Oktoberfest BTFO

Number of Oktoberfest visitors in Munich HALFED in comparison to last year, when numbers had already dropped in the advent of the refugee crisis.

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But we can't be sure how much is due to the weather and how much is to blame on ficki ficki and koran fans.

That is just depressing. Why does Merkel hate her country so much .

KÊK I'll bet that here in my local German town,we will have a better Oktoberfest kek krauts

>Going to oktoberfest in todays germany
>not wanting to get blown up
Pick one

But it is september.

Though I cannot say I blame people for not attending this is another victory for Islam. Our culture will die and be stamped out by our fear and inaction more than their Jihad of the sword will ever do to us. Sad really.

Muslims don't drink alcohol

>b-but muh diversity is great
>Lets be like America
No one goes to Europe to see muslims or niggers when will your leaders learn this?
Your tourism industry which is pretty significant to most of Western Europe is going down the shitter

wow. you have never seen muslims have you?

We have nothing to celebrate in Germany, the public atmosphere is tense, thats not a surprise at all.

Wisconsin Oktoberfests are better anyway. All German American, no sand nigggs

Not really desu, 98% white county

Oh God

Was it worth joining Germons Bayern? Was it really worth it? See what they did to you?

Bayern should join V4 like Austria. Ohterwise Germons will pollute it

Alcohol is degenerate.

This is a good change for Germany

Well... For my case, when we were speaking about Germany during this period, it was about the oktoberfest. This year, the topic stay on the refugee...

"""""""Her""""""" country.... she's a polish Jewish subhuman.

We have better beer here anyways. Watching some NFL and having a bud light right now

>tfw you get to watch Germany burn in your lifetime

She's a communist.

where do you live user?

and already some turk tried to a koren woman

> There are Germans left who are not submitted to Islam?

>people avoiding rape spots
gee i wonder why

I have a feeling past Oktoberfests have had shitty weather and better outcomes than this, but can't be fucked to look it up.

Looks like you are having some shitty weather there Germany. That might be the larger factor though I am sure many will remember the bomb scare you had there on new years eve.

Our culture is capitalism and millions of migrants every year will help GDP to grow at the expense of the common man. Europe has never been any other way except briefly after revolution.

The rich are back in full control.

same. me and my friends usually go every year. this year no. i don't want to die. im from the romande part of switzerland too (i.e., much more liberal) and even we are conscious of not getting blown up. i imagine the swiss german and italians are even more so

nice bait

Well I see a ton of muslim students boozing it up in uni clubs, and there aren't even a lot of them here.

mudslimes will ban alcohol

Argentina is pretty much more white and German than cuckmany

united dickdom is the most multicultural shithole, literally, it's funny because when I see british videos I only see kebabs, nignogs and shit

mudslim love alcohol you noncountry

>in September
I mean, I know we are in different time zones, but I didn't think that it was a 1 month difference.

it just started, calm your tits hans

Rape of Korean woman by Turk prevented.

says it all about the tourist & eurotrash festival known as Oktoberfest

All you had to do was put on leidenhosen and serve brauts and beer.

That's all you had to do and you fucked it up.

it's retarded, I'll give you that

>Islam finally stomping out degenerate """"culture""""
feels good desu senpai

I guess he's from Northern Ireland.

No point in Allah Ackbaring there since the locals already have bombings and killings covered

but the beer prices increased nevertheless.

>tfw your innocent little daughter's first sexual experience won't be having her hymen involuntarily torn open by filthy black Somalian cock because of your naive suicidal virtue signalling altruism

Soon tacos will also be whiter than krautmany


this is the first weekend

last year 1 million people

this year half

for the same time frame

your entire country in crossbreed mongrel trash, all decent european genes ruined by filthy native genes.

Yes please!
Fuckin prussians ruin everything.


It's a government conspiracy. Merkel doesn't want a large number of proud, nationalistic Germans getting together. With that concentration of kraut autism all it would take is one particularly drunk Aryan getting the idea to fire up the ol' gas chambers.

will germany's next happening be at the oktoberfest lads?

