Explain to me how you can be against Islam and at the same time, against degeneracy

Explain to me how you can be against Islam and at the same time, against degeneracy.

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Because mudslimes are subhumans

Of course it's sweden

>That flag

Islam IS degeneracy.

Take one look at the Turks and you'll understand. They're almost as bad as Albanians

>hurrrr I don't understand Islam at all

Of course you don't , Sven.

their view of degeneracy is different from mines
as is their view on the appropriate punishment
as is the reason being against degeneracy
but most importantly, because they're sandniggers

>Explain to me how you can be against two things at the same time

Are Polish people holding back European intelligence?

>Be Slav subhuman
>Fight against God's Aryans, the National Socialists, to avoid extinction
>50 years later
>Beg for National Socialism cock

Either Slavs are smart for realizing how useless they are or they're dumb and can't understand simple things. Which is it Ivan?

Examples? Albanians are subhumans, that much I'll agree with.

People who come here haven't thought that much about the matter, despite spending hours a day posting about it.

>Pedophilia isn't degenerate
>Rape isn't degenerate
>Beheadings aren't degenerate

Okay Sweden, whatever you say.

>Pedophilia isn't degenerate
Both the victim and offender gets death penalty.
>Rape isn't degenerate
Both the victim and offender gets death penalty or acid spray thrown at their face.
>Beheadings aren't degenerate
Good death penalty, are you a faggot?

Islam is the ultimate form of degeneracy. Their adherents are so animal like that their biggest social problem is Muslims frequently go on killing rampages in which they slaughter whatever random people happen to be nearby for trivial reasons.

Just like another degenerate group most here in freedomland are all too familiar with.

>swede muslim self cuck calling me a subhuman

islam = external threat
degeneracy = internal threat
see, that wasn't so hard.

Corruption of God's word is degeneracy.

Denial of the divinity of Christ is degeneracy.

Worship of a book is degeneracy.

Goat fucking brah

Islam is degeneracy


>Polygamy isn't degenerate
>Child marriage isn't degenerate
>Killing in the name of Allah isn't degenerate
>Disregarding all science because it would "bind the hands of Allah" isn't degenerate
>Taking sex slaves isn't degenerate

Yeah, nah get fucked

islam is not an external threat, and its only an internal threat because they are allowed in

>both victim and offender
>and offender
Nice try Ahmed.

What a dumb question. Not going to answer. Hope you get enriched.

whats the difference?
why do I care if someone else is degerate as long as they stay out of my business?

tl;dr - stay cool sandbros

because islam is full of degeneracy. therefore femibitches and nu-male cucks defend and convert to it.

>Their adherents are so animal like that their biggest social problem is Muslims frequently go on killing rampages in which they slaughter whatever random people happen to be nearby for trivial reasons.
pic related

It can only be considered external if you're not going to submit to the true faith.
A European Muslim > A European Christcuck


American education is still as bad as ever.


Femibitches and nu-males defend Israel, not Islam.


Remember that.

Islam will not only make degenerates stay out of your business, but it will completely eradicate their miserable existence.

Islam is extremely degenerate and promotes homosexuality (just not fag culture), pedophilia, inbreeding, general failure, etc

It all comes to Jesus.. islam denies what Christians believe. That Jesus Christ was God Himself come as Man to sacrifice himself for the final complete payment for our sin.. His death delivers mankind from our punishment for the original sin and reveals God's Grace for us to repent and come by faith to everlasting life.. islam denies the divinity of and power of the blood of jesus.

all the admonitions to righteousness , justice and mercy it teaches are worthless without the power of the blood of Christ to cleans you from your sin .. nothing any man can ever do can atone for his sin. He will die and be damned without Jesus Christ ..

Islam has no answer for this. Islam merely discounts this saying its propaganda and simply disregards it ..

The Words of Jesus and his apostles declare any who deny Jesus is Lord and risen from the dead are not of God.

You can bantz all you want but we feel nothing but pity for your non-country.

educate yourself, mohammed.

death penalty
death penalty
death penalty
>general failure,
death penalty


Because they're all pretty much retarded from multiple generational inbreeding.

Their IQ is so low they are essentially "sub human" as nothing precedes emotional reactions. You can see this with black people as well and their abhorrent and extremely disproportional crime rates.

I want our kids and women to be safe.

i live in sundsvall. should i kill this faggot?

Islam...don't you guys fuck pigs? I'm not interested in pig sex - sorry.

Pol is just full of retarded kids. Only islam can save people from their decadent behaviour but they re too pride they can not accept it.

Christians faith in a Jewish outcast who told his followers to "turn your other cheek to the offender and don't hit back" is pathetic and screams of cuckoldry. No wonder the western civilization is falling apart while Judaism and Islam is growing stronger for each day.


Well, it's pretty fucking easy for anyone with half a brain.

