Russia bans Pornhub & Youporn and tells citizens to find a gf

>Russia’s media watchdog has extended its crackdown on internet pornography, banning two of the biggest porn sites in the world.

>In response to the outcry that has since ensued, the agency behind the move has reiterated advice issued on Twitter last year following the ban of 11 popular porn sites – telling disgruntled users to ‘meet someone in real life.’

Based Russia. They truly are one of the last degenerate free place on earth.

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>They truly are one of the last degenerate free place on earth
maybe, maybe not but they're definately trying

Fuck off boot licker.

>you need visual aid to help you masturbate
>masturbating at all

>ban two pornsites
>think you solved the problem

I wish Erdogan was as based as Putin

>>In response to the outcry that has since ensued, the agency behind the move has reiterated advice issued on Twitter last year following the ban of 11 popular porn sites – telling disgruntled users to ‘meet someone in real life.’
More Slavs will be needed for the Great European Liberation War!

>just b urself and get a gf you loser


Got to admit this is genius, because Russia is known for pretty women.




>Would normally think "MUH FREEDOM" with freedom being used to mean "Cummies" instead of its real meaning.
>Actually set in reccently that the porn industry is nothing but a giant organised abuse network for mostly women, and many men as well, since the life expectency is in the ealy to mid 40s, due to rampant suicide and drug addiction.
Now, I'm just not so sure.

>press F to pay respects to our russkie/pol/ neets

We still have

>Bow down before your female overlords, you have no say, you have no freedom, you have no rights.

Eurasian liberation

Well, in Russia some women are cheaper than internet.


Good move by Russia. This is pretty funny now that I think of it; before the leftists were the useful idiots going to Russia and inspired by Russia; now it is the far right who are inspired by Russia.

I need to go to russia.

>this makes the Jew angry

Gj ruskies

Why are you retards jacking off all over eachother over censorship?

Enjoy your rise in rape.

Pornography, Rape, and the Internet (2006)

Article summarizing the above study.

How the Web Prevents Rape
All that Internet porn reduces sex crimes. Really.

Graph is from the following Mirror article.

Internet porn has coincided with a huge FALL in violent crime

2D is better anyways

If I could get a gf it would not be a problem in the first place.

you live in Finland, its not that hard.
I've been to Finland and known a few Finnish girls.
They are quite literally LOOKING for guys their age, but can't find them because Finnish men have all become turbo autists hiding indoors.

My qt finnish friend ended up settling with a man 11 years older than her now, and I can vouch for the fact she actually looked pretty hard for someone "better" for her, she just couldn't find you faggots. You let her get away, oh least she didn't have to settle for a migrant. Im glad for that.

>be ugly manlet with no social skills
>lol just bee yourself and get a gf

Jesus, even government normies are memeing on us now.

I don't get why people would take the loss of porn as a bad thing, I could take it or leave it. I'll just fap in the shower more often instead of my computer chair.

Explain Sweden. Highest speed in Europe, free wifi for everyone and that includes the new Swedes. Yet, it is the rape capital of the WORLD!

This. Most of their porn is on vk

Demographic policy tips by Stalin

Pretty based desu


now they are forced to head west to find women to liberate

you dont understand chap that graph leaves out the great anglo cull of 1980

Uncle Joe knew what needed to be done.

I wish our country was more like Russia. The instant availability of porn has led to a decline in the number of white babies being born. Russia is going in the right direction, truly the saviors of the white race.

>Explain Sweden

Ficki ficki from the foreign horde.


They also get free wifi. Your theory holds no water.

>Sexual emergencies

That's pretty fucking awesome.

That's what our country needs to do 2bh. It would solve the birth rate problem overnight.


>saviors of the white race
>importing central asians by the truckoad
>importing some africans/arabs/east asians as well
they are globalist just like anywhere else, only they are conservative globalist instead of liberal globalist.

They definitely ARE NOT saving the white race . In fact they ban free speech to protect islam, something we criticize Europe for even considering.

Isnt there a 2 :1 male to female ratio or something like that?

>tfw Trump is going to do that here


Who gives a fuck?

Would you rather have a population of men that is jacking off into paper towels, or one that is going out and banging women and creating children?

You fucking faggot. Are you a woman? Literally only a woman would give a fuck about "rape"

Can you imagine how we would treat the crime waves in ghettos if we were more like Russia?

Can you imagine how we'd deal with the illegal immigrant problem if we were more like Russia?

I wish we were more like Russia. I feel like the world has completely flipped, I would have never said this even 5 years ago.

Im for all porn being banned and this coming from a shut in that doesn't date.

>Muh cum is more important than saving the West.

In Russia women still massively outnumber men due to you know what.

