Barack and Michelle in love

Why didn't you go see this movie, Cred Forums?

It only earned $6 million in the theaters.

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It would have done better on Netflix. No one is going to pay as much as it costs at a movie theater + concessions for a movie like that.

which one is barack

I'm taking a shit and I laughed so hard that it just slid out of me

Well it's good to see Americans still have enough self respect to not go see a propaganda piece about a sitting president, holy shit whose retarded idea was that

Why didn't they get a white guy to play Obama? He is half white!

>Young associate Barack Obama tries to win the heart of a young lawyer, Michelle Robinson in Chicago in 1989. On their first date, they visit an Afro-Centric exhibit at a local art center, view a screening of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, and have their first kiss outside an ice cream parlor.

That's the whole plot? I just copied that from wikipedia. I never saw a shorter summary in my life.

That's a tagline that they made into a whole movie? What are the struggles the motivations? Why do I want to see the protagonist succeed on his date?

So they're gonna show Michelle's benis?

Do they show Mikes transitioning?

wow first movie with a negro transvestite

It's sounds like a teenage girls fanfiction

I saw it twice, it was very touching

Michelle slaps her BBC on obamas puckering boipucci begging to be pozzed

it didn't make 6 million it was the first movie that admission was totally paid for by food stamps

japan you are johnny on the spot with spicy lols

I love you japan

>Why didn't you go see this movie, Cred Forums?

because they incorrectly cast a female actor to play Obama's tranny spouse

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$6M is what one of his 300+ golfing outings cost

Man, I totally regret not going to the movies when Planty of the Apes was on a couple of months ago. It played on a Sunday and on the day Obama was speaking at the DNC.

Based nips bringing the bantz again

>Barack and Michelle in love
Who give a fuck about this?

lol they blackwashed Barry.

redpill me on the michelle obama being a tranny meme

If I want to look at gay couple I'll just go to tel aviv

didn't even know this was a movie

That nigga's way too black to play Barack.

>more like shitstained

summarize this movie

ebin x--DDDDD



>It only earned $6 million in the theaters.
Box office: 2.9 million USD
Budget: 1.5 million USD

You aren't even kidding. There has to be more than that. I don't care how good the acting may be, that just sounds really boring.

>Only 6 million

I love how they couldn't find an ape as ugly as Michelle. of the apes

They should've used a gay asian couple and then cry oppression when asked why they didn't cat a straight nigger couple.

They picked a bad actor for Michelle, her shoulders are way way broader than that. No bulge either.

But women with huge arms are hot as fuck

Anything but that plastic freak Melania

Directed by Jane Goodall

> (OP)
>which one is barack

Which one is Michelle?

I'll be completely honest.

If I had a gf right now I'd have gone and seen it with her.

Seriously though this is entirely propaganda. It's pretty well known Obobo was famously gay before his Presidential run. I remember a dude coming out during the election willing to testify he used to fuck Obama for coke. And Obama used to go to a gay spa in Illinois so much they put a plaque up on the wall. Most of the Illinois gay community was apparently shocked when Obobo started chimping for president. "How can he run for President with any hope of a chance? He's gay"

If this movie was accurate it would show Obobo sucking two dicks at once while another guy snorted coke out of his asshole. Then (((Henry Kissenger))) would appear from the shadows and be like "Obama, my boy, I want you to run for President so we can establish a new world order. Only thing is you need to have a wife and kids and pretend to be Christian like a good goyim. This is Michelle." *Michelle walks in, unzips fly and Jams her dick in Obobo's mouth between the other two dicks.* *Kissenger cackles* "Yesss Ultimate power!!"

oh no...


You probably did watch it and just thought it was the DNC.

You are the best colony

> $6 million