If you were given the choice to:

If you were given the choice to:

A) Wipe out all Jews

B) Wipe out all Muslims

Which would you choose?

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Muslims. At least the Jews provide entertainment like NFL and other media for days that I feel like burning brain cells.

slimes, not even a second thought.

Jews were can wipe out Muslims, but not with jews giving them weapons and manipulating us

Wiping out jews
>america as we know it
>the incredible porn industry
>kenny vs spenny

Wiping out muslims

you'd have to be a fucking idiot to prefer muslims over jews

I do so agree with this. Remember, Israel is a great American ally and the only democracy in the ME; why would you ever want to destroy them?

Wow this wouldn't have even been a toss up a few years back on Cred Forums how times change.


Jews. Anyone who said muslims is a filthy fucking kike. Mudshits are easy to deal with. The only reason we aren't slaughtering them wholesale is because of kikes in western governments.

Muslims. A Jew without his pet Muslim horde is helpless.


Muslims wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't all this anti-White and anti-Christian subversion going on inside our own countries.

After the jews are done, we will only have to deal with the remaining useful idiots and then deport all muzzies.

Ultimately all muslims have is numbers. They are subhuman and incompetent.

I am pretty sure that even a poor and disintegrating shithole like Bulgaria can win a war against, let's say, Saudi Arabia.

If the Bulgarian army, even in its present laughably sorry state (weakest it has ever been, thanks NATO) replaces the Syrian Army today, the war against ISIS and the rest will be over in a couple months tops.

both are a problem that has to be solved, so the question is which problem is harder

Jesuits obviously! Fucking kikes!


>B) Wipe out all Muslims



You know I was personally going to go with Muslims myself but you made a good point. Jews are the root of most of the world's problems, Muslims are just an annoying byproduct

The only right answer is Jews.

This ()

This is objectively correct.


Don't get me wrong, dude, I am not a fan of the Jews. But if I had to eliminate Muslims or Jews, it'd be Muslims easily.



Also a great way to reduce population of the earth. Making it better for everyone else.


jews without a doubt. root of almost every single thing that is wrong with the western world

Er. You do realise that jews want more mudslimes?

Wiping out mudslimes doesnt do anything. Beat the game, not the player


Let the hijackers and all other terrorists barn i hell! Such evil monsters! But terrorism is not created by religion it's created by evil peoples! Never blame religion or race!


>nu-Cred Forums

Hello, Cred Forums.


Jews of course
Muslims are only a problem because of Jewish influence and even if they continue to be uppity, there will be no Jewish influence to stop kebab removal.


Muslims, no doubt

>both are a problem that has to be solved, so the question is which problem is harder
Fucking this, nice to see some of Cred Forums are capable of actually thinking about the long game.

Muslims aren't the ones infiltrating and manipulating western policymaking and holding our governments to ransom via financial sector and markets leverage.



It's easier to get people to want to wipe out Muslims.


Choice B, Mohammedans

>being this new
Cred Forums does not actually hate Jews or Israel.
Cred Forums does not actually deny the Holocaust/
Cred Forums does not actually like Hitler or the Nazis.

I've seen people ask this quite a bit in the last few days.
Stop taking memes so seriously.


best answer ends in 911

> Muslims aren't the ones infiltrating and manipulating western policymaking and holding our governments to ransom via financial sector and markets leverage.

But user, they literally are doing all of those things.



Thank you for correcting the record, greatest ally.

So true. Any small European country could win a total war against some dysfunctional state without a national identity. Imagine if hundreds of thousand of even Romanian (*sic) paratroopers where dropped from airplanes over Jordan, or Lebanon. The people of those countries would never stand up and fight, they would simply migrate to another country. They have no national identity, and thus nothing to fight for.

Satanic trips of truth.. Even though I said Muslims, maybe it would be better to eliminate the root of the problem, every time I see some video or article promoting multiculturalism or faggotry, it's always a fucking Jew who produces it.

Then again, if we choose to wipe out Jews, there will still be almost two billions of those paedophile-worshippers left on the planet, if we select Muslims, the Middle East, North Africa and Constantinople would be ours again and terrorism would be virtually non-existent.

It's a tough one.


>no more Federal Reserve
>no more mega-banks controlling the nation such as Goldman Sachs
>no more Hollywood degeneracy and anti-white sentiment
>no more anti-gun, pro-feminist funding
>no more US interventions in the Middle East
>no more Noam Chomskys or Betty Friedans

Muslims other than 1.terrorism and 2. The refugee crisis were never a problem. We know Israel has been an instigator of terrorism and jews widely for the refugees admittance into Europe.

