Knowledge Bomb v3

Very important stuff I want to say this time around. so pay attention Cred Forums

> ISIS cells did the IED attacks. (which is why the media is covering it up, or trying to)

> The media is covering up attacks as "fireworks", "Transformers", "Gas Leaks". so watch out for this

> The Alabama pipeline leak was actually a ISIS attack on infrastructure.

> The media is covering it all up, and its pushing more people away from the MSM, and making people wake up.

> Obama wants to be out of the whitehouse, he is getting sloppy. He also knows Hillary would end his legacy if she became president and he still hates her beyond reason and doesn't want her to be president. He just wants to Golf.

> Soro's PMC/Black OP's are bringing ISIS leaders out of the middle east and setting them up in Europe and bringing them over the US-Mexico Border.

> Soro's Black OP's have been engaging US special forces on the ground.

> ISIS and other radical groups have been engaging Drug cartels in Mexico-south america.

> CTR(correct the record) funding is running dry and management is taking the money and running.

> Trump is gaining support from people on the "inside". Directly or indirectly more citizens see a positive future due to him. The polls are showing it & things like that.

> Even the Globalists understand that a Hillary presidency would fuck over alot of things and alot of people, so they very much don't like Hillary currently. They went from "We hate trump" to "We are So-So about Trump".


Important Intel. Spread the word.

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Hello again Anon5

You have to tell us who you are eventually. It would help spread the information faster if we knew what kind of insider you are.

> Hillary is also sick and tired, both figuratively and literally at this point. Deep down even she is sick of the PC culture at this point.

It's amazing in a way how everything I said in the last 2 knowledge bombs has been proven accurate or correct.

This time is no different, especially about the ISIS attacks and Soro's Black Op's/PMC.

Europe big one when

Give me something physically or directly tangible and I'll start reporting it to news outlets

By any chance do you know if this is related to the Drudge Report grave mark (`)?

It's not a matter of when, its a matter of how.

Everyone is shocked when a "lone wolf" attacks.......... but imagine everyones reaction when the whole wolf pack attacks.

9/11 killed around 3,000 people.

That number will be childs play to give a assessment due to how many ISIS cells & supporters came in the "refugee" waves.

It's not fear mongering either, the EU's military and intelligence agencies know this, and its going cause alot of EU people to die because of Feminist/SJW/PC culture not being stomped out.

> Soro's PMC/Black OP's are bringing ISIS leaders out of the middle east and setting them up in Europe and bringing them over the US-Mexico Border.

> Soro's Black OP's have been engaging US special forces on the ground.

I have a difficult time believing this, it seems too direct when typically his efforts are underhanded and involve just throwing money at people or groups who are attempting to destabilise society.

Is there ANY sort of evidence we can look to?

If I were to drop this bomb on to InfoWars would they be able to report it?

Well, what's the realistic time for this happening? Before american elections? Before Austrian's?
If it's only a plan on paper to be activated in the future, they will do nothing, like when Osama died (Al-Qaeda was supposed to have a revenge strike ready for this, but nothing happened)

The US-Border one is true, there have been many reports of this in the past and Alex Jones even picked up on it.

Have you not payed attention to the news in the past few weeks?

The recent IED/ISIS stuff I talked about in the last Knowledge bomb. I said that there would be another wave of attackers and it would wake people up.

NYC almost had its own Boston Bombing. The worse part is ISIS was just using this recent IED event as a decoy/test run.

Was Paris call yesterday a test run too? I have this sensation from the start.

>Osama Dead

You are funny. He was a CIA operative and his corpse was never physically shown.

Look into the recent Soro's leaks and his connections over the years.

Soro's Black Op's/PMC has also been trying to take over ISIS.

It's a strange Rabbit hole.

If he really died it's irrelevant, AQ promised a revenge in the eventuality of his death, a month after his meme identity got killed and nothing happened.

screenshot of older knowledge bombs please.

Ok but this is not a direct link

Give us names of go betweens STFU


They could do some digging on this stuff if they wanted.

Yep...... and if San Bern was any indication the infiltration is very much going on.

You know the Jurassic park velociraptors from the first movie?

How they tested the fence for weakpoints?(then escaped when the power went offline.....)

Same thing going on pretty much.

epic LARP my man

I think some people have them or have seen them.

It is a direct link.

All I'll say is that if you go down the rabbit hole, you might eventually find some rabbit droppings.

I think I picked a good picture. haha

Can do More than news outlits

Links that are safe?

>> rabbit hole

robot thread spotted

no mention of syria. funny, that.

I'm Thinking
Drudge Report

who else?

Right here so I can know

p(a|b) = p(b|a)p(a)/p(b)

use the formula, admins. >:(

Not a Robot.

I already mentioned Syria multiple times in past Knowledge Bomb posts.

The Recent Syrian bombing was done by Soro's Black Op's to give ISIS a edge in that area. They also wanted the US to be blamed so the US and Russia are more on edge in Syria.

Syria is such a clusterfuck of groups.

I can confirm everything OP said is true.

