Where's the video of him talking about making a CPU from scratch...

Where's the video of him talking about making a CPU from scratch? I love how he hasn't got a clue what he's talking about, little shit. Here's a "CPU": youtu.be/35zLnS3fXeA
I doubt he could make that and even if he could make it by following a tutorial step by step he couldn't understand shit. I don't think he knows how a transistor even works. You can't just copy step by step what you see on youtube and call yourself an electronics guru or whatever. Just like all the the guitar players who learn to play a song by reading some tabs and then playing the guitar like a robot not having a fucking clue why after the Mi would come a Re or whatever. That's how I learned to play and gave up cause I realised I'm just a machine reading some numbers not even notes and apply them on chords.

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Don't forget to set your bombs back.

He is a fucking moron, he didn't build shit from scratch and the whole issue was ridiculous. If I brought a toy gun to school I would get expelled,let that sink in. There was actually a situation where some little ass kid brought in a toy gun, think it might have been a water gun and he got expelled from school and finding a new one wasn't exactly easy.

A lot of people on my dads side are actually muslim and I have no qualms about Muslim American. But right when I saw his "clock" I though it looked too close to a bomb. Fuck that guy, and then he moved to another country and then he came back to sue. If I could just deliver one punch to his fucking face I would.

Indians are just smarter than stupid white people you guys.

I live like 5 mins from this guy and went to the same school. Also been to the mosque. ask me anything I guess

I made this after the last thread ended.

I just got back from work


Not very Cred Forums related but if you had the know how, the time and the resources could you build a computer like that could perform like a modern day games machine, ie an i5, current gen gpu, 8 gig ram etc. assuming you had access to all the proprietary technology and could simulate it on your diy circuit boards, would it be possible to match modern computers? how bad would the perf per watt be? how much room would it take up?

I think of an entire SAGE machine, and then realize, that wasn't even that powerful compared to modern computers. So pretty huge and expensive in energy.

>claims he built a CPU from scratch


Fucking bullshit. Only a moron would believe a child could build a CPU in his garage.

Make a CPU?

The equipment/tools necessary to "make a CPU" would cost tens of millions of $$$

>SAGE machine
I googled that and its just showing coffee machines and accounting software, what do you mean?

When did you set your bomb to go off Achmed?

for a modern sophisticated cpu yeh, but if you watch the OP video what that guys built is a 'cpu' in the broad sense, obviously it lacks complex instruction sets youd find in your desktop but its still a cpu.


this what you meant?

whoa what's wrong with him?

very nervous

I was bullied at school, I get the feeling if i was at school with this guy i wouldnt have been.

i think he might just be dyslexic and tried to spell sega

Cool clock Ahmed is a really interesting phenomenon in that everyone got played.

Love Zuckerberg's "shoutout".

He mispoke. He meant IED.

Did you not see the video OP posted?
Making a simple CPU doesn't need that much material, obviously nobody is making a full on modern CPU, just a simplified one.

Yeah just watched this. I didn't pay much attention to this phenomenon when it happened until I saw that "I build CPUs" and it triggered me.

Absolutely not. 100% no. Modern lithography costs hundreds of millions if not billions to set up a foundry. You could make a 1970s era toy processor but it won't do anything useful.

Yeah it's not that hard to make a rudimentary CPU out of breadboards, chips, and wires. You can look up how to do it online.

You certainly don't solder anything on it, that's for sure.

Making a simple timing circuit or clock on a breadboard is right out of Grade 9 computer engineering. Even if he had done that, it wouldn't have been impressive.

anyone have that clip of him "soldering" an already built motherboard?

Grade 9 computer engineering? I haven't heard of that. Do you guys learn this stuff in grade 9? We didn't have computer engineering just programming.

This asshat thinks that playing with legos is LITERALLY building a fucking robot. He's putting himself at the level of asimo and boston labs by playing with a fucking lego set made for 10 year olds

I remember seeing a long time ago, someone who made a CPU equivalent to a Pentium 4 on breadboards. It was fucking massive though, it took up a whole room.

kek, i just noticed that there is a speaker cone/magnet just randomly connected to the mobo.

I learned how to make a CPU when I was in 7th grade

Fuck this piece of shit, I hate that nigger so much. The worst thing is, that you can see on his smug face that he knows he is playing everyone like a fiddle

I don't even know if they do engineering classes anymore, just generic computer science classes. That was 10 years ago.

Normal things you build are traffic light simulators, addition and subtraction calculators, and a simple stopwatch.

what in the fuck is he doing? Is that actually Ahmed Mohamed with a soldering gun on a cpu? Do people actually believe he made that??

