I genuinely want to know why anybody could support trump. I can get not wanting hillary but why him?

I genuinely want to know why anybody could support trump. I can get not wanting hillary but why him?

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Because he's an "outsider" ;)

if he bombs all the muslims it will be really nice

>I can understand not wanting Hillary. but why are you voting for literally the only alternative to Hillary

I think the main reason is spite for career politicians.

Over the years, the greatness of America has been diminished. I believe that YOU, yes you, can make America great again if you vote for me. I will always put America and her interest for it

Ay yo bruh, merika aint never been great yo. Mah great great great great great grandaddy wuz a slave and for us niggas today it's even worse than when mah great great great great granddaddy wuz a slave you know what I'm sayin???

The difference is one wants to make it better. The other is just trying to get some publicity because they are shit at their sport.

For democrats it's the opposite.

>How dare Trump put Ameroca down by saying it's not great!

>Kaepernick is so brave for not standing up to our bigoted anthem!!!

As usual, zero self awareness.


Hillary feels entitled to presidency, Trump is out there busting his balls for it.

>America is not great because people who commit crimes will sometimes die at the hands of the police

>America is not great because of shitty trade deals

this exactly

>its time for a woman president
>im a woman
>im experienced in politics
>give it to me pls :3

she is truly the centerpiece for this current generation's sense of entitlement

Pretty much this.
Hillarys entire campaing has basically been "you screwed me last time by voting for the halfbreed... its my turn now" while Trump has has to fight for every win so far, despite all the hinderances hes recieved from democrats, the media, and his own party.

it's to send a message to establishment politicians and mass media

Because he says things that most of the ignorant, racist, uneducated people in this country can relate.

Hilary is popular because most of the left don't do their homework on how much of a scheming cunt she is.

There's a reason third party candidates are taking voters from both sides: they are both two of the worst candidates for president in our history.

because he wants to make it worse.

It's interesting how Trump's remarks about muslims, mexicans, walls and immigrants in general don't look like something important for you.

Has anyone found the original comic?

Because he's the only one that wants to fix the major issues in this country.

Plus he is THE anti-establishment candidate. The media hates him because their owners can't buy him, he's already a multi billionaire.

If everybody who didn't want to elect Clinton voted for a Johnson, he'd win. Right now, there's a good chance Trump loses, which is why I cannot understand that mindset of most Trump voters.

in fairness I do think hillary is pretty hard working and is reasonable talented as a politician.

She's just an absolutely terrible leader and is corrupt af.

also shit like pic related

I challenge all to watch that an not stick your middle finger up.

you'll never know because you're paid to shitpost without thinking. You'll never be able to figure out anything for your self because you've been brainwashed.

fuck off and sage.

>there's a good chance Trump loses

Have you seen the polls? He's pulling ahead and he hasn't even debated crooked Hillary yet who can't talk for 5 minutes without a coughing fit.

Johnson is a fucking joke of a libertarian. I'd consider voting for Ron Paul, but Johnson is a bitch.

Trump is the only candidate in a looong time that hasn't been bought and sold repeatedly.
I don't even necessarily agree with him on everything but this is how I see it:
WORST CASE SCENARIO Trump fucks up everything and fucks EVERYONE.
The same with Hillary means the middle and lower classes are fucked while the political and financial elite that funded her laugh to the bank.

At least with Trump the right people will be fucked too if things go south.

Please enlighten me, but why are you faggots outraged over the fact that the nigger didnt stand up, or whatever the fuck he did, for the anthem?

I mean it's literally free speech, it's peaceful and its not loud. You guys outed yourselves way too early

Belive me I dont agree with him and I definitely dont like niggers, but he had every right to do what he did

This is what an actual paid clinton shill sounds like Cred Forums, pay attention.

Because the national anthem is something you stand up for to show your respect for the country itself. For everyone who fought and died for it.

"Freedom of speech" doesn't mean everyone has to like everything you say. A lot of people don't like what Trump says about everything either.

But people aren criticizing his content, they are criticizing his methedology.

You dont have to show the respect, thats why the free speech and first amendment is there to begin with

Except he buys and sells himself (including donating to Dem candidates). He's a businessman who has only ever acted in his own self-interest, and therefore nobody should trust his sudden 180 saying he cares one damned bit for the average Joe American. He'd license space on the US flag if he could.

But I agree that the appeal of a candidate who is viewed as an outsider is strong, which is why Sanders and Paul garnered so much support from youth who want to see a real change.

But there is more to being a president than being an outsider, because there is more to governing at that level than simply being untied to political corruption. One must also have the skills and abilities to handle the position, which he clearly does not.

Because it's tradition, basically. You don't have to get crazy about it but all sports games in the US have the anthem and you should at least stand. This fucker makes millions and wants to bitch about oppression, even though every claim of BLM is an outright lie? Fuck that. He's disrespecting every man who has fought and died for this country.

Because he's the ultimate "fuck you" to you traitorous """"liberals"""".

>Calls Hilary a scheming cunt who is one of the worst candidates in our nation's history.



Why the fuck not at this point. I love the fact that both sides hate him and that he is a wild card.

>Trump doesn't have skills

How do you think he became a multi-billionaire? Luck? Hillary doesn't have the "skills" either, she just does whatever she's paid to do. A businessman of Trump's caliber has an in-depth understanding of the American economy, global trade, and the laws governing them.

I don't think he ever said that but let's roll with it
>Trump says it but backs it up with facts about the economy and how shitty the MSM is and race relations getting worse under Obama the 1st black president

>Kapershit says it because muh racism

Really corrected my record

>bilbo baggins middle finger
This faggot was one of the main reasons The Hobbit was so shit

He is a businessman and business is built on trust.
A businessman you can't trust is called a snake oil salesman.

when you think about letting Hillary and Slick Willy back into the White House it becomes easier to accept

No, they are criticising the content. Not standing for the anthem might be okay, say if you were an native american protesting the existence of the USA in the first place. But an american citizen doing that over some police brutality? Most see it as unjustified.

