Anyone here choosing to be single forever? people say they wont get married but then they go full retard by dating and tempting their own emotions.

I am a true foreveralone. embrace the natural nervousness of approaching females, make no effort to get attention, and youre almost guaranteed to never date, which means that you never get married by accident.

share tips for staying single

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>share tips for staying single
just be urself :)

Just don't let girls drag you into a relationship.
I'm essentially MGTOW at this point.

Yeh pretty much

I have a lot of money tucked away in index funds, I'll be able to retire early and live like a king

The thought of sharing my wealth with a woman disgusts me


lonely life has chosen me

>implying any sane or worthwhile girl would want an jobless anime, video game and Cred Forums addict who avoids books and all means of self-improvement

Single is the default mode for this site's users.

Nope. I look nothing like that.
I'm skinny as fuck and good looking. There's a reason i don't want relationships; I've experienced them.

Woman and sexuality is gross. Just create works of art or progress science and eventually we will perfect artificial wombs and the female gender won't exist anymore.

Just marry someone than can inherit something.

>share tips for staying single
You literally don't have to put any effort into staying signal. It's not like women will just trip and fall onto your dick if you dont make a move.

42 here, never married, life is good.

Is that u sweet cheeks

take this pity party back to /rk9/

also kys.



>tips for staying single

You make it sound like it's an effort

>Cred Forums addict who avoids books
you should take this profound argument to /lit/

hi, installed tinder 2 weeks ago. now i am going to my girlfriend to watch movies and fuck. damn i would love to be in your shoes. enjoy your night faglord.

Rent a womb is already here. I know a m8 who paid an Indian to birth his genetic offspring for him. Only cost about 20K pounds. No wife required.

>share tips for staying single
Don't date anyone. What else could possibly be said?

did he fucked her

Yeah it's so terrible having someone who cares about you and enjoys touching your penis while watching your favorite TV shows. I so wish I was alone and jerking to anime 7 nights a week

Holy fuck why is there so much MGTOW shilling recently?

There is one thread up 24/7

As soon as one reaches bump limit another pops up.


Not a true forever alone, but right now, I avoid girls if I can at all help it. I don't talk to them, don't look at them, and just focus on my studies.

I jerk off maybe once a week, just to keep the pipes clean, and spend the rest of my time trying to figure out what kind of person I want to be. I don't want to bulk up for girls, but am tempted to try to put on some weight in the gym, because I know that it gets you more respect and admiration in day to day life.

I don't know if I'll ever get married, I have an extremely low sex drive, so if I got laid once a week, that'd be fine by me. Even once every two weeks. But that's prime cuckolding territory, and likely to lead to any potential wife being sexually unsatisfied, and then she goes and cheats because I'm emotionally unavailable and offer little no no physical intimacy.

Girls just disgust me.

No, she was artificially inseminated and lived in a facility with good food and healthcare while the child developed inside her.

I do chuckle when I hear "women won't need men in the future". Men already do not need women thanks to poor countries, rent a womb, and egg donation.

If I want a child I'll select a genetically superior swede or Icelandic blonde and pay a woman in the 3rd world to produce my offspring.

>single forever
>share tips for staying single
WTF is wrong with you? I NEVER pretended to want this. I don't see why anyone would. If you don't want love then you must be dead inside. Just don't marry the wrong girl you dumb fuck. Surely it's not that hard if you're not thinking with you dick.

HAHAHAHAHA, keep telling yourselves that dweebs

God protect my kids if i ever have them


tolerates. women don't really like penis.

there is a lot more negative stuff that only comes out as the relationship progresses that people don't like to talk about.

What if you don't believe people when they say they care about you? I've been disappointed by just about everyone, and it hardly seems worth the pain to trust again.

>tfw never had a bf

Been in a relationship for 13 years and not married. Feels good.

I've been with at least 4 qts who wanted to marry me. But I was too young and didn't want to. Maybe when I'm 35 or 40.

been there done that

They don't necessarily like it in their mouth (I've only been with one who did) but they love playing with it. We watched top gun the other night and my gf used my dick as joystick like she was flying the plane. I mean that literally, she was steering the plane with my half chub. Then we got distracted and fugged. But yeah women do enjoy penis. Plus they like sex, and penis is a big part of sex

I just don't bullshit people ever. If someone is a friend or close to me in any way, I'm just an open book. Saves a lot of time and stress. And it makes it easier to connect to people.

