Isn't he worth 100 million why does he live in such a dump

isn't he worth 100 million why does he live in such a dump

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He lives in new york

Thats how much that apartment costs.

Because he gives zero fucks

he said before that he helps his family

Do you think he ever fucks women who aren't hookers?

You don't keep your money by spending it on 50 bedroom mansions and other useless shit

>if you have money you should buy expensive things
literally nigger logic

i though he was dead. didnt he publish his last words a few days ago?


He's living the dream.


Decent New York City apartments cost more a year than your entire salary Leafbro.

no but i'd at least live in a respectable condo that is more than 2 rooms

Millionaires live like lower middle class in manhattan. I ran into him at Starbucks before I moved out of that shit hole. He seemed p desperate to be recognized.

>>Decent New York City apartments cost more a year than your entire salary Leafbro.
this is wrong. toronto property taxes are higher than NYC

It's called living below your means, it's a keep part of maintaining wealth.

Also, lower valued accommodation means a lower property tax, retard

it's definitely respectable. that apartment is expensive.

>keep part

What did he mean by this?


he has no source of income

literal paranoid schizophrenic. i love him though

He lives in NYC

Just by the size of the windows alone you can tell that place is worth a fuckton of money

>any NYC apartment
>not a dump

>be a millionaire
>live like an Indian or a Irish immigrant in the 1800's

Kek. Fuck New York

I don't understand why anyone would want to live in NYC. Move just 200 miles or so west or south and you can get a house 20x the size for cheaper.

Yes you do. Real estate is a good investment and smart rich people make profit when they sell one of their mansions.

Nearly 10 years ago, I saw a reality show about NYC realtors, and one of the properties listed, was a 400 sq. ft studio, listing for $1,000,000.
Obviously it was Manhattan.

This. Not like niggers who have one hit song and then buy their own jet.

Doesn't mean the interior has to look like shit. Sad.

Property taxes are a tiny fraction of an apartment bill.

Here's a good rule of thumb: Take $24,000 a year for the outer ring burbs, and then add $650 per year for every minute closer you are to Manhattan.

Agree, money is hard to get and harder to keep.

Some people don't allow themselves to be distracted by the pleasures of luxury. To have a purpose in life and a true goal makes him far richer than a rapper living in an LA mansion.

Because they want to be surrounded by scumbags and filth 24/7?

Some people have a thing called a job user.

>make a lot of money
>live modestly
>shitpost irl

I'd probably do the same if I ever got rich.

I don't think he really gives a fuck. He's so bitter at the globalists I think he enjoys covering NYC happening on periscope, shitposting, and hanging out in his apartment.

He's smart as fuck and eccentric. People like him tend to be slobs. Like Einstein and Howard Hughes.


You need to be a billionaire to get a nice place in Jew York

Exactly. It's more profitable to own land and property. He must genuinely like living in that shithole

Are those chuks, is he chuckin?

also let's not forget he's on the run from Hilldog's agents, they've probably frozen his assets already and he wants to keep a low profile

What's he doing that requires him to be in NYC? I thought he resigned.

>inb4 he gives us a tour in his apartment to spite the leaf.

Id love to live in NYC or anywhere in America actually

I wonder if Shkrelli is like me if I'd managed to make something of myself--lots of resources but still dead inside, seeking validation from strangers online

Martin's a lot harder than I previously thought. He's a scared lil bitch as an act. When the chips are down, he'll whip out a gat and smoke a bitch.

he's a kike wannabe nigger



I have a friend whose parents bought an apartment on the Upper East Side for around $1.6 million right after the real estate crash. It's super super nice and sounds like they got an incredible deal. That said, they're ultra wealthy and probably don't see it as an investment.

Martin got killed by Clinton

I still wish trump tapped him for vp and i'm still praying for the league of super villains

And why does he spend so much time talking losers on the internet?

Being smart and eccentric has nothing to do with it, just all depends on the person. He likes to or doesn't mind living like a slob, nothing else to it.

In New York City, utility closets are converted into $2500 a month studio "apartments" with no windows.

Dat clock colon.

he's smart enough to not waste his money on luxuries that have been advertised to him but only spend his money on shit he likes

>implying they're only expensive because of taxes

sweet life desu

>cost more a year

You should probably ask him.