Why him? because he is the only other option you dumb cunt. Hillary Clinton is a mad sociopathic interventionist nutjob, Trump is just a nutjob.

I'm specifically criticising the people who say his methodology wasn't cool

Exactly. Trump says something is wrong with America and we're gonna fix it.

The black says something is wrong with America and it's the white man.


Holy shit! The first intelligent person in Cred Forums

Don't let them find out you exist or they'll just filibuster you like leddit fags with shitty memes to make sure no one listens to your well-reasoned argument

>america's not great and we're going to change our policies to fix it

>america's not great because of you filthy white devils and we're going to castrate you all and rape your sisters and daughters until your bloodline is erased from history, and then the remaining brown horde will live uneducated in poverty like they did at home

Is this a serious question, or do you really not understand context?

It's also what's implied by the statement.

He's not even a nutjob, the media just paints him as one because they're afraid. You don't get to be as wealthy and powerful as Trump by just being a nutjob.

They are criticizing the methodology because it was inappropriate, not because it is never appropriate.

Except that would never happen in a trillion years.

I get what youre saying, but your argument is on the same level as "if everyone stopped being a criminal we would have no crime"

Its overly idealistic horseshit and you know it.

Johnson is a joke. They fucked up bad by choosing him as their nominee. Even if they know they won't win, the more votes your candidate pulls a third party, the bigger chance you get more funding.

The difference between Trump and Kaepernick is that Trump says "Make America Great Again," while Kaepernick says "America was never great." People empathize with the former message and reject the latter.

His argument was already met with reasoned responses, not memes. You liberal fags are desperate. Go vote for Hillary, have fun getting drafted for WW3 with Russia.

>The black says something is wrong with America and it's the white man.
Even less than that. He just pointed at a problem (that doesn't even exist in any statistically supported way) and said "this thing is bad thing! Me no stand until bad thing GONE"

So he's complaining about a problem that doesn't exist with a solution that doesn't exist and said he won't stop complaining until it's fixed.

>Hey Goyim, just vote for Johnson. He can totally beat Hillary!
Go away shill. Also Gary Johnson is worse than Trump on policy

>Trump can't win guys
meanwhile trump is ahead in most polls and only gaining support
>if we all just vote for Johnson he will totally win
There is no universe in which Johnson will ever win, anyone encouraging people to vote for him is either A) a complete fucking idiot or B) a Clinton shill.

that's a lot of unfounded speculation, sir

Wow he destroyed what looks like 90% of the 'behind the scenes' footage with him in it. It's always the little guys.

The National Anthem is seen as a moment of solidarity and respect for the country, the people, and the American way normally. Which normally nobody really gives a shit as long as you quiet and respectful.

But the National Anthem at a football game or major event that is national is usually a symbol of supporting the troops. Which Americans tend to be very picky about since its the way most people virtue signal about supporting the troops. The media blew it out of proportion to support the BLM/SJW narrative and the shit show began. That's pretty much it


Good post, you deserve the digits.

Ofcourse it's not appropriate

The point of free speech is to be allowed to be inappropriate. We dont have free speech to be allowed to say "gee this cake tastes really good". It's meant to allowe people to say uncomfortable opinions (provided you aren't physically hurting anyone)

You thinking that's inappropriate is literally not an argument against free speech

White men give solutions.

Niggers cry.

Johnson is the worst choice of his party of all the parties.

Trump is pointing out America's not great because of turds like Kaepernick though.

Johnson is a TPP supporter making him controlled opposition. He also isn't charismatic enough to lead.

Because most people grow out of libertarianism quite early

Yes you're allowed to say what you want under free speech. But free speech does NOT mean you are immune from consequences if your speech disrespects others. Especially when it's based on a false premise in the first place.


Especially when blacks commit violent crime at a FAR higher rate than any other race in the US. More rape, more murder, more armed robbery, etc. And then they want to bitch that the police aren't nice to them. If you ask me, I think the police should give them what they want and stop policing their neighborhoods. Just contain the violence and don't let it leak into white neighborhoods.

No one is against free speech, where the fuck are you getting that from?

Nobody anywhere ever claimed it should be illegal to sit during the national anthem because of that nigger. People are just pissed that he did it. Their not saying he shouldn't have legally been allowed to.

There's no expectation that a business is going to act in any way besides pursuit of profits. A business that doesn't pursue profits (via politicians or otherwise) is a bad business that's doomed to fail.

There IS an expectation that a politician is going to act morally and honorably. A politician who creates laws for a country with a profit motive in mind is corrupt and not fit for the office.

Hillary DEFINITELY violates the moral standard that a politician ought to be held to.

Trump hasn't' yet violated that moral standard. He's never been a politician so we don't know if he'll be corrupt or not.

People who say "trump is corrupt" don't understand this simple point.

The vast majority of American voters have never heard of Gary Johnson. He also won't appear in the debates. You have to be a fool to think he has a shot at anything. That's why we've consolidated behind Trump, he's a major party candidate with a realistic shot at winning.

Never would I consider voting for the corrupt cunt or any of her democrat cronies. I have become so sick of democrats in recent years I am no longer going to consider any of them on my ballot, now and in the future. I'm voting Republican or independent candidates from now on. This PC bullshit surge from Obama will only get worse under Clinton. It's a big reason for me sticking behind Trump, because I am extremely anti-PC. Also Trump would appoint conservative justices to better defend the Constitution instead of liberals who want to repeal the second amendment (most important amendment) and piss away the rest of our liberties.