Jews all the way.

When you want to kill the snake you go for the head.

Anyone who says muslims is a stupid newfag. Muslims didn't just barge into Europe and America themselves.

All I'm saying is, if you're going to bother arguing your point, at least base it on reality

the slimes were a problem, they have been a problem for the last 1400 years

except they have done that to europe for centuries

This. Most people don't realize, but the Saudis have invested ridiculous amounts of money into the west and pretty much have us by the balls.
If it wasn't for oil sheiks funding Islamists, we would have been rid of them them for years.

When are you going to remove kebab and establish greater Israel already?

>fight the symptoms or fight the disease

And Jews have opened the gates for them every time.

Id get rid of the jews and send all the muslims back to the middle east. Reclaim Israel for the Queen, nuke all of turkey while im at it.


Not this time. War has changed.

I ask for two rounds and I press B twice

I break the B button at the second go

no, they didn't.
explain why saudi arabia is behind a lot of anti-white funding then

Jews. Literally the only reason Muslims hate the west is because they brought their Jewish degeneracy here.

And if Jews didn't exist, Islam wouldn't exist. The kikes are the root of every problem in humanity.

Neither. I'm against killing people like that because I'm not a psychopath or a fucking teenage that want to sound edgy on the internet.

>we sanction Muslim countries
>invade them
>murder their leaders
>kil citizens
>bomb cities
>dont give them shit
Saudis have us by the balls.

>asks us for billions of dollars for nothing in return
>we give them
>ask for billions in military equipment
>we give them free
>Israel isn't the problem bro. Its duh muzzies

How to even find the Jews? They sneaky.

So you would, in a way, surrender?

Oh France...

Say what you will about jews and leaves but Kenny vs. Spenny is some of the greatest entertainment I have ever seen.

Neither. Eradicate the dumb.

neither, wiping the zionist (not all the zionist are jews) and all the fucking sects like the masons would erradicate the problem

If I have to choose between killing million of people or surrender I will surrender in an instant and be proud of that. I will even kill myself if that is the only thing that will prevent the death of million of people.

user stop being this naive. The Muslims still hate you because of the Crusades and Christianity, they also hate you because you keep messing with their countries.

And even without that, they would hate you because Islam is a religion of conquest. If you don't convert, you're an obstacle to their global hegemony.

All these people here saying unironically muslims

Choosing muslims
>gets you ride of sandniggers

Choosing jews
>gets you ride of sandniggers
>gets you ride of niggers
>gets you ride of jews

The west is fucking hopeless

> You do realise that jews want more mudslimes?
I beg to differ, there's over a million of these shitskins here.


You really are French, aren't you?

Thanks for the screenshot, cuck.

>>we sanction Muslim countries
>>invade them
>>murder their leaders
>>kill citizens
>>bomb cities
It's called war, buddy. Have you been living under a rock since the beginning of civilization?

>>dont give them shit
Nigga are you serious? You retards have blown billions on building halfway functioning societies in Iraq/Afghanistan.

>Saudis have us by the balls.
Ever wondered why you invaded Iraq for their oil, but not Saudi Arabia?

>>asks us for billions of dollars for nothing in return
>>we give them
>>ask for billions in military equipment
>>we give them free
But that's literally what all NATO countries are doing.

>>Israel isn't the problem bro. Its duh muzzies
If all jews disappeared over night, we'd be short 194 nobel price winners.
If all muslims disappeared, the only thing we'd notice is that crime goes down and there are no more terrorist attacks.

Yes I'm really French and you're welcome.

We could get rid of muslims on our own if it wasn't for jews. They wouldnt be in our countries if it wasn't for jews

I choose jews


We'd be free to send all the muslims back home.

Jews = Semites
Arabs = Semites


As much as i'd love to wipe all the kikes from my country, muslim population is 170 times bigger and would live much more room for actual humans in the world if exterminated.

Easily Muslims. I have cousins and friends that are part Jewish. The only bad Jews are the ones who advocate open borders, miscegenation, and other leftist nonsense.

Muslims 100% what would the jews flood europe with if they all dropped dead?

And who is financing all the wars ? you are right, rotschild a fucking zionist. The problem isnt the common jew, its the fucking zionist

Wipe out retards.

No retards, no religion.

>old white man fading into the background
Really makes you think...

I you wipe out Jews, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations, not only on the region, but on the whole world.

