Trump General: Red Colorado Edition

>Trump on Media Buzz 9/18/16
>Trump rally in Colorado Springs CO 9/17/16
>Pence Rally in the Villages FL 9/17/16
>Trump speaks at Rememberance Project 9/17/16
>Trump - Les Deplorables

Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump Haitian Townhall in Miami FL 9/16/16
>Trump parade in the Villages FL 9/16/16
>Trump Speaks in Washington DC 9/16/16
>Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16
>Trump/Pence Economic Club NY 9/15/16
>Trump Rally in Canton OH 9/14/16

>Trump on Mornings with Maria 9/16/16
>Don Jr on GMA 9/16/16
>Trump on Fallon 9/15/16
>Watters World Trump Rally Edition
>Trump on Dr Oz (audio) 9/15/16
>Trump on F&F 9/15/16

>The 45th President
>Trump in 5 minutes or less
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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First for Red Maine.

Trump will win


Trump is gonna win guys, it's AWESOME !


colorado will never go red


its gonna be YUUUUGE

Of course he will

Dr. Martin Luther King's niece Alveda King endorses Donald Trump

Mississippi’s First Black Mayor Charles Evers Endorses Trump For President

Quannell X, New Black Panthers leader, on Donald Trump.

RW Bray, VP of MLK society, introducing Donald Trump

Clarence Henderson civil rights activist

Black Pastor Darrell Scott Brings Down House at RNC: The Democratic Party Has Failed Us

Ice Cube: ‘Donald Trump is What Americans Love’ About ‘The American Dream’


RZA Praises Trump

President Obama’s Brother Endorses Trump for President

Azealia Banks "Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business. Hilary is too tied in with them"

Donald Trump’s best speech of the 2016 campaign, annotated
WashPo August 2016

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Charlotte, NC 8/18/16

Trump pitches black voters: 'What the hell do you have to lose?'
CNN August 2016

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Dimondale 8/19/16

Trump brings message of unity to black church in Detroit

Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks to African American Church in Detroit 9/3/16

Donald Trump Fought to Include Jews and Blacks at Palm Beach Golf Course
Impulse Today March 2016

Jessie Jackson introducing Donald Trump (1998)

Trump 80's Interview, Helping Inner Cities

Show me your debate face!

I still don't think that vermont will go red. That's impossible. Styx would probably laugh his ass off if this was true.

We're rapidly approaching Bernie tier delusion

Colorado here. Never seen a Hillary supporter.


Those digits confirm.





Double checked.

At a city street fair near one of Trump's towers. Each pin is going for $5.

Which would you buy?

Oh, there ain't no rest for the triggered
We're easily displeased
We've got hair to dye
We've got tears to cry
Please gimme your sympathy
No I won't let loose, I get my news
From places like Salon
No there ain't no rest for the triggered
Donate to my Patreon

Wasn't Obama begging blacks not to vote Trump not 24 hours ago?



Can you post that picture of Momiji showing off her shaggy bush?


First for #greenscreenhillary.

De Blasio called it a bombing. Will the MSM hacks now apologize?

So what does this mean? Is MN also in play? -6 in one of the most historically cucked states is not that much, right?

can you believe Trump?! first he says that it was a bomb and now he's sending condolences even though no one died. what a moron

Post Tedcore.

closest thing I got

of course not

Why do you guys hate Obama? He's responsible for more Muslim deaths than everyone that has ever visited this board combined multiplied by 3

>How bad are things in Mexico currently? What can you guys do about it?
>Your president seems ok enough if he was willing to meet with Trump and agreed that there needs to be a wall.

Well things are bad, civil liberties and oportunities are on the floor, it's hard if not impossible to start your own company, education is on the floor, corruption runing rampant; there are however places in México that are very calm, it's not a crime ridden country like everyone believes; some places are awful like Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey and Mexico City, but there are some cool places too.

Cartel strenght is there, but they're a lot calmer, I think there's in-fighting, not killing civillians because there is no more El Chapo.

