It says a lot about Trump that his immediate response to last night's event in New York was to advance his political narrative.

Thanks for opening my eyes to the truth about this racist, sexist, Islamaphobic demagogue OP. Looks like it's time to #DumpDrumpf.


A politician used a current event to advance his political narrative? No Way!

he's wrong




>implying every political candidate/commentator/"news" channel doesn't spin every story to support their viewpoints
OK then

Glad actual Americans don't think like that.

> be a good goy and don't politicize these terrorist attacks that prove you're right

>(((Keith Olbermann)))
>until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on
Translation: until (((we))) can regain control.

It's official. (((They))) have lost control. Keep pushing for the destruction of (((media))). It's the only way to remain truly free.

wtf I hate Trump now

He's German you retards

What's the difference?

You mean (((German))).


If Hillary did this Cred Forums would be jumping all over her


>0bama jumps on every dead black dick for 8 years
>Trump say something about an attack on Americas



At least when Trump does it, he tells the truth, ya fuckin tard.

What the fuck did trump say that was exploting the situation last night? The fact that he called a pressure cooker bomb a bomb?? What level of insane are we going to reach?? How could this newspeak get any fuckier??

thanks for correcting the record :^)

If a white cop had killed a black man obama would be all over it to advance his narrative.


Jew here, sorry goys, Jews dont name their kids Keith and -mann = not jewish.

So you would want a commander in chief who wildly speculates about things before any information is available? I sure don't.

She did

>Jew here
Stopped listening right there

So what if he's Jewish or not, a new signs his paycheck and keeps the lights on in his studio

>Trump says an exploding dumpster was a bomb
>wildly speculating
Yea nah, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck we don't have to wait on a DNA test to call it a duck

Hey! It could have just been a malfunctioning clock, you bigot!

>derived from Kephas, original Semitic kefa, small green stone used for divination in the early cult of Yahweh
>>lol Jews totally don't use this name you gullible goys, I mean you silly boys
the rope just got ten feet longer

Isn't that what anti-gunners do whenever someone gets shot?

Trump would have acted immediately after the blast to detain all Muslims and in his own words kill their families too


Very true, good point.

Why do leftists hate freedom?


What did he mean by this?

Ha being right is exploitive now. Perhaps that why they say whiteys are exploitive fucks mind blown. Literally shaking

Olbermann is desperate to restart his career, he's been a nobody ever since Bush left office with nobody to direct his melodramatic aspersions and rants toward.

Keep it up, Olbermann.
We'll Jeb you right into irrelevancy.

That's Katy Tur, right? They're still dating?

I hope Keith Olbermann's family dies under burning plastic.

Wat da fug? I'm a hillshill now.

A guy in the media who does not support free speech. A lefty of course, not surprised in the least. What has trump done to get this faggots panties in a twist?

Keith Olbermann rushes to score non-existent political points against Donald Trump while the injured lie in hospital beds.