NJ/pol - Persuasion edition

Since there seems to be more Jersey boys on Cred Forums than any other state, I invite all residents to join the discussion.

Anything New Jersey and Taylor Ham related is welcome

(Camden, Trenton, Atlantic City, Newark, Jersey City need not apply.)

Friendly reminder to all non-New Jerseyians ITT: Fuck off, we're full.

>The religion of peace strikes again on New Jersey clay

>Ignoring Christie, the U.S. has now settled 275 Syrians in N.J.

>Camden Niggers refuse to stand for Anthem for home opener football game.

>Humpback Whale in Sea Isle City

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Where are all the NJbros today?


PA here just to say fuck NY, also south Jersey is best Jersey

609 reporting from inna woods

You are my greatest ally

Princeton here. was visiting ny for weekend. heard bomb. scary shit

If there are a lot of New Jersey residents on here you fuckers could be doing a lot more than just making Cred Forums threads. You should be organizing to help Trumpo win the state. Get to it buckeyes.

Triggered desu

What have you done and what are you doing to turn NJ Red?

Well my entire senior class minus a few contrarians are all Trump supporters. My entire circle of friends have also been converted.

Important message for the thread




>Are the NY and NJ bombings connected? FBI investigates, Christie claims terror


>NJ town of the Day


Good post

Princeton represent senpai


So whats the update on the seaside thing? I heard like 8 stories


Let's be honest we all know it wasn't an Islamic terrorist. It was drunk idiotic brain dead BENNYs and Shoobys

Seaside and Wildwood are holes.

Do we have a pro-Trump candidate?

Tbh i think it was some dumb drunk nigger
A.k.a 80% of seaside reaidents

201 here. Anyone here from Seaside? Or know about what happened from someone that was there?

We have pro Christie politicians running.

You don't know shit. Stay out. Northwest Jersey master race.

Back to the front page

Not sure at the moment, it did happen just yesterday, more details will come.

Certainly will be a topic for the foreseeable future

the feds think its a white boy

So now they troll Cred Forums...

Hail kek

why aren't you enjoying lawnparties right now senpai

Because I didn't try until senior year of high school. I go to community college and work in Princeton.

Who else /poorminorities/ here?

that makes more sense to be honest

I've only ever met one non-sjw at Princeton. (if you want next time I could give you guest pass tho!)

have you seen the MAGA dude parked by the gates to our campus recently? or do you work more by Princeton junction?

I wish I was a baller

No I work on state road, and I see him almost every time I go to work. I've always wanted to stop and talk to him since he seems like such a cool guy.

Most princeton kids I've met have been pretty decent people.

I wish I was a baller

yeah I think most of us are pretty nice. just very few browse pol.

Same, but I always pussy out. especially if people are with me, I don't want to reveal my power level and lose my friends.

(was secretly hoping you'd say "aha user, that's me!"

I try to hide most of my opinions from my friends, and I just avoid talking politics with most people.

Dude, I wish I had the balls to be that guy. People shit on him when he's out in Palmer square, especially princeton students.

Actually if you've ever ordered pizza last year you may have met me. I used to deliver, now I just work inside. Hate it though.

Pine Barron's, farms, nice seaside towns excluding the obvious black eye get fucked northern cuk

No problem bro

Didnt realize a fuck load of plp from NJ are on Cred Forums

any Salem or Cumberland?

yeah hiding your power level is always for the best....lonely at a place like pton though.

did you ever deliver to Witherspoon? I actually never did, but some kids from my building ordered pizza like twice a week. Missed opportunities ;_;

oh for sure. I saw him on Friday getting harassed by some reporter from one of our papers too, so we'll see if we get an article on him soon...

I delivered there like twice. Scully, brown, and spellman were the ones I went to the most. Stop by dominos sometime and I can probably give you something cheap or free.

I always give him a thumbs up on the way to work and when I drove by back in spring while delivering. That man seems like such a nice dude.

On Friday one of the eating clubs ordered like 75 pizzas split into three orders. Apparently the driver who went on two of them made like $60.

Who /anime/ here?

damn, not that surprised, but still damn. some people.

guess it makes sense that upperclassmen order pizza more though.

I really want to do this. what do I say? if an autistic person walks by sperging will you just auto-know?

same, I try to give him a thumbsup on the down low.