What can we do about it? Practically nothing, individualism is king in México, nobody cares for their fellow man, in México City, if someone sees a robbery they just think "eh, as long as I'm not being robbed...". People are too docile, and we have no guns so getting heard is next to impossible.

And Peña Nieto invited both Trump and Hillary, but she didn't come, it was all orchestrated by Eduardo Videgaray, Minister for Diplomatic Relations, to have him be on Trump's nice side and prevent criminal investigations in México. Peña is just a puppet for the same people who contrl all politicians, the media and even the cartels.

VA reporting
Some of my family members were Bernie supporters, but as of now their stances on the election is probably more or less just "fuck this whole thing"
Besides them, I don't know of anyone that isn't a Trump supporter

even if trump is right he is still wrong.jpg


You may notice that Muslims are really, really good at killing Muslims.


Hi Trumpgen,I am the original Ron.I'm not famous.I am just your average hard working American who is tired of being played by both sides.The Clinton campaign started e-mailing me 6 months ago asking for $100.As the months go by with no donation from me,the amount they are asking each month decreases.Are they desperate?Will they ask for pocket change next time?...and the biggest question of all....Should I do it?

Yeah but bro it ain't terrorism. Apparently you can make IEDs and put them in dumpsters and it not actually be terrorism according to De Blasio


the 2 on the top right

I got the black pin. Haggled the guy down to $3 for it.

Kek. Can't believe he's even selling this stuff here but it's happening!

I always forget that this happened

0*3 = 0.
He also multiplied debt by 3, terrible deporter, racial union is at an all-time low, he's terrible at diplomatic relations, does nothing, is a laughing stock.

>Under $50k so far behind Clinton
You just know that's all Somalians.

>no picture
i literally can't even.

wow just wow

Black Trump 2016

Reminder to tell yourself every night, every morning, and every afternoon that Jeb is a big, fat, mess.

The Syria General thread took a picture some guy took on the ground and turned it in to GPS coordinates for a Russian airstrike.


Sky News were saying it was confirmed as terrorism, but not """international""" terrorism.


right one

Avant-Garde memery.

Germany no swiping

I didn't listen to him. He really said that? Not surprised. First a cop was attack with a hatch then the bombing kn nj. Pretty obvious shit. Sadly it'll take a explosion in Manhattan to make those libs understand that there is a threat greater than bathrooms and globalwarming

They want $1 so they can lower the average, since she gets many hundreds of thousands from individuals.

That way she can say she averages a small contribution of $20 or some shit.

Smart how Trump admitted he has some minor health problems. He looks honest compared to Clinton who will have an aneurism on live TV and pretend nothing happened.


Maga girls best girls.

California should be nuked.

He didn't raise the debt any more than Reagan did

r8 my debate predictions:

>worst possible outcome:
DJT gaffs and goes down in the polls while Hillary plays it safe and gets in some cheap shots
most likely outcome:
>DJT and Hilldog both play it safe, Hillary appears to earn more points due to moderator/crowd bias but polls remain largely the same
best case scenario:
>Hillary collapses or fucks up royally and/or it becomes clear that the MSM and the moderators have realized that Trump is the winning candidate and have thus switched allegiance


So liberals are going to try and claim intent is required with terrorism just like intent is required for leaving protected government information unprotected for several years in the basement of someone's house?

I love this Pepe so much

>Hennepin and Ramsey
>Cucked as all hell
Fucking spics and sandlice.

i think they want 1 dollar so they have your banking information and then can over charge upto but not over $100

who fapping to kellyanne asmr here?

I remember when this .gif was just the thing of dreams, but now it's reality and that makes it 100X funnier.

A question, is Cali gonna go red?

Why would clinton before 9/11 plan to go down to do a rally in cali if thing we're going good and polls looked storng?

Got my celebratory drink on standby!

>Trump up 7 points in the polls.
>Trump up 6 the 2 previous day

Trump has is going to win. Trump supporters are going to the YUGE at the polls. Apethetic Hillary supporters won't be motivated to vote.