>2 porn sites
Wowee truly this isn't about getting his support up and Putin really wants to get rid of porn.

>only a woman would give a fuck about "rape"
Chill out Abdul, don't explode yourself, we're friends here.

Sweden defines rape in a much looser manner then other nations do.

there are more females than males in almost every developed nation, every man COULD have a g/f in theory.

However every woman couldn't have a boyfriend without sharing. So they fight for "sexual liberation" where they are allowed to all get pregnant by the top men and the family unit is destroyed.

Increasing the value of vaginas will surely end well for men.

Well done

I'm white, and if you are such a cuck that you think it's better for men to be jacking off in their bedrooms rather than fucking women and making babies then you are a pathetic beta sack of shit

Shh, it's okay. We're all here for you


it is your fault, and your fault only. You should learn to be a normal human being.

>Last degenerate free place on earth

Naa mate, they just sweep it under the rug and keep it quiet



That should ban all porn sites while they're at it, tumblr included


Time to jerk off to hentai.

>They are quite literally LOOKING for guys their age

This is absolute bs though, no gir,l finnish or otherwise, has ever wanted me.

its good, but finding a gf not so good
I almost dont know if it is worse to have a gf or to jerk off to porn

He is a pathetic sack of shit. Hes a jew defending porn

Russians are all degenerates.

>hating the 1st amendment is based for Americans now
Good thing Russia doesn't have First Amendment, i think you should introduce this into your Constitution too.

>lol just bee normal :^)
I have a job and go to school, still can't talk to girls though

Russia is known for swinging from one extreme to another. There is no moderation in that people.

They also believe porn is haram

Fuck off faggot. I hope he bans all of the degenerate Kikes porn shit.

He didn't say it stops all violent crime
You have to ask how much violent crime the rapefugees would commit without internet access and compare it to levels with internet access (ie online entertainment)


>banning porn will improve birthrate
>implying thousands of women will suddenly be open to having sex with guys they reject in favor of Chad

Says the major producer of porn in the world
Hang yourself Shlomo

>not understanding the the alpha-beta dynamics of society

Russia must really want a beta uprising.

Porn is not free speech

It is degenerate (((accidental))) child/society corruption/degradation

You sound like you need some gas

>no goverment given mandatory qt


Free speech and degeneracy are not mutually exclusive. Porn is free speech, deal with it.

>implying they will get a choice
It's only rape if she has a right to refuse.

girls are betas, they think putting themselves in your general vicinity is enough. Its your job to approach them.
The thing is; most of them want to be approached. The reason they are doing all the social bullshit is for that reason. To be "available" for guys just like you.
/r9k/ will tell you its because they are all whores etc, but they are just reverse tumblr and have no clue what they are actually talking about.

With this girl, I know for a fact she wasn't a whore. And she was constantly going out to university activities waiting to meet someone, and gettting totally fucking depressed when she couldn't. Finally some much older guy had the stones to approach her and he got a great young girlfriend so fucking easily it would make your head spin.

Seriously Finland, you can do this. Finnish girls are pretty good overall.

>get a girlfriend

Putin is almost as based as Trump

>I wish we were more like Russia.
Constitution granting you no rights from Bill of the Rights? Wish carefully because one day you wishes may become true.

Have you seen what they do to feminists?

That is why sex outside of marriage should be illegal. They do not have the choice.

There's no saving the west at this point.

>Allowing Russians anywhere near European Women

Because it went so well in WW2

Yeah, no

Porn is not free speech

It is irresponsible degenerate media

Nude art is acceptable

It's not going to change shit but it's enough for Cred Forums to lick Putin's and Russia's asshole.

>telling disgruntled users to ‘meet someone in real life.’
Cyкa блять, the only thing I'm gonna meet is a nice lamp post for these fuckers to be hanged on.

Mass influx of immigrants which don't have internet access as they are still a largely transient population

>Let women complicate and destroy you

Many do not realize how fucked women in the head are. Personally, I blame fathers. Abusive, violent and absent fathers. It takes a lot to maintain a relationship, it takes a lot of tries to convince your partner that you are not a cheater or whatever her insecurities may be.

In a sick way, I can understand why Europeans do not seem to bother and leave the ficki ficki to muslims. Women are very dangerous creatures that will fuck up your life, no matter what. It's like they test just how much they can ruin you, how much you can take and/or tolerate before you snap out.


Russia being based again.
Wankers not only go to hell, they also don't fuck.


>banning porn

>Nazi propaganda is not free speech
It is degenerate (((accidental))) society corruption/degradation. Play with that fire and will burn you.

I wouldn't blame porn for the reduced white birth rate. I'd blame penis envy (((feminism))) which created an anti-male system just waiting to bankrupt and destroy any man that gets involved with a female, 4 times more so if kids are involved. American white women have made themselves disgusting and revolting garbage in more ways than a blubber shell.

