Do you support Assad or the Rebels?

Do you support Assad or the Rebels?

hopefully as many will die on both sides as humanly possible

Assad seems like someone who chose the wrong ally even if it was the more noble decision.

Whoever is better for Israel and Europe.

I want to stay out of it and let Russia handle shit.

Neither. Why would anyone care some petty little foreign conflict? Things were much when we ignored foreign conflicts and let other people get on with their own fighting.

Why would I support various invading foreign wahabbist jihadis and genocidal communist inbreds who have ruined what was once a prosperous thriving nation?


Assad. I'm tired of democracy experiment in the middle east. Time to stabilize the situation, kill those who resist.



Neither, they are both terrible. Whoever wins, Syria loses.

>let Russia handle shit.
And Iran too. The US will never have to balls to burn a city to the ground again.

Lol we have better things to do then worry about the shit east
>not getting ready to fight China and fucking North Koreas women
>not getting ready for an invasion of Ukraine to anal fuck the goat fucker himself Putin

why would i support them ?
do any of them support me ?

>underrated post

pretty rare. How's things in Oman?

On the streets of Latakia, the battle rages on
Syrian people fighting for their land
Fought the french, british and now the kikes too
Gotta help them, support Al Assad

Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Smash! Smash! The Fsa!
Remember the victims of their bombs

Gotta change our policies and hang the Fsa
Let Bashar deal with them his way
Corrupt politicians and sniveling left-wing scum
Are quite content to let them get away
Come on Al Assad

FSA supporters are marching on our streets
Are we gonna let them spread their lies?
Are we gonna let them march or are we gonna smash them?
Laughing while the Syrian people die
Come on Hezbollah!

The Rebels. Anything is better than a sectarian totalitarian psycho dictatorship at this point.


You mean like there is in Western darling Saudi Arabia?


I support israel!

>leaf politics

Assad can't regain control of that shithole because he's from a different sect of Islam.

So he needs to be taken out in order to stop the war and refugees.

If you're a European who doesn't understand this please kindly kill yourself. Thank you!


>tfw Israel and the Shia bloc refuse to be friends

If they could just make peace, they could team up to eliminate the Sunni Arab and Turkscum, and the Middle East could enter an era of peace, prosperity and happiness.

What would it take for them to stop being enemies? Assad is obviously rational and doesn't mind Israel in theory. Same with Lebanon/Hezbollah. They're not maniacs, they cooexist with Christians just fine. Iraqi Shias have had enough of war, they just want peace too. I blame Iran's durka durka govt. Iran is modern and redpilled under the surface, but the govt is suffocating the people with Islam.

CIA can you pleeeeeeease do something good for once and do a soft coup in Iran? Make Iran great again, make the Middle East great again.

Putin, and assad.

>Whoever is better for Israel and Europe.
>Israel and Europe

Pick one, dumb go- guy.

I would love to see a long bloody battle between all middle east states


Neither side as they are both horrible Muslims bastards, there are no good guys in any of this

Any Rebels are islamic extremists, and you should know better than to support those.

Do the Burka test.
Look at Assad's wife, she isn't covered up from head to toe with a trash bag.
Look at the rebels, they're all the muslim extremists who does the muslim thing.

Assad is the lesser evil. He can control the country and keep it free muslim cancer taking it too far.