Young men dropping out of society and birthrates falling

Because of the fucking digital world. Internet and smartphones have killed society. This is ultimate redpill .Digital Jew is worst that happen to mankind.

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I don't think it's the cause. It's just a distraction from a world that doesn't even need them. The demand put on men is too high with too little benefit for many of them, especially those who aren't very social. They see it coming a long time in advance and they get very demoralized. Just getting a good job is a pipe dream for many. Creating this giant service industry just to get women into the workforce has made many men purposeless. If you're autistic or unattractive, you aren't needed. The HR departments have been filled with women who screen them out. A lot of women were jobless before, but they were still wanted just because they were women. The men aren't. So they just check out. And why even have a family? The government will just import more humans as needed. It was already hard to make people care about their own culture even when their governments did. Now it's an uphill battle against your own government.

The internet is merely an escapist symptom of the larger problem: Society now actively despises men.

Internet facilitates many things that are wrong in current society. Have to give you that. It seems the bigger your worldview is, the less you care about the real people around you.

>Internet and smartphones have killed society.
are you completely blind as well as stupid?

this board is supposed to be frequented by people with more than superficial political insight?
god damn

It's almost like society has told them to shut up and leave for the past 10 years or more and they are agreeing.

you idiot you were supposed to ask why everyone was so happy in the 90s

The Polish people arent exactly known for their intelligence, burgerbro.

Young white men can't talk to women because they are too used to masturbating to cartoons.
The future is for our brown children. White men's racist, sexist ideologies are killing them off.

It's natural selection at work.
Why do you think Cred Forums is full of single white men with no children?

I don't like this meme.

there's no internet in kongo
kongo has like gazilion children per mother
op cant be wrong
gas the digital kike


I like the digital world more than high birthrates desu.

Even if I didn't have a computer I would be outdoors or out to sea. Either way I would be out

go live in kongo then

oh right you won't because you'll get robbed and raped the second you land.

Ugh oh mah society, you sound like a collectivist cunt.

Having the technology to communicate with everyone all over the world just makes people realize that we all still hate each other.

People are becoming more cynical and divided by the day.

im black dating a singorporian and i hate this meme

As i see it, liberalism is a manifold disease. It kills the society it intends to liberate by the process of perpetuity. The societal organism can only be liberated so much until it breaks apart. As Yeats once put it so elegantly, things fall apart and the center cannot hold. Nothing is without consequences and in these next years we will deal with the consequences that is the result of our leaders and our own shallowness. I am exaggerating somewhat of course, as i cannot look into the future, but what we are seeing today, with BLM, Chinese money laundering, mass illegal immigration, unabashed corruption in politics, decadent materialism, irresponsible individualism, rising suicide rates, vanishing of the middle class, high unemployment that is rising, low birthrates for white society, Muslim extremism that is being ignored by the left, a cuckold pope, the spread of new diseases that are unchecked by defunct antibiotics, zika, the destruction of the family as the government becomes the new head of the household, religious freedom under -attack from the left. The list continues. Individually, these issues are not so imposing, but collectively, they are too great a task for our present day society to manage with any avail i think at least. So i see a reset button, a revolution you could say, as our only hope. In the future, when the center breaks, we will have a revolution. Screencap this faggots also, check 'em.

Why are you so defensive about the digital jew? You just proved it is a tool to destroy the white race.

kek will usher in an era of harmony through chaos

He will break the hugboxes and unite us all with memes

try being around a woman sometime

they live off their phone and social media


May not be white but I witness that whites are the true Chosen Ones not you.

we should really do something about this, not just complain every evening

there is only one chosen one and his name is lebron james

Men are dropping out because women have stopped being ladies. The 60s fucked up everything. We need to kill off all the old people, especially boomer scum

The Internet was fine until normies discovered. Now normies are addicted and that's why everything is going to shit.

That's Japanese men you manlet

>anyone in the world

Birthrates are falling because of Marxist feminism. It has nothing to do with technology.

Underrated post

It's more of the symptom not the cause. The true cause declining personal power to control your own life.