Because of this

It seems like ingratitude - his dad was black and abandoned his mom, he was raised by two white parents who treated him well, he's f*n rich, doing well, the system has been good to him. What more could he ask for? But because he's a grouchy black with a fucked up identity he does this. It seems self-indulgent to the max, acting out against the wrong target, although on reflection it's perhaps not surprising.

angry manlet

I'm not a lib, you stupid fuck. I voted for Ted Cruz- the one that actually is conservative. The one who actually got illegals put to death for raping little girls.

Trump never gave a fuck about anything other than his self-interests, which is why he's promising the elderly moar gibsmedats and supports trannies in the ladies room. Since all you retarded degenerates can't read something that's more than 2 sentences and doesn't have a picture, I've got a meme for you.


Yes, it means you are immune against certain consequences. If I say you look like a faggot, you aren't legally allowed to hit my physically. You're allowed to say I'm a faggot aswell, but you are not allowed to hit me

When you complain about the methodology in which he expressed his opinions, you are implying you want to limit them (and the only way to do that is to rewrite the law or vigilante way)

Because he's going to assblast liberals and SJWs for at least the next four years, hopefully eight.

Assuming he doesn't get cucked once he's in office he will hopefully start rolling back all of this gay shit that's turned us as a country into a bunch of sniveling safe space tumblr triggered pussies.

In summary, he will make America great again.

Hillary will lock in the demographics forever by raining welfare on nigs and spics to continue to produce democrat voters while the whites are guilted more and more to pay more money to them and not have kids of their own. The detroitization of america will occur, and history books in asia (the only civilized place left in a few hundred years) will teach of this as the downfall of the west. Libs always fuck things up. Look to Africa and the projected 4 billion population in just 100 years because of white guilt liberal organizations there. Honestly modern liberalism may be considered the most destructive force in history by historians. Genociding an entire race while ensuring every other brown country is destined to strife and poverty by overpopulation.

I have never heard anyone say that you stupid leaf. Most whites vote for Trump because they want to protect their tribe, and most non-whites vote against Trump because they want to protect theirs. - Simple.

It could be said that many Whites are voting for Trump to preserve American culture. Well, it is our duty to impress upon these Whites that culture is a racial construct, and that American culture is, as such, White culture.

Trump is an anti-globalist cuck who has nationalist themes to his policies and speeches.

It's enough for me as a citizen living in a 'post-national' shit hole.

Trump: "America's not great, let's make it great again." -"yeah!!!"
Kapernick: "America's not great, because of white privilege and shit..." - "boo!!!"

Because mudslimes launched coordinated (though lame) attacks against the US yesterday, yet I'm being told every day that we should have a heart and let in more refugees.

Why would the electoral college change their vote when they have already decided the winner?

The campaigning has been done. Don't pretend those fuckers aren't bought out

I don't support Trump because he's conservative or liberal or progressive or republican or any other label you dumb fuck. I support him because I agree with his policies. Try being an informed voter instead of just voting for your "team".

Free speech only means you're immune from legal consequences. It does not mean that people aren't allowed to disagree with you or say that what you said/did is bullshit, disrespectful, and flat-out wrong.

>a swede implying vigilantism is bad
How's that working out for you? Anyway there has been no vigilante out hunting the spoiled fucker.

is that the white pride world wide logo on the left side ?

>When you complain about the methodology in which he expressed his opinions, you are implying you want to limit them (
No you're not. You're just being critical how how he chose to express his opinion. Which is also free speech.

You're basically implying being critical of someone's opinion and how they say them, means you want to make it illegal to say those opinions or say them in that way. Which is obviously nonsense.

>Hillary will doom America

This. By legalizing all the illegals and bringing in millions of "refugees" the Dems are securing their political establishment because those groups always vote left. If Hillary wins, America as we know it is dead unless there is a revolution. Such massive demographic change will prevent any republican or just right-wing candidate from winning in the future.

No that's the french flag

... 2nd try. Because America has been good to him, and he can't 'tip his hat' to the country and not make a spectacle of himself dissing it. You say not standing is not 'loud' - well, a pro football player doing that is loud. Yes he has the right, but people really feel ingratitude, and him doing that is like a middle finger, treachery, a declaration of war.

I honestly wish I could laugh my ass off when /lol/ starts crying its eyes out and clenching from the butthurt after Dolan Tramp breaks all his campaign promises, but I actually love America and don't want to see it go down the tubes.

What's your plan to save America then? Hillary? Because it's her or Trump. And if anyone would support voting reform to finally give third parties a voice in America, it would be Trump. Not establishment-to-the-bone Hillary.

I agree. But I despise her mostly because she's a corrupted liberal. Either way, Trump could run this country better than she could.

>Actually believing CTR is real and on this board

This. I love hearing Trump debate and BTFO liberals, but he's flip floppy as fuck on political positions. He's been BTFO by Bill O'Reilly multiple times on never being able to kick out illegals, never being able to build his wall etc.

I thank Trump for waking a lot of people up, but when he gets in he's not going to be able to delivery on many promises. He'll probably keep delivering good bants though.

I do somewhat worry about him starting WW3 though, but then I don't know if Hillary is much better there...

user ponders deep political thoughts

Basically this.

Trump is the ultimate protest vote.

He has shocked the GOP and if he wins, the Democrats. Causing both parties to change for the better hopefully.

Why would Trump start WW3? He's on good terms with Russia, while Hillary trash talks them nonstop and threatens them with military action.

But Trumps wants to fix it and that useless fuck just wants to complain until white people give more.

Disruption to the political establishment/ crony capitalism/p2p politics. The way the government lies to its country's denizens disturbs me. They should serve the peoples interests but they dont even care.
Aside from a coup or rebellion, I don't think another method exists.
I speculate Trump will bring some type a reform after all the time he has interacted with this government. I simply have observed many government officials siding with the practiced politician, Hillary. They have entrenched themselves in the political system so deeply, they concomitantly endorse her. To me, that speaks volumes enough.

