Betting on Trump

I bet 10$ on Trump. Any other anons put some cash on the Don?

a) thats a great russian flag
b) you are a fucking idiot, and a gay, everyone knows Trump is going to win, it took balls to know he was going to win as soon as he announced his running

you are just a peice of Russian shit

Why the fuck do people gamble on elections and the political process?
Are card games not enough?

I would rather a Russian support me than a slave descendent Canadian...

its a sure bet, you are going to get fucked if you vote for Clinton

better vote OG Johnson, Jilly Juggs Stein, or Trump

Fucking leaf.

Where do you go to make bets like this? In a casino?

I can't read this shit, what are the odds?

"who" the fuck are you, and why would any russian support you, you dumb fuck

Kick the United States out of America

piece of trash

I put $30,000 on Trump at my local bar.

its funny when someone doxx themselves using a proxy

It says it right there 125,000 to 1

Esi mi dobar? Sto bacas pare na tog debila?

$400 triple or nothing

>not wasting your Slav monopoly money on blackjack

It's funny how they say Slavs are redpilled.

$15 on Trump to win

If Clinton drops out though, I can't lose since my friend bet on her TO WIN.
I hope that wicked witch drops dead, at least she would have done some good for someone that way.

nope, he bet 500RSD and he will win 1250RSD in case Trump wins, so 2.50

2,5:1 genius

Gambling is degenerate and Trump wouldn't want you to do it.

Which explains why he owned multiple casinos.

Muh nigga I'm sitting on $300 for Trump should clear about a thousand when he wins after fees and shit.

>betting on the God Emperor when the odds are only 2.5:1
>not betting on the coming of the lord when the kikes were posting longshots at 300:1 or higher

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

>they don't have based "kladionice" in USA

>Trump wouldnt want you to gamble
>Literally made a fortune off of Trump casinos
Wasted trips tbqh

put down 25k

in the bookies

The Puritan states of America don't have them I guess

We used to have based OTB cigan.

its probably illegal here

congrats for losing your money, loser
I'm betting on madam President Hillary Clinton because she will win, 100%

We can't handle shit like that. I would love to easily throw a couple dollars every Sunday on football(NFL) or even during the euro cup but at the same time I have multiple friends who bet on foreign sites and they have no self control and drop more money than they can afford. They fuck it up for all of us.


$200 at 20x

I would love proof because that is either genius or retarded.

Do not jump to conclusions bro

Nije bacanje ako pobedi :^)


Is that your yearly salary?

I also wanted to put 10$ on Brexit, would have won 76$

£8000 on exchange


£16,280 on bookies


>go to serb mall
>Pick up weapon for latest round of kebab removal
>Bet money on American election
>Pick up cevapi and fries for wife and kids

How do I live in such a place?

Also the odds were 4:1 the other week, should have made the bet then instead of 2.5:1

I'll be getting 20 bitcoins if Trump wins =) used nitrogensports to place the bets with bitcoin since it's illegal to "gamble" here in burger land

illegal to do this in USA but other countries get to have fun.

illegal to gamble online is what i mean

Isnt blackjack and slots etc gambling aswell?

Pa nece bre. Je l' znas kolika je kvota bila na Hilari pre 5-6 dana?

Sad vidim da je samo 1.57.

Odds for trump have come right down now.

Not sure if worth betting anymore.

Wish I got in at the start.

yeah, it's not really worth it at this point. I placed all my bets during the primary before indiana and the payout was 3.5x now it's something like 1.5x payout. I just wish I placed my bets at the very start, the odds were ridiculous, something like 100/1 odds

What job do you have to bet that much?
I kvota za Brexit je bila 7,6 a za Remain 1,2 i vidi sta se desilo, videcemo u novembru.
Jedna hiljadarka nije bas puno para izgubljeno

yes but its regulated by the government pretty strict

Jesus, this is painful to read.

rather 1/100 odds*

Yeah I bet on Brexit when the odds were pretty shit and came out of that laughing.

Might still stick a cheeky tenner on the Don, currently its (13/8) 2.62 in UK

Pa nije puno ali kazem, bolje da si lupio na Hilari pad hiljadarki pre 5,6 dana kada se onesvestila.

Ako kvota opet poraste na nju baci cu jedno 2-3 soma.

Good thing I use bitcoins to place my bets anonymously, the government can suck my dick

Uplaticu I ja neki dinar na njega. Nisam znao da može na to da se kladi

kvota nije rasla sa 1,25 vec 2 nedelje, tek je sada malo porasla

Call centre.
I don't really spend money, I'm very austere, I save money.

Also no gf, so no expenses.

2bh I don't mind losing that money (I think he will win though), because IF Clinton wins after all these revelations, it means our civilization is very close to an end ... i'll chimpout and become a hedonist.

worth it, bet on the Don

Can you Slavs stop with that chechna chechna shit language this is an American board thanks.

oy send 1k if he wins so i buy a new PC
Serb lyf is tough

Znaci ovo je najveca kvota do sad?

Nisam se kladio 2 godine ali ici cu sad da lupim pare na nju. Nece biti puno ali je zagarantovano.

This is an Indonesian cabbage growing board, idk where you are...

:) Hello.

Evo kvota za Trampa upravo pala na 2,37

Already placed 50 during the winter when it was 8/1.

Every country should have two sets of currency. One set of currency that can only be used for necessities and debts. Another set of currency that can only be used for material wealth.

i'd prefer to live a "tough" serb life and get a traditional serb gf than live in this multicultural shithole.

Even cute Polish girls here overwhelmingly date blacks. Not even British mixed-race blacks. Literally blackest African nigerian/ugandan. It's disgusting.

Interesting it's the same with polish girls here. I think that's a Western thing. My cousin is Croatian and studies here the moment she went to college she started fuck blacks and Muslims and now dates and Indian man from India. The dude isn't even a well off IT guy he works retail at Macy's. Western civilization is cancer.

Vidim da je 1.57 sad za nju. Ipak je premala jos uvek.

So I could smugly show my winning slip to normies after brexit.

about $300

This many trumpcoins