Anime is gay

Just ask for Ryan if you stop by, man.

Are you from jersey or out of state?

out of state. I'm from Chicago.

Will do senpai

out of state. I'm from Chicago. I really dig the Princeton small town vibe.

Will do senpai

wow I hate posting from phones I can never keep track

It's better than watching the pozzed shit that passes for TV and movies nowadays.

no one cares about this shitty state.

Fuck of NYgger

I don't watch tv or movies

Why do people from South Jersey act like the know what real pizza is? You cucks are basically eating cardboard and grease, North Jersey pizza master race.

Also, fuck South Jersey and your insufferable love of Philly. Fuck the Eagles, fuck Pork Roll, fuck water ice, and fuck your stupid backwards asses.

South Jersey is pretty nice in the countryside, cape, and pine barons

How's the industrial wasteland friendo

>yfw you live in a town that only takes 48 hours to process your fid

Well I work tonight if you gonna stop by fampai.

908 here
all i do is redpill motherfuckers all day
dyke bff is pro trump anti-jew now

glorious, what an age

Jesus Christ /lit/

908 checking in

yeah man, you know that banner? "dont forget, you're here forever" ?

well its worse than that. Wether we want to or not we take this shit back with us
>the redpilled dissolved within, and now it bleeds out

Love the NJ pol threads...no one outside of Jersey will know what it's like to go the PNC, get smashed in the parking lot, and then go makeout with some randoms in the lawn seats. No one outside of Jersey knows Action Park/Creek, THE Clinton Road, Shortie's, Wellmont, benny's, wheeling in the powerlines, literally all of our toxic urban rivers that people hunt on, etc etc. Soprano's house is literally three blocks away from me, last episode was filmed 10 minutes away. Get out and convert people to Trump, all of my coworkers are now

Wheeling is a big deal in south jersey,

Only good thing that fat fuck christie cream ever did was say no to rapefugees, and obama forced the schlong down his throat anyway.

But seriously who thinks jersey could go red? You walk around all you hear is people praising trump, trump signs everywhere. There were a lot of bernouts but that horse is dead now. Probably 40% trump, 40% bernie, 10% shillary, 10% don't give a fuck. They say only half of bernouts would even consider killary, so that puts it like 40/30 trump/cunt.

I mean the bloody governor is republican, it isn't a solid blue state.

>south Jersey is best Jersey

My nigga. Central and northwest are nice too, though. Northeast is full of jew yorkers and needs to get nuked.

Good on 'ya. I shilled for the emperor around campus. Being a funny and charming person is greatly advantageous. You have to look better and more presentable than the bernouts.

>basically alabama
>but with more niggers and spics

Suicidal Camden white guy here there is no hope everyone here is niggerfied send help RWDS when

Who /justshavedpubes/ here?

Yo yo Morristown reporting in.

Whats good dudes? I would legit like to meet up with you for some drinks, but I don't know spergy it might become.

me actually

Anyone here in Middlesex County? I ask because as I look around, I see a lot of Trump support. Keeps making me feel like he's gonna turn the state red as off of a chance as that is.

856 reporting from the burbs

Nice digits

Morristown reporting in, let's do it?!

Oh shit brah!! I'd be down to uber. 27 year old 6"3 male here. Whats your fave spot? I've been kicked out of Iron bar multiple times, so I don't think I can go there. I haven't been there in months, so I don't know if the bouncers remember me.

Metuchen here because 732 is too broad
I think Trump has a campaign building in Edison, they had an opening party with a bunch of people a while back
One thing to not forget, Trump is doing well with those who have previously voted (ie the polls), think about how much support he has with people who haven't voted/ haven't voted in a while. NJ could very well go red

Just mowed the lawn while playing Eurobeat. Pretended I was Dagumi Tofuboy.

Slow thread today huh?

Colonia here. Alot of trump signs on the lawns around here, as well as in Clark.

Am I allowed in here? I grew up in New Jersey and worked at Action Park as a teen.

Speed it up pls.

Old Bridge bro here.

Starting a new job tomorrow in NYC.

Dreading the four hours of daily commuting for the next 6-10 months.

do you have the nudist colony one?

Old Bridgefaggot here.