ISIS has already infiltrated first world systems
That was their main goal. While they are fighting in Syria, they are running an industrial scale indoctrination system, from which kids grow up and attempt to get high ranking positions within first world governments

>Even the Globalists understand that a Hillary presidency would fuck over alot of things and alot of people
They're JUST NOW realizing this? I have a hard time believing this, because globalists are fucking retarded.

So the us plane that bombed Syria forces was not a US plane?

Israel did 9/11


A wolf separated from the pack means the pack is close by.

It ticks me off to no end how the media tries to brush it off with that talking point. They care more about public image then public safety.

This 4pleb Search shows all his threads

In a way yes, in a way no.

A well funded PMC can get some equipment. With Soro's backing they are as strong as some EU armies.

Actually the reason why ISIS took over so fast was because of Soro's PMC's doing some spearhead operations.

Every lone wolf has been revelead as directed from above so far. Nice, both Germans, the church in July.

yeah, it'll never happen
nothing ever happens
except mass immigration

Ever made a really really bad gamble or bad poker mistake?

Yeah..... picture that.

SJW/PC culture groups are also directly working with them.....or some cases indirectly by weakening the native state.

Get guns, arm your own militia, prepare for D-Day landing of Migrants

>other threads
>one of them is literally two posts before 404, other a mere 38

Also, OP posts the thread and this ID right here pops out right after that, 4 minutes later, and pretends to talk with the OP and then proceeds to even link his older RP bullshit

LARP thread. It's the same guy posting from different devices. Report & ignore, don't be retarded

But didn't the pentagon confirm it was their plane that did this

You post suggests someone flew under false flags

"London bridges come falling down".

I beg you not to be a fool about this stuff.


How can a PMC have two F-16 and two A-10? Where they took off? Why nobody has seen 4 unidentified planes? This is unclear

requesting more info on the link to ISIS and the pipeline leak in Alabama

You forgot to add:
>ISIS recruiters are setting up in black neighborhoods and converting blacks to Islam / fomenting racial tensions.

I can prove I'm not him Bulgaria

Yeah, probably his friend

>No proof


No one even cares about the attacks last night. Even the habbening threads were meh at best. It's over lads, just let the west fall.

Why bother fighting?

CTR shill is scared.

As for the other guy, I have no idea who he is. But apparently hes paying attention.

No "RP" shit going on here, but response like this are expected.

Which answer would give you more comfort?

S-PMC has connections to pull strings.

The planes used were US planes, but not from the US forces.

>I beg you not to be a fool about this stuff.
nigger what you predict has been predicted here for over a year
at this point it's false hope

This makes sense, and is frightening.

Look what time these were posted faggot
>two seconds apart

Bulgaria is a shill

what you say is at least plausible and can be deduced by an intelligent observer.

It's baffling to even the military forces in the area. So these planes had to come from somewhere.

Look at the timing and the impact.

Taking down infrastructure.....such as Transformers can cripple areas and cause resources to be diverted.

That has been going on since the Civil Rights era.

The people that say things like this, usually end up being the first to die down the road if worse comes to worse.

Watch things happen.

>Also ISIS is taking over drug cartels in mexico/south america and preping to attack the US in various locations and mexico city during the EU attack.

apparently isis is responsible for everything bad and is a super entity

They take credit for everything bad that happens but I think this guy is totally overestimating these guys.

There is literally zero possibility they are taking over the drug cartels.

So , black ops dude gets into US airbase, is sent on mission with some slight of hand w base thinking he is someone else

Or pmc with false flag carries out attack, spooks get pentagon to claim it was US

Btw just a quick google search I saw Carlyle group mentioned, is that it

> ISIS cells did the IED attacks. (which is why the media is covering it up, or trying to)
I don't think a huge terrorist group with years of experience would attack their greatest enemy by placing pipe bombs in bins.
Those were probably BLM nogs trying to be edgy.

This was already previous talked about last month it was even on InfoWars.

And its happen in-front of our eyes.

If you do some digging, you'll understand all these Knowledge Bombs hopefully.

I have seen a rumor about Al Qaeda calling on NOI and BLM to join them, but sketchy sources

Now sorta off topic

Anyone know shit about western sahara

They can't fill the world of explosive experts
They're probably all here in Europe

If you have backers like Soro's.... and a PMC/Black Op's ally.............

Truth is sometimes stranger then fiction.

It's utterly strange, because if you think about it.....

Theres more going on with that PMC/Black Op's group that we might currently know.

The IED stuff was a test run, they are gathering intel.


will consider

Their attacks in Europe so far have been shooting sprees for the most part. It's even easier to get guns in the US, if they really had cells there they wouldn't be using pipe bombs.

If they are gathering intel, the happening is still far or not? They need to analyze data and plan, but they can't wait too much and let the data become obsolete

I don't like the way you misspell Soros

>> itt

If you think bill hicks cares about anything other than selling pointless water filters and fear you are fucking out of your mind.

Bill hicks isn't always talking out of his ass but frequently he is.

Paris cell had a lot of explosive, something like 8 belts+ kgs of explosive in bags

I'll be first to go either way, I've got a chronic disease.