When Trump wins I may now feel confident the election system isn't completely rigged.

yeah and what did we get for it this time? Higher insurance premiums, ISIS, and faggots on every corner whining about how they want a safe space

A lot of people outside of Cred Forums hate Obama for the same reasons we do. The media makes him out to be some Messiah when he screwed many things up. Debt, food stamps, race relations, etc. He thinks putting his finger in the leak is as good as repairing it.

why do you hate illegal immigrants

At this point should I just merge my frog folder and my MAGA folder?

I'm really baffled by the media. For the first time ever they're prioritizing ideology over ratings. You know Trump fans would start watching that shit in droves if journalists started reporting on Clinton accurately. Fucking idiots.

NY is going red. No, seriously. We were attacked again, and Trump wants to stop the attacks. I think NYC will finally wake up and vote for Trump like the rest of us.


Does Trump ever play it safe?
He's crashing the debate with no survivors because he knows he needs to compete with Monday Night Football

I honestly doubt it. California is such a lost cause at this point.

Thanks for the pic.

What blue state has the best chance at going red? Trump needs atleast one blue state.

You forgot
>Hillary plays it safe, barely survives the debate without collapsing, DJT plays it normally, MSM accuses him of 'attacking' Hillary, polls 'drop' by 10+%

Another VA reported.

Mother is hopeless; debates might make her not vote but I won't matter because...

My Dad is voting Republican for the first time since 1992, and I am voting for Trump for my first election.


Just nuke San Francisco and everything would be fine.

Probably Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Lowest unemployment in a long time, largest one year increase in median income since it has been recorded, and Americans being richer than ever?

A country works in a way that the government invests in the people, ensuring education, infrastructure, security and opportunities; with the hopes that people grow into being productive citizens and with taxes make the government and the country richer, allowing for better education, security, etc etc etc.
Illegal immigrants send their money to other countries, recieve benefits without paying taxes, and take low income jobs preventing people from getting those same jobs.

Colorado, New Hamp, Vermont, Virginia, PA, Florida, Ohio, New York (maybe)

Yeah NYC being attacked and the citizens seeing MSM attacking Trump for calling it what it is won't help Hillary. But I've thought NY would be red from the beginning. NYC and Trump go hand in hand.

Virginia has a real shot.

>go to big diesel truck event in New Jersey
>this is what every tailgate party in the pits looks like

I'd spotted at least 40 Trump stickers, shirts, and flags. It was like a fucking rally out there. Just walking a eighth of a mile to my car and I saw 6 different people with either a Trump shirt or MAGA hat

Michigan, not Minnesota.

ben garrison just cucked us lads

Wow dude that's racist, they're undocumented.

Neutron bomb. There's nothing wrong with the location, just the faggots.

my mom was a bernie supporter until he said to support hillary after he quit

she is voting for trump because she does not trust hillary

I guarantee if you change the 2016 to 2015 you could find an article somewhere saying the exact same thing. Hell, Nate Boron probably had an article saying it.

It is this all white states that the dems have the least loyal voter base

Niggers and spics and asians will vote dem more or less no matter what.

Whites? Whites could be flipped.

without boulder, and the spics who work on farms, colorado would be 100% red

With the recent stabbing, is Minnesota going red?

Unemployment rate - False
Income Increase - False
Richer then ever _False

Mexibro is spot on, checked

Definitionally, yes you can. Acts of terror are, by definition, tied to political motives. If you're just randomly killing people for pleasure that's spree killing.

Don't forget the Cali transplants in Denver

I made a Pepe and Wojack subdirectory in my MAGA folder.

2 0 P E R C E N T

Nige: Trump is on course to win. (short clip)

You'll have to explain then why the government is so ready to charge white people with terrorism while sand niggers and regular niggers and especially BLM aren't receiving those charges.

