The american """"""""""""""way""""""""""""""

>everything USA touches is ruined and pornified, ghettoized, etc and converted into a plastic, soulless freemarket (tm) product to make money no matter how much harm it or the process causes
>>untermenschricans believe this to be the apex of humanity and the only way to """"save"""" the world

Why are americunts so fucking stupid? Fuck you and your so called """"freedumb""""

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Stop being so angry you pathetic cunt

You do realize that pretty much all of america's "pop culture" is the product of Jewish corporations, right?

What do you expect from a falling empire?

Blame kikes, not us specifically.

they are the source of perversion

Don't worry, European Empire will replace it.

its jew garbage

i really really want to fuck that frog

We shall see... about that.

Obligatory Rammstein.

Sorry Che, your honky ass is also soon to be assimilated.

Hate US government and media, but the people here are sick of that shit too.

stupid frogposter

Nah, Europe's dead. America is in the decline but it'll be decades before another culture suprasses it in terms of influence

>a bad thing

Quit using our computer chips you South American fagit

Thats what happens when you win cultural victory m8

And you love it.

would fuck that frog

China is looking like an up-and-comer.

>implying porn isn't bad for the brain
Fuck off, degenerate.

>touch something and it gets pornified

Sounds like a great premise for a porn.

>everything America touches is pornified
>posts sexualized Pepe that he probably faps to

Why is South America so irrelevant?

>mfw we gave you your chosen land
>mfw America fails
>mfw kebab ass rapes Isreal
>mfw jews get exterminated again

That's just 28 lines, user

American women aren't human and the 2nd least flirtatious in the world. At least your spic mongrels have some sort of feminine charm, whatever that is.

It's called "freedom". If you don't like it, stay in your shitty country

He's not from Israel you illiterate burger.