Women shouldn't whores and they should be shamed. This doesn't mean they should be stoned, raped, and honor killed.

That's nigger logic.

A nigger that is Christian is fine in your book? Oh my, western civilization and Christians once again proving themselves to be bigger cucks then they already are.

>general failure,
>death penalty

so basically you and half of Cred Forums gets killed to


>Both the victim and offender

Yeah, no. Fuck outta here, you smelly shit-skin.

Islam is degeneracy.

>Women shouldn't whores and they should be shamed. This doesn't mean they should be stoned, raped, and honor killed.

These women should become an example of what awaits the younger generations of females if they try to do it.

You can't create utopia with sacrifices. Everything comes with a hefty price tag.

islamic countries are full of dirty assfuckers and and pedos. get out of my country, you filthy faggot before i kill you.

muslims cant even decide amongst themselves what makes a good muslim.

Authoritarianism is the height of degeneracy, thats why trump wants you out

Calm down edgy kid, ask your mom to bring tendies before I bring the pope to force you and kiss a black man's feet you pathetic snow nigger Christcuck

I'm actually not against Islam at all. I'm against bringing them into our country

>Both the victim and offender gets death penalty.


European Muslim, that's the only type of Muslims ok in my book.

If I don't want niggers in my country on racial front, why would I want muslims on religious one.

Because i'm not the product of consanguineous breeding over generations.

What has this got to do with niggers or Christianity? The issue here is that Sweden is putting 3rd world immigrants in front of its own people. Its a shame you are too stupid to see that.

>arabs represent islam

well truth to be told, while Christcucks represent Christianity, it doesn't really mean that Arabs represent Islam.

You can't. Islam is the redpill.

>niggers are 3rd world shitskins

Wow thanks Christcuck, I never knew that.

ut ur mitt land ditt vidriga missfoster.

I do not support ISIS but he did not marry her in that video, he was asking her about songs i think and she got embarrassed and started crying.

Islam is the Authoritarian Right. Drugs / alcohol / promiscuity are social issues, not legal ones. And I shouldn't have to believe in God to be against degeneracy.


Use Islam to guide you to a perfect life instead.
You will eventually find out that God is there for you.

>it doesn't really mean that Arabs represent Islam

you wot m8?

The religion is a complete lie and only survived due to the savagery of its members

Two words: False dichotomy.

Now go suck some nigger dick and kill yourself.

islam is the inbred pill

>Now go suck some nigger dick and kill yourself.
I'm not a Christcuck, why would I submit to nigger cocks like you do?

>He has not married his qt cousin
Sucks to be you.

>Destroy degeneracy
>Also destroys higher thinking by purging it's intellectuals every hundred years

There is a reason why those "Islamic" thinkers who preserved greek works are an insult in arab tongue, they were purged.

You are a Mehmet aren't you?

Islam, as Well as Judaism, opposes nature, as they view it as sinful. For us, nature represents beauty and strength. It is as simple as that.

Calm down burger-sama, you will get your tendies soon but first, listen to Jamal have his ways with your female relatives or big Pope will call you racist!

In a Islamic world, you wouldn't have this problem :)

thats kinda my point.

you will not be integrated into the west until you devise betters way to deal with people you dont like and tend to like more people.

this is why the nwo is destroying everything muslim. Personally, on a moral level I dont like hillary I dont think we should be bombing brown people in the sand and taking their shit, but I do understand the rationale, and you arnt making things better for yourself by propagating this agression.


>muh islam!

here is a history lesson for you, every religion blocks degeneracy automatically. the only difference between islam and other religions is that you can't enforce them on people, islam is forced on people and its extremely violent.

Religion is degeneracy.

Not true.

Christians have ruined and killed Europe. European Islam would restore Paganism with much better laws against degeneracy, you are literally a subhuman if you are an atheist or Christcuck.
This man is Norwegian, go learn a thing or two.


Go the fuck away kike.

Because Islam is degenerate to the max.

>European Islam would restore Paganism

They are dumb.

Islamophobia is the how the jews are turning the right into a bunch of slut-enabling faggots.

I know I would cry if the guy who introduces me to sex with violent and potentially disabling rape asked me questions about songs. I hate songs.

Marrying eight year olds is pretty degenerate senpai

This. Islam is LITERALLY Arab Supremacism: The Religion. That's why you're supposed to recite the Koran in Arabic.

Pedophilia is punished with many death penalties.

>That's why you're supposed to recite the Koran in Arabic.

It can be changed to Latin.

European Islam is the best and realest religion out there.

I am 100% for slut enabling

Non enforced religions are cuck religions.

how about you do something for your country instead of bitching about islam and rape.
you guys are fucking cowards

Just die out already

>how about you do something for your country

Eradication of Jews, Christcucks and degenerates when?

Sharia is degenerate.
an unchanging law is going to rot.