It hurts a lot knowing that the master country you wish for and would fight for should be, at least in my opinion, the first to eliminate people like me.

What are the most dangerous places in Europe right now in terms of terror attacks? Any Intel on that? And what would you recommend to do in order to avoid them better.

Imagine them doing a small IED in a major city.

Then after seeing where bystanders are gathering to get a view.... they hit them with a truck/vehicle.

ISIS might be considering combining attack methods to cause maximum pain.

Also don't forget Trunk/Car bombs are a possibility

ISIS just took credit for a mass stabbing that took place in the US around the same time as the IED's.

It's extremely plausible.

Lone wolves need to practice bomb making somehow.

He's not Bill Hicks

But High Level Insider did say he was a COINTELPRO who went rouge.

He has major influence now that the MSM is sinking and the government can't keep him on a leash except for he can't name the jew.

The EgyptAir plane crashed in Med was a test run? they found TNT traces

If you people were serious you would invest in some software

Still hoping some user will pay previous caps

What does Soros want with ISIS?

Reality is stranger then fiction.

And thats just 1 of the Paris cells activating.

I'm just saying that if you don't try to fight, you just end up hurting yourself in the end.

Look up the "Muslim no go zones". They are staging areas, recruitment locations. They have smuggling networks connected to those areas.

Look at the locations of them.

EU is a powder-keg, lets be honest.

The SJW/Feminist allies of them combined with PC culture is only making things worse for the EU.

he asked where they'll attack, not where they recruit
Even leftist normies know where they recruit

I missed knowledge bombs 1 & 2, can anyone fill me in? Did anyone archive or screenshot it?

Ty for the knowledge, anon5

It did prove another 9/11 style attack could be possible.

I'll make a WH40k analogy.

Soro's Black Op's/PMC = Tau

ISIS = Kroot.

That is the best possible way I can describe that relationship combined with Soro's funding both of them to destabilize the EU,US and the middle east.

Check here


>knowledge bomb
>"shit might happen"

> Soro's Black OP's have been engaging US special forces on the ground.

lol wut?

Do they want to destroy the white race?


what's alex jones endgame? at least i heard his products are of good quality

>shit did happen

As I said, look at where they are located.

Then figure out possible supply routes.

Then look where the tourist spots, gatherings and soft targets are.

Muslim worship locations are also a factor.

If you want to know "where will they attack", think where the most people are going to be clustered.

It's like showing a kid a bunch of icecreams, and asking him "which one do you want?".


I don't play WH40K.
Was FBI user correct that Soros is attempting to destabilize the West in order to legitimize a world government?

really gives your noggin a floggin'

......No its not.

The same naming was unrelated.

And thats what they told to the public.

Syria is such a fucking clusterfuck due to S-PMC's.

Feminism/SJW/PC culture is already doing the destroying.

Islam is just taking advantage of the weakness caused by it.

You could argue that Islam is like a vaccine for Feminism, but that would mean multiple globalist agendas are stepping on eachothers feet.

"world government" would go down the drain if the West was destroyed.

Soro's is not in good health, so he and his family are just fucking up shit.

This is pissing off the globalists in all groups.(Good, bad,Cults, Young,Old, OWO(old world order), NWO(new world order).

Anyone have screen caps or an archived link to the previous "knowledge bombs"?

>mfw I'll soon be feeling safer in SA than in Europe

No problem.

I try to get the info out there in hopes people start understanding whats going on.

so soros and clinton are the true anti globalists? is that what you mean?

New info about Hillary's campaign.

Several people have been or are being fired from campaigning offices.

Also her campaign has multiple SJW groups going at it internally.

>ISIS getting into the west like cancer


This has been in line with HLI and SwissBro from yesterday

Soros has overstepped his bounds and people are getting mad.

Also the SJW backfire when they caught Kate(?) Rothschild shagging up a mulatto behind that Goldberg cuck of a husband.

There are the knowledge bombs so far. They all seem totally legit ;^)

They are relocating to the EU and moving into the US from the south.

Setting up bases in the sanctuary cities of both the US and Canada.

>Important Intel
Some of it sounds like disinformation. Provide sources. Remember burden of proof.

>Also her campaign has multiple SJW groups going at it internally.

could you elaborate on this please user?
also when you say "new info" do you mean that literally? like last 15 mins type 'new info'?

Nope, just a globalist group that in its death through's

The other Globalist groups have got the popcorn out.

Told ya.

Got prepper food, a 5.56mm rifle and a .45 sidearm

Sucks to be a dumb liberal

"setting up bases" mean months of waiting for the happening.
Are you saying that it will be after the elections?

Chinese globalists are laughing their asses off right?

The Polisario front western sahara



>> The Alabama pipeline leak was actually a ISIS attack on infrastructure.

This looks like a proper target for a sleeper cell. The other attacks are probably hoaxes to get this off the news.

Wtf I love hillary now

It's not disinformation.

Keep track of events going on.

Much respect for the Frog BTW :)

Think about the groups or people that support Hillary.

