Muh White Race
What kind of fucking degenerate does this, later you fools say blacks are violent. What kind of parent kills his own daughter and burns her body.

Muh aryan race
When you are genociding yourself you fools. But sure blame blacks and jews, anybody but yourselves

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That was just one guy, and he'll die in prison.
Niggers do that shit all the time, and they like prison

>brown eyes


White people are fucked in the head. How can you kill your own kid?

niggers dont just come in black

And? One white guy does something does not equal what majority supports or does.

Rape and murder is completely normal in African countries and over half of the Indian children get molested.

Just because it happens here and it is extremely rare does not make us equal

Fuck off, retard.

Men no longer have the means to earn respect through hard work, so their social standing is threatened even by babies.

25% of your marriages are incest

Incest is completely normal in your country while this isn't

People just love child abusers and kid killers in prison. Hopefully he will be dead in one month.


I fucking hate phoneposting

>Rape and murder is completely normal in African countries

You've to be brain dead to believe.
> 25% of your marriages are incest

where do you get your stats from?

If whites had pride and race consciousness again, this kind of evil shit might be preventable. If we didn't have to wipe your arses with welfare and provide everything for you, from a house to roles in our own cultural dramas, we could look after our own people and prevent them going off the rails.

I have seen videos of hundreds of blacks just standing around while someone burns a person alive.

Next you will tell me that rape in India isn't normal when 6 men gang rape a woman on the bus and no one does anything

It would not be preventable. Mentally ill defects happen every 100.000 people or so.

There's LITERALLY nothing wrong with race-mixing.

Well whatever. You know what i am talking about. You know at least a few people who married their cousin.

Incest is pretty normal in your country.

fuck off erdogan

Maybe she was being a smug cunt about it.


>Meanwhile, in Chicago...

>names daughter Maddox
>she gets cancer
You can't make this shit up

More human than you. Literally no one cares about macedonia. Most people in the world probably don't even realize it still exists

Sigh. Why are so so predictable? Ofcourse you are relevant as a country with over 320 million people.

But look you are no longer relevant in a good way just like Germany isnt.

I would rather be obscure than have 2nd world crime rates

you sound pretty mad buddy

>brown eyes
pick one and only one

literally nothing of value lost

You are just triggered because you know is speak the truth.

In Belgium, they legally kill kids who are sick.

I fucking hate leafposting.

White race is a meme that needs to end.
Low test, easily dominated by minorities group, BTFO completely by their women.
It's a joke. Whites only know how to destroy and steal.

>muh Sixteen Chapel
Wow you painted some Angels.

None on here ever said whites don't commit crimes
Not sure how it works in your shithole, but witnessing and act of violence is not committing an act of violence