When will Cred Forums accept that Islam is the truth?

You are already 50% of the way there. Just a little more.

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Yeah, almost every Islamic country is a safe, utopian paradise.

This thread again?
O man....

> religion
> truth
Pickity pick, but only one.

WTF Oman were supposed to be the good guys.

Why are you promoting Islam when your Sultan is gay?

Been waiting for this flag.

How's the deployment going?

MO is a false prophet we all know just wait you will get yours and it wont be nice//

I already have a long time ago.

Don't you guys follow Ibadi islam?
What're the differences between your Islam and the other Islams?

>not another lie in the pile of convenient "truths"

delusional religious fag. science is the truth

There is no conflict between science and religion. Science is also not the truth, it is a tool to reach the truth.

>There is no conflict between science and religion
religion is dogmatic and science is not

>religion is dogmatic and science is not
Guess race is not real. :^)

when will islam accept kek as the truth? allah doesn't even give you repeating number

Kek is a shitty forced meme, a ruse by leaf. Kek killed Pepe and wants to spread the frog carcass amongst all normies.
Not that you'd care, r/Atheism newfag.

>tfw I'm in love with muslim girl but I hate islam.

What should I do? I'm thinking to just turn my back on her but it will be hard.. she is so sweet and 10/10

Easy to say that when you live in Oman. You don't have to experience the hell and savagery your more backwoods brethren bring to other nations.

Why do you need to like Islam?

My brother is literally getting on a plane to fly to Oman in an hour. Is he gonna get blowed up?

Just lie to her or avoid talking about it. It's easy. My own girlfriend is a lefty and she has no clue I'm redpilled. Taqiyya, my friend.

Never. Fuck off and boil that ugly turnip which you call your head

im praying to you every day islam so you can conquer europe, they need to come back to the right way


Try harder. Praying is useless you stupid fucking muppet.

seems that's working pretty well

In your dreams. Idiot.


Sorry Mr. Mohammed who rapes 6 year olds, butI won't submit myself to yor cult. I'm happy living in the west.

Islam is literal shit.

Just a pile of it all over the floor.

How about if it stops enforcing a death penalty for apostasy in places where Islam has enough political influence to kill people for trying to leave?