Brit/pol/ - Return Hertfordshire's Exclaves Edition

BBC continues to push pro transgender views as mainstream and towards children - utter filth. When are we to line these people up, read them our moral code and dispatch them with a bullet?

Nigel Farage 'bows out as Ukip leader with skinny dip off Bournemouth pier'

>Theresa May set to trigger Article 50 by February, EU's Donald Tusk says

>Bring back Britannia to rule the waves after Brexit

>Diane James becomes UKIP leader

>President of Slovakia says the V4 group will 'Veto' any deal with the UK that doesn't protect freedom of work

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Thanks OP.


Morning lads.


this can be eng/pol/ stay in here you fucking tosspots

Yeah I'm staying in this thread

The other OP can fuck off

Best thread.

Making threads 20 posts early to keep your pathetic slag top is boring. Now fuck off.

How much could I buy an English girl for?

Who is on the cusp of finally casting the ARYANDIED spell, lads?


Fuck off, Muhammad.

Why are Scottish women so perfect?

The state of these threads.

At least do links correctly.

But she's a Kiwi.


Who here is active in county politics? It's so comfy.

this is the only attractve scott ive ever seen



You have clearly never walked through Glasgow lad.

It's like dawn of the dead

Also OP, this is a really shit thread. Fix your fucking links next time faggot. You literally had ONE job

fucking englanders OUT

>next time

I'm not some designated thread maker - I just did it to stop the Scottish faggot.

But will double check if I make a thread again.

Does England still hold claims to the Kingdom of France or were you lads forced to give up claims?


Northern Irish
Channel Islanders
That one guy who lives on Lundy

Not allowed:


It's a long story mate.

We only owned bits of it anyway.

More doggo, this time with half a freddo.

oi oi lads

How's our tea gents? just got back from a 2 and a half hour drive, cuppa tea before a workout.

You realize chocolate is poisonous to dogs right?

Shetlanders are Scottish whether they fucking like it or not REEEEEEE
NI are Scottish too REEEEEEEEE
English are jut spawn of the inferior southern Scots REEEEEEEEEE

>When are we to line these people up, read them our moral code and then murder them in cold blood
thats some moral code you have there chum

>4 brit/pol/ threads


My wife ate it and left me half a freddo, the bitch.

pretty fucking poisonous mate.
Yeah we do, don't even have to fabricate claims for 20% spy network either.
Try Havant/Leigh Park. Opening your car door is like opening the black gates of mordor.

Scot/Irish/Welsh/Dutch here.

Scottish is my good family with honest, hard working good cunts. Irish side are a bunch of obnoxious degenerates and crims. Welsh and Dutch i know nothing about.


Pack it in.

When I was a kid (a very long time ago) . . . .we fed Chocolate to our dogs, no harm done.

I think certain breeds are more sensitive to the chemicals than others.

Revving up the Mhairi Black folder.

I spelled it realise and it shows up as wrong so I fixed it, I can barely spell anyway so I don't really give a fuck

>willingly letting himself become Americanised

Fuck yeah. Show those threadsplitting cunts what's what.

Why is she so perfect?

Things are grim, lads.
Business as usual.

Universal Conscription

Yay or Nay?

>tfw brexit gave me hope
>tfw there is no hope
fuck you eternal anglo
you're lost as well

Would worship and suck toes/10.

Words ending in "...ane" just came up on Pointless, and all I can think of is a certain spicy meme.

Fuck it, may as well


More of Karen messing herself pls.





I want to get into politics but I'm a depressed shy loser.

Fucking no.

can we just fucking ban or kill the Mhairi Black poster

seriously for fucks sake

Can we have this bit of land?


which meme?

Spamming is against the rules.

You know what to do lads.

Anyone have any rare Mhairi Blacks? Heard she has quite nice toes.

Do we all agree never to post in a Brit/pol/ with Mhairi in the OP image ever again?


Fuck off with that soap dodging Paisley cunt.

You lads are in the wrong thread.

please watch this video and you will change your tone.

I don't speak Scottish, so I have no idea what's going on, but I still enjoyed watching her and the laughter was very nice too.

As an Englishman in Scotland I'm surrounded by Scotcucks all the time, I come here to get away from that and now its flooded with pictures of scummy Mhairi.

I have also heard that.