>open up google images
>search for something that looks hack-ey

Why didn't he just open hackertyper.com/

He's trying to bend every pin straight. Good luck to him, it's pretty much impossible without damaging it even more.

What the fuck is that picture? Is he trying to repair something? Cause that board looks short circuited as fuck. I hope he didn't claim he make that because there's no way you get green boards by etching them at home.

>Is that actually Ahmed Mohamed

pic was a thumbnail to youtube.com/watch?v=RhhVIRXwnQE

pretty sure it is satire

What the fuck is this nigger doing.
God damn shit like this makes me hate muslims and obongo. Why did this mudslime get any attention

If you enjoy Ahmed the boy genius, check out this kid called Max Loughan:

>kid reads how to make a crystal radio from school text book
>builds it
>falsely renames it as "free energy device" because to tech and science illiterate it's like magic
>his parents spread the "invention" on social media
>local news makes a story about him
>tech illiterate people are praising him as the new Tesla

Building a crystal radio is not a big deal, you probably made one in elementary school science class. It does not produce "free energy", but receives already existing electromagnetic waves.

yeah... ok... no questions i guess

but how deeply related are the functions of the chip and the method of its manufacture. Could you not just copy a modern CPU switch for switch, gate for gate, on a much larger scale and throw a lot more power at it when its complete? would that not work? I know modern chips have millions, if not billions of switches, but theoretically, if you had the space, could you not just make one bigger? obviously youd need more power and better cooling.


Thankfully that isn't him.

>He actually does solder CPUs n shiet

He's just ruining an already ruined CPU even more.

Cool. We don't learn this stuff in school. I went to an electronics club kinda like an afterschool thing all throughout middle school and made that kind of stuff there.

Lego Mindstorms is an alright introduction to actual robotics, since all components are already integrated, and you can quickly mess around with basic concepts, like input-processing>movement>feedback.
But this dumb shitskin will just throw a bunch of bricks in the box and have another tantrum.

I stand corrected.
Still ahmed clock boy needs a punch to the face

If this guy playing with lego means he built a robot then that flatpack wardrobe i assembled from ikea makes me a carpenter.

They aren't even in the US anymore. Fuck off.

when I went to the highschool that ahmed went to we did not even have programming or any electrical class. there was literally no reason for him to bring this to school. they tried to pilot some online course for programming using scratch my senior year

Guys, dont underestimate brown clock bomb kid, Im an elite technomancer and i taught him everything i know. pic related is me.

>build ikea furniture
>Jesus was a carpenter
>You're Jesus
>Basically god

There, fixed that for you Ahmed

my dad made one of these in like the 2nd grade, back in the 60s. that's kind of depressing actually the world is actually retarded

No for 2 main reasons

On a large scale the distance between components due to wiring etc would introduce massive timing issues, that's the same reason we don't simply make CPUs significantly bigger now (as in from the standard size to say twice as big and double transistors per chip)

The power usage on a blown up scale would be absolutely insane, not to mention cooling issues.

he moved back to his home in Irving to sue the school a few months ago, you irrationally aggressive dumbass

It's not what he built that's impressive, but the fact that he has the knowledge and passion at an early age that matters. Unlike Ahmed who's both dumb as a rock and had other ulterior motives behind his "invention"

I built a CPU with stuff I bought at a Radio Shack for a college EE project for under $100. It was ugly as hell, bigger than the laptop I'm using now and was a whopping 8-bit. To make something that you can actually use, sure you need a whole facility that will set you back probably a few hundred million. But to make something that has all the basic characteristics of a CPU, you don't need a whole lot of money or even a whole lot of brains.

I still doubt this retarded sand nigger could build one any more than he actually built that shitty "clock".

I don't think you can make a cpu from home. The parts are pretty small

Hey guys OP here with this "free energy device". Can you make an appointment with Obongo already? Oh and btw I don't want a shitty windows phone I want the Nexus that's coming out now please.

It fag here,

Daily rreminder that you cannot build a fucking CPU at home....I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that in order to keep any contaminates out of the CPU while the silicone layers are being set you need a clean room that makes a hospital look like the streets of India.

Cool cpu Ahmed ! Want to come to Guantanamo bay so I can shove it up your ass?

>being this butthurt because a 14 year old muslim child is doing about 1000x better than you will ever do in your entire life


>surely pulling up pictures of mobo's in google images will make me look like i'm a serious aspiring computer engineer

Wow man, like you're just like Nicola Tesla n shiet.