Btw, that image doesnt even make sense. People have backed Colin and others have condemed Donald. What that comic doesnt tell you everone in those frames have a voice. Whoever created it is a retard.

>$0.05 has been deposited into your account. Thanks for Correcting the Record(tm)!

Johnson wont build wall. Stopping all new immigration is key. Here it is.

1.Build wall.
2.Kick out any illegals caught doing serios crime. Violence/drugs/theft whatever limit you want.
3. Give the ones that are working a plan to become new citizens. 10 year plan or something citizenship test fine whatever.
4.Make businesses liable for hiring non citizens. Stop illegal immigration from this point on.

If immigration is good for the country make a politicians run on the idea till people actually vote for it.

Trump isn't on good terms with Russia. Russia like him right now. Once he's president Putin will stop sucking his cock and start playing political games with him. I'm a bit concerned about Trump getting easily embarrassed or insulted by the russians for not getting his way and very quickly raising tensions.

He also has terrible relations with europe and china.

But I agree. Hillary might be just as bad. In general, I think Trump will get one better with Russia. They seem to have good rapport.

America is in a bad state right now its not great if you vote for me i will do everything in my power to fix it and make it great again

Ayyo we wuz slaves and shet fuck the da polace for shooting and killing dangerous criminals

I'm not voting for him because he says he's conservative. I'm voting for him because he actually does conservative things. I calculated my tax savings from Ted Cruz's tax plan, and I would save $11k/yr. I'm voting for Ted Cruz because it's not my job to pay for your grandmother's healthcare and retirement, you lazy piece of shit.

>I don't support Trump because he's conservative or liberal or progressive or republican or any other label

Bullshit- you support him because his label is 'national socialist.'

I went to one of his rallies in person, and he actually sounds dumber unedited than even CNN tries to make him sound. You guys are only voting for him because the liberal media is trying desperately to make him sound like a radical right-winger thinking that will somehow make him less popular. He's not alt-right, he's just a fucking con man.

That is honestly a good point. I have a lot of distrust towards Trump's approach to diplomacy (particularly his disastrous visit to Mexico and inflammatory remarks directed at the UK and Russia).
There is a very real possibility Trump would start a war or use nuclear weapons. Super scary, I'll take Clinton/Johnson/Stein over world war 3 any day!

>Not believing CTR tries to manipulate and erode the """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""Alt-Right""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

kek, how deluded does someone have to be to think that Johnson stands even the slightest chance.
>b-but if le every one..
Fuck off.

Trump is a wild card but I'll take him over Hillary any day. While you're right you're also wrong, Trump actually has a history of showing a lot of sincerity and care for the country.

Trump is a wildly successful businessman, if you think he doesn't have the skills you're delusional. The only thing we have to worry about is Trump not trying to fix the market, where elites trample over the middle and poor classes.

You think foreign affairs could be worse? Nobody respects Obama. Putin dislikes him, the phillipines and China just disrespected him too. We need someone with a spine and who isn't controlled by these faggot liberals in office. Trump would actually try to be allies with Russia and fight the real threat, the democrats want to keep Russia as a prime scapegoat though. They're our le mortal enemy still.

Yet that title should really go to China. But nah, Obama and Hillary and their unit just created Isis and armed them. They created an issue to deal with some other issues and now they are dealing with the problem they originally created. All to "save" the people. The oldest scheme in the goddamn book.


You have a point in than Putin likes Trump because he knows Hillary is gonna push WW3 and he doesn't want that.

But it's not impossible for the US and Russia to be on good terms with each other. Bush and Putin were alright. And given that Trump is an isolationist while Bush, Obama, and Hillary are interventionists, there will be less reason for the US and Russia to be at each other's throats.

You act like I support socialism you dipshit. Cruz says he's a conservative while he watches the country goes down the drain. He's nothing but another establishment politician.

I'm voting for Trump because I want the US to not be overrun by people who don't give a fuck about American values.

That zero self awareness goes both ways

I'm not sure Hillary is much better? She seems to want to start shit with Iran almost immediately. That administrations seems hopelessly unable to do anything to improve the middle eat. Constantly destroying any form of government, while telling all the islamic extremist rebels that they are a "religion of peace" that they will work to prevent anyone criticising.

I'd rather Hillary die and Biden come in. Both Hillary and Trump are terrible options for world stability. There's no avoiding it.

>his disastrous visit to Mexico

Hello shill, trumps visit went great but the people bitches about it, that's all.

Trump wants America to mind its own business and stop playing world police.

Hillary wants to continue the policy we've had for too long, Americans dying all over the world for issues that don't affect us.

>I genuinely want to know why anybody could support trump

IDK. Maybe its THE MANS ENTIRE LIFE of being based? Look up his story. The man is a living legend, sent by god himself to MAGA.

Vote trump. Or get murdered.

He doesnt have bad relation with Europe, the EU dont represent Europe, the jews shall not represent Europe, also do you really think Trump is somebody that is easily mocked ? he fuels on banter, insulting him only make him stronger

>But it's not impossible for the US and Russia to be on good terms with each other.
That's true. Let's put some hope into that.

A US+Russia coalition in controlling world affairs could be pretty nice. Killing muslims wherever they find them. Maybe even put pressure on europe to start kicking muslims out or killing them in the interest of global stability.

But yeah, I just worry about Trump. He doesn't like to be upstaged, and has a huge ego. So does Putin. I'm not sure Trump will have the tack to work well with putin. One of the big red flags for trump you know is fuck all business leaders he's actually worked with have come out in support of him. People who work with trump usually get fucked over, that's Trumps style, and he's open and proud about it.