>Because of the digital world
Stop this meme. People are dropping out of society because society has rejected them. In a society where men are not needed or wanted, what do men do? Kill time. Because that's all there is to do. Once you get in the hole, it's much harder to get out. Entry level jobs are shit and aren't rewarding. College is a fucking minefield,not to mention expensive,with no guaranteed results after. Housing is as shitty as ever, where renting an apartment is more affordable but still keeps you on a leash with money. The dating scene is an cesspool. You don't have a place.
Compare this to a video game or message board, where ideas are ideals and there is a clear, overarching plot for you to fuck around in. There's a clear risk/reward system and if anything fucks up, it's YOUR fault, not because someone else fucked up something that affects you anyway with no reparations. If it wasn't vidja games it would be something else. You're looking at the symptoms of a larger problem.

>"cis white males are oppressing women"
>Say "hi" to a women; sexual harassment
>if a woman changes her mind after sex, it's rape
>10/10 guys have no problem fucking 5/10 chicks; 5/10 chicks now expect 8/10 and up.

Blame feminism for all this bullshit.

This thread again....feminism is why men are checking out, not the internet.

I never owned a smartphone and I'm only on the internets occasionaly.
I did everything right, worked an honest job every day, respected the evil cunt that did nothing but profit from me and most likely fuck everything that moves (and that's what all of them do, haven't seen one different yet), I paid my taxes and try to be a good man cause that's what the parents and society said I should do.
After all this, after all the suffering I have nothing - I can't think right, this world has nothing for me and doesn't even care about me or my contributions to society.
I wasted my life being a good man.
Even if I'd someday become stupid enough to want to do it again....I don't have anything left to give - no soul, no interest in anything other than doing as little work in the easiest and fastest way possible so I can just stay away from the world and have as little contact as possible with these animals and whores.
I'm not ugly, I'm not poor, I'm not...I was not a neet or some autist, I might be now since I don't care about anything anymore. I wasn't a loser, I was a nice productive member of society.
Now....fuck you all now. Whether you and your bullshit "good white christian" society lives or dies....I don't care.
And you don't care either, just like you never did about me or others like me. Hundreds of millions of walking pockets and soldiers for your politics. Fuck you all.
And the women/femanons/whatever won't care either - they'll suck Ahmed dicks and go on just like they always did.
All I'm hoping for now is Giant Meteor 2016 or maybe one of those russian automatic ICBM launch systems to malfunction and burn you all. Even the good ones. Trust me - this world doesn't deserve you or me.


Holy shit fuck off with these slide threads.

muh young men dropping out is a fucking meme

kill yourself tumblr nigger whale

>Women killed society


Natural selection will resolve it.

Not if we go extinct

All of us


this, I've paid for 3 abortions. I know I'm selfish but I'd rather enjoy life than pay for some fucker to struggle through this future shit hole

I'm not paying for any more tho is giving me bad luck

Why TF do people think lower birthrates are bad? Why? 7 BILLION people on the planet right now fucking shit up with not enough resources to go around RIGHT NOW and you want even more? GTFO.

>Not if we go extinct

There is no way that the internet will cause us to go extinct. Lots of people still reproduce despite having internet access. Even things like smallpox didn't drive 100% of the Native Americans extinct. What will probably end up happening is we will just evolve a much stronger urge to reproduce.

the government can't do anything right

>can't manage their own healthcare system
>smash young entrepreneurs with regulations and taxes
>won't deport illegals
>let feminism take over the courts and justice system
>exporting jobs and devaluing their own currency
>policing their own police
>let newpapers interfere with fair trail
>terrible education system, in all facets
>fight wars that have no direct impact over us

why would anyone participate in this joke?

> 7 BILLION people on the planet right now fucking shit up with not enough resources to go around RIGHT NOW and you want even more?
Except that it's the rich first worlders that aren't having kids, not people living in third world shitholes.

Feminism is more to blame than technology. You think you're "red pilled" but you are not.