Porn is a symptom of that disease.

Ya, some pregnant girl getting cum pumped into her ass by 5 niggers is totally free speech.

If you ban the mainstream porn sites people will go to weird porn sites and before you know it your country is full of fucking furries.

>Russia bans 3D shit
And nothing of value was lost

>European women
you can keep them

>Porn is not free speech
yes it is

>It is irresponsible degenerate media
so is Cred Forums, does that mean Cred Forums can be banned with out violating free speech?

i lose everytime I see "possible Jew"

I haven't jacked off in 2 days and can't wait to pump my gf full of cum tonight. But, I know there are women out there who don't give up sex as often as their men would like it...which is terrible.

Porn is meant to supplement that. Porn is really to help women.

Then please explain why the chart shows low levels of rape before the internet as well?

Your assertion does nothing to explain why the spike ever occurred, but it tries to explain that the only reason it fell back down was because of the internet.

>They truly are one of the last degenerate free place on earth

Yeah, check this video:


pr0n was illegal here til just a few years ago, but they never tried to stop the interwebs, so it was not enforced that way. It was just illegal to buy and sell vids and movies with hardcore pornography.

I actually support it, that is banning all these jewish filth sites.

>ya, pictures of Pepe shitting on a dismembered feels guy are totally free speech

Putin has a harem of whores, why are they against the masses having their digital concubines?

Sweden is the easiest country in the world to falsely convict someone of rape. Just ask Julian Assange. Also this

>one American is responsible for the action of other Americans

Er, no

Clearly you don't understand those dynamics mate

If a whole country is copulating more, the alpha-beta dynamic still exists. It will always exist. But everybody will be having more sex, both beta and alpha.

This thread is for real countries only

The problem is that the excess women are all old, wrinkled babushkas.
If we look at people in breedable age they are the same as us.

Russian femdom porn is Top-tier. I actually see a Russian Dominatrix regularly. For $200 an hour she humiliates and spits on me, whips and ballbusts and restrains me as well. She also allows me the honor of worshipping her feet and i deepthroat her foot, all the time shes calling me names and bullying me. It feels soooo good

Russia should start a breeding program instead of just telling them to get a gf. Government should provide the platform.

Gosh I wish this was the case in Canada.

>Nazi propaganda is degenerate (((accidental))) society corruption/degradation.
That is objectively false. You just proved my point.

Jews have been using the argument that porn is free speech. Illegal acts of prostitution are committed just to create it and then it is exposed to kids on the internet everywhere(similar to a pedophile whipping his dick out at a playground).

You will be gassed jew

Damn using a proxy is hard.

God bless Russia

Two of these leaders fought each other; one isn't even a leader yet.

You act like Stalin and the USSR's principles aren't the end game of leftist America.

>people only fuck people they marry


Porn is like the shitposts of Cred Forums without the good posts mixed in

The porn boards are degenerate trash on this website with nothing productive about them

Cred Forums on the other hand elects presidents mainly because it bans porn

Comparing reality to fucking pictures lol

You're not only degenerate but you're also a retard. Congratulations.

Prostitution should be legal

It'll be fascinating to see if this has any positive effect. Could result in:

1. Increased suicide rates
2. Increased crime
3. Increased birth rates as desired
4. All of the above
5. Nothing as people bypass the ban
I'm betting on #5

>t. moishe

Wouldn't polygamy produce a smarter, stronger kids?

"Love" is a Jewish lie spread to reduce the overall genetic quality of the goyim. Monogamy is unnatural is the biggest producer of weak offspring. 90% of humans shouldn't be breeding.

Pull your pocked wider apart bra.

I'm pretty sure at this point, Slavs have turned their back on the rest of Europe.

You people are just too fucked to have any deals with.

Sure as fuck hope that they aren't going to pull your bacon out of the fire like they did a million times before.


There, solved it.

>1. Increased suicide rates
>2. Increased crime
I was thinking this too

>5. Nothing as people bypass the ban
Good point. Porn is the biggest motivator for a lot of people

Good, finally something is being done. Pointless though, real porn ban would demand far greater resource investment.



Porn shops and bars do not let children in

Neither should porn sites

Make ID verification required or something

Also shes a 6 foot tall athletic blonde with a really thick Russian accent.

I'll be honest: I'd hate it if they did it here but I'd actually agree with them

I'm sure this won't backfire horrible, considering their track record during soviet times, you can't just ban prn if your law enforcement personnel are easily corrruptible, this will end up strengthening the illegal porn industry even more.

>implying babushkas are pretty
are you stupid

>You will be gassed jew
Nazism is not free speech scum, you belong to jail.