Wasn't he taken out on stream by the fbi? Is this another body double?

When you are settled for life don't tell me youd do anything different! Wake up late. shitpost.. go out for dinner. periscope Hillary fainting. eat. sleep. that would be perfect

pretty much. people don't seem to realize that people get rich by not spending all their fucking money on an apartment that earns them nothing

He's a Jew and acts like it

Guy's a total loser, why does Cred Forums shill for him? I don't get it.

Is it some sort of nerd fantasy?

>smoke a bitch
what did he mean by this? is it drugs?

is martin gonna be ok?

He wants to really hammer in the NEET loneliness to the viewer.

Fucking proto jew, get off this board.

Literally who?

He's not Jewish.
He's worse: An Albo-Croat.

LA is better
Still costs a lot but better everythig except pizza and getting toothy bjs from NY hookers

Wow, this is cringe as fuck. What a try hard fsggot.

hi newfriend, you seem to be under the missapprehension that this board Cred Forums is for discussion of politics, when in actual fact the name is short for "politically incorrect", any discussion against the politically correct establishment is in accord with the board's machine spirit

Rich people can do what they want. The can even live like poor people.

Look at liberal hipsters. For all the ill-gotten wealth their parents have accumulated, they pretend to be poor by wearing poor people clothes and claim to speak on behalf of poor people.

But you still see these insufferable faggots adorning themselves with rich people accessories like iPhones and other faggy shit.

He's being careful because trial costs?

i do but i dont

This country is such a fucking boring hole sometimes

I will admit the city life is romantic but it has many faults, I just like the idea walking late at night with all the lights flashing

Read the sticky.

"This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics."

Why wouldn't he just get a big house and use a helicopter to fly into the city? It'd probably cost the same

He needs to keep his money to spend on lawyers

notie how it doesn't just say "politics"?

he's the epitome of a grad student, that's why. that's what the apartment of a grad student research fellow completing his dissertation always looks like.


A guy that young worth that much, it's not surprising to me that he was smart enough not to shackle himself to a fucking liability embedded in the Earth.

Interest, dividends and capital gains are income.

Also, don't forget, instant THOT Patrol.

He ain't worth $100m. I'd be surprised if it was more than $30m.

The Apt he has is a rental. Probably pays about $4500/ month rent.

He isn't jewish though. That is the thing.

>loser who owns is a ceo of a drug company and has millions from a hedge fund

yeah ok buddy

He certainly is an attention whore

But for some reason i find him endearing and a little funny and a little sad

But can only take him in small doses

>Implying getting a small humble house and spending the rest of your money on hobbies & toys isn't the optimum way to spend hundreds of millions


His retrophin stock alone is worth ~43 mil. Sauce: yahoo finance.


he has a higher purpose

How is this /pol?


because then they wouldn't be surrounded by niggers and gays all the time. lots of foul smelling shit skins to yum yum. don't forget the traffic the potholes the crime the liberal city government that is dysfunctional see you get ALL THAT for your shekels i mean money goy i mean guy.


Goldburnenstien Jewnuinor



some people enjoy a modest living you materialist jew

He can help the whole country of albania with his money, what the fuck.

I think that's the point

Then what would it fall under Brit bong?

Not any of those mentioned above.

if you look at the breakdown of people by wealth quartiles/quintiles, the %age of real estate that the richest own/deal in is the lowest than all other groups.

that is to say, less than 20% of net worth in real estate, as opposed to regular canacuks where it's 80%.

what would what fall under?

Many people would decide to live in highly populated areas like Jew York because of jobs.

It's called saving money you stupid nigger.

Just because you have money doesn't mean you need to blow it away on mansions and nice cars. Try growing an estate for once. Help out future generations of your bloodline, not just yourself.

he live in new york

Manhattan is expensive. You are literally an idiot. Rich people don't spend money like your poor ass would.

Idiot, that apartment is 10 grand a month.

You need to be 18 to post here and must have the knowledge to type a coherent sentence.

This. All poor people think rich people live like MTV cribs.

Newsflash poor people: most of those people go broke very quickly.


nyc is best place in the world though

why does he make people so angry? seems like a pleasant guy.

I just don't understand how such a manchild can be so successful in business

thousands and thousands of thirsty sluts waiting to be banged by someone worth $100 million dollars

lel, not even top 10 of capitals