Take a 140,000 ohm resistor and stick it in a power outlet n shiet, man. It'll go pop and it's like some new sort of bomb that'll revolutionize warfare.


i don't think ive ever seen a stan here before?

I don't even think he's enrolled in high school anymore

I mean I guess he has free ride to MIT but he will drop out very quickly

i can just always smell the shit lies coming from these kids, its so annoying how everyone worships them as future innovators.
Here's another example
wow so smart

>he will drop out very quickly
Nonsense. He'll fail out.

Don't forget about this kid


here's picture of mosque I took earlier for proof or whatever

What was he like as a person, e.g. was he arrogant? Also pic of the school/something near it timestamped would be nice if possible.

Locals are not really smart or internet-savvy, so finding them on esoteric political board is indeed, an uncommon event.

I used to see Kazakh people here all the time, I don't know what happened.

>The media comes over
>Coaches "Clock boy™" how to make "technology stuff" to push a narrative about Islam and multiculturalism being benevolent and this kid being tech savvy, when he actually isn't.
>The little shit couldn't and wouldn't do it on his own because he's actually an idiot.
That's all this is. I bet they take him to tour a nuclear facility as a photo op next while he just gawks like an idiot and everyone calls him a "genius".

I graduated a few years before he attended, so I can only really tell you about the people that work there.

I took a picture of the mosque as I don't want to drive halfway across irving so here you go

Regardless of his current intellect - the kid has drive. That's incredibly important.

Yes, that's what I meant. One SAGE computer, the entire building.

Government actively implements state-wide url-filtering/dpi, so it's maybe that. Though anyone who posts on Cred Forums should be able to figure out tor/vpn/proxy whatever.

his drive is gaining self-worth, he'll be full of it one day, and forget about science


He's infinitely more talented then clock boy. It's not like he took a radio apart and "invented" a radio.

A Kazakh poster comes here every now and then. Usually has good one line zingers.
Lurk more.

How come youtube is full of these science kids citing wikipedia articles

Irving, that means you live next to loony tunes Glenn Beck.

That kid is a troll. He put a disassembled clock in a suitcase as a bomb joke, got punished, and brought it to the media. The school wasn't allowed to explain itself because student confidentiality and it got pushed up into national news. At that point the little shit was committed and couldn't go back.

Oh lol. That looks really good

That id. Holy shit my sides.

As in the cpu logic gate. Fucking lmao

fug no this can't be real

I honestly have no idea where he lives and that guy is pretty annoying. but I also live within 20 minutes or so of dubya so whatever man

How do you feel about (((Sacha Baron Cohen))) shitting on your country? We only got a little shit splatter because he filmed here.

That's always the risk.


>tfw as a kid I once stuck a wire into the power outlet
>the entire electricity in the house went out
at least I'm still alive

>maybe if i hold some wires here it will look real


>shitskin takes apart a clock
>puts it back together again
>national science hero

m8 whites have been building shit like ((pic)) for centuries.

Kek he's so fucking retarded

You're wrong about both things
He's neither an Indian, nor are Indians smart. Indians are just do well in school because a lot of the stuff is pure memorization of facts.
Ask an Indian to explain a concept and all you'll get in return is the textbook language, word to word.

I know a guy who will make classes in schools and kindergartens for 5-8y/o kids to introduce them to lego robotics and basic programming.

14 yo boasting on twitter about building a lego robot after you 'built a complicated explosives looking clock' is lamest at least

I'm just visiting here btw.
His parody is more about less-developed -stans, like uzbeks or tajiks. Kazakhstan was a serious industrial and agricultural region back in USSR, and was the only republic apart from Russian SSR with majority russian population. Years of high oil prices helped to develop a country quite a bit, allowed sending students to western colleges on government-sponsored scholarships. So it's in a decent shape.

Its very real. Happened to another kid with a sandwich

indians are the highest number of cheaters per capita


To be fair, Pajeet, a lot of normies in the West do that too.

Lazy learning. Ignore concepts, memorize.


Actually Indians are not intellectual as you said. I remember a kid who had like a bachelors in medicine at the age 14. He went to USA to become a neurosurgeon (I might mess up but there was a documentary about him - smartest kid or smth). So at the end of the documentary leading professors concluded that he is memorizing things and can't calculate and make decisions on his own which is extremely necessary in stressful situations for example if you have a dying patient on the operating table. They can't connect the dots. It doesn't meant that he is a failure - it was quite clear that he had basically wasted his childhood with learning too much and his immature brain wasn't ready for a harsh life decision making in such an important field.

Why is there a fucking light bulb in the psu?

>Nothing is worth doing unless you understand theory

Nigga are you retarded?