Don't get me wrong, I thought we would go red for a while now. But this has to wake up those delusional enough to think Illary will be good for NY.
>MSG rally when?

New Mexico. We were red in 2004 and people are still bitter about Richardson giving up on us.

If Trump makes a visit there and talks about it, he can definitely spin some MN votes

Can you bros list some reasons to live? Will the witch drop dead or be defeated for sure? Will Trump be good at the hideously biased debates? Pence v Kain will be good right?

Trump is easily going to take Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin if this is going to keep happening until election day.

>Trump General: Red Colorado Edition
*The Red Pill Edition


How so?

You dipshits gave us DUDE WEED ALLEPPOO you better repay us

>Lowest unemployment
You know they just drop people who have been un-employed for a long time off that list?

Because they're sensationalist hypocrites

Drumpf will win the South Carolina primary. It's time to start taking this election seriously and pick a true conservative.

Seeing America Made Great Again is the only reason you need to live

Can NM actually go red?

Trump actually has the majority of the vote for Asian/other. No idea why exactly but last I heard it was ~60%.

>arguing with well established numbers

Just saying it is false doesn't make it so. If you disagree with the latest census reports let's see your evidence to the contrary.

Oh look Serbia finally showed up.

>Will the witch drop dead or be defeated for sure?
Defeated and imprisoned

>Will Trump be good at the hideously biased debates?
Let there be no doubt in your heart

>Pence v Kain will be good right?
High energy Pence will trounce him
crawl is how i crawl

post sources

Care to share your Pepes? I need them for reasons. If you could update them to a file sharing site and email me the link at [email protected] I'll include you in the screencap.


Source on the girl?

damn. right.



Hopefully. Time to uncuck us.

>winning South Carolina
Retard. SC is Bush country. No way a New York liberal will win there. I predict Jeb getting 40%, Cruz getting 30%, Trump getting 5% and everyone else shares the last 25%


>basket of deplorables
>disappears for 4 days
>no change in polls

what the fuck?
>8:23pm PT: Mayor de Blasio says during press conference: “Tonight New York City experienced a very serious incident … injuries are significant, none are life-threatening.” “There is no evidence of a terror connection to the incident.” “There is no significant or credible threat to New York City from any terror organization.” “Early indications are this was an intentional act.”
That settles that!


The land is nice, it's the people that suck. The only way to fix it is to invade and put the ones that ruin it to the sword, and then settle with whites with the proper values. Basically impossible. What we need is an earthquake to do the work for us, but only once the border has been secured, otherwise shitskins will flood in and fill the vacuum

Here's the pic of my current project, which is nearing completion. I need a few thousand Pepes are needed for phase two of this. Preferably Trump-related pepes.

Nice rare pepe you got there consider it stolen

The MSM polls represent the media narrative, not the real one

I am my fellow countrymate. I have an itch only a MILF can scratch

That info also means, that PA is too far blue and VA CO and NH are where we put our faith (or time if you're a volunteer )

Remember the SC debate? Little Jeb's parents stacked the audience with neocons and Donald BTFO all of them. Then he won the primary in a landslide. Those were good times.

>Trump wins
>Theresa May scrambles for an advisor on how to approach him
>Farage is appointed to the House of Lords as Baron Farage of Downe in Her Majesty's Borough of Bromley
>appointed as Minister of State for the United States of America in the Department for International Trade
>advises the May government on how to negotiate and steer policy towards the Trump administration

A man can dream

>just walking around
>see these guys
>some other group of guys start cheering

Vermont here. I don't know a single Democrat who is actually voting. We will build a wall with Canada and New York and use Bernie's campaign money to pay for it. MVGA

Look at today's LA Times/USC poll. The Emperor is higher than before the DNC shilling. He is going to win.

Clinton really really does want to lose this election, even King Nigger is helping her do that at this point:

the daily polls have him winning big

Are there new poll results for yesterday?