Muslims, 1.6 billion less people seems pretty nice for the planet

asians? africans? comunists like in 1900?

Who opened the gates of Toledo and Constantinople?

Yeah place for more niggers innit you fucking jew ?


Only right answer.

Removing Kebab is not a hard job.

ITT: White femboys who console themselves with fantasies.

I think I'll keep cumming in the white qt loves of your life.

Thx for the orgasms christianshits

And the only bad Muslims are the ones who commit acts of terrorism?
How you feel doesn't really change the fact that Muslims are only here because of Jews

Jews their the ones who brought the Muslims here in the first place.

You are objectively worse than niggers, so that's not a bad suggestion.

When Europe wake up they might use you as a containment state, looking forward to it.

I'm fucking getting legit angry

>0.02 shekels have been deposited into your account
>Thank you for Correcting The Record

>muslims have middle east all to themselves
>this cannot be a good thing

>jews will continue to thrive and continue pulling our strings
>not a good thing
op I think the only way is

Look who's talking you fucking soap

I respect the Jews intelligence to not wipe them out in an easy mode. As for mudslimes, they're a literal cancer that need eradicating.

This, on the other hand without jews, muslims would stay out of Europe.
I'm going with A

jews. witht he elimination of them the arabs wouldn't be a threat anymore

Not real Jews or something like that.


The goat-fuckers aren't even really a threat.

>roach thinks Cred Forums is Christian
>accuses Cred Forumsof delusion, talks about impregnating white girls

you can't make this shit up

My answer is Muslims

>I think I'll keep cumming in the white qt loves of your life.
Turks are literally lower than Poles, Eastern Europeans, and niggers in every European country. The best you can hope for is to serve me a kebab and diet coke one day. Good luck.

Jews. If we didn't have jews, no muslims would ever have gotten here.


What the fuck is up with you newfags?

if the jews were gone we could then remove the muslims the old fashioned way.

Anyone who picks jews is fucking retarded, muzzies have basically overrun the western world and despite Cred Forums retarded nonsensical insistence jews hate muslims. Eliminating jews will not end the muslim problem, muzzies would still pour in. Jews don't run the the mosques and shit. There's over a billion muslims, there's like 6 and a half jews.

Rothschilds and the globalist elite aren't the only jews in existance, idiot.
Hell, a Rothschild daughter even married a nigger goy. They barely even qualify as jews anymore.

A large part of the medical technology that allowed your whore mother yo shit you out along with your 10 siblings was invented by jews.
Go ahead, maybe curing cancer with camel piss like your forefathers did will work.

Yeah if you give sandniggers what they've always wanted they'll die

Great logic retard

All Jews could disappear right now and it wouldn't end the Muslim problem

No more Muslims.

U can't do shit niggers beside shilling for a losing candidate

Jews no question.

A dozen of those parasites are more dangerous than a million of the slimes.

Should calm those sand niggers down a bit
Take them down when they celebrate

Jews and Muslims were natural allies when Christians ruled over both group or in Islamic states. Jewish-Muslim tension only comes Israel.

Anyone who says Muslims is a cuck who doesn't see the real problem.

If we get rid of Jews, Muslims wouldn't be a problem since the third world immigration thing is pushed by Jews.

ffs, redpill yourselves.

Jews. Jews are a root cause of all evil in this world.

Muslims are actively trying to kill us, and they would kill us all if they could.
This is why all Muslim countries should be nuked and all their resources stolen.
Muslims are too dangerous and crazy.
With just 200 nukes we solve:
Terrorism, Wars, Oil problems, Islam, overpopulation, pollution

This bitch

>It's called war, buddy

We're only engaging in these wars because of Jewish control of the government and institutions like Goldman Sachs, and Israel's stranglehold on our politics.

>You retards have blown billions on building halfway functioning societies in Iraq/Afghanistan.
The idea of "spreading democracy in the Middle-East" was pushed by neoconservatives. Neoconservatism was a movement almost exclusively created by ex-Trotskyite Jews like Irving Kristol.

I like your thinking

If anything, we should ally with the Muslims against the Jews. As long as they don't come here, they're pretty based when it comes to Jews.

Jews. Gotta be the jews.
After them muslims are ezmodo.

>said the Indian
You are the first ones on the list to reduce overpopulation, since the Chinese are at least kind of useful.

After they were kicked out of the Balkans and the Iberian peninsula they became an almost non-issue until the discovery of oil. Want to stop Islam and Muslims? Find and use alternate energy sources.