10/10 loved that my anglo comrade

>What the fuck is that picture?

His kike handlers know the goy is completely ignorant about everything anyway, and that none of the (((media))) will ask questions. "Muh future science arab geenious baby" has had every photo staged with random piles of electronic waste, and the occasional pose with an iron he doesn't even know how to use.

It's part of the kike's branding, just like the worn NASA shirt he's wearing in 9/10ths of the press photos.

>Mo's Clock Tek 2.0

the greatest achievement this guy pulled off was duping President Obama into opening his mouth in support for something that the whole world recognized as a fraud later

Obama was supposed to meet him when he visited the white house but canceled the in-person meeting later

Thats not Lazy at all, though, thats just dumb. Understaning the concept is way easier than memorising it without knowing what youre talking about.


So you're basically a janitor for office workers

He sounds like hes just super autistic. Am i right?

he's just a dumb kid trying to ride this for his father and please CAIR since the Irving mayor shut down their sharia court experiment the year prior

>why after the Mi would come a Re or whatever.
Do people actually conceptualize music this way?

There are billions of transistors on a modern CPU m8, with a B

>As of 2016, the largest transistor count in a commercially available single-chip processor is over 7.2 billion—the Intel Broadwell-EP Xeon. In other types of ICs, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), the Altera Stratix 10 has the largest transistor count, containing over 30 billion transistors.[1] [2]

Pretty common electronics project, look at OP's video. I did similar when I was a kid.

Rly made me think.

a breadboard isn't a cpu or even needs soldering buddy

Let's see him invent himself a new neck.

>no qualms about Muslim American

He has a face that needs a good beating with a baseball bat.

He's such a fucking shitskin from Qatar (a place named after black gunk you cough up).

my dad also loved to make shit when he was a kid. he truly believes we're all retarded now

>Mayor shutting down sharia court
I hate sharia but i also believe in freedom of religion. Wtf? Christians go to pastors & priests to settle disputes or handle divorces. Jews have their own religious courts. So why did they shut down this sharia thing at the mosque? I assume it was just for handling disputes between mosque members right?

Ruskies have already done that.

>mfw head transplant


I don't know. The thing I want to say is that there are a lot of artist who do not have a musical education and you can't call yourself a guitarist just because you read where to put your finger on the fret board (using tabs). You may disagree and I'm actually that kind of "guitar player" but I stand my point and I do not call myself an artist.

>Daily rreminder that you cannot build a fucking CPU at home

Yes you can, it is literally a common project for hobbyists to build 8 bit processors.

Might want to read the OP next time kiddo

Muslims abuse the Sharia court system, its practises go against American laws.

>Beating women
>Child marriage
etc. You cannot have Sharia courts, it's not compatible with your legal system, it's what led to a load of them being shut down here.

Again, look at OP's video. If all you saw was a blank breadboard, you're blind.

That is a processor, just a useless one by today's standards.

Are you from Irving? I was asking that other guy who was. At any rate, Jews have tightly insular communities that hide child rape scandals. If were shutting down sharia courts then we better shut down Jewish courts too.

No they didn't. A Z80 or something, maybe. At MHz speeds the length of the wires between components becomes the limiting factor due to the speed of light. The power requirements, even if the speed of light was irrelevant also would be insane due to the capacitance and inductance of breadboard scale parts.

I fucking love you Cred Forums thanks for debunking this little shit.

they were invited on the resolution of this issue and ignored the invitation and protested instead

I don't really care, they would probably rule you need to kill a woman for something mild and only after the matter would you discover piles of illegal activity in an investigation

it was not limited to sharia courts and I don't even think the word sharia appears on the document itself


basically everyone was invited to have a discussion and figure out what to do and instead they just sperged and protested

What the hell is he doing? Maybe he's reflowing solder, but the way he's holding that circuit board is ridiculous. Any time I reflow solder I keep the board on a firm flat surface, just like when I am soldering or desoldering-- I sure as hell am not going to hold it in my hand.

Doesn't matter where I'm from, wherever Muslims go and enact Sharia courts (through your nations Arbitration laws) you will get wife beatings, child marriages and other things that go against your law system.

It's just how it is. Sorry but you need to accept that.


i doubt it is even turned on

i work on your mall

> Just like all the the guitar players who learn to play a song by reading some tabs and then playing the guitar like a robot not having a fucking clue why after the Mi would come a Re or whatever. That's how I learned to play and gave up cause I realised I'm just a machine reading some numbers not even notes and apply them on chords.
that would explain why im having hard time when trying to come up with something original

Where at?