They all want to be the only special snowflake she listens to.

This is "new info" as in its been brewing for a while but it just got chaotic very recently.(like since last night, one of the many reasons Hillary looked like shit)

What is this retard shit?

If Trump gets in, he might be able to soften the blow.


Even Obama is like "What the fuck did I do by trusting Soro's?".

The others were not hoaxes.

Taking out the pipeline and then hitting the region that is most effected by it is a well thought out thing.

Perhaps Soro's PMC/Black Op's hit it since they tend to go for the big things due to equipment they have.

Read & understand, and then watch.

So can France save itself or are we doomed ?

So, after the elections. It's for both EUrope and USA?


nice, thanks for the reply!
can you give us a hint as to how you get this level of info? It all seems plausible/likely.
make it as cryptic as you want or just tell me to fuck off but it would, after all some what validate what you are telling us.
nice thread btw. thanks

disinfo tactics 1o1

Hopefully all the stuff I am talking about helps confirm or get people looking at things.

this guy is fucking retarded who doesnt understand that ISIS is and always has been a Mossad+CIA operation. if you say otherwise you're severely misinformed or a shill.


>pol trying to convince itself that trump will win the presidency

So Soros is part of a globalist group that's going down in flames and they're just doing as much damage as they can before they go out?

I'm the real spec ops operator of Cred Forums
My Intel is so spectacular I can't even elude to it

Everything I just said is a lie, or is it?

EU has to make a choice and make it hard/fast.

SJW/PC Culture/Feminism.


Thousands dead due to Terrorists.

Looking like it, but it all depends on how many ISIS commanders get in the EU & US during a certain time frame.

Will the Chinese backstab Putin?

Is Finland safe?

At this time, is global societal collapse a possible scenario/end goal?

ISIS wasn't created by Mossad.

The CIA had rouge groups that switched over to Soro's PMC/Black Op's who then helped get ISIS going.

1000000000000% accurate to say.

(slow clap)

I expected a few responses like this, and well they are quite amusing.

Are the eu leaders willingly sacrificing their people's lives? They must know the intelligence reports.

EU is the EUSSR

They dont give a fuck about their native white people or else they would let you own guns

It would be bad for both sides and the global economy.

I'm more worried about a Indi-Paki-Chinese war. Triggered by Soro's Black Op's/PMC's doing attacks on military bases/locations around the borders.

You are near Sweden.

The old crew of globalists might still push for it, but most of them are retiring. Unlike Soro's they want to ease out quietly.

The new crew of Globalists know that it would screw over way to many future plans.

it's completely controlled. nothing that they do goes against "the plan"

A lot can happen in two months. No chance in hell Hillary is winning.

Which group(s) are looking to make the biggest gains during a Trump presidency?

Also, Trump keeps making comments suggesting he will "rebuild our crippled military." Does he have plans to roll back the Obama diversity hires and remove some of the poz?

>If I were to drop this bomb on to InfoWars would they be able to report it?
Infowars is tainted. Them reporting it destroys the credibility of what they are reporting.




The EU does not care about the people of the EU, this includes the "refugees" they bring in.

The EU should hopefully collapse/break apart soon. It's not helping anyone.

Also they were trying to set up a EU army.

Which..... would oddly enough cause the UN forces to conflict with them.

It.s complicated.

>really man its me believe me!

ok. pic related, its you.


Then what is their god damn goal? Who is benefitting from this whole mess? It really makes you feel like cattle, there doesn't seem much I can do than redpill a few people.


What a fucking turn of events.


Yes, we are near Sweden but that doesn't necessary mean that we are completely fucked.


But which groups "plan'?


The Newer generations of globalist groups.

To answer your other question, I have no idea.

See how Soro's Black Op's/PMC's work?

First the US was blamed, and now the AU.

No one is pointing a finger at Soro's.

What if these bombing are diversion from the media covering this airstrike

Have you stepped outside your house lately?

there are less shitskins in a medium finnish city than a small american village

(((Destruction of the white race)))


As I said before, Soro's PMC/Black Op's.

But which Globalist groups is "their"?

It is a mess.

You are need Sweden.

I can't be more clear then that.

And Kashmir just had an attack

It's these small conflicts everyone forgets about

Including Western Sahara and Africa neo colonialism

I've seen rumors about china deploying troops to central Africa republic to protect oil wells in the north

Yes, but usually I'm drunk out of my mind. It eases living.

I was in a bigger city yesterday and there actually were a lot of sandniggers in the nightclub and the surrounding area.. Fug.

What can we do about mainstream media

What is your native tongue? Just curious.


PC Culture/SJW/Feminism is doing that quite fine already.

The globalists in majority don't want the west destroyed.

Soros........ is a different matter.

Or the Airstrike and the bombings were funded by the Same people.

(Hint, its SORO'S)

Yea I'm aware, Its funny because when Swiss bro was asked about Australia he was so sure nothing was gonna happen regarding them.

Something feels so fishy.
Maybe they realized Australia wasn't involved in anything.

I see. But on the 'civil war' on ideas, who's winning between the old and the new?