Managed to shag one of your Sheikh's maids when they were visiting his Manor house here, only cost me £50

I agree with we should all migrate over there, this thread is gay, desu.

get fucked

((Scottish person)) trying to divide and conquer

What a coincidence

Agreed. She's a Goddess and bound for bigger things.

Migrate to the true thread.

Everyone delete your posts in the Mihari Black thread so it has less replies.


She looks like a lesbian coal burner.

Nah, Mhairi is the one true Queen.

No, no, no. Mhairi is the light to which we should aspire.

How do you get a socialist to shut up about redistributing wealth?
Give them enough money that they'd have to redistribute it.

Pope Clement, I'm CoE





jocks are literally the worst desu



I don't get this comic I guess it's making fun of socialists but how?

Please help it's 3:20am and I'm here for the britposts

Kek that graph is great
What would Plaid and DUP be?

Why the fuck would any UKIP supporters vote remain

that feel you were starting to get worked up to have a nice fap over your extremely bizarre, yet appealing fetish and then you came on this thread and the fucking (((Scottish))) posters are shitposting some inbred whore all over the place and it kills your fap drive

Post your fetish.

For the same reason that people joined Labour to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, they want to destroy it from the inside.

Umm... you can't bring any Swiss Guard.

She was Remain, and so was I.

Does anyone ITT have a link to the list itself?

Keep reporting them, lads. The mods will listen eventually.

Am doing.

Well, since the Mhairi thread is dead, Mhairi posts must colonize this one.

they just say we should distribute money more evenly but dont do it themselves like the lads in the other panels actually do


Somebody get the noose.

Keep up the good fight, my pizza is here.

>Voted SNP
>Voted for Scottish Independence
>Voted to Remain in the EU

Is there anything worse than this kind of ((Scot)) lads?

that was just mean.

they knew ukip would fade into irrelevance and wanted to preserve the party as its values aligned with their own
now it's the new leader's respon. to ensure the party survives and become to new new labour - yknow actually a class for working people and not a middle-class blairite party.
era of the centrist is coming to an end, and with it, the labour party

I am going to be fucking sick

I need to turn off the auto image pop up

I bet this is the same cunt who tried splitting the Question Time threads on Thursday.


Maybe a muslim one.

Still, these fucks have ruined Scotland, I just want to run away and hide in the highlands now.

I can understand giantess stuff, especially being into feet and femdom myself.
But it's just too outlandish for me desu.
Have fun though.

Why don't the V4 countries worry about fixing their own economy or perhaps their archaic tax and NI system (which causes a lot of people to emigrate) instead of just crying because.. muh workers



Anglo mod in the thread. Things just got Cred Forumsitical.

>not wanting ALL that woman

They money those workers make, then send back to the V4 countries, is significant. They don't want that money gone.

That and the Slovakian President appears to have overstepped himself, other V4 politicians put out a more moderate tone and the Czech ambassador appeared to distance themselves from the stance entirely.

Where do you live, lad?

This is now a safe space from Mhari Black posters

We always get a cunt, they cycle

>Naziboo that cries about da jooooooos
>Russian/Finnish/Swedish shitposter
>Anglopol spammer

Anyone else?

Hmmmmm Not so sure about that.

UKIP only had one goal and it wasn't to be an alternative to the Labour party, it was to remove us from the EU.

But you must agree that some people must have joined UKIP to wreck it - same as they did to the Labour party?

Shes from Paisley, probably never showered in her life.


Pls no bully

send em back

Lads, what are your thoughts on postnatal eugenics?


>I voted for conservatives
>I voted against Scottish Independence
>I voted to leave the EU

If I revealed my power level here I'd get lynched. People are still salty that I got to vote on independence as I'm English.

These new adverts are disgusting.

I literally laughed at "least i got the best man's number".
Like that thing would ever get anyone's number.

Ahh if you lived near me would have gladly helped.

England doesn't bully Wales, you are Englands favourite.

why do they need to rub failure in our faces
i want to be shown excellence. something to aspire to. they show me a fucking cripple. this doesn't make me want to eat maltesers.

essentially transferring wealth from this country to theirs.. realistically though the average worker would only be building/buying a house with the money they make here it is unlikely that they are going to open/create some globally competitive business, I have been to these countries and the only thing they have is agriculture and BPO centers in the big cities for some banks, financial institutions and IT companies

ewww, feet just puts me off

I am in it for the titanic tits

no enough tho

I know I'm wearing nostalgia goggles, but wasn't comedy in the past just BETTER?