Probably to get some decent crowd shots. Read: more than 100 people

Not sure. Saved it from the catalogue yesterday. Sorry bub.

t. Western Serbia

On the latest PA poll with Clinton +9

> Sample size: 405
> Dem: 47% / Rep: 37% / Ind: 11%
> Hillary polling only 56% on southeast (including Philly) vs. Trump polling 26% in the same area

Gonna be honest, this poll is garbage but have very encouraging signs for Trump embedded in there. Can't take good results from a bad poll anyway.

Are we getting a rally today?

Gonna give it to you pal. That's dedication right there

can any Anons make Cultist-chan for Kek and Trump?

Oh shit, it's Carson's birthday today.

>ywn go to one of his comfy birthday parties

W-what is this?


Sunday is the day of rest. He never campaigns on Sunday.

PA is a surefire. NH goes almost for sure. Don't know about the rest.

This really should include eastern WA, OR and CA too, libs just own the coast.


Will NJ ever go red?
Will NY ever go red?
Should both states be nuked?

There are pressing concerns.

This one?

That's an outlier for sure. Even the most biased polls have showed a clear dip in the last week.

>Allahu Akbar. This city will be mine soon. Boom! Inshallah!

What do?

Mailing every Clinton supporter I can find an address for a pepe with a relevant Bible verse on the back. I've got 120 pepes ready to go.

I named my cat Donald, he is super high energy. He never sits in one spot for more than 3 minutes unless he's asleep

today is Ben Carson's birthday

Now thats a comfy thought

Yes, that one. Thanks.


Ah yeah forgot today was sunday

I loathe Obama.

Le Reddit Army Has Arrived

>there will be more

What are you going to knock over a car?

Take from this what you will:

Clinton can only go down from here.

Try paying attention to the news every once in a while

Has he ever rallied in NY?

welcome some refugees, hopefully it will ease him

That statistic only count because they keep removing from the rolls people that gave up looking for jobs.

I wish they measure employment rate instead of unemployment. As long as they purge from the rolls people that don't have a job and aren't looking for one (gave up) that stats will always be misleading.

Yeah, he's got to have at least one day off to run his multi-billion dollar company.

>Stephanopousluds on TV talking Pepe while NYC, NJ, & MN attacked by ISIS lone wolves
>Kaine on TV talking Birther Shit while NYC, NJ, & MN attacked by ISIS lone wolves
>LA Tracking has Trump up near 7 pts over Hillary
>Colorado going red apparently

Tell me this pepe & birther shit the day after a series of Goddamned terrorist attacks makes her and her campaign look foolish, flippant, & desperate.

Americans hate the stench of desperation and the look of straw grabbing. RIGHT?!!?!?! Reassure me, please. We're really gooing to win this thin, right?

Please can I get some (you)s?

>Unemployment - False

You can't have a 4.9% unemployment rate with a 62.8 labor participation rate, it just doesn't make any sense

>Household income gone up

"Median household income was
$56,516 in 2015, a 5.2 percent
increase from the 2014 median in real
terms, but 1.6 percent lower than the
median in 2007, the year before the
most recent recession, and 2.4 percent
lower than the median household
income" Maybe not false but very misleading the way it is stated in the original

>Richer than ever
If we were richer than ever wouldn't we see significant gains in the stock market and not have it propped up by the government and fed?

So high energy even the cucks can't stay away

They even wheeled George H Bush into the venue to stare down Trump. Kek.

Ancient meme, Serb.
Try harder.

d-don't worry guys, p-p-polls don't matter


please somebody explain the wolf girl to me.

u wot m8?


>went to bed with explosions in NY
>25 injuried
>Bomb in NJ
>Second device found in NY
>Stabbings in multiple states

>wake up today
>No discussion about it at all

Did (((They))) shut it down already?


Minnesota is getting pretty close to becoming a battleground state at this point.

A huge change from 13% to 5% Clinton lead.

>1 post by this ID


He's an irritating faggot but 75% liked is a good sign.

