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Milo is an opportunistic narcissistic coal-burning literal Jew

It's shocking that right-wing conservatives are literally cheering for a former communist KGB spymaster (Putin) to hack American networks, steal American data and manipulate America's elections.

Then they fall for the propaganda of some other two-bit KGB "informant" whose job of fooling the feeble-minded is now on you-tube. The victims of the propaganda are easy to find, they're always shitting their panties over "cultural marxism" or some other fabricated conspiracy theory.

They like to act how they are red-pilled about science, but they reject science that disagrees with their views just like the liberals they hate so much.

Most advocate for views similar to Islam, but than get made and hate on muslims for having those views.

Why is anybody taking female and stormfag opinions seriously?

Stay irrelevant and poor 14/88 faggots. Meanwhile we will take your scene and make a new one with blackjack and hookers.

That's because the "alt right" is just another group of brain washed tools that are so backwards they can't see their own brain washing. They will be brainwashed tools until the grave.

Only reason I liked that faggot was that he was able to cuck dumb faggots in the maga movement and make them do weird shit(kissing Milo). Kinda funny desu. Other then that he's controlled opposition trying to keep faggotry rooted in all the political parties

>Dr. William H. Pierce - The Lesson of Haiti

Your second paragraph reminds me of pic related, and the video I linked in this post goes over the result of cultural libertarian thinking. We need to realize that all factors matter, and that we don't need to choose between 50,000 Congolese Christian Nationalists and 50,000 Nordic Muslims. Both are wrong. You don't need to accept either evil.

I'm neither a female, nor a stormfag. I don't think the site is interesting, productive, or even aesthetically pleasing. But even with that said, if a stormfag has a good statement, it's still a good statement. Ad Hom.

Why, bender?

Show proof of hacks or gtfo. I'll be waiting.

I love how the standard for evidence for something that is against the alt-rights view is nearly impossible to reach, but they will accept anything that supports their view even when all the evidence is against it.

Didn't watch it (except for a few seconds while skipping through it), but I think its funny how all the alt-right people hate him for basically defending them.
I mean he tries to make sure that the alt-right isn't instantly written of as nazis/white supremacists. What is he supposed to say? Did you one day see some "fucking marxist. it's white genocide!!!11" comment and were like: Yeah, this guy has a point. Have to ease the normies into it. Especially when people almost have been programmed to call everything you say racist, sexist, ... without even thinking about it.

+he thinks a bit more about not damaging Trumps chances. unlike retards like David Duke.

Isn't this the girl who thinks the earth is flat?

The alt-right is mostly autistes. They don't understand political maneuvering.

Show proof of hacks or gtfo. I'll be waiting.

>Show proof of hacks or gtfo. I'll be waiting.

Are you seriously this retarded? Drag your kiddie ass back to Funny Junk.

I really get that sentiment, but he's not Trump's campaign spokesperson, and he's violently watered down whatever the "Alt-Right" constituted. I don't want 100% Nordic National Socialist Hitler Esoteric Hindu Hyperborean shit, but you can't fuck up your beliefs so other people can accept you and whatever PC ones you have left. I suggest you actually do watch the video by the way.

Not that guy, but he's mostly right even without concrete proof of the deliberate government hacking claim (which shouldn't be unlikely in the real world).

>inb4 the JEW York times isn't a credible source.

>Have to ease the normies into it
That doesn't work though. You can't ease normies into things because normies don't really think that much. What you can do though is bore normies and desensitize them to certain words and ideas that they've been programmed to react negatively to.

>Especially when people almost have been programmed to call everything you say racist, sexist, ... without even thinking about it.
This is a good thing. You should want them to call everything and everyone racist, sexist, antisemitic, etc, because doing this removes the power from these words. The programming is removed not by easing them out of it but by saturating them with it to such a degree that the words become meaningless to them.

Look at that article on Clinton's website right now. It's "Donald Trump, Pepe the frog, and white supremacists: an explainer: That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize" or look at front page of the daily stormer right now. These are both perfect examples of this. The Hillary thing is just absurd because normies look at that and they just see some crazy shit about how a cartoon frog is the symbol of white supremacy and it just sounds insane to them. About the daily stormer though, the news will very seriously say that Trump is supported by "evil white supremacist neo-nazis" and then they will mention sites like Daily Stormer and if they show an image of the frontpage or if anyone googles it then they will immediately be greeted by this. Fucking pokemon smiling and waving at you with a cartoon Hitler in the background.

It's hilarious and normies are either confused as hell or they can't help but laugh. You don't ease them out by trying to make a solid argument or a sound point. You just make everything so fucking ridiculous that they don't take words like racist or white supremacist seriously anymore.

You can't ease anyone into anything. People don't believe things on rationality. They believe it on emotion. Alt-righters are not different.

>inb4 the JEW York times isn't a credible source.
The ridiculous right has been programmed not to trust any "news" but the disinformation from the right-wing echo chamber.

holy kek!
I was not red pilled on haiti........

my damn

Pretty much.

Sure, I would agree completely, but the difference is that normies believe things based on emotions that other people told them that they are supposed to feel.

For example, blacks are violent creatures that ruin everything they touch. Most of my hatred for them is based on emotion, but it's emotion that comes from first hand experience. My family has lived in this city for generations and I can't even relax and take a walk at night or walk through certain areas of the city because I might get shot by niggers and I have a visceral hatred for them because of this. There is absolutely no reason why we should tolerate these animals ruining our country.

Normies don't believe these things based on their own emotions. They believe that it's wrong to say that niggers are violent animals because they've been told to believe that they must feel outraged if they ever hear "bad think" like this. Everyone believes things based on emotion, but your beliefs should at least be based on your own emotions rather than what was injected into your head by some kikes.