Who provided the egg?

I don't want to be single forever. I want a wife to come home to. I want to experience sex. I want to raise children.

The problem is that there's no hope for me whatsoever. I'm 22 and the only thing going for me is decent career prospects. Girls only want guys who are exceptionally outgoing and remarkably muscular. I'm shy and am skinny/average. I don't know what to do anymore. At 22, I just think of all the opportunities wasted and the decades of suffering ahead of me.

>Anyone here choosing to be single forever?
good to meet like minded people

there is no need for tips. Its very easy to remain single. It is rather getting a relationship that requires effort

>someone who cares about you

yeah man, my last girlfriend wanted to have sex two, three times a day. when i said no because of exhaustion she got mad. that girl was one prime example of a women that hated penis. anyways, i'm off giving a beautiful girl a couple of orgasms she really hates. have a fun all night posting your mgtow fantasy stories to make you feel better faggot.

Kinda in the boat but for different reasons
> grew up in one place
> had gf since middle school and knew her since before I can remeber
> lost virginity to each other
> last year she died in an accident
At this point , I could care less about other girls , I'm choosing to be alone.

My last girlfriend was a better person than me and guided me through some depression. Were still friends, only distance is an issue. Maybe try being someone worth caring about and you'll see different results

>'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

I've tried that, and every time I try to share what I'm really thinking, I've been met with incredulity, confusion, or fear. When someone asks me what I'm thinking about, and I genuinely reply that I was thinking about whether or not the first philosophical question is metaphysical, or epistemological, ontological, or linguistic, and I usually get something along the lines of
> K-keep me posted

And I don't want to get the reputation of being the local sperg, so I keep my responses normie-friendly.

An egg donor. They are quite common. So it's a white baby from a brown womb, his own sperm. Oh and his 20K

I want to marry and enjoy women but I've just become too jaded and cynical. Even in my class I sit next to an 8/10 but she's covered in tattoos and constantly talks about how clingy her ex-bf is to me. I don't feel like get emotionally invested with all these women when they are quite obviously sluts.

used to be like you. hit it up with a coworker.
been in a relationship with her for 3 years now.

I can guarantee that if you try a little, theres more than hope.

>she died in an accident

Shit dude. Didn't ask for those feels

We are the modern day monks and priests and /pol is the oracle

How would you rate your looks? How did you ask her out? Thanks man.

>My last girlfriend was a better person than me
lol how pathetic

Get tinder. I had my first kiss at 20, got on tinder shortly after and met an incredible girl that I dated for 8 months, lost my virginity to on my 21st birthday, and honestly still dream about. There's hope after 20

smelling really bad does the trick
also self pitying a lot

Dude, i have a receding hairline. few more years and im bald af.

Other than that i'd probably be like 6 or 7 ish minus the hair. its fucking nice to come home to a warm meal and sex.

Or at least better at the time. She's a professional ballet dancer now for an international company, and I'm finishing my degree. She just had a more definite dream and goal, and she achieved it. I respect the hell out of a woman like that.

I tried it for a couple months. Got bout 250 matches. I only got a few messages from the girls. I never messaged any on my own. Most of the time, it just involved "hey" and "what's up." I live with my parents, so I can't really ask them on a date or anything.

Thanks man. I hope I can be as lucky as you.

my man!

>s-s-shills!! there is no way Cred Forums of all boards disliking modern women and their behavior
>its da joos >:^(

protip: anti-mgtow shilling is actually radical feminists being triggered by the loss of their value
Don't shill for the feminists.