Are you stupid? Then they'll just import niggers and use them as the weapon. I thought pol was redpilled but they're basically cuckservatives.

>Killing the snake that bit you will magically cure the poison infection
Nice maymay desu

Easy. Jews.
Jews are the cancer, Islam is a symptom.
Jews hate Muslims
An enemy of my enemy is my friend



It's incredible how many Cred Forumslacks are so blinded by conspiracy theories that they consider friends their major enemies, the Muslims, who are responsible of all American deaths since like 1992

Muslims. The Jews are powerless if they lose their ammunition. Wiping out the jews won't change anything because the damage (white liberals) is already done.

doing gods work, freund.

Salam aleikum brother


Muslims wouldn't be attacking us if we had not stolen the land of Israel and given it to the Jews.


Who ever said they were our friends?


So many new fags in this thread

The only answer is Jews

Just wait a couple months you will understand.

Or better yet go look at the religion/ethnicity of the people who are paying swedish little girls to hang out with migrants

Muslims is a non issue as long as they are in muslim countries/middle east.
Jews on the other hand are using muslims/niggers to destroy white civilization.

Can we just keep the women? Both sides have beauties.

We can impale the men of these two. They're the ones causing all this mess.


Jews : Victim card to further their funding and power to have control

Mudslimes : basically monkeys that can't understand how to prove they're the real victims and go apeshit

Neither is good
But thanks to white liberal retards who think they're god sent angels to fix this world
They fall for jewish bullshit
And make people who arent complete idiots look bad

Like I said
Jews if we know we can like op said
Take out the mudslimes when we have a chance and take the risk

No, they all must go. White women are 10 times better looking than some inbred semite or a ninja.

Kill every muslim today and the jews will support the chinks or the niggers tomorrow. Without the jews/CIA/MI6 fucking the Middle East, sandniggers would either secularize in nationalistic states (like Iran with Mossadegh) or fight an eternal civil war inside their shitholes and not bother the rest of the world.


I don't go to Cred Forums

>killing the snake will not prevent it from biting you again

Nice maymay desu senpai

Yet you ignore that the doctor who pulled you out of the jamal-loving vulva of your mother used techniques and tools invented by an arabo-berber doctor called Abu Al Qassim, the father of obstetrics and surgery.

Wanting to mix with inbreed genes
Wew lad.

uh, what.

Gas the kikes

Wipe out Jews, Muslims are brown and wear towels on their heads. Jews can commonly pass as white and it's hard to tell. Wipe out Jews, Jew propaganda stops, Muslims are hated again, Muslims wiped out as well. It's a win-win.

Samefag kike detected

allow B to wipe out A and then wipe out B

The real summerfag ones use anti-semite unironically.

>Ever wondered why you invaded Iraq for their oil, but not Saudi Arabia?
are you fucking retarded? iraq was invaded because they intended to drop the dollar as a reserve currency

sure it has a lot to do with oil pricing but the US didn't just "invade them to take their oil"

saudi arabia plays nice with oil trade, that's why they didn't get invaded

This. They are. Muslimes are horrible. They are affiliated with Nation of Islam, Islamic Brotherhood, BLM, who knows what else.

The do this because they have nothing better to do with all the dirty oil money they have made.

I wonder how many people who say 'Jews' are actually Muslime.


War never changes faggot. Mudslime detected.

You literally can't use that pic

Get buttonB'd motherfucker

jews obviously

muslims are not a problem if they stay in their countries, and guess who is making them move to europe?
>b-but muslims are so homophobic and misogynistic!
kill yourself

jus game ere du bost
>gikes :DD

Canada, of course

I'm getting real tired of your shit on this board

tell that to Pakistan

the jews, muslims fight you face to face

Go back to Canada Trudeau you're not welcome here.

That's exactly what the jews are doing since ever.

If you were given the choice to:

A) Wipe out all Jews

B) Wipe out all Muslims

Which would you choose?'

First the Jews

Then right after that the Muslims. Why? Cuz the Muslims will help out. The jews wish to kill us all.

Oi vey
Thats antisemetic
We have done nothing!
They seek to kill you!

Jews without a doubt.

Most Muslims are simply low tier savages like the avarage negro, except the fact that they want everyone to follow their primitive religion. If we dont share a country with them / bann Islam from the western world (geographically separation) I think we could probably coexist without them beeing a major treath.
The jewish "people" in the meantime have allwais been a harm , not only to the society they live in but also to every other society/country they disslike or simply see an advatage in changing said society. And unlike the avarge Muslim the avarage Hebe is not a simple-minded fool who openly adressis its hate for the West but more like a malicious serpent poisoning our society from the inside wich makes him way more dangerous.
This vermins should have been exterminated along time ago.

