It must be awesome being white

God. It must be awesome being white.

Loads of disposable cash. You can buy almost whatever you want. Not having to worry about gentrification pushing you out of your neighborhood because you own your own home. No police discriminating against you. No one following you around in stores because they think you're going to steal something. Money for fancy cameras, computers, and expensive video editing software that will allow you to create a YouTube channel that will net you even more income. You can get your medical problems treated with no problem because you can actually afford healthcare. Access to healthy foods to prevent medical problems. You don't have to deal with torrents and bullshit to see movies because you have the money to see whatever movies you want. You have the time to see movies because you own your own business and don't have to deal with bullshit 9 to 5s. You can travel almost any where and be welcomed as royalty because years of Hollywood exporting films that portray white people in a favorable light have made the natives think whites are good.

Being white must be really awesome.

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Look Cred Forums, a delusional observation of someone with advanced mental illness.

Personal barbers. Haircuts with $1000 scissors.

Being a white man in a white controlled country = Being born with a lifetime golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

wtf? under your logic white=rich

It's easy to get treated like royalty, all you have to do is not belong to a race that thinks murder, robbery, and rape are OK. Pay for what you want to buy, say please and thank you. It's not hard.

I've been followed around in stores plenty. I've even been accused of theft. So it does happen, but (((certain people))) would rather you not know that it does. Hurts the narrative.

I think Whites having a good reputation has less to do with Hollywood, which shows blacks in a much more positive light, and more to do with Whites inventing practically everything. This creates resentment in (((some people))), which is how and why the idea of racism was invented.

Hence your bitter post.

What do you guys do with your monthly white privilege stipend?

I'm thinking about investing mine into an apartment complex that I can rent out to minorities.

Slum lord is always good.

Personally I like to use my monthly white privilege stipend on killing black hookers. The cops don't even investigate because their hookers , and THEIR BLACK!!

This guys face is so goddamn ugly .

>You can tell the difference between hair cut with 200$ scissors and hair cut with 1000$ scissors.

Mental illness on parade here

He isn't white.

I invest mine into a refugee theme park.
It is like a war torn country themed park.
There will be rides like the Barrel bomb dive, bumper cars with terrorist Toyota trucks, faggot roof bungee, An oil well themed rollercoaster and the jihadi ferris wheel.
There will also be shooting galleries where you have to shoot at government and western troops targets with an ak. Mainly refugees will be employed.
Although it is not intended there will probably a lot of rape in this theme park.

Its for the whole family.

Now jews on the other hand...

>faggot roof bungee
Fucking kek

Yup. Feels great to be white, but I'm not sure how much longer that will keep up with how much the govt and media keeps pushing the mutliculti cock up my arse.

That is Casey Neistat. He works his ass off OP. Watch his videos. He is a very smart hipster. He works in movie production. And he is a nice guy too.

get this jew off my board

It really is awesome. I was gonna buy another house yesterday, but I remembered with my white card I could make some smart investments and have enough money to buy two houses next month instead.

All the Jew hate, but that Jew is cool.

I'm white and I'm poor as shit.

lel implying it's better being a brown man in a brown controlled country.

All right this guy seriously is starting to piss me off, WHY THE FUCK does youtube thinks i want to see this casey nestat or whatever the fuck is this loose mouthed clown is?
Every time i am watching cooking videos this shit comes on the related videos and i watched ONCE O N C E and it was just this nigga walking around eating shit and talking about himself because for some reason me and a bunch of people must be interested ...
how do i make these videos stop popping up on my recommended lists ?

this guy gets it

God, this gets me so angry
>we fight for the poor and helpless
>haha, look at this homeless Trump supporter

Dude might have been laid off from his based factory job that is now in China

Ty friendorino

Gentrification sucks. I'd rather have a cool old black neighborhood than a traffic jam of big box stores, astroturfed culture, and trendy faggots overrunning the place with their expensive bullshit.