Only time will tell, Schlomo.

>implying every porn site isn't banned already
Fuck off


>ban a few porn sites
>this will magically make men go out and find gfs

don't think it works like that

>Make ID verification required or something
>he wants the government to track my porn habits
Go away statist pig

If free speech has to be productive to be legal, then why not ban offensive humor and mindless hate speech while we are at it?

It's the same deal mate, there are countries that are banning loli despite it only being animated.

This graphs proves nothing the rate of violent crime had already plummeted before internet was even mainstream

N-nice one

What if I only watch VR porn?

>implying you wouldn't hit this
Better than anglo women

>It'll be fascinating to see if this has any positive effect.
Literally none because proxies exist and pronolab (best xxx tracker in the world btw) is not in banned.

Freedom requires responsibility

If women want to be whores, they should be free to do it but not be allowed to lie about it

If men want to be degenerates, they should be free to do it, but not be allowed to lie about it

We need to preserve freedom by making responsibility and honesty mandatory

Do we really want low test betas breeding though? Just let them stay in their mom's basement so their weak bloodline dies off.

>the invention of lying
I bet you'd like that film.
I also agree.

Offensive humor is not offensive to most

That's just like your opinion man

Because in Sweden a women can cancel consent after the sex. Also just about anything is rape.

Russian hackers will steal your VR waifus.

Don't worry, you "won" the argument. I'll stop replying now.

>mindless hate speech while we are at it?
Hate speech is banned in Russia.

>Russia bans internet porn!
I see rape increasing across the country.

>Your rights end where my feelings begin

Who knew Russia was run by SJWs

This is my final answer to the degeneracy problems of both genders



Look at this degenerate. I would hang you by the balls but you would most likely enjoy it, so when the day finally arrives you will be shot.

Who needs porn when you can just fap to DotA2 streams on twitch?

>not beheading him to save on ammo

I wouldn't want hate speech or offensive jokes to be banned anymore than I would want porn to be banned. And where do we draw the line between porn and art? Do we start banning every movie that has had a sex scene in it?

*muffled cyka blyat at 1:00*

>bootlickers WILL defend this

>Who knew Russia was run by SJWs
You have 3 tries to guess what is it:

>The propaganda or agitation instigating social, racial, national or religious hatred and strife shall not be allowed. The propaganda of social, racial, national, religious or linguistic supremacy shall be banned.

Australia speaking sanity again? What times do we live in right now, really?

Russians fighting for free speech again

So much for Putin being the anti-Christ.

Figures. Ruskies are very tech-savvy.


going to the bottom of the cookie jar here.. Ever since there has been widespread Internet access, the number of bronies has increased significantly!! Perhaps that's the real facts buried in these numbers, the more bronies the less rape!

half the granny pr0n comes from Russia
>Look, it's not like they're yankin it in public like Italy

Hilary's doing it aswell retard since her selling point is muh womyn

It's a meme, there is a roughly equal amount of males and females now, at least among pre-retirement age people.

100% bet it'll be 5.

Absolutely nothing will change, Russian government also tried to ban Russian chan, guess how well that worked out for them

Any solutions?

Christ your a fucking faggot.

in other words

>keep the birthrates high and support your local economy

i like how they tried to make it a moral issue

Cossacks are fucking degenerates btw, even worse than feminists. They are literally just a militant larping costume party and have nothing in common with real cossacks.

Kill yourself.

Do you honestly think there's no profile of you and an organised, annoted report of your fetishes somewhere?

>Not using a blunt instrument
I like where you were going with it though.

Natural selection will solve the low fertility problem.

Sure it does prevent rape, but at what price?
If you look at places like Japan, the massive availability of porn also leads to men becoming NEETs since their sex drive that would normally make them get off their ass and find a job/found a family is being artificially satisfied.
Porn may be good for crime statistics, but it's a nightmare for demographics.

and who gives a shit? just conjure up some thoughts of you doing horrifying things to hot people and that's your porn. it's what i always do

I think it would, because it improves child socialization.

Real men have to do it. Have to hijack the formation of next generations

Russian chan is dead for many years.

Absolutely based.
Porn is the pinnacle of jew degeneracy.
Sex should be held sacred & revered.
Porn rots your mind body & soul.
No white person should be consuming the screwing jew.

>tfw God Emperor Putin will give you a mandatory cutie wife in your life time

Putin is a cuck supporting the feminist agenda. He is basically forcing men to go back to the plantation, and become a utility to women instead of living for themselves. Porn liberates men, and MGTOW is the one true path.

Context is important. This is post-Soviet Russia we're talking about, after several generations of policies intended to erase the culture, religion, and moral system of Russians. They were always somewhat degenerate, just like the Chinese, but also like the Chinese they have had all of their guiding principles stripped from their communities.