Provide some examples.

>He doesn't have bad relation with Europe
yes he does. Any country that matters doesn't like him.

>also do you really think Trump is somebody that is easily mocked


you are mad, dont you have a bull to prep ?

Because fuck Muslims that's why

Let me put it to you this way. If Hillary becomes president...

We know she's broken the law countless times. We know she has accepted bribes from George Soros and Saudi Arabia. You pray to God that pneumonia takes her life or someone kills her. Tim Kaine is still bad, but we could at least survive 4 years of him.

If Donald becomes president...

He's full of shit, but he hasn't done anything yet. You give him a chance, and if he turns out to be just like Hillary, you pray to God someone assassinates him. Mike Pence is decent enough, I could be happy if Trump dies and leaves him to run the country.

Either way, you PRAY TO GOD just to make it through.

So you see, Trump is theoretically the best option by virtue of presidential succesison, but he is not a conscionable vote. There are only so many compromises a reasonable man can make. If Trump or Clinton manages to win and stay in office for >2 years, they could irreparably weaken America and put a lot of good hard-working people in poverty. That's why I'm going to write-in for Cruz and PRAY FOR A MIRACLE.

He.. uh.... speaks his mind!

He, uh... he will run the country like a business!

Uh, uhm.... build wall?

She's actually the poster child for the boomer generation

>you are mad
I really like trump. I'm worried he might start WW3 though. But i don't particularly see hillary as any less likely.

>things have gone to shit, you can see that for yourself, I plan to fix it

>people who look like me aren't getting more than people who aren't, that just ain't fair man

he wouldn't win, there is a reason most third party candidates are not taken seriously . johnson doesn't know what the fuck is going on, like most 3rd party candidates he has a very narrow view , guys like him are great at the state and local level but they have no place in the federal level.

>trump - bad
>hillary - really bad


You're assuming Clinton wouldn't start a war. She's been fanning the flames for nearly 25 years now and making a killing off the spoils.

What I don't get is why the average Cred Forums user thinks one of her longtime friends and campaign contributors is the answer.

I agree with most of his policies on things like immigration and social aspects. He will keep the US from becoming a third world shit hole like Hillary will. He has standards. The only thing I disagree with him on is the environment. He is the only actual candidate running this election. Hillary Clinton is fucking insane.


Stop shitposting on a Laoatian cat-racing forum and go die of a stroke Shillary

Don't throw your vote away. Vote for Trump there is no way anything insane will go through he'll just prevent the US from culturally collapsing and being destroyed.

Attacking the current state of America and attacking the symbol of America are two different things.

>I have a plan but nobody needs to know it, trust me I know what is best
Fixed. Trump has no interest in you or your race or the country. This is a vanity project for him, nothing more. We dont need an easily triggered crybaby who gets in twitter fights to lead the goddamn country.

Trump is definitely going to win. There are going to be so many white voters that don't normally vote. People with any bit of brain can tell that Trump is the only possible candidate this election.

>ill believe everythimg Cred Forums says about hillary

>1 post by this ID
>I'll take Clinton
Posting frogs trying to masquerade as one of us isn't going to work, you fucking shill. It's also pretty apparent by the way you worded your post you're clearly not from here as well.

>Trump is definitely going to win
God November is going to be glorious. Coastal cities will be flooded as your tears raise the sea levels a Lex Luthor us going to make a killing in Tennessee beach front property.

So easy to write off opinions you dont agree with, huh? Just cover your ears and think of Trump tenderly pinching your nipples.

>You act like I support socialism

Yes. Because you do in fact support Trump. You want moar gibsmedats in the form of social security and medicare. Trump supports universal healthcare, and you support him every step of the way. You are a socialist. You might not be a leftist cuck like most American socialists, but you're still a bootlicker.

>Cruz says he's a conservative while he watches the country goes down the drain.

How did he just stand and watch? Right now, he's filibustering a bill that turns US control over the internet to a multinational corporation that could be influenced by the Chinese, the Germans, the Brits, or the Russians. He's already managed to shut down the government twice. What more do you want and what makes you think Trump would even go as far?

>He's nothing but another establishment politician.

He is most definitely not the establishment. I don't know if you noticed, but Yeb Bush, John Boner, and Mitch McCunthole were pretty desperate to stop him. Read his Senate voting record, and you will see whose side he's on.


I don't attack all different opinions, it was just that that particular post set off my shill detector. There's other hill-support type posts on here but I feel they're more genuine.

Shill or not, that user definitely hasn't been around here long.

Im pretty sure Cruz is against net neutrality.

>being this much of a faggot after CTR putted themselves, documents were released, and multiple coordinated efforts to control the board were attempted
At least your mom was a good fuck

I think expecting people to just act like everyone else is a poor idea. That kind of thinking brought down Cred Forums in the past. Same shit that makes discussion here impossible.

You are fighting the wrong fight. Yeah I understand you are going to write in Cruz - Hell I wrote in Ron Paul when Romney was running. But Cruz is out. he lost the primary. game over.

Now it is between the bitch and Trump.

I personally like Trump. I love his economic policies. I read them and thought they were both out of the box and genius. I like that he speaks his mind.

But regardless, get over it. Your boy lost.

>america is not great but we will fix it
>america is not great, it's fucked i hate it fuck you

How a nigger end up with a surname like this?

>America isn't great and I want to do something about it
>America isn't great so I'll sit through a time honored tradition


It's pretty farfetched to claim you understand Trump's nebulous economic policies when even Trump himself doesn't.

He was adopted by a white couple from Wisconsin.

Except that candidate Dude Weed brags about being more of a liberal than Shillary. I gave him $25 a couple months ago and came to regret it last month. His running mate is an establishment republican, they think "religious freedom is a black hole", and that "All Lives Matter is a dog whistle for racists."