Listen the German, he knows what he's talking about.

Any smart man should know that it's better to treat the disease, not the symptoms.

They know how to get what they want
They can do that and take care of threats by making two sides forget who the real enemy is

Well, since we can't come to an agreement. And since we will never get along. How about we have one massive civil war?


>all these good goys saying to destroy mudslimes
I miss pre-Cred Forumsharbor Cred Forums

If a man is throwing ants at you until you die, why would you attack the ant hill first?

Kikes is the only correct answer.

You will be happy to know then, that a lot of Jews are fleeing France and Germany because of all the Muslims that you are allowing in.

Guess you don't have to worry about Jews after all. Now what are you going to do about those Muslims?

>implying this wasn't part of their plan

Because at least that man who is throwing ants is a man, and not an ant. The man can be disarmed and imprisoned. You cannot imprison ants, nor can you enslave them for the betterment of your society.

Killing the ant colony (which is a horrible pest anyway), disarms the man.

Rats fleeing the mess they created.

Hahaha Canadians are the type to apologize for cumming

Seems pretty self destructive to me. I would think that a Jew would be able to come up with a better plan.

Think about what will happen if France is completely taken over by Muslims, and the Muslims take over the military and nuclear bases. Then what?

It seems to me that you just want to blame an imaginary string puller. This allows you to not actually stand up to the problem face to face, avoid conflict, and blame Jews like a coward.

When the day of the rope comes you will be buried in the mass graves along with the Muslims.

Why would they ever create a mess that would kill them in the end.

ie. France gets taken over, now nukes can be used vs Israel.

Jews are smarter than that, and so should you be.

>being this retarded
Jews understand exactly how this world works and abuse it
Muslims are just monkeys
Do you know how easy it would be to take out both sides?
Op never said you couldn't try and destroy the other

One is just a 100% chance


Die Juden

Look, if you kill all the monkeys, this disarms your magical Jew.

If you kill the magical Jew then the monkeys are still fucking monkeys and they will chimp out like they always have.

Your argument is, you would rather blame a faceless magical Jew (that may not even exist) than the actual face of the problem.

That makes you a coward... and a retard.

idiot jew Your race is going to be wiped out. Why? cuz you and your people are evil. All you do it wishop the gold calf. You could have done what god commanded, but Nooo its all about the money.

Lord KeK wills it.


Disappointing that this wasn't the first reply.

>a lot of Jews are fleeing France and Germany because of all the Muslims that you are allowing in

Are you talking about the very same Jews that promoted multiculuralism for the past 70 years ?
And by the way; while they are "fleeing" to NY or Russia they will surely not stop promoting multiculuralism. Is that due to the fact that they cant see the problems coming with this ideology ? I dont think so. If you think about who's benefiting from this mass imigration you will eventualy come to the conclusion that its 1) large concerns due to lower wages and 2) banks due to new custumers with no debts to said banks who will take credits from this very same banks. Now even you should be able to tell wich people are in charge of most concerns and banks

>Now what are you going to do about those Muslims?

As I said before geographically separation would be the best. But unfortunately it's not up to me to decide.

You better watch what you say, or I will KEK your shit up.

Jews. Wiping out muslims will only slow down the Jewish attempt to control the planet. They would find another pawn. Wipe out the Jews and we can wipe out the muzzles the old fashioned way.

>kill all jews
>national average IQ goes down 20 points

>but you can't, because you're already dead from the venom
you don't get it :^)

Regardless... you are taking the side of Islam and you will be killed all the same if you continue your retardation.

>Hurr durr ignore the point
Fucking leaf
I said
If i could without a doubt destroy the source
The monkeys would relax just a bit
At this point we can take the risk because monkeys have far less power and tools at their disposal
They have fear

I'll bet you wouldn't walk through a niggerhood without a gun

>faceless magical Jew (that may not even exist)

lol you came out of character cluck. Shouldn't you be on your knees telling the rest of us to join you?

Jews, without a doubt, if Israel were gotten rid of the Muslims wouldn't have anything to hate us for, and It'd be easier for regional Arab governments to control them.

>kill all muslims
>international average IQ goes up 20 points

Jews without hesitation. Muslims are simply useful idiots to the jews. Gotta cut the head of the snake.