>Polish subhuman trash

There you go, there's your answer. Slavs shouldn't be allowed to exist.

>Pedophilia is punished with many death penalties.

>many death penalties.

in islam you have more then one life?

>fucking goats and relatives is not degenerate.

Let me guess, your women cover because they're morally superior and the men have oodles of self control?

exactly eradicate the jews while more immigrants are incoming anyways.
you just another useful idiot that jumps up and down at every conspiracy theory thrown at him

>pedophilia is punished by death
>the prophet your fucking religion worships was a pedophile
>don't see the irony

>Both the victim and offender
> and offender
dont chat out the arse, we all know you blame the women for men being degenerates.

>be catholic
>criticizes Islam for pedophilia
>don't see the irony

>implying western civilization wasn't built by Christians

>"Gods Aryans" lost the war
"Gods Aryans" had to make a pact with slavs because big brother was too intimidating to take on early in to war
"God Aryan" features are much more prominent in slavs than in germans
>50 years later
Patriotism is regarded as national socialism
this is why youre the laughing stock of europe sweden


Because being against Islam and being against degeneracy aren't mutually exclusive.

what defines degeneracy

to the degenerates, you are also a degenerate

because Islam is degenerate as fuck are you kidding me cuck

how the law in enact'd is not how it is enact'd in the east, fuck off mudslime

Fucking goats is degenerate

Have you listened to the likes of sadiq khan? "Any can be British, European, Western, you don't have to integrate, you can be muslim and all of these things." Islamics are trying to alter our very nations and people, and no matter the harm your cult do here, whether to underage European girls or by forcing change in our laws, you claim to be the oppressed minority, the victims, in reality you are cancer, you have never done one single thing we benefit from.

Because Islam is degenerate you dumb cuck

You can fix degeneracy without going full blown death cult.

the real question is why do neopagan fags oppose degeneracy, when ancient pagan temple worship would have resembled a gay pride march?

>general failure
safe to say countries with sharia law in them are pretty far behind than white dominant countries

Islam is degeneracy of a different tipe.
Instead of degenerating into a cuck with 63 genders you degenerate into a fanatical durka savage.

But Prof is right. Say, who cares about Estonian? There is not enough content published in that language, not enough books, etc.



there's nothing wrong with island
>behead your enemies
>pedo is ok
>many wifes
>woman dont vote
why dont we support this?

Did your "God's Aryans" ever won a war?
They lost both WW, they lose against Romans, they got converted to Christianity, they lost against Anglos every fucking times.

Honestly, saying Aryans are superior at this point it seems to be a little funny.
At least Anglos have arguments to say that

>running away from your country like a little cuck to rape kids, invade their culture and force your own upon it whilst complaining about racism and intolerance
>not a worthless piece of degenerate shit

1. islam is a totalitarian system of government designed for world conquest through subjugation and violence and posing as a religion

2. degeneracy is fine as long as it is 100% personal i.e. not supported and/or encouraged by the state through wealth redistribution programs catering to degenerates, explicit lawmaking catering to degenerates/penalizing rational citizens against it, changing of curricula to cater to degenerates and normalizing their deviant behaviour

Fuck off nigger

Yes, complain about jew funded groups rather than the religion itself, nice meme.

mexico do it too but they call it culture

Can someone please just carpet-bomb all major Swedish cities already?
Murka, you like killing Muslims, right? Please?

Gods must die.

I'm for degeneracy though

Literally what's wrong with it; like islam is bad for many reasons yet degeneracy is nice

I guess I can't blame you for not having an education, but Norway is protestant, not Catholic.

>Jew funded groups are the reason they rape kids and are intolerant of a country that is hosting thems culture while forcing their own culture on it and screaming that everyone else is an intolerant bigot

Go back to your jungle you fat lipped baboon

>trannys and gays are bad
95% of this forum

I did not speak of Christians, but I could have done that as well. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, and learned that they where living in sin, they left nature to live by the rules of God.

From that point, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, opposes nature. The difference is that the people in Europe, despite being christian, have viewed nature as a source of beauty and purity all up until the modern times.

As a swede you probably view wild nature as pure and beautiful. You need to realize that people of other cultures don't feel the same way.

Nordic people are not wild beasts. We don't need sharia to control us from raping and murdering.

Shoee indio shooeee
Go back to pray to the rivers.

Get out of here


>as a swede
>thinking Ahmed Ali a swede

Because Islam promotes rampant Cousinfucking.

Leading to dysgenics and reduction in evolutionary fitness, intelligence and basically all physical and psychological traits that matter.

It is literally a march backward into evolutionary inferiority.

Because you don't have to be an illiterate goatfucking suicide soldier to know what's wrong and what's right.


Islam has been an enemy to Christianity since the pig fucker, Muhammad, made up the religion to gain power in arabia.

#notallmuslims though: youtube.com/watch?v=NbM4trP42NY