He's almost as cucked as Bernie

Take the online test to see which candidate you are most aligned with based on record and speeches.
>93% aligned with Trump
>5% aligned with that lying diseased and murderous bitch Hillary.
Gee you tell me... BTW not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary.


literally this
just this
this is it
this is all the thread needed,
we can go home now.

Crazy bitch almost faceplanted.

Hillary is insane and evil.

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Fucking knocked that fucking baseball right out of the fucking park with the fucking bases fucking loaded.

Supporting Trump is primarily the domain of the under-educated and the over-privileged. They lack perspective and the ability to think critically. These are people that believe the US succeeded on the basis of a set of values and norms that will continue to be effective in perpetuity. In truth, the US got lucky that the rest of the world busily tore itself apart for 50 years. Surely, there were some advantages the US had, not the least of which were it's work ethic and (at the time) dynamic and established infrastructure, but possibly the biggest advantage was geographical isolation.

So in the sense that they want to 'make america great again' - 'again' being the operative word, all they would have to do is:
-Get Europe to start fighting again
-Return China and southeast Asia to a pre-industrial economy again
-Have Russia purge itself out of competency again (actually, this one might be the most likely of the bunch)
-Place the middle east under colonial control again

Then given all of the above, America could get away with being both 'great' and 'under-educated'. Should be easy, no?

You seem new here. We have had epic debates over them. It boils down to this genius combination:

#1 Leaving our cold-war inspired imperialist tax codes behind & changing the corporate tax code to be world-beating removing incentive for companies to invest overseas rather than domestically.
#2 Giving snp 500 companies a tax holiday to repatriate their billions held overseas for domestic investments.
#3 tweaking trade agreements to be sure domestic companies can be globally competitive. For example (not going to bother doing a google search for you) how many American cars are on the road in Japan and why?

Johnson is fucking terrible.

Trump is real. Hillary is an illusion.

portugalball == basedball


Nope, CTR never comes here.

>Supporting Trump is primarily the domain of the under-educated and the over-privileged.

way to straddle a line there bub. I guess a better way of saying that is that Trump has wide appeal across the entire republican base. Which is why he won the primary. duh.


Blue-collar voters certainly make up the bulk of Trump’s large coalition, but he is also doing very well among Republicans with college degrees. In six of the statewide GOP exit polls so far, Trump was the most popular candidate among college-educated voters. In another six, he was their second-place choice. (Only in Oklahoma did Trump fall out of the top two among those with college degrees.) A large number of college Republicans count themselves as Trump supporters as well.

>1 post by this ID

Johnson is literally no different from Clinton. He is a cuck funded by globalist industrialists and Jewish financiers.

>there's a good chance Trump loses
>I have no idea what polls are

Klassic mom diss bro.
*fist bump

>I genuinely want to know why anybody could support trump.

Thank you for:




Candidate CLINTON
and the
C.T.R. Initiative
have deposited 2 Shekels into your account.
You've earned a chance at a BONUS*
D U B S: Lord KEK breeds the autism out of your line.

T R I P S: You never existed.

Q U A D S or Higher: Hillary strokes out after 1st debate.

I don't agree with everything Trump says, I have my issues with the guy, but one thing I do know is that he's a straight shooter that's not "politicing". Outside of some blatantly retarded things he's said to bait the media, and cater to the low IQ side of his support, I believe the guy is a mastermind, and has America/Americans at the center of his interests. Where as Hillary is the polar opposite.

The right red more than one book? The left read the same thing over and over?

would honestly rather have clinton than fucking johnson. fuck that cuck


> I genuinely want to know why anybody could support trump. I can get not wanting hillary but why him?

Hillary is just one face of a vast globalist empire, she will promise everything, but would only deliver more of the same globalist shit that we have been getting for decades now.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a Vote for the Wall street cronies that crashed our economy back in about 2009.

And they just want to wreck the American economy EVEN MORE, to steal all of the value of the planet, and reduce the world to abject poverty.

Why do you want to die, senpai?

Trump is excellent.

A great leader and a great man, by all accounts.

But we all know that Johnson would lose to Al Leppo

>le open borders what is aleppo weedmemer

Why are Trumpfags generally the lowest of low info voters?

Love the catheter, the 666 wrist buttons, and the pyramid (illuminati) earrings. Ben really puts attention to detail.

Keking at the Katy Perry, Soros, and mudslimes in the crowd.

More like the left read books from the same series, by the same publisher.

"approved litterature" so to say.

trump voters are the most high-info voters in history. we're the first information-age voters. which is why this is the first legitimate election in history. because we're connected to what is actually happening instantly through the internet

Just because America is good to him doesn't mean it's good to others. Hence why he's not standing in regard to police brutality of other innocents.

You don't understand because you're retarded OP.
Not to mention your faggotry

How about that band for her adult diapers?

Very nice.

>Why are Trumpfags generally the lowest of low info voters?
why are you posting toph in every thread faggot?

>trump voters are the most high-info voters in history.

Over 65 years old
Old stupid white guys
Didn't go to college or graduate high school
Believe in conspiracy theories
Support Reaganomics

Sounds pretty retarded by my standards.

>1 post by this ID

>why are you posting toph in every thread faggot?

Toph supports strong women like Hillary.

I mean, it beats Hillary supporters that are voting for her for the sake of her gender

>I mean, it beats Hillary supporters that are voting for her for the sake of her gender

Hillary is a proven leader. Hillary is fighting for the middle class. Tax the rich, increased spending on welfare, public option healthcare, legal abortion and gay marriage. All things Trump hates.

>top panel: make America great again!
>bottom panel: America was never great!

Fixed that for you.