>The monkeys would relax just a bit
You are going to have to delete the monkeys anyway. It is not the JEWS specifically that they hate, it is ALL of the West.
>I'll bet you wouldn't walk through a niggerhood without a gun
True. In contrast, I bet I could walk though Jew town safely while blindfolded.

I think you need a little education on Islam.


Thank me later.

Mudslimes no fucking doubt fucking hate those sand niggers

This a million times, though we'll have to necessarily get rid of slimes in our nations first. Or are you purposely trying to leave them with your wives while you go to war?


Shouldn't you be molesting one of your child brides Moehamhead.

>oh no! he can say things too!

fuck yourself muslim

>islam has no proof
>that's it i'm a terrorist


Kill the kikes.

Gas the kikes so we can finally exterminate mudshits.

If you kill the Jews then the Muslims will thank you right before chopping your head off.

If you kill the Muslims then the Jews will thank you.

Pick one.


That would be you

Unfortunately you are too stupid to realize that there is more than one snake. And one does not necessarily control the other.

There are 1.4 billion Muslims and only a few million Jews.

It's smart to kill all thr Muslims. They have way too many people.

>You are going to have to delete the monkeys anyway. It is not the JEWS specifically that they hate, it is ALL of the West.
>hurr jews aren't as scary lets fight them instead
>True. In contrast, I bet I could walk though Jew town safely while blindfolded.
Because they know how to get your money without force
>I think you need a little education on islam
Says the retard who cherry picks out one religion and acts like he understands all of them
Do you know anything about history / religion?
>Thank me later
No thank the jews that just gave you a shekel for helping them

Define my character for me you fucking twit.

You don't know fuck all.

>Do you know anything about history / religion?

yes, more than you.

Great argument leaf
Clearly you don't


Dues Vult.
Western values must be preserved at all costs.

Muslims because Jews running the world is an illegitimate conspiracy theory. The order of wipeout for me would go: Muzzies, liberals, all coloreds, Jews, in order of threat. Wiping out liberals before all Jews, would take care of a majority of bad Kikes.

mostly to see if all of the conspiracies are correct.


I think without Jews poisoning our intellectual culture by destroying Christianity and replacing it with multiculturalism you could make short work of Muslims.

>711 vs 011

Clearly I do.


>Wiping out liberals before all Jews, would take care of a majority of bad Kikes.

Yesssssss goy. That's right, us non-liberal Jews are you friends. Your "greatest ally", shall we say.

or we could nuke the middle east and get rid of both of them.

Muslims. It would be foolish to eliminate Jews because they are a superior race. Imagine if the Blacks were able to wipe out all Whites, it wouldn't work out well for them.


That's why you find the cure ;)

>B) Wipe out all Muslims
because dogs

We don't need kikes to survive, we're not niggers

the Jews, without a second thought.

Without their interference, we could nuke the Muslims and be done with it.

Still mad about the Holocaust?

Cred Forums needs a jidf purge

Person with tons of body hair, gold chains, purple tracksuit, and enormous schnozzola... Claims to be fucking qts.

Whatever achmed, there's a reason Muslims always have to resort to rape

>wipe out half of each
>blame each other
>sit back and enjoy watching the world burn

Checked. They're all New York Jews anyways, so what did you expect? Jews gonna Jew

Jews without question

Muslims would have to go. I consider Jews to be our closest allies in the upcoming war, along with China and India.

A lot of you yet again proves to be dumb niggers.

>muslims are destroying Europe
>blames the jews

This tinfoil circlejerking has to stop if we actually want to solve the problem with Islam.

Its christian morality stopping us from nuking muslims.

Oy Vey, straight from Israel huh?

that's where we are now

Red pill answer: Jews

Blue pill answer: Muslims

Question: What is a Jew? Is it a religion? Is it a race? Why should I be afraid of these people? Can someone who is a Jew, lose or abandon their Jew status, because Jews are so bad? Can someone who isn't a Jew become a Jew? Or would they just be a poser-Jew and not a real Jew?

Explain to me how you are going to nuke the Muslims when they are already in your cities? Breeding out of control with 6 -8 children per WIFE

Per WIFE, that is right Muslims are polygamous.

If you think Jews are the problem, you are headed towards mental illness. And beheading. Of course there is still time to educate yourselves.



Goys, listen to this great man of truth. The sixteen billion heroes who fought in the german death camps would want you to listen to this man!!

I am friend, trust me!! The German people followed Hitler for NO reasons, the Jews must have been innocent, obviously!

G-d bless you all!