Can you have a happening if people don't show up?

the big halls are still full. a shitskin just has to order some food and start stabbing people with his cutlery

Then we're going to get a medium sized happening.

Btw what's happening with your elections, still indefinitely delayed?

munichfag here

no one wants to go for the obvious reasons. I know old timers who went out every year for decades who said fuck it

but it's only the first day of Oktoberfest

we might vote again on 4th of December. but nobody really knows, maybe next year

You'd think Hofer was literally Hitler with all the effort they put into stopping him from getting a ceremonial position.

Dude your leader is a nigger.

Black guy here. Always wanted to go to oktoberfest, but after last years with the rapings and the Ansbach explosion I figured oktoberfest would just be too risky.

Judging by the OP the original Oktoberfest feel has probably already died out.

Drinking alcohol is haram and Germanistan is changing for the better.

Oktoberfest opens at 17th September and runs through oktober. the 17th is when the mayor has the first drink or something

Funny that you say that because thats exactly the reason i dont like visiting the USA anymore because every major city is a brown mess

holy shit thats almost NO ONE compared to when I went in 2013. im glad I got to see oktoberfest before it went to shit

>for the obvious reasons
i thought the oktoberfest isnt that popular with sandniggers?

I'm surprised you still have Oktoberfest at all. Isn't alcohol considered haram in Islam?

Half nigger, and my leader is Donald Trump.


people arent going because they fear a terror attack

Can you share some pictures or something?

Warum soll das schlecht sein? Es waren eh schon viel zu viele Besucher in den letzten Jahren.

>tfw used to have Mapletown toys as a kid

Simpler times, man.

This, tbqh. I mean, wtf?


I like trump but you faggots are as obnoxious and delusional as the change faggots eight years ago

ohhh kk

funny thing is, all the efforts of the media against hofer just makes the people hate them even more and side with the right. and they still aren't getting it, I mean just look at the current US polls. Illary has almost endless cash supply and all the media on her side and people hate her more than ever

>Simpler times, man.
Children will be born and ask if there really were times before when children could go to a swimming pool without fearing a sexual emergency. Really makes me anxious for my grandkids.

stimmt. allerdings bleiben die leute ja wegen den (((Flüchtlingen))) weg und nicht weils schon so überlaufen war

german women can relate to this

Meanwhile in the USA 500,000 show up.
Germsany BTFO

will there be rape tents?

I usually go since I have family in Germany but with all the terrorism crap they decided to visit America this year. I'm betting low numbers have to do with the Muslims.

Thats because videos are often shot in Londonistan, the only proper multicult place in the whole of the UK. Considering he said 98% it means hes most likely from Northern Ireland, one of the most ethnically pure areas of Europe. Haven't you got a wall to be funding instead of attempting shit tier bants on an image board? Better hurry up as theres only a few months to go!

i'll post three that I could find, computers borked

Can you americans do anything but talk about black cock? Is it such an obsession with your women that you have to project it onto everyone else?


that started slow, shit got jampacked at the end of the festival too

laol hans got triggered

The realised their propaganda backfired in Germany too. Now its all SHUT IT DOWN and hush hush rapefugees hush hush AfD out of the eye. Instead they make it plain black and muslim "culture" and racemixing propaganda.

You upset about something, Hans?

I'd say maybe you should go for a walk but I'd hate for a refugee to mug you

I would go but it dosen't feel right anymore, it's not the same Germany.

I always dreamt of going but now I see no point

Jesus Christ what a disgusting image. If you showed this shit to a German 100 years ago he would literally explode.

I went yesterday, Australians were everywhere


They are fucking hideous, why the fuck are Somalians so god damn ugly? They are the second ugliest race after Australia Aboriginals, truly disgusting alien heads.

British women aren't far behind, desu

>mfw I unironically enjoy watching porn with inbred fivehead Brit women

You are assuming that politicians have the same mental fortitude as you; a sense of empathy toward thy neighbor. Merkel and most politicians tent to be sociopathic and apathetic in general.

Dogo Argentino

You know, I think that a good looking Somali is probably the best looking of all African blacks, but the probablm is that because of Islam they all marry their cousins and are thus inbred.