5 minutes before trump

5 minutes before trump.
German media hates Trump.
Not a word about Hillary and her shit.

Like he was a maniac throwing darts at a spinning globe.
Nuke India!
Nuke the southern pacific ocean!
Nuke Wyoming!

Why are they so biased?

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Because your 'leader' is just as crooked as Hillary.



>Nuke India

why would he nuke Wyoming? the southern pacific has it coming. fucking El Nino

It's coming to the point where European liberals are dumber and less educated about the world then north Koreans


Der Lügel is the worst propaganda. I'll can summerize the article for Burgers. I rage hard when I read the Lügenpresse, but I still want to know what the sons of bitches write. What a dilemma.

We already went through this 80 years ago Joseph, do we have to rerun the basics again?

>German media hates Trump.
no, leftists hate trump. Every media that is also leftist also hates trump.

They're the HuffPo or Guardian of the German-speaking world. I know enough of your language to know they're trash.



Who cares what Lügenpresse writes. 2/3 of them are leftist to left extremist. Of course they hate Trump, just like the (((US media))).

Question: why the fuck are they shilling against trump IN GERMANY?!
Last checked Germany had zero electoral votes

They don't want you getting any infected by ideas from the eternal anglo like changing your government and telling the status quo to fuck off.

Tfw when supporting Trump is normalized in India and even my dad thinks he is going to win.

This. The German MSM, and I mean ALL of it, is completely and utterly unreadable. The Pravda of the Stalin era was probably less biased than this utter dogshit.

Can you feel it, Germany? We're about to Make the World Great Again.

I'd like to know that.

It's just bog-standard virtue signalling
Gotta show your loyalty to the globalist tribe!

Based poos are the kind that actually go to the loo. am i right?

Because Trump is a nationalist and the (((media))) doesn't want you to get any ideas about kicking out Muslims and illegals and being a strong nation again.

They're not attacking Trump. They're attacking the idea of Trump.

Because it's easier to smear some evil nazi than to address problems in your own country

Great deal of work ahead of you, but trump could get you started in the right direction. It would really depend on how he would deal with the (((Washington Clique))), and their antics.

Also we aren't much affected by ((propaganda))

>le ebul Trump who wants to pull back troops from overseas, is in favor of isolationism, was against the Iraq War and nation building in the ME

As opposed to Killary and Obama who started a war in Lybia, are currently bombing Syria, and have been pissing off Russia

>spooky double dubs

to be honest though they're freaking the fuck out because they know they are full of shit and are effectively having their jobs on the chopping block if they can't stop Trump, because his anti-PC influence will be felt across the world.

They want to demonize him, but they are irrelevant.


Just expose them and remember those crazy accusations are admissions of their or insanity.

>Question: why the fuck are they shilling against trump IN GERMANY?!
answer: Germany ceased to exist in the year 1945. It is an american protectorate today. Leftists here as well as over there have similar opinions and allegiances.

But user, don't you see? It was for "democracy"! So now the Islamist majority can take it's rightful place in a democratic society, further destabilizing the region for the benefit of Isr- I mean, democracy!


So that's why they always suck Americas dick?



The article is six pages long and very repetitive. Facts are misrepresented and there are countless lies. Regarding tone and style, it's pure propaganda.

They open with the sentence: "Trump is a notoric, permanent lier". Remember: this is not an opinion piece. They sell it as genuine journalism. This sentence is repeated about 20 times on the first two pages. Of course, there is not a single proof or fact undermining this claim. It would be perfectly valid, if they mentioned WHY they believe that Trump is a lier. Oy vey, nothing in that regard.

On the third page, they go on about Trump having said to Howard Stern in 2002 that he "probably somewhat supported the Iraq war" (Trump: I guess so). That Trump in voted and talked against it in congress many times is completely irrelevant. Lügel's only "proof" is a small sound snippet from a radio interview.