>always shitting their panties over "cultural marxism" or some other fabricated conspiracy theory.

The alt-right is the same. The believe things because they were told to. Normies also believe stuff because it's their own emotions. Just because those emotions were inspired by someone else doesn't make it their own.

Not an argument lad.

My son's mother is blonde hair blue eye 100% german. I'm mixed irish french with black hair brown eyes.

>It's shocking that right-wing conservatives are literally cheering for a former communist KGB spymaster (Putin) to hack American networks, steal American data and manipulate America's elections.

Why would this be a bad thing? Anyone who sees themselves as some kind of "proud American patriot" is completely delusional. What is their patriotism directed towards exactly? A disgusting, bloated, corrupt government that is doing everything it can to import endless amounts of third world shitskin trash and forcibly flood white neighborhoods with violent apes? And if they're not proud of their government but they love the love the people of their country then what do they love about them? Do they love their fellow white countrymen who either actively cheer on or ignore the demographic destruction that approaches them or do they love their non-white "countrymen" who despise them and want to see them dead?

All of these flag waving 'murican bear retards are completely delusional. They're waving the flag of a nation that hardly even meets the definition of a nation. It's a "nation" that values the mass importation of low IQ shitskins that would love nothing more than to ethnically cleanse the whites who built everything that they're now destroying.

Anyone who would do anything to harm or undermine this abomination that we live inside of is doing us a fucking favor.






Neither is calling everything a crazy conspiracy theory.



Everybody knows that nobody thinks
>oh boy, I sure am pleased with the current occupants of the state department and such!
When they wave the flag.
>What is their patriotism directed towards, exactly?
Similar ideals as that of the Founding Fathers and shit, man. Besides, what alternative do you propose, if not loving the righteous and fighting for it?


oh shit i'm a #hillarymissile now dawg




Why do liberals suck at the stawman memes again?





Listen. Let me tell ya. People are mad. People are really mad. People come up to me all the time and are like, "Mr.Trump we can't get any jobs.". And it breaks my heart. Let me tell you folks I will bring jobs back to America. I will be the best jobs president ever. There will be so many jobs when I'm president we won't know what to do with em.






How can a group that doesn't exist be infuriated?




Remove this.

>Why would this be a bad thing?
You're OK with foreign governments controlling America?

You're a traitor, Vladimir.

You want our government to be better, then fight to remove corporations from politics and remove money from free speech.


>Alt-Right: Healthy sense of tribalism directed towards ingroup
>SJWs: Healthy sense of tribalism directed towards hostile outgroup.

SJWs are hopelessly deluded and I feel bad for them, but at least they have an instinct for tribalism. That instinct is just directed towards an outgroup that wants to destroy them and this makes their whole worldview completely suicidal. They still have a chance to come to their senses and take their own side though.

The true believers of individualism? It's not the SJWs that are the really sick bastards. It's these anti-social fucks. They lack every instinct of tribalism that makes a human capable of functioning properly within a society. You stay with your own people and you defend your own people. It's very simple and it's instinctual to every sane human on the planet. SJWs have this instinct and it's misdirected, but these "I belong to no tribe. I judge everyone as a unique individual." people are disgusting and unnatural on a level that not even SJWs are capable of reaching. I don't know if these true individualists are just sociopaths who bought into their own bullshit or if they're just severely autistic.


The blondie looks autistic. Just like the average alt-righter.

Alt right is the literal definition of a useful idiot

Nice try leftist scum. It's a name you gave us. We just wear it as a badge to piss you off.

>You're OK with foreign governments controlling America?

You dirty antisemite, what do you have against Israel controlling our government?

Also, this is fucking rich. Somebody, possibly Russia, hacked PRIVATE networks to reveal that the DNC was rigging its own bullshit. That is NOT interfering with elections, it is revealing that the dems were trying to rig their elections.

When and if Russia has EQUAL control over America as Israel and Saudi Arabia, I may care.

I don't believe this, but i want to.

Your photoshop is wrong. She wanted the health care insurance she pays for to cover birth control pills.


Trump is a kike-loving cuck.

also all Serbs and the rest of the Balkans should be gassed

Most of the muslims will agree with most of the alt-righters on the point that the sky is blue, yeah

it's not hard to see why desu


the cold war is over you dumb kike

First genuine laugh today.


Oh look. They're copying our memes again.

As opposed to what, a metaphorical jew?

this is hilarious and spot on

Hmmm I wonder who could be behind these posts

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as the US, is in fact, the jews, or as I've taken to calling it, jews plus US.

The US for instance has a central bank that is privately owned by the jews. The central bank prints money and the US borrows it at interest. The US has to ask the jews for money if it wants to do anything. This is one of the main ways the jews control the US.

Russia's economy is largely based on oil so the jews had the US crash the oil market. Russia is currently hurting but still surviving. The jews want to run an oil pipeline through Syria to bypass Russia and crash their economy... to force them under their control like the US is under their control. Iran, China etc etc all of these people are future targets of the jews and why the US calls them "evil" just like how Germany was supposedly "evil" because Hitler wanted to create a new German economy.

[So it should be no surprise at all that the US and Israel back ISIS in Syria, they have no considerations for what is right or wrong, morality. The jew and it’s owned states are consumed with a blind, satanic thirst for money and control.]

That's very basically where we are, the jew controlled world vs the independent world.

anti-nationalist leftists are just setting things up for a judeoamerican one-world government

move along nothing to see here


>the only alternative to le altistic right and SJWs is centrism

You literally expect a half jewish person to support the "muh whitey replaced boohoo" thingie? No one would do that in his situation. He would literally support his own demise.

Pretty much this, never understood that why everyone that doesn't agree with the alt right is right away labeled as a "centrist".