>I will tax the middle class

>America was never great!

That is correct

actually it's mostly the younger crowd. dumbass. it's mostly the more intelligent people. it's mostly males. (women are unintelligent). it's mostly people with jobs and skills (who are far smarter than college types these days, since every idiot goes to college for bullshit degrees and has no idea how anything works). and reagenomics has nothing to do with trump. he's literally a centrist democrat with populist and natrionalistic traditionalism.

sounds like you're the uninformed ones. which sounds about right; everyone that is against trump literally just believes shit they hear on facebook, from their friends, from fucking MSM.

it's possible that the people who are not voting trump this year represent the very worst humanity has had to offer, in terms of both intent and intelligence.

you are among the worst plebian underclass and you're scared and angry because we're fucking winning and that is very, very bad news for you.

there is some very, very bad news for you.

Became? He was BORN a future multi-billionaire thanks to his family's money. He didn't have to earn a single cent (and in fact hasn't)!

kill yourself faggot.

>A businessman of Trump's caliber has an in-depth understanding of the American economy, global trade, and the laws governing them.

More like he rigged the economy so he can get rich and nobody else can.

Trump is literally running to represent America
Colin refuses to represent our country during an international sport.
That's the difference. The latter turned his back on the country.

I mean so does Donald Trump for the most part. He wants to repeal Obamacare, is fine with abortion as long as it's legal, and could care less about gay marriage. The only thing that he would not do is increase spending on welfare, but instead provide opportunities for the impoverished areas to have equal opportunity instead of increasing the minimum wage or making abortions more readily available

>actually it's mostly the younger crowd.

No where does Trump have any significant support from younger people, who tend to be less white and more liberal overall than older boomers.

We can agree multicult has failed.
If brown people don't like the country they should leave or be removed forcefully

you are an idiot. he's never had the power to do that.

he made money like a business and he didn't break the laws, you fucking tinfoil hatter.

>pseudopatriot confirmed

I don't understand. He's expressing his opinion. Why do you want him to kill yourself?

>I mean so does Donald Trump for the most part.


>is fine with abortion as long as it's legal, and could care less about gay marriage

Bullshit, said both should be illegal.

>The only thing that he would not do is increase spending on welfare, but instead provide opportunities for the impoverished areas to have equal opportunity instead of increasing the minimum wage or making abortions more readily available

Oh course a Reagan worshiping cocksucker like yourself would say that. You probably are a millionaire and don't care about us working class folk.

>he's never had the power to do that.

Yes he did. he even said he bribed politicians to do what he said. He said it on national television during a debate. He bragged about his oligarchy he created. Are you fucking insane?

Doesn't it work the opposite for liberals?

Jesus, why the fuck are you so angry? He never said anything about making gay marriage illegal and has ultimately said that abortion should only be prohibited if it's illegal.

trump is winning 60-75% of the 25-30 male crowd, 40-50% of the female. 40% male/female of the 18-25 crowd. 55% of the 30-50 crowd. 70% of the 50+ crowd.

it's a motherfucking landslide.

because he's an enemy of the state.

you're a red-handed liar. he never, ever said that. he has never, ever bribed, and has never, ever said that he has. he's never USED the word oligarchy. you're so fucking desperate, just making shit up out of thin air.

realize that you've lost. it's over. the nation is no longer in the hands of people like you.

your hysterical that you don't give a shit if it's true or not no longer cuts any shit.

new fucking order coming. and you're left behind.

It goes both ways. Honestly, let both of them say/protest whatever they want without getting harsh drawbacks.

No, you're the enemy of the state for not wanting dissenting freedom of speech/protest. Hell, you probably don't even care about the Constitution.


Johnson is a literally who. He won't.
The worst about him is that he's pretty much a pro-SJW Neocon, almost as bad as Clinton if not worse. Not a single hint of "libertarianism" in him.

bless you

In you image the difference is that one is out there saying how he wants to fix it while the other thinks it's enough to disrespect it.

>? He never said anything about making gay marriage illegal




dissent is a different idea.

thinking your OWN country is shit, make you an enemy.

such a person should be carefully observed and then fucked over hard the instant they break the smallest rule. and today we have the technology to do that.

>he's never USED the word oligarchy.

He's a literal oligrach. Pay for play for politicians like Pam Bondi is literally oligarchy.

Notice how the hillshill didn't reply to your post. It's because they know it's true and they can't bullshit their way out of it.

Shill's getting pretty angry it's not being paid enough.

He's not going to reverse same sex marriage. I know liberals don't have common sense though.

The lord Kek has willed it, who are you to question the appointed leader?

that article is clickbait bullshit. NOWHERE does it show he said that. because he didn't.

no, he's a literal REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER.

stop doing drugs.

he's never "paid for politicians".

you only sound desperate when you make bizarre conspiracy theories up and blatantly lie. how stupid do you think we are? no one is falling for it.

>He's not going to reverse same sex marriage.

When he appoints three conservative Supreme Court justices he will. And abortion goes bye bye. Oh and now guns are legal for terrorists.

They will also deny the millions donated to crooked hillary by wall street bankers, soros fund managment, various news organizations, and foreign governments, especially middle eastern ones like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Just stop debating the shill, remember they get paid by the post.

>NOWHERE does it show he said that. because he didn't.




I know somebody who was born with a million in assets to his name. Hes broke as fuck and lives with his mom at the ripe old age of 26 because he thought he could pay his way through life. You need to be above a 90 IQ to coast by on money like that.

Goddamn, what is up with Hillary supporters and being triggered? You just feed into the stereotype that all liberals are this butthurt and full of emotions lmao. Fuck off Shillaryfag if you're just going to be triggered this whole discussion

>it's to send a message to establishment politicians and mass media
by burning down your own house by electing someone who has no concept of governing? the only message is that you are too stupid to be trusted with democracy

You're going to have to suck it up babycakes, because Trump is going to win, not matter how much you pout like a bitch.