Also SEA is under the radar, right?

Cred Forums needs to dig into the Soro's Black Op's/PMC.

They are more deadly then ISIS if they were to engage actual armies with the equipment they have.

MSM is killing itself, the more they cover for things and the more they attack Trump, the more they are failing.

>But which Globalist groups is "their"?

>It is a mess.

Wait. Are you implying that even there are multiple (((elites))) and constantly warring on each other?

>Does he have plans to roll back the Obama diversity hires and remove some of the poz?

That certainly wouldn't be a bad idea. You can't have the enemy infiltrating your military.

Disregard last post fucked up

so i should buy stock in weapons and home security?

Carlyle group

BTW, anons need to invest in software to help connect the links in a database

It's out there

I always believed that

I'll keep hammering about the S-PMC/Black Op's.

This is what these fuckers do, they are Soro's Muscle.

The new is winning(because of tech advances), and the old is easing out due to age.

Soro's...... is the fucker who is pissing off the old dogs and the young bloods.

Its not just soros...

dont act like a jew now

What are our best and worst case scenarios at this point?

Are there any powerful 'groups' that still care and fight for western civilization and it's values? Or do they all want to see us go down?

Yeah, welcome to reality.

That really depends on your view of the world and what is around you.

Oh its more then just that group.

Not quite what we were looking for but doesn't this seem fishy?

Amtrak Police double as Soros Body Guards. I wonder how many more police groups are tied to Soros? Whos to say they have been the "aggressive cops"?

Oh wow. It's nothing

I said disregard that check this

I have two words for you, OP



>he thinks the world is run by one group

Another article

Soro's Black OP's/PMC is the closest thing to Hydra from the Marvel franchise.

Yes there are plenty of good groups.

But like I said..... Soro's is the one screwing things up for everyone.

Soro's is a key player in the power structure.

Depends on where you are.

>Depends on where you are


The more you search, the more you will find.

The iceberg(the full power of the PMC/Black Op's) is much bigger then the tip.

And thats fine, You can put your head in the sand as long as you want.

Holy shit.

Scary stuff there.


Someone needs to help me fact check this

Here's something interesting
>League of United Latin American Citizens:
>This group views America as a nation plagued by "an alarming increase in xenophobia and anti-Hispanic sentiment"; favors racial preferences; supports the legalization of illegal Hispanic aliens; opposes military surveillance of U.S. borders; opposes making English America's official language; favors open borders; and rejects anti-terrorism legislation like the Patriot Act.

>opposes military surveillance of U.S. borders


I only care about the US, everywhere else is irrelevant to me

proof needed after reading "prepper food"

>Guy repeats obvious shit from infowars and halfbaked ideas
>pol thinks that user is a fucking seer insider illumnati
I swear to god you people are worse than the people you hate.

If the border gets secure, you should be fine.

Just watch the major cities and any ISIS influences and no go zones.

BTW remember that big Police shooting you guys had?

S-Black Op's went to work.

Let's try Indonesia.

>ITT a terrorist, uses terror to spread fear.

>1 post

Why is Soros' group going down in flames?

How can I join one of the 'good' ones? I am sick of being unable to do something against my demise.

Someone with the Head in the sand. Can't save em all.

ISIS cells like most of the EU.

But thats not surprising.

Yep. The more you know, the more you can connect the dots.

Soro's has his hands in that, and they are supporting ISIS getting over the border.

That all depends on who gets into power this election.

Hillary would just fuck things up immediately.

Trump would hopefully start to fix things.

How do you know Europeans are going to retake Europe?
When is ISIS going to attack Europe? What are their targets?

>Someone with the Head in the sand. Can't save em all.
Post anything that links soros to a PMC.

This is the tip faggot.

Should be ok.

Then again ISIS's influence eastward hasn't been focused on.

Everyones so focused on the westward movement.

He's fucking over so many groups & his PMC/Black Op's has made one to many enemies.

No idea personally.

They do exist, but it all depends regionally.

As I said in this thread earlier.

EU has a choice.

PC Culture/SJW/Feminism


Thousands dead to terrorism.

The EU is going to break up soon, but it might also be caused by ISIS doing a large scale attack campaign.

They have the numbers to take over large parts of cities if they wanted.

> Indonesia, safe

You do realise in their latest video they also claimed the attack in Indonesia?
(The country with the largest muslim population on earth..?)

So they provided security for a VIP?
Oh my god thats crazy! When I visited the whitehouse the last time I received a SS escort the entire time I was there and 10 year old me was not even a VIP.

>hurricane happens
>national guard starts handing out dasani water
Does this make them coca-cola PMCs?


Why does anon5 spell as well as a 14 year old aspie? Because he is a 14yo aspie

>implying any of these circles want to recruit a depressed nerd
>implying any globalist philosophy is "good"

Look what I said fully.

I was talking about the bigger picture aswell.