Make buddhism great again

>Ted Cruz was the REAL anti-establishment candidate
I honestly can't get how anyone can reach that conclusion


Johnson is seriously VERY delusional.

>mass replying
wew faggot

He raised the debt more than the country's first 43 presidents combined

Johnson Surge™ when?

They're trying to bury it because that will make the entire northeast red. That's it, game over.

Will there be a lot of new polls tomorrow?

Your cousin has good taste in men.

Actually, you know what folks, here's a story:
so a few weeks ago I'm waiting for my train, but for some reason it never shows up. Probably some sort of mixup with the train schedules at the station. Shortly after this burly black dude shows up, looks around and ask me "Isn't there supposed to be a train right now"?
So I explain to him, yeah there is, but I've been here for 10 minutes and it's not showing up, we have to wait for the next one. We chat a bit, the dude thanks me, and since we have to wait for an hour, he says we should wait at the café across the street and get something to drink, his treat.
So we look both ways, we start crossing the road, and out of some street corner comes this arab guy in his car speeding down the road that nearly runs us over!
We dodge in time, thankfully, and that asshole just continues down the road not even slowing down a bit.
So obviously I start thinking of half a dozen obscenities to shout at this cunt, but since I'm standing next to some big dude I don't know that well, I try to contain my power level instead.
Well that guy, I guess he didn't give a fuck, cause right in the middle of a crowded street, in broad daylight, he turns towards the way the speedy asshole went, and at the top of his lungs he screams

So the moral of the story is, in France it doesn't matter if you're black, white, or anything else really, because at the end of the day, we're all united by the same thing: our common hate mudslimes


>donate to my patreon

Lost it

Not since the primaries, but I was out of state at the time.

new still report

If Hillary fucking blows the first debate, don't be suprised Mr.Johnson makes his way up

Colorado, Nevada, Iowa voted Obama but they also voted Bush. They can go red again.

It voted for W both times

If Minnesota goes red it is going to be a Reagan landslide

He literally doubled the debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. All we have to show for it is the worst recovery in history. He was a disaster.

Well, if we're gonna go with ancient memes...

jesus this looks like it was recorded for the 1992 election

I've been wondering about this too. Especially want to see more out of states like PA.

He would have to jump in the entire country, not just Vermont and New Hampshire, it's not going to be enough.

It's nice to see that they have their priorities in order.

Bury coordinated bombings in the news just so their establishment candidate doesn't get harmed in the election.

Fucking CLASSY.

(We need Trump to win. These people deserve to be drug out in the streets by their hair and killed in front of their own fucking mothers)

"The Florida Department’s Elder Abuse Prevention Program supports programs and services to protect elders from abuse in all its forms – physical, emotional, financial and more. The program is designed to increase awareness of the problem of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. The program includes training and dissemination of elder abuse prevention materials and funds special projects to provide training and prevention activities.
The Elder Abuse Prevention Program is funded through Title VII of the Older Americans Act and is administered through contracts with Area Agencies on Aging."

Trump Pence with both their faces

She's cute and sometimes lewd and Awoos.

France was born to kick muslims out of Europe after all.


Definitely possible.

I live in LA, and I see VERY FEW Hillary bumper stickers. People aren't excited at all. Bernie was a much, much bigger deal around here.

And our Trump supporters are some of the most based in the nation. Once you head north into Meth country, folks will die for the God-Emperor out there.

How can I donate anonymously to the Trump campaign? Thanks.

I see. Here's another

The presidential debates can only be attended by people with a clear path to the presidency.

But if you beat me up, then I win.

>Birther conspiracy makes conservatives look like dopes, useful idiots to Hillary's campaign
>everybody is telling repubs to just shut the fuck up about it
>nobody paid republicans/Fox any attention

>fast forward to 2016
>democrats and liberals can't stop talking about how Trump started birther conspiracy
>Trump kills the issue
>truth is that Hillary and her camp started it
>everybody is now telling democrats to shut the fuck up about it
>now nobody pays democrats/CNN any attention

user, how much is this costing you?