This isn't the same kind of censorship we're used to, this is more like something Hitler would have done. They are trying to rebuild the Russian identity and they're doing it by literally enforcing traditional values now absent from the country, and they're trying to suppress Jewish propaganda as much as possible.

It would be one thing to take a mostly-Christian country like America and start censoring "degenerate material" to protect our values, but Russia's culture was held down and raped for a century. They're trying to restore values that are already gone.

So yeah, rapes, trashy teenage marriages, sibling experimentation, hentai, and furry porn are all going to increase, but after the NEXT generation is raised with this policy we'll get to see the real effects. You can call this heavy-handed or misguided, and it might seem like they're trying to bludgeon the problem rather than handling it rationally, but a lot of us have no idea how much more severe Russia's problems are than ours. They're living in Weimar Germany if Hitler had never come to power.

dont tell them about the sito che manca di madri

porn is just a method to reslease spunk if you don't have immediate access to a hole. you retards really think removing porn will do anything? i can think of 20 different websites i can jerk off to, its just a matter of finding another website. if its not a website its a magazine,if its not a magazine its a picture.

Normalfag Finns don't go to "university activities", I think that was her main problem. Not everyone here is academic or shares the same interests.

Well yeah original Dvach is long gone but you still got that bootleg garbage ran by some chechen looking mohammed

Libertarianism is a joke.

"Muh personal freedum" is terrible for society as a whole, as people are inherently degenerates..

We need an authoritarian government to step in and get rid of damaging aspects of society. Western Society was great when it had strong-arm governments and rulers.

>bootleg garbage ran by some chechen looking mohammed
Sums current state pretty nice.

What would you do if your wife/daughter got raped, user?

Yeah, Canada is filled with feminist indoctrinated bitches.

But imagine the handjobs user

>not a real man fallacy is at it once again

jews are so successful at controlling us only because they copy what women do to their husbands

>We need an authoritarian government to step in and get rid of damaging aspects of society.
i hope you ready for mandatory LGBT exams in schools and ban of Drumpf nazi propaganda.

>They are trying to rebuild the Russian identity and they're doing it by literally enforcing traditional values now absent from the country, and they're trying to suppress Jewish propaganda as much as possible.
Lol no, you don't get it. This is merely a half-assed attempt to create an illusion of productivity. Once is a blue moon Roskomnadzor bans a few random web sites to justify its pathetic and useless existence. Many state-owned agencies and facilities operate under that principle.
What did they achieve by banning those two sites? There are thousands more, and there is no indication that those two were the most popular ones.

“No man. What we swingers were going against were uptight squares like you whose bag was money and world domination. We were innocent man. If we had known the consequences of our sexual liberation, we would’ve done things much differently but the spirit would remain the same. It’s freedom baby. Yeah!”

Sexual liberation went too far and we lost responsibility. We need to bring back responsibility. Stop subsidizing people's demons and stop suppressing them. Allow people to be whores and degenerates, but force them to admit it and not lie about it.

They will then have consequences lined up with their actions and the problems will begin fixing themselves.

The relationship between cause and effect is core to the balance of the universe. The jews are destroying by breaking this relationship and denying effect to cause.

I thought porn was essentially impossible to find on vk? Or it was actively searched for and deleted, at least.

Surprising. A jew defending their sick filth.
Jacking off is degenerate as well. Your are throwing your soul in the trash, where it arguably belongs.

Just learn to ERP and do all your horrible dank fetishes in text.

likely wont result in anything since porn sites and magazines are nomen legion

lmao no

he'll take all porn and tell you to b urself

then suicide rates skyrocket

>being a simple tool of the jew

The financial crisis is over now. The Jew doesn't even need you to be libertarian anymore, now that he already used you to sell off public property for huge personal profits.

>tfw western media paints this as a bad thing and people treat it as an outrage


Do you seriously want state censorship?

>sexual tyranny is good

>russia is good for cracking down on free expression

>Personal freedom is bad


What a parody this board has become. Ron Paul is spinning in his meme grave

yes you are not allowed to get married and have a family at the age where your supposed to and have to go through tremendous amount of hoops to get laid people are gonna choose porn instead.
you are now living in an age where showing any sign of sexual intrest can lead to some serious legal consequnces. but go ahead keep perpetuating the lie. as we speak there are porn sites sprouting everywhere

Don't you guys have a pretty big population for your island?

Stalinist purges?