Do you know anything about video game industry

This sounds like a plot from the last call of duty

On a more serious note, I hear most PMCs are based out of UK, SA and one from Spain

I also have heard about a Russian PMC founded by Old KGB holdouts sending mercs to fight in Syria with no support

Can you give me more information on why Soros' group has made so many enemies? Who are his enemies? Are wealthy Europeans finally sick of his shit?

Ah yes the trolls coming out trying to discredit.

Everything just whiffed over your head.

>They have the numbers to take over large parts of cities if they wanted.
I kinda doubt that. European cities are stabile, the police and military is usually strong. the enemy doesn't know the territory. There would be heavy fighting but they won't be able to conquer and hold anything on european soil


>Soros Capital set up an offshore company in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of investing private equity with the Carlyle Group, alongside members of Saudi Arabia’s Bin Laden family. Carlyle’s partners include ex-heads of state and former CIA officials. The private equity partnership specializes in buying and selling weapons manufacturing and intelligence gathering companies with government and military contracts and it also uses secret offshore companies to conduct business.

Carlyle Group => United Defense => BAE Systems Land & Armaments

I think we are getting closer. Carlyle Group and United Defense were claimed to have been given contracts after 9/11

Just tell us your native language as it clearly isn't English. No biggie user.

That's the only thing that would make sense, its a high stakes poker game, the prize is world domination.

i think you're pandering to Cred Forums by saying all three pc culture, sjw and feminism. france has had a lot of immigration from algeria that have spurred tensions, but they've managed. this soros chaos is the main factor that has overwhelmed their systems.

soros often plays both sides, so is he funding parts of ISIL, state security and his own forces?

>Can't name the jew


Research his history & the groups he has funded(and the actions of them).

Soro's is like a Spider. Webs everywhere to a point where people are getting sick of getting web on there face and cloths

Reality is stranger then fiction.

Sometimes life imitates art, and sometimes its the other way around.

>Everything just whiffed over your head.
So why dont you lay out something more concrete than links to internet blogs that just point out that a VIP got a security escort?

Soros is a bad guy but you are clearly full of shit and are unable to provide any links to PMCs

> not a robot
Still, really strange capitalization habits in your posts, the fact that you are typing like a child or a nigger takes away from your credibility

are you part of an elite opposition against soros?

Nerve in Syria

Well regarding Indonesia, the most famous terrorist group (Mujahidin Indonesia Timur) are 'trapped' in Poso with the local anti terror group fucked up all of their supply route to the point that they've to eat raw boar.

However, the biggest problem is that since it's an ideology motivated movement, lone wolves and independent cells are inevitable. I was once managed to 'infiltrate' a sympathizer and he showing me his home made rifle.

PS: I'm not an Achmed. To be honest, I think that it would be interesting to have the Muslims and Christians having a little Crusade just like what happened in Poso during the 98s and early millenia

The information you laid down are public knowledge.


Fucking spell check

are the refugee wave a plot to weaken the syrian army? i heard they are forcefully pulled in the war and some of the fighters are in it since more than 5years. i would easily deflect at a situation like that. and it's probably harder to keep the proxxy soldiers since the russians intervened

>Are you implying that even there are multiple (((elites))) and constantly warring on each other?
It's always been this way since the dawn of fucking humanity.

Look what they managed to do to the middle east.

Don't count em out just yet.


See? I told you guys to investigate into the S-PMC/Black Op's.

Typing is different then speaking(I type fast)

And yes English is my native language.

The eventual goal is to have the PMC/Black Op's take over ISIS.

Which is why I suggest you want the battlefields of Syria carefully.

Even if "ISIS" appears to be destroyed, its really just being moved elsewhere.

Syria is such a clusterfuck of funded groups fighting funded groups.......

It's no wonder why the S-PMC/Black OP's is so good at taking over groups overtime and blending in.

Actually not a shill. Ive done more damage to the clinton campaign than most people here. First viral clinton seizure youtube video? Me.

Just calling it as I see it.

>Look what they managed to do to the middle east.
again: europe is stable. the middle east is a war-ridden unstable hellhole. you can't compare that

Getting bayonetted by a muhadeen is the best red pill

Dude you just fucking said it.

ISIS is willing to have the middle east implode while they run away as refugees into Europe and Mexico in the greatest trojan horse in history!

They are going into Africa....

That's where they will "disappear" to

What about al Qaeda , the duck is up with them and ISIS

what's the end goal though? corporate domination? carnage? profits? is it all just an escalating competition of elites to see who can get the most out of the rest of us before we're fucked?

You know we have IDs right?

You know you look like a GIGANTIC FAGGOT when you talk about how "AMAZING" the OP's predictions are...

when (You) are the OP.

GTFO with your basic ass roleplaying.

You want to change my mind and gain some credibility?

Name Soros' "Black OPs private Merc company.

Not full of shit

No, he already has plenty of those happening.

Not everything.

More data to be compiled.


The "Refugees" are from radical groups for the most part.

ISIS leaders are slowly relocating to the EU and some to the south of the US border.

So you've told us all this, what do you speculate will happen in the next ten or so years?