The next pages are basically just mobbing with constant repetitiveness. "Trump is a notoric lier, agitator and demagogue" is repeated in all possible variations. Again, without proof. 1/2 page is dedicated to Trump's looks. I shit you not: fat, brown, orange, bad hair. This is quality journalism, folks! Then, they go on about Breitbart, the alt-right and Pepes and describe them as a Nazi-facade. All of them are racist. Again: Spiegel can claim this. All I need is a proof. But any substantiation of claims is unnecessary for the Lügel.

Clinton was attacked, because she is a woman. That is the opinion of the Spiegel. She has pneumonia, says Spiegel. Nothing is scrutinized, nothing is doubted. Not a word about her scandals, corruption or past.

The deportation of illegal criminals, named as such by Lügel, is agitation by Trump against the weak minorities.


In short, the article is a new low by the increasigly nervous media. But what do they gain by this? It's not like the Lügel would persuade Americans not to vote Trump. This article could've been written by a high school student who has zero plan about Trump's positions and statements. Zero substance, zero facts, zero content over six pages. Just propaganda. I am ready to discuss hard facts and well researched opinions about Trump. But this is nothing of the sort.

The End.

Trump is a uniquely complete challenge to the entire establishment -- ideas, people, policies. At a minimum he derails the work of decades and it is likely he will go past that.

Spiegel is read by people who consider themselves intelectual. This is the worst part of it.

this tbqh

German art hasn't evolved much.

Is there any Newspaper or magazine left thats not completely bullshit?

>Spiegel is read by people who consider themselves intelectual
wow wusst ich gar nicht.
Sagt alles über intellektuelle in unserer Sphäre

To contain Trump's ideas. They only want America to influence us when it fits their agenda.

This is what it looks like when they panic.

I'd argue that most of them are trapped in an echo chamber of leftism, where the only "intellectually acceptable opinion", is going ever further left.

But yeah - there is a great difference in having a good brain, and achieving a good result with it.

I guess most of the liberal world media is the same. Perhaps german might be worse, because your media must be 110% jewish.

Shouldn't they like attack AfD/FN instead?
I'd think striking an imminent threat would be more crucial
I mean it's like their front page
I get US election stuff here too, but it's like on page 78 or something

>She has pneumonia, says Spiegel.
And this is where their integrity gets sacrificed on the bloody altar to Kek.

Nobody gets over pneumonia in five days. There is absolutely no chance of this. Especially not an old woman. Leftists are literally inventing a reality for themselves to inhabit, now.

I am sure they attack both.

Because he said mean things about your beloved pet Muslims duh

Because the (((elites))) world wide are shaking in there boots in fear of The God Emperor

>Der Lügel

They do attack AfD. Constantly.

What they're scared of is people realizing Trump is correct and then running off to support AfD. The absolute worst nightmare of the Leftists and the globalists is for Trump to get elected and for the US to sort itself out after eight years of Democrat misrule. If that happens, they know people will flood to conservative parties. And why not? What they do, works. So what you're seeing is a mixture of panic and a pre-emptive strike. They hate the idea of Trump. They hate the idea of strong, white, Christian success. They're afraid of Trump succeeding.

After all, the goal of the Marxists and the globalists is the same: Destroy the nation-state.
Trump represents the roaring return of the nation-state.

They fear this more than anything.

they make him look really badass here

pffff you believe this dumbfuck?

You know what they say about first posts


Lol enjoy your next million immigrates Hans

This is rage inducing.

> nobody gets over pneumonia in five days

Yes they do retard, I happen to be a doctor, I've seen plenty of people "get over" various forms of pneumonia in under 5 days.

>Why are they so biased?
Because with Trump, the gravy train ends, immigration laws are enforced. More than likely wars of aggression end (they cost money, Trump doesn't like to throw money away).

Business takes precedent over destabilizing countries.

A fucking dreidel!

Is at least Bild less blue pilled like Daily Mail is in Britain?

Thanks Broder! Good summary.