It feels like 1970s to early 2000s satire was brilliant, funny stuff that could also be clever, and it was always apolitical or even anti-political in nature, satirists would make fun of everyone

Now it just seems that comedy is a medium for the left-wing to launch into rants about people and ideas they dislike, but even worse than that, it's not even that funny any more


I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the recent (last 2-3 weeks) of Labour party fuck ups.

So far we have:
>Owen Smith existing
>Corbyn office leaks a list of hostile MP's (again)
>Dispatches finds plots to de-select MP's (airs monday)
>Corbyn wants to re-select entire Labour party leadership
>Labour going to lose 30+ seats
>less then 40% original voter retainment, then re-selection
>de-selection fucking everywhere
>now Corbyn wants directly elected shadow cabinet

>posting giantess shoops of my waifu
Lad, you go too far.

Yeah, Dads army, yes minister, faulty towers

Fucking Jesus.

I'm hardly going to rush out to buy some Maltesers because of some spaz who cannot control her wheelchair.

236 images of her like that, chum

You have a problem.

it's getting dark, it's getting colder, the tea is getting more frequent and comforting. Though this will be my first lonely/single christmas since 2010.

urgh. How do you singletons cope?

Post them.

Watching davis cup, what are all this "back the brits" shirts?

I need to make a numbered version of this so people can roll for the one they want like the autists we are.

>How do you singletons cope?


I've never spent Christmas with anyone but my parents. Dunno how you people manage to get into relationships

Become numb

I'm not really sure, I was watching Murray - Del Potro and they all had them on and were being very loud.

It's just a slogan

Congrats for the win

Del Potro is back

it should be put down desu

one must indulge their autistic fantasy desires

I can't be bothered

No idea, not watching it.
There are a lot of people who support Britain after Brexit . . .maybe that's it?

By going out with my mates like a non-boring cunt.

Anyone from/been to Rutland, here?

I'll take the Henry, its less hassle.

The redhead is really the only choice.

Please don't be fake...

What feels music do you lot listen to when you are depressed and suicidal after our happenings never happen?

Got with her when i was 15. 22 now.
it'll be an experience i guess. Maybe i'll just drink.

working on it

Mates don't normally want to go out on christmas day and eve. All home with their respective partners. I got back from a road trip with mates today. I'm always out, just not looking forward to those days.

That is a cute redhead.

>I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the recent (last 2-3 weeks) of Labour party fuck ups.
The only answer you need is "the existence of the Labour party".

alright lads how's it?

I'm stuck out here until next summer


yeah I've been to Oakham and the reservoir

I actually think he DID say this.

We have a legal problem with international waters, in which we MUST take them but Boris wants to nearer to the countries of origin and return them.

At the Moment Libya says it doesn't want foreign boats in their waters.

This thread is being claimed for Mhairi. This is a Mhairi colony now.

It isn't, he did say it.

I've been out with a group of mates and some of their girfriends for christmas meals for the past couple of years. Could try doing something like?

This is where the webm of that guy fucking a Henry hoover comes in handy.
But I don't have it.

No one cares about that fat, ugly dog.


Don't reply.
Just report.

I'm pondering getting a lifesize Nige pepe cardboard cut out and sticking it in my front window, how long will it take for Police Scotland to come and arrest me for a hate crime?

Anyone got any old and new photos of their town?

>Got with her when i was 15. 22 now.
>it'll be an experience i guess. Maybe i'll just drink

>there are 15 year olds with more experience than me at 20


Clarkson or Corbyn?

Herts is gonna be swallowed up by London soon enough.


You just get used to it.

>Friend of a friend asked me how I spent last Christmas
>Told her I stayed home, read a book and played some xbox
>"You were alone? OMG that is so sad"

Can't really see what's sad about it. It was almost the same as every other day.

Hmm, decent suggestion. Thanks, i hangout with my friend and her boyfriend a lot, but i doubt they'll want to do anything on that day. Either i'll have another qt3.14 or i'll just do something to help the scout group again. Might be nice.