This is really making me think

Are you an American citizen?

I have been a good trump poster. Please praise kek for a big job interview I have on Wednesday. Oh kek, hear me in my hour of need!

(((They'll))) see to it Johnson gets a piece of Trump's cake when they rig the polls after the debate to make it look like Hillary didn't fuck it all up


Results from the National Elder Abuse Incidence Study, funded in part by the Administration on Aging, suggest that over 500,000 people 60 years of age and older are abused or neglected each year in the United States. It was also found that four times as many incidents of abuse, neglect, or self-neglect are never reported, causing researchers to estimate that as many as two million elderly persons in the United States are abused each year. In 90% of the cases, the abusers were found to be family members and most often were the adult children or spouses of those abused. In addition, equal numbers of men and women have been identified as the abusers. However, women, especially those over 80 years of age, tend to be victimized more than men."

If Cali goes red Hillary won't carry a single state in this election.

I don't think that's likely, it is much more likely that you live in a red area in the state.


(((They))) will try, but you can't stump the Trump. The Emperor will certainly bring it up at every rally and speech from now on.

Franken and his Somali nigger coalition wont let that happen.

So far it's looking that way.

He was never this big of a cuck I swear.

You don't if you are a foreign national. The best thing you can do is show that Trump has supporters all across the globe and that those supporters will help ease tensions and make the world more peaceful.

Even the shill website DailyKOS is falling apart.

Lol Cali is not going red

Is definitely not what people want to hear about
They desperately want to keep the birther thing alive for momentum but this terrorist attack needs addressing. Trump has kept his momentum.

You probably can't. You can always contribute in other ways. Can you make dank memes?

accidental terrorism? like illary didn't mean to break the law by deleting evidence that was supoenaed?

>pls be my ai gf

Behind Trump to the left is Tim Timken and to the right is his wife

>getting """"""facts"""""" from a chain email


"Elder abuse can take place anywhere, but the two main settings addressed by law are domestic settings, such as the elder's home or the caregiver's home, and institutional settings, such as a nursing home or group home. In general, there are five basic types of elderly abuse: physical, sexual, emotional or psychological, financial, and neglect. Data from National Center on Elder Abuse indicates that more than half of the cases reported involve some kind of neglect, whereas 1 in 7 cases involve physical abuse. It is considered neglect when a caretaker deprives an elderly person of the necessary care needed in order to avoid physical or mental harm. Sometimes the behavior of an elderly person threatens his or her own health; in those cases, the abuse is called self-neglect."

>Cali going red

No matter how many Trump bumper stickers you see that hellhole will never be red

Lowest home ownership rate since the 60s
Lowest labor-force participation rate since the 70s
Weakest economic recover since the 40s
Only president since the great depression not to preside over one year of 3% GDP growth
More Americans on foodstamps than ever before

Fuck off, Mr Goolsby, we aren't buying it



They won't be able to hide it forever. Local news will cover it. And apparently someone called 911 and said there would be more? You cannot hide multiple explosions occurring all over states. But they're probably gonna try to spin it that the Russians are bombing us to get Trump elected. They can't say it's Muslims because that would make even the most left liberals head spin.

They don't seriously think they can bury this do they?

It's all over Drudge. People will talk. This just erodes their credibility.

international, not intentional

>Puertoricans are foreign nationals
Come on burger bro, we have American citizenship since the 1910's.

>Sometimes the behavior of an elderly person threatens his or her own health; in those cases, the abuse is called self-neglect."

Surprised people don't talk about NJ.

It has a reputation for being among the most racist parts of the country, and elected a Republican governor

Enough white people will be angry enough after a few more mudslime attacks that Minnesota will be guaranteed a Trump victory.

Go to his website and donate. I'm sure you can do it anonymously


Unless we put some refugees there

>Trump leading in New Mexico

Now I know why our economy is shit.
Nobody wants to buy Shqiptar cum.

Didn't realize the last thread was about to die so reposting here.

