spaghetti
>get cucked by center counter party
>le time to add more to your margin account (^:
>go home to hairy wife

Such is life in spaghetti land

I make stainless steel

Why don't you seriously get into art history/museum studies then chill in paradise? Why intentionally stock shelves for fun?

Anyway I am a library assistant and make 14 hr but I am grinding someday going for full librarian. I really love doing the storytime for the kids and the mix of hard book moving work (aka shelving) with the front desk clerk type deal feels good.

What most people don't know is Librarian is more like management, she is my boss and volunteers bosses, anyone above her is doing the fundraising, programming and thinking of new events to get people inside the library and planning on new acquisitions.

I just I just felt like typing a lot, lots of people don't really know anything about the library.

Whats wrong with being a hamburger research technician? Or a pizza marketing director?

My Wigga

Fuck off commie

> public sector
> meaningful
C'mon now nigger.

Fuck, i'm laughing too hard to get mad. Well done you worthless paper pusher with no skin in the game

im a data analytics consultant

Federal court correspondent, keep those battery's accountable.

Feel free to as me about any funny suits I've seen.

True lol story: my boss was trying to give a pep talk to people to 'take more pride' in their job. (Corporate jew speak for accepting a greater work load because God forbid we create 1 extra job) and he was like "cmon it's not like you're doing brain surgery". Like uh.. yeah no shit. If we were performing life saving brain surgery we would probably be more proud of our job.

I was discharged from the Army after eight years as an 11B four years ago. I'm a sushi chef now. I'm leaving my job in January to attend a commercial diving school with my education benefits.

Too many California rolls and it turns out cutting fish 55 hours a week isn't that fun.

Anything comical involving blacks?

I do electrical work, HVAC, and alarm systems, and I gotta say, I dig it.

So what the fuck do you do?

I'm a mechanical engineer for a truck manufacturer.

This has nothing to do with politics.

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>>Are X white?
>>Is X degeneracy?
>>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

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I work in cold storage. I help fat food restaurants store their future French fry procurements.

pretty great desu
pays not fabulous but job is enjoyable

STEM college instructor

>Super busy

thats hilarious, you deserve more replies

Oven technician

Everything famalam
I'll greetext as black plaintiff
>be me
>get hired by construction company as a cement pourer
>get a ride home from a different co-worker or supervisor everyday
>one day no one can gibs me a ride
But Dass rayciss
>sue my employer for discrimination 5k because I was afraid someone might call me nigger while waiting for the bus


Even the machines know...

They have no self respect. Degenerates.

Your digits don't lie. Praise be unto KEK

Self employed IT services.
Contracted with government agency to upgrade security infrastructure.
Work 6 mo/yr in 2-3 month projects. spend time off working on life skills like carpentry, automotive, gardening, photography, music.
Thinking about getting some rental houses.
90-95k/yr take home. My monthly expenses are about 2k

Oh, ok. So you do work private sector. My bad.

I'm a reporter. I help Dr. Trump.

I run a storage facility, and use my MSW to assist people get clean and reclaim their lives. Feels good.


Honestly my favorite things in the world are black court stories. I could listen to them all day.

Clinical director in a hospital where the sickest of the sick are sent.

I'm slowly redpilling everyone in leadership. They all say "degenerate" regularly now.

Medical Doctor, proud descendant of nazi officials.

This guy claimed he only made $500 in total earning yet also claimed pic related

>private sector

Na im in the air force

>private sector
>fiat moni

your mommy has to pay for those tendies and dipping sauces

>private sector

I'm a military welfare queen. But I'm saving up to start my own business.

You know the drill


I'm a real estate agent.

I do the paperwork that you may have trouble understanding. I pay to have your listings on an Internet database or to find you homes from an Internet database that I pay for.

I warn you of something doesn't seem like a good idea even if you're convinced it is (see: taking the absolute maximum mortgage you're approved for)

I work with the mortgage underwriters, title companies, closing agents, inspectors, surveyors, etc to make sure you closing goes smoothly for you.

And the best part of it all: I don't get paid hourly. I only get paid from a percentage of the sale (((commission))) and that percentage is usually covered via the loan anyway, so you had a smooth home sale or purchase for only the cost of your usual mortgage.

At 3% of the sale, I'd say that's not a bad deal.

Fucking hell, I don't think I ever will be involved in that rat race.

Not until I got some capital to swing around.

I have a cousin that does that shit though, he works for Morgan Stanley, smart lad.

Probably going to be the riches motherfucker in the history of my family tree^, the lad

how hard was it to find a librarian job?

do you really just shelve books and read books to kids all day and check out books? and you need to go to college for it?

Telecommunication Sales. Loving every minute of it $$$

I would, but museum/library jobs are hard to find.

Don't mind my current job. It's stress-free and I get a decent workout from walking and lifting.

Quick question:

I bought a house using a VA loan but I need to move. My plan is to buy a duplex in my new city using another VA loan.

Is it possible to have two VA loans at once? I don't want to sell the house I just bought when I move and my total borrowed money will be under $470k.

Professional mixologist san francisco. Bar manager. Amyone looking for a job in the bay HMU

Applications developer consultant

i'm self employed and make websites for small to medium sized businesses

Comp Sci executive.

I receive orders and I execute them.

I run my own facilities maintenance company.

datacenter engineer.

I make your internet work.

Im a former network engineer for a data center working as a truck driver
Pay is alright bettet then sitting in a god damn data center all fucking day taking tickets for retarded jews CEOs

I'm a nurse but i work for the state though in a hospital.

Patients tell me i have really warm hands so i've been thinking of taking classes in healing so i can get my alternative medicine certificate and start up my own healing service.

I think my extreme body heat has potential. Also i'm 6'8" and have big hands so i'll be able to cover large parts of customer's body. I'll be the big, warm gentle bear healing people.

Down the line i might just take classes in massaging.

Software developer.

Receptionist and Student

>Also i'm 6'8" and have big hands so i'll be able to cover large parts of customer's body. I'll be the big, warm gentle bear healing people.

I felt dirty and gay while reading this but i also felt good in my tummy


Welfare recipient

You NEETs have no idea how hard it is to consistently fill out job applications in such a way as to get them rejected so I can have proof that I'm "trying" and keep collecting.

soooo a gas worker?

fuck off nigger

Is Peter Marino any good?

Webdeveloper like everyone else.