Explain this chart then?

jew telling truth, but no one will listen

when you cull a degeneracy, a deeper degeneracy will follow

>He doesnt want to pay a 10/10 blonde Russian lady to ridicule and femdom him and allow him to worship her feet

Im at peace with myself, having a sexy russian dominatrix boss and own me is more satisfying than paying 100$ a date with an amerifat bitch who thinks shes doing me a privilege by letting me fuck her, and who thinks that somehow the fact that we fuck gives her flabby ass the right to nag and bother and emotionally blackmail me 24/7

>world embraces sexual free expression since the 60s

>since then marriage plummets, divorces rise, single parents hood and STD rates go up.

Yeah what a great future.

>breed the cannon fodder just like you would give incentives to raise cattle

>qt blonde Russian girl everywhere
>watch porns
If I were Russian id be outside all day long

niggers don't use the internet

>there are more females than males in almost every developed nation

Not during thier years of best fertility.
Men are only outnumbered by women once they get old.

>qt blonde Russian girl

They're going to try to block the most prominent site, and block the next one as it comes into prominence. It is easier to keep people on the run and make them work than it is to do it yourself.

The same as torrent sites are now, but in a more extreme fashion because it's going to be perfectly legal to keep blocking new sites and plugging leaks. It's not as hard as you're making it sound.

>Jacking off is degenerate
don't be so afraid of your sexuality bruh, nobody likes a prude

Based Russia

Russianfags are complaining about Puutin being a tyrant and rigging elections, but tbqh Russia is relevant only because of Putin. Putin makes Russia strong, and it is Putin who the POTUS fears.

Dont ban it just force people to be honest about it

None of those things affect you or your life in any way.

Banning porn in russia won't solve them either.


If they weren't such cucks maybe they could resist the urge to view LEGAL PORN

rather than banning it, which is the statist bootlicker approach.


>girls are betas, they think putting themselves in your general vicinity is enough. Its your job to approach them.
The latter half is correct but acting like supreme turbocunts when they get approached by someone that doesn't strike their interest is hardly beta behaviour.

Yep, the best looking women are moving between the large cities all the time. It's hard for a guy who lives in one place to catch one, let alone convince her to settle down early.

>In response to the outcry that has since ensued, the agency behind the move has reiterated advice issued on Twitter last year following the ban of 11 popular porn sites – telling disgruntled users to ‘meet someone in real life.’

she will maek strong rusian bebes


Only Russian homosexuals and Fifth Columnists bemoan Putin's Russia.

If it weren't for him, Russia as we know it would be dismantled by the forces of the US, into small, irrelevant little state-lets with no political power.

I've seen too many shady pornsites that pull streams from "leggit" sites and present it as their own to think that there is not a Russian site already doing this... and they were probably doing this BEFORE the ban.

lol'd @ pic. Worked with a guy who prided himself at his "Alt-[TAB]" skills. He was pretty damn good too.

Is that good enough after leaf dollar turned into shit?


Im glad russia is keeping obama bin laden in check

That fucker is literally behind many islamic terrorism groups with SA and Israel

Good for them. Fuck ZOG kikes!


Just make porn habits and slut histories illegal to lie about

rofl holy shit we just need to teach the sandnigger parasites how to pornsurf

its not about degeneracy, lets not use that term for a minute.
we often laugh and mock at guys that hollar at woman and act masculine. this is exactly what is needed to happen. guys need to actively pursue and chase woman, they need to look at their breasts, whistle,hollar and everything. because that's what naturally men do.
since we started shaming that behavior and ridicule it people are afraid of approaching woman the traditional way and prefer to be shutins.
you are expected to be nice, ask nicely and just do whatever you are told but in the back of your mind you still want to hollar at a woman like in the old days because that's what you are.
if anything we didn't suppress degeneracy we just created more of it by suppressing healthy sexuality.



>all those sad russian bronies that will never fap to their favorite MLP video again

This is heart breaking.

Russia is so much more moral and upstanding the the US yet because we have so many old 75 year old motherfuckers who still think the Cold War is a thing we aren't allowed to look up to them.

People seriously think Trump treating Putin as a peer is worth not voting for him when Putin probably has the least degenerate policies possible.

Its just really shitty and lame.

how do I quit porn, it's becoming a problem

I agree. Our society is twisted as to the ability to start a family. This is the result of cultural programming. It still doesn't mean that you should give up and spank your life away to sick porn.

Yes and I'm afraid of brown recluses because I'm actually a spider in denial.

Based Russia sticking it to the Jews.

So how can bans of websites find your support? I smell liberal doublthink here. You want censorship and don't at the same time.

>They are quite literally LOOKING for guys their age, but can't find them
Um no fucking shit, I too would not look girls my age if i were 25 and since I can go always find a younger girl, 25 is really getting too old to even start dating.

Yeah,very effective blocking measures. So effective that putting Opera in Turbo mode overrides them completely.