Their world view is slowly crumbling before them and they are becoming increasingly insane.

Electing Trump will be the first step in fighting the disease of political correctness and globalism.

Johnson does not represent the sentiments of most of the working class.

If you voted for Trump and only did a trial presidency for FOUR years, you could give you and your friends enough time to find a better candidate, if that is possible.

If we end up being right about everything, and Trump is president, at least you will have a lot more to gain while you try to find someone better to represent you.

The left needs to take a break from government work and reassess their structure.

You guys let a criminal take someone's nomination away and instead of revolting, you guys submitted.

ssssso you admit you were lying. nice to know you're full of shit.

>Just stop debating the shill, remember they get paid by the post.

someone has to do it.

you are just fucking claiming BULLSHIT with ZERO FUCKING EVIDENCE.


you are NUTS. you're just making shit up in your head based off some sort of vague assumption about what the news is saying only because YOU KNOW MOST PEOPLE WON'T LOOK IT UP.



so either you fucking PROVE something, or you shut the fuck up and leave. because you're so full of chickenshit that it stinks.

guess what hillary said she was going to sacrifice babies to jews, muahhaha! see how that works? except we're not stupid or low or desperate enough to try that shit.

so you take your lying ass back to CTR and try again. because no one believes you, and hillary is fucking OVER and she's going to DIE within a few years at the longest, with her soul and entire life ambition CRUSHED.

Trump 2016. Make America great again. He's the only sane candidate, and he's with us.

Non vote or vote for 3rd party affects the head to head count by 0.5 vote. Switching your vote from one to other affects it by a 1.0 votes

>believing liberal propaganda sites

I feel like Johnson would do well for the working class. Both him and Bill Weld have created jobs as governors in their respective states and have had some of the lowest unemployment numbers in their administration.

>#1 Leaving our cold-war inspired imperialist tax codes

WTF does that even mean? It's like talking to a feminist who just throws around buzzwords to make herself sound smart. You didn't even say anything of actual meaning. What exactly is this "world-beating incentive?"

#2 So American companies shouldn't be investing and building in other countries? Those are called exports. When the US exports, THAT IS GOOD. When Americans put their wealth into building manufacturing plants that are owned and run by Americans, when Americans are the ones at the top of the corporate food chain getting paid even though workers and manufacturers are getting paid as citizens of their own country, that is good for us. Also, Ted Cruz's flat tax would have closed the loophole that kept them from paying corporate income taxes as Americans.

#3 Once again, no specific real policy there. Every fucking presidential candidate who ever ran said they would do the same thing.

Also, American-market Toyota, Honda, and Nissan cars are manufactured in America with non-union AMERICAN labor in the south, you fucking retard. I'm not a communist, so I won't buy Ford, Dodge, or GM, which are all manufactured in Detroit with union labor. Hell, I won't knowingly buy anything made with union labor, so all the northern states can suck my dick. Enjoy your commie cars, pinko dipshit.

this narrative might be the absolute best to suggest to the left, four years of Trump is better than our other options right now... if the left is so strong, they will have time to find a new candidate and win the next election if we are wrong about everything (we aren't wrong)

we have a lot more to worry about than gay marriage...
what fucking good does it do if you have the right to marry but let in achmed who wants to throw you off a roof for being gay? they already started beating up gay/trans people in europe. wake up man. those rights you fight for are non-essential when it comes to national safety. or are you that full of yourself that you can't put off getting married so you can have a country to call home

You guys are retards

>And abortion goes bye bye
Oh no, how will I fulfill my baby-killing fetish?
This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened!

No he wouldn't.
feeling isn't knowing.
He is for open borders.
No working man wants anything to do with someone who lets in illegals who fuck up the job market.

Low unemployment numbers do not equate to people being happy. It's just a virtue signal for the lazy.

Remind me again how net neutrality is supposedly good, and remind me how Ted Cruz ever supposedly showed any kind of support for net neutrality?


>bix nood
every fucking time

trump has real issues with how america is being ran, cumpernick is just responding to propaganda, the police aren't on the hunt for blacks and you have to be amazingly stupid to believe this. on the other hand, the country is suffering from criminals crossing the southern border, they want you to believe it's a bunch of dora exploras crossing the border with their little pink backpacks but it's really drug and human trafficking going back and forth across that border, that's why we need to secure it, not because some mexican wants to come here and pick grapes

And somehow deporting all 11 million illegals out of this country will be more practical how? Proposing the deportation of 11 million imigrants is such a lunatic proposal, especially when you think of the pratical implications, that Gary Johnson would have to try very hard for 20 years to match this Trump insanity. His emotionally driven rant is nothing compared to the insane Trump proposal itself. And Gary Johnson's proposal to make working visas more accessible and less strict is what's going to end illegal immigration. Look at the 1950s and 60s, where under the Bracedo worker's program illegal immigration was at its lowest.


It's because if you don't vote for either of the two parties it is a wasted vote.

Fixed it for ya.

Predictable post by a predictable flag.

Is someone trying to poison Canada's reputation on here or are you all really just Maple Jews?

Say what? Trump isn't a politician you dipshit. Name a government office he's held. I'll wait.

one le upboat

Does anyone have that hilarious image of Trump Snope stories?

Like about the black statistics he posted on Twitter being "Pants on fire lie, stats are slightly off"

>Literally decades of political experience

Based roach

Damn what is that font?

Trump fags BTFO 176 TIMES!!! AND YET YOU'LL VOTE FOR HIM! What the actual fuck. Has it really come to this pol? Have you become so desperate you'll elect a nigger teir candidate?