Mate it's fine, one of my best mates is a turbo-virgin. He's happy though, it isn't the most important thing. Sex is great but i was with her more for company and ,dare i be a total fag but, love.

You're only 20, you're far from late to the game.

i suppose, may just be getting used to it that's hard. We shall see, i'll definitely be on here though.

Normies, especially women, can't truly comprehend loneliness.


I think you asked this question yesterday and I told you, to make an effort to cook yourself a budget Christmas dinner.

It keeps you occupied and gives you something to look forward to.

I normally do a family thing but on a few occasions, I couldn't and this is the next best thing - don't allow it to be 'just another day' !

nah i wasn't on here yesterday. Thanks for the suggestion, if i can't make it to family then i'll do that then, cheers.


Just discovered that the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly have First Minister's Questions

there's actually quite a lot of them on youtube, might watch some of the Welsh Assembly ones to see how UKIP actually performs with more than one member in a political body

>Sex is great

Thanks for reminding me

R8 my fat dog

Lads, are there any instances of British/English forces beating Turkish ones in history?

Fat doggo.

the fuck are you doing there

This shit passes for comedy in scotland, it hurts my ears.

What is World War I and the Ottoman Empire?

the room looks like something you would find in the european union
>having computers
not being in a faux gothic palace ruins it

But they dicked us at Gallipolli.

I hate the Scottish parliament, looks like a 7 year olds school project, they could just have used the old one.

I've already posted fresh doggo this thread, go get your own doggo.

Is he nice for cuddling?

They we dicked them all they way though Palestine to Iraq

And we won. Then took those territories for the empire.

It's really no contest

Fuck 'em. We killed their Empire and BTFO outnof Riaches multiple times.

Haha, I stole your pics and been posting them all day.

We decked ourselves.

Yes, my dog is too fat to sit on lap. But sometimes I cuddle up to him whens he's like that on the floor and slip a finger up his bum. He really likes a finger up his bum.

What's it like, if you don't mind the question? Thinking of going away for a weekend there.

Oh yes.

Fuck off, shirtlifter.




Go get your own doggo, much more fulfilling than stealing mine.

On the plus side, Freddo supply is on the up, just found I have 2 left.

I am a bit concerned that in this picture the name of your town is in rainbow colours??

Is there something you want to tell me user?

>random bald spot on snout.

what happened?

>When are we to line these people up, read them our moral code and dispatch them with a bullet?
liek, OMG, that is, liek, you know, I dunno, liek, so, I dunno, liek, you know?

>local communist starts posting his usual essays on Facebook
>someone actually calls him out on his bullshit
>he can't handle it

He my dog now.

I think I'm gonna name him, Clare. Yes. Very good name. I think I might have rescued hum when he was just a pup, he was abused by his previous owner.

His previous owner would feed him Freddo chocolate bars and chocolate is bad for dogs, lethal in fact. He was quite the animal abuser.

Anyway, I rescued him and we've been best friends since. I show him a Freddo every now and again so he knows I live him.

He gets scared when its thunder and lightning, I bring him into my bed and cuddle with him, just to reassure him it's all fine. When he barks and gets aggitated, I slip my finger up his bum to relax him. He sure quiten downs then. He sure can take my finger up until about my kiddle knuckle, any more and I can see the look of pain in his eyes.

I love Clare, he's my best friend.



Can't you see? It's ((((diverse)))).

He's old, its a wart.

Why you keep posting picd of my dog?


Gay cunt.

Fuck off you weird cunt.

post more

good afternoon lads


Nice pupper

And cats on britpol?



It's not that exciting, but it's interesting how he deflects things. Hang on.

Cats are for women and hipsters.

Go back to /r9k/ you fag.

cannot get this out of my head lads.

Aw fuck man. This one hurts.

Please tell me that beautiful building was at least bombed in the War or something.


He actually isn't phased by thunder or fireworks, he doesn't give a shit.

He is petrified of the vet as she has stuck a finger up his bum to clear out his glands and he hated it, yelped like he's never yelped before.

You're the poof. I'll bring Clare round your nans house and we'll shag her up the arse. Vag is gay.

Not yet. Mummy said to ignore you bullies and.imbrace myself.


closest to the same spot i could get

What was the thinking for replacing that god tier building with an upside own concrete pyramid?