>cpus and sheeiiiiitt
will someone beat this kids ass, please?

mills, what else is there?

I took the element out of a toaster, spiced it to an old cord and plugged it in. It exploded and sent red hot shrapnel everywhere burning a shitton of holes in the carpet. Somehow did not touch me though praise kek.


>making a CPU from scratch
I'm pretty such a thing is impossible

I'm pretty sure reading the OP should be a requirement before shitposting.



Logic gate

backlighting retard, god. It's like you don't even scheme your colors.

Not really. Really just a bunch of logic gates.
It'll take up an entire fucking room though.

Had to make an extremely basic 4bit computer in one of my classes.

Was about to ask the same thing.

Some asshat probably wanted to put a vacuum tube in there because "computers have those right?", but couldnt find one so, next best thing.

/diy/ and Cred Forums here, you can make a cpu at home but its 1950's tier.
Noone specified a modern cpu.

Cool Regionals, Ahmed.

I meant what store you boob

several, we do hvac there. charming charlie is last one i remember. had a helicopter out there to get the unit on top

No one can make a CPU 'from scratch.' The idea is so fucking retarded only President Obama could believe it.

>Im going to starve myself
>eats thousands of calories a day
These youtube shits need be made to actually do what they claim to do.


any secrets to the mall you wanna give to a fellow pollack?

follow this easy step by step guide and find out!

I was getting ready to call bullshit then I saw you lived in a 3rd world shithole where this sort of thing actually could happen. no offense intended.

This kid is a liberals wet dream: A brown Muslim smart enough to make 'CPUs' and 'digital clocks' from scratch, who is of course oppressed by whitey when he brings his genius inventions to school.

Intel does it all the time

Thats the test light.

so he can see if the computer is on.

The precession with that rock is actually somewhat impressive.

there's a cargo entrance that goes underground on the side facing apartments. will let you into the inner corridor that employees can use. not very guarded, just gets filled up with water. i don't even think they actually close it so it's always open. and easy to get in the mall at any time of day that way. just wear a worker vest and you probably not get bothered. not really much to do at the mall though. i guess you can get roof access if you find the ladder but there's nothing up there.


>where this sort of thing actually could happen
what do you mean?
I wanted to figure out how lightbulbs work, so I took the piece of leftover metal from pic related, bent it, and put both ends in the electrical socket
Luckily, we probably had the device that switches off all electricity if it detects a short circuit

Latvia isn't a 3rd world shithole, I would've probably done the same and even worse in the US

Well then go get yourself an education. My passion for music wasn't strong enough to learn the theory or "book" side so I can't help you with materials.

Basically just a starting hobbyist that got some media buzz because it is not 1981 anymore.


Media promoting it are stupid and ignorant, but there is nothing wrong with him trying to get into this.
He is too young to know as much as a fully trained computer science engineer.

In the us each room or sections of rooms are on their own breaker. Even in the olden days they used fuses. If a short occurs it only trips the one breaker and the rest of the house still has electricity.
Also putting just probing something into only one of the holes wouldnt do shit. You would have had to bridge both of the contacts, which here would also be an impossibility (i think) because the insides of the outlet are separated by a barrier. Your outlets, assuming the events actually happened, would have had to have been separated so thats something in one hole could reach the contact in the other hole. and thats just a very shitty idea.

>In the us each room or sections of rooms are on their own breaker
I was exaggerating, it did only take out that one room

>just probing something into only one of the holes wouldnt do shit
pic related is a EU socket
I put a wire into both ends, because I wanted to see whether only certain types of metals will emit light, or all metals

actually you need to understand the modal system, harmonics, intervals, rythmic patterns and many more concepts to trully understand how music works.

Mixolydian anyone ?

I knew him too. He was one of the younger kids in our robotics teams. (Which was just Vex shit). He was a shitter.

fucking lol, keep up the good work. maybe you can drop by the whitehouse and show us your lightbulbs

robotics teams? elaborate

Did he win the lawsuit against the school?

he just started it i think

>third world engineering.webm

>I put metal in both ends of the socket to see if certain types of metals will emit light, or all metals

lmao pleb

I took apart a vcr because it had an internal short circuit protector (2 prong instead of 3 American style) and regulated the current.

That way you wont flip the breaker and your power output is standardized before you do the experiment. Did you not realize at the time that the light because of the heat was just the filament glowing red hot?

That's just silly.

>tfw my dad helped me with that for the science fair
>i lost to an all writing and picture project about global warming


I was five years old when I did that
I was just really curious with everything electricity related

Don't be so cucked. The ((people)) at Lego are paying him to tweet their product. Stay woke friends.