This situation is like a tree you want to cut down. You could chop it but it will eventually grow again, or you can pull the roots, scorch the earth and kill the jews. Your choice.

t. Shlmo McGoyShekel

>using jewtube to defend your points

B, twice, just to be sure

Muslims, no doubt.

Fuck you Muslim shill
This is in Germany


They're an Ethnoreligious group. Not all of them believe in Judaism but reading quotes from the Talmud sure does make me feel uneasy as a non-Jew.

#1 Jews (Cause)

Muslims (symptom)


>If all jews disappeared over night, we'd be short 194 nobel price winners.
Obama received Nobel peace prize.

There have been no significant advances in curing cancer, computer knowledge, chemistry, or biology for over 50 years.

Let them burn.

Because of ideologies created and promoted by Jews, because of Jews in charge of America and the international finance system promoting immigration and because of Jewish wars in the middle east and Jewish-American policies.

The "upcoming war" you are talking about is a kike narrative. It's meant to get white countries into a pointless eternal war with Islam when it would actually be much simpler just to stop immigration, incentivise immigrants to leave and then just leave the middle east the fuck alone.

Jew-American policy and Israel have both encouraged the most radical Islamic terrorist groups to take hold of the region whilst being hostile towards secular regimes that kept them in check. Unless you challenge the root of the global order (Jews) you aren't doing anything.

Oy vey...so /pol would rather wipe me out than Muslims who go around gang raping and blowing up everyone who doesn't submit to them?

The first replies are >1 post by this ID shills

Thread was a setup from the start

I wonder who's behind in bringing these subhumans into Europe

>There have been no significant advances in curing cancer, computer knowledge, chemistry, or biology for over 50 years.

this is a fucking retarded statement. You must be joking. Even a baby can read the computer part and laugh, not to mention all the others.

Plus its the peace prize that is political bullshit, the others are recognized for works beneficial to humanity.






All this while you chase an imaginary FUCKING JEW


Good Goy

I would LITERALLY choose none of those.
And here's why:

Islam is just an ideology. Albeit, a dangerous and disgusting one, but one that can fade with time given the proper environment.

Wiping out 1 billion people, especially with most of those being in proximity to Africa (where these Africans birth up to 7 babies on average in some countries) would be a horrible idea, because then it means they will spread like roaches.

Now, African culture is just as, if not worse than Islam, but on top of that, African genetics are without a doubt bottom-of-the-barrel, both in terms of looks and mentality.

And Jews? All I hear are cries of 'power' in business and politics. But you know what, someone has to fill those roles in a society, Jews or not. Most Jews I'd say have pretty good genetics, either incredibly intelligent, good-looking, or both.

So I wouldn't press either.
OR, alternatively,
if there was a third option to Wipe out all Black Africans, I'd press that immediately. It would start a new golden age of country formation and development, and improve the overall quality of the human gene pool.


Why the fuck does it say this on his wiki page? National Socialist? Schulz is a nazi I guess, just an EU one.


They have you by the neck

Play the peaceful victim who manipulates people and you will get a lot farther than the people you provoke into rage fests to show their idiocracy

>imaginary Jew brings them in
They go in with boats and on foot you stupid fuck.
Hordes of them.
No one is 'bringing them in'

If anyone is to blame it is Bush and the American government for the the war in Iraq that lead to everything else.

Jews, Muslims are rats that can easily be dealt with if there's no Jewish interfering.

>I would LITERALLY choose none of those.
>Most Jews I'd say have pretty good genetics, either incredibly intelligent, good-looking, or both.

Islam is political Ideology of domination.


Muslims are certainly an enemy insomuch as they are on white lands. They are not the enemy in the middle east.

The reason I am suspicious of this narrative is because it would just mean more war which would mean more white men dying for Jews, when Jews are fueling the most dangerous and violent groups anyway.

Let the kikes deal with the monster they created themselves.

Jews, Muslims wouldn't be chimping out in Western countries if yids and useful idiots didnt allow them in

I think Wikipedia means Martin's a Zionist.

>If anyone is to blame it is Bush and the American government for the the war in Iraq
So Jews then

Why not both?

Jews. Muslims can kill people, but they'd die anyway. It takes kikes to kill anything meaningful, like monarchy or Star Wars.

Jews. They are smart, conniving creatures that wish the death of the white race. Muslims are dumb, idiotic creatures that wish the death of the white race. Muslims are infinitely easier to kill and destroy, jews are legitimately a threat to our survival.