Lol, why are you making stories up about my dog and posting pictures of him (Clare)?





>tfw I can't tell if that is actually bradford or the middle east


>mfw the IRA made my town look like Dresden

Thanks Gerry.

Hello carrick user

Carrick is Provo country.

Is it worth settling with a 6/10 in looks if she is completely redpilled?

One of the only pics where the present day is better. Looks /comfy/

No, the claim was given up a few hundred years back.


Since when?

Last time i checked it was full of prods trying to kill each other

Is she moral?

Yes, looks fade, its much harder to redpill someone.

Those Protestants, up to no good as usual.

Random excerpts

take a look at london, this guy is some fat paki that goes round filming everything he eats

Was thinking of that other Carrick. CarrickLurgan or something.


>"Wouldn't of lasted two weeks" - Big Mick

Cats are qt user

>tfw this is slowly happening to Liverpool

make it stop


It's hard to find old photos since I'm struggling to recognise where the photo was taken

This is the best I can do


They have a castle and a tank, pretty well prepared desu

Is that the Greggs user got called racist in?

u wot

Yes, was a virgin til age 23 and met me. Sung in a choir at university, played hockey.

The only potential concern I have is what my kids may look like - life will be easier if they're quite good looking as opposed to average or just above average.

Hasn't that been graffitied to fuck recently?

If they're boys, they'll probably look like you, or her grandfather.

What happened lad?

You say she's a 6/10, what qualifies a 6?

I'd easlly say mine is an 8 or 9 based on looks. But that may be my biased opinion.

Nowadays looks aren't a guarantee of good looking kids. Most good looking people have probably had some form of dentistry and cosmetic surgery.

He got called racist

Got called a racist in gregs.

>I can't list them all there have been so many

Do the IRA atrocities never stop?

I'm old enough to remember this crap being on the radio.

I remember reading on Brit/pol/ that it was, yeah.

Yes pretty much

I haven't seen it in a while but the last time there was some dirty IRA shit scraped into her :(

I'd kill for a 3/10

I doubt even fat girls would like me

6 months ago if I read something any member of our government said it was usually devastatingly depressing.

These days it's 50% something incredibly based.

is there a single box he doesnt tick? guarantee hes a nonce

round the corner from me

>wouldn't of

Why can't you speak your own language, brit/pol/?

Where 5 is "average" on the street - 8 or 9 is really quite rare. I'd ascribe a bell curve shape to the distribution of attractiveness - so it tails off dramatically toward the extremes. There are an order of magnitude more 5s than 9s, for example.

A "6" to me means I think she's better than average, but nothing to write home about.

Hopefully won't go bald, then - her father and grandfathers all have a full head of hair.

True, at least they'll most likely be blonde and blue eyed, though.

She's much more "English rose" than plastic appearance. None of that sculpted eyebrow nonsense and dressed demurely.

Not worth the effort, lad. More trouble than they're worth, 99% of them.

Do not trouble yourself too much over it.

It's Birmingham they probably destroyed it to give cars better access to the city centre.
Birmingham is the ugliest city in the country and it's a real shame and it doesnt even have the blitz excuse that neighbouring Coventry has.

The top picture is from 1914

and the bottom is from Goggle Maps 2014.

In 100 years nothing much has changed apart from the traffic.

>give me some evidence
>there is too much evidence, I can't list it all

>Boris wants to relaunch Britannia
>also wants to send migrants back

How do I get rid of this?


Yeah, some cunt called Jimbo had scratched ira shit all over it. Same with the artillery sitting beside it.

>if you paint your house yellow ill do pink haha


gove is a cuck is why

Why can't you speak yours'?

Those old school electricity pylons?

If it's any consolation he probably would have been more moderate as leader. In this position he gets to make more bold moves.

Don't worry desu. I'm a permavirgin anyway. I've told myself if I'm like this by my next birthday I'll just fuck a whore

This is why you dont vote Labour

why dont these creatures just live life quietly and away from the public eye? i dont want to see this



He's a walking contradiction.


We make the worst adverts, don't we folks?

yep, heres Walthamstow, from London to Pakistan in 50 years

Mihairy back thread.


I can though.

>Why can't you speak yours'?

The irony. What is going on with your """education""" """system""" lads? You're an embarrassment.