>Not full of shit
You have posted nothing concrete aside from basic headlines off news sites

Dude maybe you should check the IDs because you are confusing yourself or trying a massive COINTELPRO

>The eventual goal is to have the PMC/Black Op's take over ISIS.

kek it's like the plot of jurassic world, where the army dude wants to control raptors for warfare

Neo colonialism in Africa

China vs france vs US vs UK

The elites are already planning African dubais and luxury malls and gated communities next to slums

This guy is retarded larper. Isis is funded and controlled by the USA and Mossad not fucking soros. You all are gullible idiots

let them try, ISIS kills cartels, cartels kill ISIS or they kill eachother. All options sound good

And who do you think pulls their strings?

Are you pretending to be retarded?

I'm in Vancouver. I know we've got a fair share of muzzies, but if I'm out in the tri-city I should be fine right?


Shame we got off seemly on the wrong foot.

"EU is stable"

Sure thing...... just like the US housing market was stable.....

The point I'm trying to make is that not everything stays stable for long.

ISIS is the Soro's of the Radical groups.

All of them hate em.

Soro's Globalist group is crashing like the Hindenburg.

So hes trying to do as much damage as possible before he dies.

Did you see my past Knowledge bombs?

If not then merely watch events unfold.

There is no roleplaying, no need to.

Hello ФCБ

good on you m8

What will Trump do about the degeneracy that is being pushed by the left through Internet, social media, pop culture and education?

In particular internet and social media.

It is my theory that those two things are a major factor in the decline in the number of healthy "nuclear families" and the rise in single mothers/single white males

Implying that isis leaders werent in the usa from the beginning and werent sponsored by US taxmoney and weaponary with PMCs working for some strawman acting like muslimic leader while he gets his orders from washington

Trump supporters need to start with themselves

the surveilance possibilities in the eu/us are insane. why wouldn't they just raid every isis member? if isis would be a proxxy army to destabilize the ME, they are no longer a use here. this doesn't make that much sense for me than the syrian army deflection


You guys are fucking shills.

PANAMA PAPERS proves Soros Capital along with Carlyle Group set up an offshore company in Cayman Islands involved with weapons and Intel for military contracts!


10? perhaps even 5 or less.

I can expect either the world will get its shit together, or it will get its shit handed to it.

None of my things are headlines......yet.

He is fucking confusing.

More like "We are in charge of this operation now".

Africa is a honey pot.

Holy shit..... you still think like that?

hahahaha wow.

I spilled the beans on some big stuff in this thread and you haven't payed attention.

Not if the Soro's PMC/Black Op's get involved.

Sanctuary Cities are staging areas for alot of groups.

Watch em carefully.

I'm calling OPSEC on OP.

We Own The Night.

Wouldn't be a bad call.

Technique #3 - 'TOPIC DILUTION'

Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a 'RESOURCE BURN.' By implementing continual and non-related postings that distract and disrupt (trolling ) the forum readers they are more effectively stopped from anything of any real productivity. If the intensity of gradual dilution is intense enough, the readers will effectively stop researching and simply slip into a 'gossip mode.' In this state they can be more easily misdirected away from facts towards uninformed conjecture and opinion. The less informed they are the more effective and easy it becomes to control the entire group in the direction that you would desire the group to go in. It must be stressed that a proper assessment of the psychological capabilities and levels of education is first determined of the group to determine at what level to 'drive in the wedge.' By being too far off topic too quickly it may trigger censorship by a forum moderator.

>None of my things are headlines......yet.
None of them ever will be because youre full of shit

He's dead he just didn't die the way they claim he did. Osama died years before seal team six supposedly got him

Thanks for announcing your tactic


>>mfw I'll soon be feeling safer in SA than in Europe
/comfy/ Cape Town

utter wank. Read the man himself:
border controls and pragmatism.

Yeah.... and people haven't been listening to me about it.

Your correct.

The "left" is actually linked to Soro's interms of who he has funded and put in places.

If Trump gets elected the left will cry in a corner pretty much.

Because they are cucks due to PC culture.

ISIS if everyone cut the shit could be killed off in half a year.

The "Syrian army deflection" was actually a propaganda piece.


So you are his handler

>Thanks for announcing your tactic
OP is the one sinking people time with his




I just proved OP correct ffs

Doesn't make alot of sense.

Just stating some obvious things.


Does the left hand know that the right hand is doing?

I've been honest in every single knowledge bomb.

Nothing special really.

>Soros is like a spider
Or an octopus, one of the 2

I've been stating things that are known, have already been known or will be known.

Then you gotta connect the dots.

Pretty much either thing works.

Many legs connected to things.

Soros is in bed with the US and Mossad

Hes a billionaire globalist jew, duh

>> CTR(correct the record) funding is running dry and management is taking the money and running.
those big noses at CTR HQ are turning on them.


It's more complex then that.

There are people above it all

Have a bump

>> Obama wants wants Hillary in the whitehouse because he's connected to corruption that Trump will deal with and Hillary will sweep under the rug

> Obama wants to be out of the whitehouse, he is getting sloppy. He also knows Hillary would end his legacy if she became president and he still hates her beyond reason and doesn't want her to be president. He just wants to Golf.
You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about

can you cite where you got this from?


