How do you deal with the fat lazy black women at your job?

How do you deal with the fat lazy black women at your job?

I just got assigned to work with one as a partner in a security dispatch center and I'm constantly having to cover her ineptitude on a daily basis. Apparently everyone who gets assigned to work with her switches shifts as fast as they can because they quickly realize how much more work it is covering her mistakes to make the shift run smoothly. Even my boss has approached me and asked if there's anything we can do to train her and make her a good dispatcher. We had no solutions. I struggled to say you can train and retrain all you want but it won't fix being unintelligent. So now when everyone needs something done they just look at me automatically. She even gets paid more than me. Should I just give up and switch back to night shift?

What do you do about working a 2-man job with someone lazy and stupid?

I would just start doing a shitty job until they notice and then blame it on her.

But maybe they hold you to a higher standard and they put you on her shift because you're responsible?

>Bad at her job
>Makes more than you


I work at a place owned by Asians. They only hire Asians and their white friends because blacks are lazy -but only whites are racist so it's okay- so I don't have to put up with blacks.

>What do you do about working a 2-man job with someone lazy and stupid?

I do my 50%

No amount of guilt tripping will get me to do someone else's job.

If it gets so bad that managers and bosses notice, then even better because now the shitty employee is definitely getting fired, and they can't touch you because you've been doing your job

>not getting paid as a supervisor
>has to supervise her

Just do what you get paid to do.
Something goes wrong in shift, at least you're covered. Don't be a cuck


By not having them around.

>not demanding to be paid more
i would find another job then quit

Threaten to quit. Either her or you. If they pick her, you shouldn't be working there anyway

>Should I just give up and switch back to night shift?
Unless you can come up with a scheme to get her fired then yes. is inexcusable given that your boss is aware of the situation.

Hire a black guy to beat your boss up after a late shift . Have the guy scream the black girls name something like THIS IS FOR TANEISHA YOU DON'T EVER LOOK AT HER FINE ASS AGAIN BITCH before he beats your boss up. Then she will get fired. You're welcome.

This is my biggest nightmare. I had to work with total fuckups in the army and i had to overlook total heroine fuckups in another job.

I will never do this again and if someone forces me to do this in a "normal" job without paying me more to compensate for the stress and longer work shifts, ill try to wreck the place via court or just quit.

If you have an alternative, take it. noone can give your back your time and noone will compensate or even acknowledge yor stress and hard work.

>also i know that feel when your good at you job and everyone expects you to coer their asses

Fuck you subhumans

My wife is the general manager at a fast food restaurant, and her assistant manager is a lazy, fat, black woman.

She's a sweet woman but just lazy at her job. She'll blow labor by calling in workers just because she doesn't want to actually work. She'll sit her fat ass in one of the booths and just sit back and watch during her shifts.

Anyway, the lazy woman is about to get her ass fired. She was caught on camera allowing an hourly worker to A) work off the clock, and B) do so while in his street clothes and not the required work uniform.

>It takes a mountain of evidence to get any black manager fired.
>Even then you still need damn good reasons to do so.

Upper management has been looking for a way to get rid of her for a while. Looks like they'll have a perfect opportunity.

Bet I could make a lot of money offering kill services to companies who are too afraid of firing their niggers. Really makes me think .

Keep a log of shit you fix for her, tell her and your boss you're keeping it and retrain as she fucks up on that task. Have her initial or sign the document saying she feels properly trained, then fire her with that as evidence if she can't get right. You just have to play straight with blacks and hold them accountable in front of everyone. One on one it's racist and easier to blame you, everyone together for her benefit is taking care of the poor sheboon.

Do your job only OP. Do not cover for this lazy sack of shit... if anyone tries to fire you: have evidence on hand of your lazy coworker's incompentency.

If they still insist of doing it regardless of evidence: was this company really worth working for?

>lazy and stupid
>makes more than you

You either demand a higher salary for the extra work or you threaten to quit.

You mean the muslim woman who works in custodial?

She's nice.

I work manual labor. The black chicks at my job are usually fit dykes. And they work super hard, I'm actually proud of them. They actually crack jokes and don't say any political bullshit.

The biggest shit happens in other places, I do acknowledge it.

The problem is that she continues to ask me for help. She's so lazy she waits for me to go on lunch break and tries to get me to get her food. I have to take a "break" at 10am and rush to subway so I can avoid this question. She will bitch if I get her order wrong. If I don't go get it for her...she actually calls a security guard to go pick it up for her.

They would pick her, and this would make me look like a total racist asshole since she's the only black dispatcher in the dept.

This is what I'm most worried about. She screws up on important stuff like panic alarms and even that doesn't give her a write-up.

Keeping a log sounds like a good idea, though arguably more work for me since she fucks up constantly.

Thanks for all the responses. I'm not sure the right course to go because anything I do or say against her might be misconstrued as racist because I'm a deplorable white male. The problem is that I work in a small room with this woman for 12 hours a day. If I offend her or make her life harder I'm going to suffer in the end. She's going to have a shitty attitude and dealing with a mad fat black woman 12 hours a day 4 days a week sounds like a literal nightmare.

You actually get this nigger food ? Wtf bro. Stop.

>What do you do about working a 2-man job with someone lazy and stupid?

Keep your head down and look for a better gig.

She will end up screwing you over in some way.

You have no recourse beyond documenting every interaction you have with her.

She's really sweet when she asks you. It's like a dog that sees you with food. I can't just be rude to her. I'll say hey I'm stepping out for a bit and I'd come back with food and she'd be like "awww I wish you told me you wuz goin out, that looks good!" and then I get the cold shoulder for about two hours.

I'm worried about that. She ignored a panic alarm one day and tried to blame the other dispatcher. It was a big deal since someone was trying to attack the CEO in his reception area... But since we have a camera on our backs all the time the other dispatcher didn't get in trouble. She moved on to another shift and I got stuck working with Aunt Jemima.

Dude STOP GETTING THIS NIGGER FOOD YOU KNOW SHE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU. Hire some black to beat your boss up. Have him say the black girls name like ThIS 4 TANEISHA YOU NEVER GONNA STARE AT HER ASS AGAIN. Guaranteed she gets fired.

Be a fucking man.

We just keep her around because we need at least one. But we sure as fuck don't hire anyone that isn't white or Asian now though.

Lol why did someone try to attack the CEO?

why don't they fire her fat black ass ?

Surprisingly relevant to my thread... but this black guy was fired and requested a meeting with the CEO after he picked up his last paycheck. He was denied a meeting and an officer was actually sent to stand around the building in case we got any alarms from the secretary's silent panic button. The alarm blares loudly in the room so she silenced it and kept watching her TV shows. The office called us a few minutes later asking where the officer was because they pushed the alarm and this guy's getting uppity. The other dispatcher sent the officers. The CEO staff complained about the poor response even though the cops were literally sitting outside waiting for something to happen.

Wow. ....

Hire the same black guy to beat your boss up and scream DIS 4 TANEISHA