>Russia is so much more moral and upstanding the the US
Fan fact: incest is legal in Russia.

>None of those things affect you or your life in any way.

It shapes the culture around me which influences my life tremendously, especially when young, and also influences my children.

>Banning porn in russia won't solve them either.

We're not looking to solve it, user, we're looking to aid in solving a larger social issue.


All they've done is ban two,there's thousands more.

What has been achieved here other than flexing the government's totalitarian muscles?

"if you have problem solve it, if you cant solve it, dont make it a problem" buddah

Correlation is not causation. Reagan introduced no fault divorce, THAT is when the rate went up.

Fun fact : bullshit.

No website banning

Just make honesty required and punish companies for distributing porn to children

>you are not allowed to get married and have a family at the age where your supposed to
>supposed to

Wtf, you're supposed to have a kid at 15 or something?

>tfw these fags also banned furaffinity (and ink bunny i think)

whatever, proxy will do

I'm glad I don't live in Russia.
Not that I ever visit those sites, but still.

>flexing the government's totalitarian muscles?
I don't even think it's this. It's just a propaganda move to contrast Russia against the West and paint the west (or USA) at degenerates. And it seems to be working judging by this thread. It's Putin "changing the conversion."

Go away Jew

Russia is Americans greatest ally

based russia

porngraphy should be banned in the usa

people and kids need to stop giving money to these jews

woman sexual prime is closely to 18. your penis stop growing at 18 too.
its not by accident, matchmaking and pairbonding is the natural way of co-habitation


So you are actually against Russian bans of sites. Nice to hear that.
>inb4 attempt to use doublthink

Go find me article of the criminal code. I will wait. In Russia close relatives can't officially marry. Sex is legal.

What went left?

Are you faggots really celebrating censorship of the Internet? Good to know you'll be completely fine with the US government banning Cred Forums soon because "muh alt-right is dangerous Nazis goyim".

You are right, not yet, but consider that there were 10 times more Muslims than Christians in current day russian borders about 500 years ago

Fun fact: that just makes them more based.


Welcome to the /nu-pol/

It's your fault, grow a pair, approach one.

>Cred Forums users want to get rid of porn so that "people with that problem will go to the real world"

You and anyone else with this retard opinion don't know what happens to people who express dissent to ANYTHING in Russia and not just porn... Yeah go get a wife, but she better not express dissent or she will end up in jail sucking Putin's dick.

You are a bunch of fucking retards.

Well,fuck,not allowing to marry is the closest thing to regulating sex,you fucking idiot. What do you expect, there should be a cop living with every family, closely watching everyone so they don't fuck? There's just a handful of countries in the world who even have a criminal stature punishing incest legally,and even those mostly concentrate on kiddie-fiddling.

>CTR shill detected
man, you guys really do give the leafs a bad name.

who is dis semon demon you leaf?

>Enjoy your rise in rape.

But porn IS rape.

should have banned abortions.

1957-2011 over 290 million russian kids died in the womb.

porn ban doesnt do anything.

Finnish women are most self-centered easy whores there is. Only good side its their mind set is only about themselves, alcohol and partying. Them beeing mostly assfaced drunk its semi-easy to get pussy. But any attempt with serious relationship is doomed. Also they have 90% chance to turn fat when you settle down with them (unless they were fat already which is common). Finland is strange how here women who are 2-6 think they are 8-10. Its normal to see average guy 6-8 going around with landwhale cider whores.

Oi vey! Don't try to stop the genocide of the white race goyim! That is censorship! Just think of 1984, its the same thing!
Also, ban roflcost deniers

This is some bullshit

Many women are peak fertility anywhere from 16-25

Many mens penises probably grow into their twenties

Your general concept is right, but the exact ages you use are wrong

I get paid extra when called out because it means I'm winning.

>Implying I haven't learned to into ERP.
>Implying I won't squat into your vagoo

Censorship of pornography should be a thing, it's degenerate.

>. What do you expect, there should be a cop living with every family, closely watching everyone so they don't fuck?
>Massachusetts punishes incest with up to 20 years in prison and the states of Virginia, Nevada, Montana and Michigan provide a penalty of up to life imprisonment for incest.

Isn't it just that they think having a wife and kids is too expensive and they prefer going out to drink after work.

>But porn IS rape
>Checks flag
Not surprising coming form a country of rape.

Banning the websites is like amputation

Still better, but not optimal

Optimal would be just mandatory responsibility and honesty attatched to freedom and degeneracy

based Russia... meanwhile ameritards keep promoting cuckoldry and maximum degeneration

They'll just realize that 2d is superior and lower the birth rate even more.

Censorship of degeneracy is good.