Saw a Trump bumper sticker in Manalapan today, and a Mazda covered with 5-6 Trump/Pence stickers on Tuesday. Not a chance he wins here, but hey he has some supporters here.

Lived in Old Bridge for years. 2006-2015. Had to move because we lost the house. Live in Spotswood now near Summerhill Road, if you know where that is. What part of OB you from?

*leaves some quality salt water taffy from down the shore on the table*

Now lads, you're only allowed to have one. Don't take any more.

I live near Trans Old Bridge, right by the Acme (Was A&P).

I don't know my way around Spotswood really, I generally just venture into Monmouth County since Rt. 9 is 200 feet from my house.

I lived in Sayrewoods South, which is basically just 2 minutes away from there. Lived on Jewel Pl, off of Throckmorton, then Grace, then Karl. Was a great location. I miss it.

>Trans Old Bridge
Liberals have got to stop. Even the bridges are turning degenerate.

This thread is a living example of why 'insert country/city/state/town/municipality'Cred Forums threads should have been dealt with from the beginning.

Rockaway reporting

I am the leader of Cred Forums AMA.

*takes a blue one but also a red one*

Bad post

Good post

>tfw everyone else got to take field trips to disney world and hershey park
>tfw you took field trips to the pine barrens

>Pork roll

fuck all the highway exit.

Used to run through there for cross country practice.

Was a lot of fun doing that in dead of Summer.

It's cozy back there.

It's a liberal paradise aside from a few people.

It's mostly curryniggers in my area and polish people.

A-user.. I'm a Pole..

Fucking concealed carry when?


North Jersey is true Jersey

Are you still here morristown bro?

Who /Morris County/ Here?!?

Nothing wrong with Polish people, but the curryniggers are the worst. My whole area smells of curry come 7-9PM because they all cook dinner at later hours.

The Poles in my neighborhood are nice, but they're all retired and don't speak a word of English.

You're gonna have to sauce me up on that thumbnail lad

Let's do it lads.


We will never have any.

Holy shit! I made this! It's spreading!

Summer Brielle

Wait a tick, 10PM isn't a normal time to eat dinner? Is my whole life a lie?

Thanks lad


Family dinners.

I generally pass out by 11, but the smell lingers because they all open their doors and windows at night to air out their home. It just creeps into mine.

I agree, the curryniggers are god awful. The smell is so fucking putrid.

And, yeah, that sounds like Poles to me. Nice people,bad with English. Very few take the time to learn once they pass a certain age.

Message me on mooncentral.net

I made a welcome thread from NJ.

Haha lads wanna see a great pair of tits?

The fuck even is this site?

idk a fucking moonman tribute / compilation site. Its not some edgy thing.

Are you morristown bro too? I remember seeing all of those cucks walking around the green playing pokemon go. I would yell out my car window making fun of them.
I could get to the green in five mins, but I am drinking now and I would have to call an uber.
But it would def be fun to meet up with some morristown Cred Forums bros for sure.

Nah. East Rutherford famlad.

Any 8otb bros here ?


I work security at a bar right off the green.

Okay, you def know who I am. I've been kicked out of a few. One time when I wore a poncho with a trump pin on it. lol Grasshopper?? See you on Tuesday for Karaoke?
What should I say as the code word my mane.

Nah, right up the street from Grasshopper. It's a little nicer but a small joint. You may very well have never been there. Begins with a D but I don't wanna say too much.

Can't wait for winter desu lads

Aight, you have decent fish n' chips? Never been there. Are you working Tuesday night?

973.. i dont like my town since its ridiculously liberal, but i like the state a lot. i make beats and rap and go to the gym. i was dating a chick from Fair Lawn for a minute but that ended. how's everyone's Sunday been?

also- an nj radio station played one of my songs today so that made me feel good.

New Jersey here, just came back from Walmart :D


Slow comfy sunday. Dreading tomorrow tbqh.

What sort of beats mane?

I DJ on the side for my own fun. Techno and deep house mostly. Looking to break out my early 90s hip hop vinyl collection and break out the decks for some sick fader action.

I fucking love Wawa

Any chance any of you guys were at Englishtown yesterday?

>inb4 NY plates
There was a fuck ton of Trump guys there, these were just a few I got a shot of