I don't know your age but if you're in college at least, who gives a fuck.
Links up with other spergs, sperg together. No bullshit.

real redpill is "no kids"


not leaving the house helps

I date, but I've realized there isn't a place for men like me in the new west. I just kind of want to live out the rest of my life relatively pain free. I don't really plan on having kids because I can't find any white women that fit my idea of a good mother. I'll admit, I date outside my race but I'd never reproduce outside of it so that option is off the table. I just like to read, train, collect firearms, and play vidya. I'm saving up to go to Penn state just for shits and giggles. I was already in the Army and I felt out of place there too. Niggers were the only ones that ever openly wondered about the mission, but that's only cause they are lazy not because they are aware in my honest opinion.

works for me

>even though I am completely average, I once read the art of the deal and a book about political sabotage back in 2002 and that makes my intelligence more justified, because I can read paper copies of things

I fear women using the rape card on me. I can't be accused if I'm a virgin.

> at work one day
> her car is dead and no other way to her school
> asks me if I can call out for a few to take her or help fix her car
> I can't step out today , way too busy
> she gets a ride from her dad, who is a tard.
> did not hear from her for two days.
> get a call from her mom saying what happened
> car is was smashed and went over the rail
> tard dad critical but stable
> she's gone


this thread belongs in

sure. that's the reason.

Just be confident you stupid faggot. idk what it is with people like you, you act like a woman is an unattainable goal for literally no reason.

Just record every encounter, I do. Even just the audio should do.


The trick to a woman is basicly be confident (fake it if you have to)
Fuck the advice of being yourself. once a year passes, your true self and hers will reveal slowly.

Give the woman attention but dont be clingy.
I started a relationship with her by being a little fake myself. I held back my feels for her. I went in with the mindset of "meh i dont give a fuck if we break up". Now 3rd year has passed and i love her. she confessed she did the same to me.

A man in the relationship is in the role of dealing with her emotions and supporting her. The reward is getting your dick sucked until you cum in her mouth and she swallows.

Thank god my gf doesnt browse Cred Forums much. Only when i find a good YLYL thread for her.

Because think of all the choice women have. Why would they settle for an average Joe?

>reproductive right

cunt you must be fucking stupid if you think the people subscribing to this lifestyle only care about offspring

these are people who want a girlfriend who isn't completely batshit insane

also whites are intelligent enough to realise we are over populated as a planet, and compassionate enough not to bring children into families of 11 packed into tiny apartments because they actually want good things for their kids

>embrace the natural nervousness of approaching females, make no effort to get attention, and youre almost guaranteed to never date, which means that you never get married by accident.

yeah no women ask guys out now

if you're /fit/ and tall and attractive you have to actively fend them off or they'll still try to baby trap you


and also


>egg donor
Thanks. I never knew egg donors existed.


lol if i ever become rich this is the first thing i am doing after i lose my virginity to a bunch of thic 6ft amazons snu snu

You need to get your shit together , man . Forever alone is nonsense , you gave up and you should neck yourself instead of wasting resources .


What kind of world would my offspring grow up in?

Granted our country isnt bad yet but it isnt going to get any better.

>21 year old male
>Not into the hookup culture of today
>am virgin
>wat do

I just wanna meet a nice intelligent redpilled woman


>Play videogames 24/7
>Watch Anime/Cartoons 24/7
>Read Manga/Comics 24/7
>Read Fiction books 24/7
>Be on the internet/Cred Forums 24/7
>Use memes and japanese words in internet chats and while talking in real life
>Do retarded things like this
Can't say if this will help you to don't find the love in your life. There are womans that like this kinds of man too. What do you thing, why there sometimes 8/10 girls walking with fat fucks
that aren't even rich past you on the sidewalk?

Hahaha. This is best post of all
Post praise to the Allah and he will
Guide you.. Meanwhile I'll have my 4 wives and 23 kids

the bright side of not getting married is that you can stop being a wageslave

She did this ONCE to you and you're hooked forever.
They know what they do to you.

>share tips for staying single
What works for me when a co-worker is interested in me and since everyone knows everyone already if I'm the new guy I get forewarned from other male associates. I just ask the chick if she wants to fuck. (Since everyone tells me she's a HUGE slut). Then she just ignores me and leaves me alone and That's That :^)

Stfu you're 22.

If you're doing as well career wise as you say, you'll have girls throwing themselves at you regardless of your looks in ~4-5 years once they realize Chad can't pay the bills, and their looks (which may be the only thing going for them) are quickly depreciating as the years go by.

not everyone is a cuck like you sven.

