How should they be killed?

How should sexual deviants such as race mixers, homosexuals and paedophiles be killed? Pouring cement down their throats or impaling them on a rusty pole?
(Pic is answer to last question)

Cement actually sounds pretty cool. I kind of want to see that

We all do man

Burn them, burn them all

t. Sharia Law

this is some next level autism, enjoy your fantasies that will never play out

t. your sample size

>tfw gay
>tfw 6'6" and well built

Good luck with that """""aryans"""""

Back to

t. weaboo racemixers that belong in the oven

nice try moshe, I am neither weeb nor racemixer

reactionary Cred Forums manlets btfo

Can you resist bullets?

One man was able to take out 49 fudgepackers at a time.

Don't overestimate yourself, homo.

>Not racemixers and pedophiles.

Nice meme Tyrone


Your butthole still hold the shit inside or you lost control?


I don't live in America so that isn't a issue

>guns being banned means guns are impossible to get
Stupid faggot

Itt: Much edge

Rusty cement poles that are on fire

>race mixers
>sexual deviants

This isn't the 1950s anymore.

They are ridiculously hard to get you spaz

Geee, you got me. Whenever I eat anything it falls right out the other end, I always have a tesco carrier bag there to catch it.

always read these edgy comments in the nasally, Protestant christcuck tone

for about 200 people who think going backward in time is the answer to a modernity developed to perfection during their "golden age," yeah, it still is

Yeah, so hard that any nigger can get hand grenades and serbian guns. You cannot seriously be this bluepilled

Is this a Hillary falseflag they're going to screencap and put on the news? Include my post please!

>hand grenades
>any nigger can get them

Are you being serious?

no surprise that sven welcomes mudslime punishments in 2016

Gay males, yes.

For pedos, it depends. A 20 year old that had sex with a 17 year old should not go in the oven. I don't know what the cutoff should be, single digits at least.

Grenades are legal here

not feasible. only pedos should be killed (

I like when we are in the news, it is funny.

Grenades are legal. They are counted as Destructive Devices under the NFA, so you have to pay a tax stamp for each grenade you procure.

I was talking about the UK, where it would be near impossible to get a explosive grenade like sven said.