Cred Forums isn't supposed to be degeneracy.

fucking based as fuck

pornography is for underachievers and jews

>Also, ban roflcost deniers
It is banned in Russia. Now celebrate this achievement and smile.

>Against degeneracy
Yeah,ok. Off to sosach you fuck.

But what if my gf and I want to watch porn together?

absolutely this, but americans are just too cucked to understand this, they call themselves nazis or nationalists but enjoy the porno jew and holocaust fetishes

You can't be pro and against site's ban aat the same time unless you are double-thinker. And you are.

We all know 2d is superior anyways at least here.

Her hair looks ok.

I guess that's why their hillbillies are notoriously inbred.


maybe you want to invite a black guy to watch porn with you

Ofc it's banned in russia.
It's all the "deathcamps" that was liberated by the sovjet that was horrible gaschamber camps with bears and eagles in a cage eating poor jews alive. Would not look that great if people started to question your part in the jewish genocide of the white race.

honestly this. i expect a major rise in yiff and hentai popularity. since a lot of that is disguised as art and posted all over the net, its harder to censor. enjoy, russia

There was a time when most of us watched porn because we liked to see attractive people taking each other's clothes off and having orgasms together. This helped us think about our own sex lives during times when we weren't having much luck with that.

It's a shame this all got mixed up with movies fixated on ugly, stupid, often cruel acts designed to satisfy people who were deprived of sex their whole lives, by endlessly ramping up the absurdity factor. There was really never anything wrong with watching people have sex on TV.

The problem with porn is that just watching people fuck isn't enough for someone who has no personal sexual experience in which to plant what they're watching and listening to. Instead of thinking about the slut on your screen AND the feel, smell, and taste of an actual real-life woman, you're jerking to nothing but the pixels. This becomes boring as quickly as a movie or a video game becomes boring, and many who resort to it find it necessary to ramp up the novelty factor in order to hold their body's interest.

Why do feminists hate porn so much if they are also Jews who are out to destroy Western civilization? Are they pretending?

I think it's more likely that Jews control porn because being depraved and lacking in scruples helps them succeed in an industry that preys on the young, and which thrives on getting them to do things no emotionally healthy person would ever do in the bedroom.

>Degenerate free

Sure, if you really think having large amounts of heroin addicts and alcoholics isn't degenerate, but hey atleast they aren't watching porn anymore right?

And of course this is good as your are pro sate censorship.

What do you mean desu? We are pretty degenerate, but we're free. Porn should be banned here.

Hollywood pushing cultural marxism all over the world
Nigger as commander in cheif
Porn capital of the world
If they are the last stand against degenracy then Germany does not have a immigration problem.

based spic

Emir Putin dictates that act of pornography is Haram

I dated a finnish girl once. Rich dad, got everything she wanted. When I got tired of her shit and wanted a break she threatened suicide. I broke off all contact so I have no idea how she is. She was from up north though, no clue if the girls up there are crazier

just have an orgy, invite a friend and his girlfriend

State censorship should be used to protect the nation not used to destroy it's people.
Fighting degenracy and culturalmarxism is a good use of censorship, hiding the genocide of the white race is a bad example of it.
Is Russia the new Canada in the proxy world mr Goldstein?

My life for the Emperor!

So the far right are now the useful idiots?

Will they ban sadpanda too?

> Austrailia

>20% Muslim
>Saviors of the white race
Pick one burger

There is best solution, not so good solution and no solution.

If cannot get best solution then is tossup between not so good solution and just leave problem. Close but in my opinion, not so good solution is better than no solution.

No double speak. Make sense Vladmit?

eh, sellouts don't really bother me. You can be bought and paid for. It's the true believers that buy into the conspiracy theories of marxism (cultural or otherwise) that are the problem. Having said that, the whole blaming one state's governor signing a bill into law that he didn't craft for the entire downfall of modern civilization was kek worthy.

And who is deciding what is good fro a nation? Lets me guess: non elected government agency with no oversight. Yeah sounds like a good plan combat dangerous for society rise of the of nazism in Sweden and USA.

Feminism is not jewish

Jews just manipulate the movement

Trump is the last hope

If he fails nuke us

I complexity lost in your speak. Are you against censorship or pro censorship?

>There was a time when most of us watched porn because we liked to see attractive people taking each other's clothes off and having orgasms together. This helped us think about our own sex lives during times when we weren't having much luck with that.

When was that?

First "porn" I ever came into contact with online was gore archives back in 1996, I never looked at it but it was really popular among my classmates. I was 14 at the time. Then it quickly moved on finding the most digusting vids possible, I remember there was a swedish site for this called I mostly ignored it and looked for anime because I was too disgusted already.

Someone at my high school got a pass for a pay site and all of it was freaky stuff, not even sex.

"Normal" porn was never a thing online.