I live in Massachusetts and for every Hillary sign or sticker I see I find two that are for Trump. I'm also willing to bet thst everyone with an American flag sticker on there car is voting Trump. I don't know much about in the cities but out in the rural and even suburban areas Trump will crush.


I hope so. Those fucking Somali's are loathsome.

It means women are too fucking stupid to choose a leader

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I live in NY and its the same thing, doesn't mean retards don't exist. They'll vote for a fucking dried up leather boot if it was the D's nominee

But the enthusiasm is through the fucking roof, we're talking Super Bowl tier enthusiasm. See

They're going to downplay it until there is irrefutable proof it was terrorism

There's kikery afoot. Take 13 swing states, average and adjust polls with some voodoo maths.


Yeah right, Trump is up where it counts.


Yeah kind of just propping up for the usual people running the generals, not sure what the hell happened to everyone.

Damn Trump really is a great guy. I signed it

He's radically increased the debt/failed to reduce the debt, he lied about pulling out of the middle east ahead of schedule, he lied (like all democrats do) about helping poor people and black people (all he did was successfully push racial relations into the toilet), he's expanded the power of the government which allows it to infringe upon my rights in the future past his own term, and he supports Hillary Clinton.

doesn't argue the fact that it's degenerate


>The Russians meme

I really fucking hate our elite.


High kek

Yeah it would be incredibly dangerous to say the Russians actually are physically attacking though. And no one would believe it.

not even asking for money? haha this is great

in a lot of ways ben is like kirby

>dems try and use the argument that the cold war is over, we don't need so much military spending
>immediately try and blame everything on russia

will they ever learn?

NoVA here. It is cucked beyond belief. My mother is determined to vote for Hillary because "yeah, Hillary might be corrupt and incompetent, and those stories of assassinations might be true, but Trump is racist and he'd probably do what Hillary already did."
My father is slightly less cucked, as he might vote third party, but he won't MAGA.
Please kill me now. NoVA is destroying this state.


It takes you to the donation page after you sign it but desu you can't blame them

$60 in postage
$15 to have them printed
$10 misc costs

It's a fun little project to help Trump out. Even if only one of the 120 people get asspained, it'll be worth it.

My next two projects are a large poster-sized collage of Morning Cuck memes I'm sending to MSNBC and I'm going to dump a 1000 pepes in one box to Clinton with a Bible where Exodus 8:4 is bookmarked.

We've got based Asians in Orange county, especially the older ones.

They stand on street corners and scream "Believe in Jesus, or go to hell!" into megaphones and wave Westboro style protest signs.

Most bizarre thing I've ever seen, but also quite based.


He probably just saw that it wasn't the US flag and didn't bother to check. My suggestion is to buy merch, unless you want to donate like $2K

>Republicans become the party of the cool kids
>Democrats are now the ones who want to wage all out war with Russia


Please be real

You can't I don't think because they need to verify you're an American but if it's under $200 it isn't reported


It's mindboggling the fucking judo trick Trump has played on American politics. Simply astonishing.

I am semi-Neocon and I'm loving it.

It's missing retarded pepe

Aw shit I just made a new one:

Recycle later


>cool kids are voting for Trump

That's not what CNN says.

Literally kill yourself, you're awful

I feel like people are kind of ashamed to even suggest they support Hillary. She has no appeal at all.

Trump supporters are often proud and excited.

Asian Christians are a diffrent breed that while entertaining should be avoided.

>yells at cartoon frogs
>implying it doesn't make her and the media look crazy and desperate
I made this

As I mention, I live in Los Angeles, which is blue as fuck and your a retard if you didn't know that.

(((judo trick)))

bad reading comprehension on my part! thanks user

>Charles martel v 2.0 when


Libtards wouldn't understand cool if you buried them in Antarctica.

I'm not even joking, they have really strong accents too. I've also seen them in Pasadena, and Hollywood.

It's a So Cal thing.

It's an unbelievable sight.