I told people to look, and what ya know? They found.

If by ISIS you mean Israeli Secret Intelligence Service then yes it was ISIS. But it seems a little amateur hour for The Mossad if you ask me!

>mfw my brother works for BAE

I oversimplified but I am just trying to assist since some shills have started slinging mud at you

What kind of tech do the PMCs have?
What are they capable of?

Oh I do.

The actions speak louder then the words.

>CTR(correct the record) funding is running dry and management is taking the money and running
Victory is ours.

It's been pretty obvious since 2013 that Obama hates his job and just wants to be a private citizen again.

Outsider report if you are curious wether to trust OP or not:


Just ask questions and question the answers, this is a decent thread


They are completely separate things.

They are coming out of the woodwork thats for sure.

How do you think ISIS got so much land so fast?

The PMC's were helping.

The best way to describe the tech they have is that they are about as strong as some EU armies presently.

They were the ones that bombed Assad's forces to clear the way for ISIS in that location.

Disregard anything this idiot spouts, people. Even the things you say that are true, are completely obvious to anyone that has a brain. Useless thread

Any example of US/EU groups similar to Soros but against degeneracy?
Is Soros group the only globalist group? And since if we belive your info, they might fall, who will take their place?

We had some legit royal family threads earlier this week that got 100 replies

Some very interesting information at the level above what we are discussing here

This thread is about as deep as Cred Forums can handle right now though because that other thread was 75% people calling us(who were having a discussion) "insane shizos bumping a slide thread"

He's regretting doing a second term lol.

You can't fight the internet with fake internet people.

It was a waste of money.

Appreciate that.

Just about everything the armed forces can do

Money talks

I honestly think the reason he regrets it is because of Wikileaks, Libya, and especially Clinton. It's not secret that they despise each other and Obama is pretty mad that he has to endorse Clinton.

Any info on what happened during the phone call between Obama and Sanders?

Do they have intelligence


Soro's group if it falls will be good for the rest of the globalist groups regardless of power or what ever spectrums they fall on.

There are many globalist groups. Some good, Some Bad, some that just want to meet up and figure out how to fix problems.

I'm glad Cred Forums is paying attention to these Knowledge bombs.

>EU has a choice.
>PC Culture/SJW/Feminism
>Thousands dead to terrorism.

Eastern EU closed its borders to refugees and there is no terrorism here. What gives?

Both Obama and Sanders are dragging themselves through the dirt by supporting Clinton. They both didn't want do.

>soro's interms

Zuck? Manwin/Mindgeek? Pichai?

Or am I on the wrong path.

If Dr. Timothy Leary was right then there's approximately 24 different groups vying for power.

Eastern EU should break from the EU before the EU falls apart.

>We had some legit royal family threads earlier this week that got 100 replies

I'm really interested on that kind of stuff could post something related?

which globalist groups are "bad" in that they have selfish and destructive aims vs. globalist groups that actually want to help mankind?
no shit, but was the call basically Barry telling Bernie that he's sorry and they have to deal with Clinton for the time being?

are there any powerful globalists that want Trump?

You might be onto some things that might lead to other things.

24 groups.

But of which power level & spectrum's?

Yeah, these threads are great.

Depressing, but great.

Hey, anon5, I've been reading a lot about Russian being behind the refugee influx to create instability in Europe. Do you think there's any truth to it?

cool story bro

Since thread will be killed soon

defacto George Soros General, topic right now is the PMC ties!



Old vs New

OWO(old world order) vs NWO(New World Order)

The call was basically "Did Clinton threaten to fuck your shit up to?"

As I said in the OP, more and more people on the inside are favoring Trump.

ugh, whatever. I'm out. this cointelpro shit is too scary. do whatever you want, i have other things i need to do.




Soro's controlled.

Great job! :) This info needs to be spread more and more.

Good god

Scary? how?

More proof of the validity of what I am saying.

It's a path you have to find on your own

You cant just ask me to tell you or else I might just be a jew and mislead you into insanity

You have to raise your awareness level and when you are ready, you will know how to find me or someone like me again

The stuff is INSANE to your average person, even the so called "redpilled" ones

Sorry, but you can't just ask and get told it. You must prepare yourself and when you are ready for it it will come to you. Don't trust what you read here remember?

Thank you for replying

One last question

There was a krautbro here yesterday and said he has knowledge that le nazi's and their offspring have been waiting in the wings and are planning to take back germany and the eu. Got plenty of anons exited.

Hanz was just larping correct?

I don't know man, this shit looks legit with how the german polls are looking

That theory has so many holes in it.

tell me about the nukes

when will they be used?

It's merely the EU starting to fall apart and people taking back Europe.

As I said in the OP.

Care to elaborate? Right now it seems the German culture is about to fade away.

Don't worry about it, if they are used, you'll die. If they aren't, that's what you plan for.

Mecca is a possible target.

Assuming the S-PMC/Black Op's manages to get one and a bomber.

Help me keep the George Soros thread up.