Thanks. Yeah, I'll hopefully have passed the CPA exam by this time next year. Pretty steady salary growth and job stability. Do girls really like financial security?


If you like dregs ten years older than yourself.

>hold out so you can be a good little beta provider to a used up whore

Do those things exist in western society?

no the idea is to string these girls along and just pump and dump

what this from?

you blokes need to rise up desu. it's very easy to get caught up in the /pol or even b/ thinking that women are the enemy and that no matter what you do you will always be the victim. don't believe what that thinking. what you blokes need to do is realise women are just like us and both sexes are trying to bond with each other. the only unfortunate thing is that women have the power at the moment but that will swing. get around the realisation that we are guys and with confidence building steps we can reclaim the fact that we are men and we can do amazing things for the world. rise up boys.


Tips for staying single?

I gave myself ED, publicly show that I watch and enjoy anime, and act like a sperg. It's working.

>Watch Anime/Cartoons 24/7
Thats not possible. There is a limited amount of anime to watch. Unless ofcourse you rewatch every series 15-20 times

Yes. I like being alone. Mid 30s now. My biggest concern is to amass enough money to live comfortably without having to work. Work in progress. No friends, family is dead. I feel free.

/lit is one of the biggest shitholes on Cred Forums, it's filled with autists who think reading crime and punishment or atlas shrugged make them intellectuals. i read kafka lets discuss the nuance of being a bug.

Kek. We've been having sex every time we are together which is about 4 or 5 nights a week. How pathetic is your dick game that your gf only touches you once and is done forever?
Oh right, Ahmed is fucking your gf for you, sorry I forget sven.

also whites are intelligent enough to realise we are over populated as a planet, and compassionate enough not to bring children into families of 11 packed into tiny apartments because they actually want good things for their kids




>we've been having sex every time we're together
doesn't sound like you're using each other for your bodies or anything ;^)

But why getting married?

You can spend time with your love-mate without any paperwork (marriage) or after-church-party.

Yes and travel in a caravan with your whole family and trade dogs!

Sorry, not my lifestyle :D


Are you a darky? It literally doesnt matter what the future will look like if there are no white people left in it.

legit advice

Ok, this might not be for you, but it might work, and if it does work it'll work tremendously.

So as you've probably noticed society at large is having a bit of trouble adjusting the fact young men are opting out. Now the reason this is happening can be endlessly debated.

What can't be debated is revenue streams are having to adjust to this particular 'demand v. supply'.

What we've seen is mainly pushing kids into apartments and extracting as much if not more wealth out of them for renting than owning a home. Budgets are tight, etc.

One of the biggest bangs for your buck, if you can handle it, are hallucinogenic compounds. Now you can spend years practicing meditation and lucid dreaming etc, and that would be the legal route, but for just about $75.00 dollars in most of the US market you can find drugs that would send your mind 500,000 miles away. Now you might fuck up and take the drugs in the wrong set and setting, but if you respect the seriousness of the drug, you can have a wonder trip that instantly deprograms all the societal "you aren't good enough" sub-context that is being blasted out the the media, internet, magazines, basically any visual media whatsoever. An imagine speaks a thousands words instantly.

This can helpful and quite theraputic and cathartic if done every 3 or 4 months.

If you live in a city, you will be drowned with non-stop images/messages trying to get you to buy something. They will try to activate the "insecurity" of young men, a primary tax herd, and drive you insane. The only way to fight insane is with other insane.

Be warned of anyone or anything attempting to convince you of a 'normalcy' or standard way of being. This is not possible, we are all on unique journey throughout the universe. Explore it, and make up your mind for yourself.

I hope this is completely ignored.



Hey I agree with what you're saying. I've microdosed hallucinogens but I'm too scared to take a full dose. I want to convince my gf to try them with me but shes deathly afraid too. I tried half a tab of LSD once and it was honestly amazing. Any advice?

>>I hope this is completely ignored


This is the true redpill. Speaking from experience, it's best to just fall deeply in love with someone and experience it for a few years and then experience the loss. Then you realize how trivial relationships are but you've also experienced what everyone else is talking up all the time.

Do it in the woods. The key to a good trip is always "set and setting". The first "set" means mindset. Don't go tripping with some baggage on your mind.