I write for Buzzfeed, ask me anything

I write for Buzzfeed, ask me anything.

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how many kids does your wife have?

get a real job

Are you going to kill yourself when Trump inevitably wins?

No, you're a faggot

What type of cancer do you have?

Is that you, your wife, and her 3 boyfriends?

What possible reason could you have to not kill yourself right now.

What's it like being a trust fund baby living in New York living the dream of writing for an online publication nobody respects?

when will you kill yourself

So honest question what happened in your life to make you decide to be such a faggot?

How often does your gf peg you faggot?

Journalist for buzzfeed in LA.. You in NY


do you like black people

How does it feel to know that you will never work for the new york times?

how low is your t?

All your base are belong to jews?

I don't have a wife, I'm gay.

I get paid a decent amount of money to raise social awareness amongst young people; how is this "not a real job"?

Trump won't win.


If being part of a race that oppressed other races for centuries counts as cancer, then that.

I'm not married because I'm not straight.


Do you praise Lord Kek, heathen?

Why haven't fucking white males been imprisoned yet?

OOOOOOoooo, buzzy

Do you hear that stupid background music as you type? Did they play it in the interview?
Did you help write this?

>I don't have a wife, I'm gay.
>Trump won't win.
>If being part of a race that oppressed other races for centuries counts as cancer, then that.
>I'm not married
You're either the perfect image of buzzfeed, or you are next level baiting.

Tell me about collusion with other numale reporters on Hamilton Slack.

I wonder what kind of loser piece of shit responds to this kind of role play thread seriously? Feel free to reply, I'll never see it.

How many men have you fucked?


Sup senpai

Life is too great for me to do that. Sorry.

My ability to write, I guess.

Don't have one.

I live in London actually

Sure, why wouldn't I? It's not the 19th Century any more.

I don't care, I'm aiming to write for the Guardian.


People of all races, actually. We like to promote diversity


Do you think Hillary is using greenscreen?

You, and me. Damn..

You are walking down the street. An angry black man is walking very quickly straight in your direction, head lowered eyes on you. What do you do?

What do you call a gay Buzzfeed writer on skates?

How much money do you make? Is it even enough to support yourself?

A faggot

Are you studying us?

Do you want a skype interview?

Why are yiu focused on pepe and not the Dindu meme?

and I want him to answer

Post proof with a timestamp or you're lying and we won't engage with you

A timestamp means write the date on a piece of paper and include it in your photo to confirm it's real.

What are ten reasons I should kill myself because I work for buzzfeed.

>I write for Buzzfeed, ask me anything.

Do you know who this girl is ???

second question, why do you make click bait terrible articles all day.

No, Islamic terrorists did. If you can call them "Islamic" of course.

I'm an atheist.

You mean the ones who have committed atrocities throughout history and should be imprisoned? Beats me. Might be to do with the predominance of white people in western society, so they have a leg up.

No, but do you deny that at least some of the questions posed in the original video (which was just meant as a joke, by the way, so lighten up) are true?

Having a different opinion to you = bait?

>ama threads
>ask me anything threads


More pics of her

How many times do you fantasize about shooting up your office on an average work day?