Jews without a doubt. The only reason we're against the Muslims is because of Jewish manipulation. If we could obliterate the Jews then their web of lies would untangle and we can get back to how things are supposed to be with our cultures distinct and separate. Ofc, we'd still blow some mudslimes out, but we would finally be able to do that without having to pretend to be sorry about it.

>If anyone is to blame it is Bush and the American government for the the war in Iraq that lead to everything else.

t. Kike Israeli

>the others are recognized for works beneficial to humanity.
You don't understand.

Improvements to GUI is all we have achieved. Where is AI?.. "Siri"? HAHA are you the kind of person who jizzes when a new GPU is released?


No cures for cancer or AIDS, atleast for the public.

Some elements have been discovered (that will never be used).

Some more species have been named and others are still going extinct.

Humans are worthless at this moment, and it is, according to you, not because of the Jewish and Zionist aptitude to start conflicts? They are the genetic outliers and are generations away from becoming obsolete. The Jews' only path is to keep the rest of the world on their knees so that they don't realize the disgusting mutation that is the Jew. But it will happen sooner or later. Suicide rates are still high among them, and psychologists won't cure it. We are the real MVP.

The world is more black and white than you want it to be.


Jews will drive themselves to self destruction sooner or later. It's like 3000 years they are trying so hard.

B easily. This is not even a contest. Even if every JOO on the face of the earth was wiped out, there would still be hardcore goy progressives pushing their gay and feminist agenda.

Is this serious question? Kikes are cause of literally all problems
They must be stopped
Muslims are minor annoyance but lack the cunning to be formidable intellectual opposition like the jewry

>This is not even a contest.
> Uses the word goy unironically

How's the weather in New York?

they wont if the jews don't tell them to

>Uses the word goy unironically

You're one of those retards that think Cred Forums is an ironic board, aren't you? Get the fuck out.

>How's the weather in New York?

I live in rural Indiana.

>The reason I am suspicious of this narrative is because it would just mean more war which would mean more white men

It is unavoidable. You think you can just sit around and wait for Islam to conquer? So Islam can take care of your imaginary Jew for you?
You think they will leave you alone?

They will kill your men, rape your women and children. And you DID NOTHING TO STOP IT.

Fucking cowards.

Everyday you wait. Every hour that passes is time that the REAL enemy spends getting more powerful.

And you fucking autistist obese lumps of shit shit there and blame imaginary Jew. Fucking cowards, you're all fucking pathetic.

But they're complete pussies
The minute they see they have no real power they will back down

>All I hear are cries of 'power' in business and politics.

They are using that power at the expense of you and your people. They will keep doing it. They will keep subverting your society, your race, and your economy until they're all reduced to rubble. They don't care one iota about your or your nation.

>Most Jews I'd say have pretty good genetics, either incredibly intelligent, good-looking, or both.
Jew detected.

Jews. Muzzies wouldn't be a prob if it weren't for them and there would be nothing in our way to wipe them out.


My point was you sound like a kike

I don't know, man. I live in the middle of buttfuck, nowhere and I'm starting to see liberal nu-males in real life. This shit is an epidemic.


the terrorism and mudslimes just a symptoms the main decease called jew



And you sound like a retard that doesn't leave the house. Is your prime minister Jewish? No? Then shut the fuck up. He's the biggest cuck I've ever seen.

inb4 ur a Jew cuz you don't blame them for stubbing your toe in the morning. I don't even think Jews exist in Indiana. We have Amish.

They advocate it for the west and to non-Jews, but its anudda shoah if you suggest it for Israel.
Ah yes, foreskin removal is a necessity. Fuck off Moishe.

>Kiddie memes instead of any actual knowledge of geopolitics.

>imaginary Jew


Are you telling me that Islam is a religion of peace, mohammed?

Oy vey

let's do the math:
Jews: 16 million
Muslims: 1600 million
problem = Jews + Muslims
problem = 1616 million
eliminating Jews = 16/1616 = 1%
eliminating Muslims =1600/1616 = 99%
If I had to choose between eliminating 1% of the problem or 99% of the problem, I rather eliminate 99% of the problem. eliminating 1% is ineffective... you're stuck with the remaining 99%... 1% is manageable... 1600 million can overwhelm and threaten the West... 16 million can be easily contained/overwhelmed by the West. It's a no brainer, unless you are an Ahmed.

I'm telling you that the narrative you are crafting is a Jew one for the benefit of Jews and against the interests of literally everyone else. Jews have a habit of being drawn to anything that will lead to division and destruction, whether we are talking about society or the middle east, when was the last time Jews promoted anything that led to peace and cohesion? Never.