The living conditions will go down drastically once there aren't enough young workers to support old people.
But even that wouldn't be such a big deal if the third world didn't reproduce like crazy.
And Asia is already able to manage its huge population pretty well. They will become incredibly powerful.
We are massively outnumbered. We're losing the demographics and cultural wars.
If that doesn't bother you, you should move out of the west (without your western money) and experience what the future will be like anywhere else.

Lower birthrates in subhuman countries are great. Lower birthrates in first world nations are a problem when the latter isn't also happening at a higher rate. High population is a danger but we're better off keeping up with them until we all get in a big fight one day and we cleanse the Earth. You don't want the shitskins, lower Chinese, and shitty middle easterners to get too much of a numbers lead in the meantime.

Who said leafs can't make good posts?


Are u me?
Im a NEET now but I used to be a good boy and Ive had my sister complaining at me tonight because I dont contribute and all I wanted to say was 'sure, society is ok for you, you have a pussy! you wanted this, you do it all' but I didnt

Hasn't it always been that way (men dropping out)? If not - why? From an evolutionary perspective it is normal for pretty much every mammal (afaik) to weed out weaker males, and according to our DNA only 40% of past men reproduced (compared to 80% of women).

So men should die in meaningless wars instead of doing something they like?
Are you a women or a faggot?
/k/ user here

Go away

Without the internet most here would have killed themselves or simply become vagrants.

tough times create tough men

comfortable times create comfortable men

More pussy for me and other red pilled men

>because of digital world
or maybe because the world that isn't digital is getting shittier and shittier

fucking magic sorcery bullshit

Yeah, go nuts. They didn't want us anyway.

It is not because of the digital world, at least for me, I just fucking hate other people. I am far happier at sea than when docked just me, my boat and 1000's of miles of water. I have lived on my boat for 10 years and average 245 days at sea per year. Fuck being part of this shitty system, get a nice boat then spend the rest of your life sailing to wherever the hell you want.

I would like to but how do you afford it

When Leaf's post is best post.

Dude how do you have internet?

Go ahead red pilled man. Slave away for the whores that will jump on the 1st dick they see at the first sign of trouble.
>to weed out weaker males
So let's see: I, the dumb blue pilled weak male get told that I should be a good boy. Then when I act like a good boy, do my job right and treat people with respect I get my life and will stolen from me. And I get blamed for it.
You might want to check the list of inventors and builders, you know, those people that have created and built the world (while women were sucking Chad dick) and you'll discover they were all "weak" men.
Also, do you like the descendants of those 40%? Do you think the majority of people are deserving of anything or capable of at least maintaining what those dumb weak men have invented and built?
>if you won't die for the pussy you're just a basement dwelling neckbeard
Stupid me, I'm sorry mistress. So sorry.
I'll go die in some war now to protect your right to be a fucking whore.
Wish you were right Shlomo....wish it was the evil government. At least that you can change. But it's not the evil illuminati, it's the whores. It's the "people".

"First, I find the humanitarian striving to lessen the sufferings that come with war completely worthy. Eternal peace is a dream --and not even a beautiful one. War is part of God's world-order. Within it unfold the noblest virtues of men, courage and renunciation, loyalty to duty and readiness for sacrifice--at the hazzard of one's life. Without war the world would sink into a swamp of materialism."
-Helmut Von Moltke

Sounds like you're practically free, brother.

Can you clarify that you are not a leaf and are in side cuckada on business?

Give me comfy hermit life, or give me death

>Internet and smartphones have killed society.
>This is ultimate redpill
What is the redpill? Saying that technology ruined society? So saying what my grandpa and all old people for that matter always say is now the "ultimate redpill"?

Digitalization brought countless advantages to the world, if you cannot stay quiet a minute without looking at your phone then you are a fucking tool and it's completely on you. White people don't have kids because of abundance, career-oriented lives, nihilism, narcissism, the destruction of the concept of family, sexual liberation, hedonism and a notion that you always deserve a little more... it has nothing to do with a specific aparatus or activity, that's only a scapegoat.

Fuck off.
Women don't want me, its nothing to do with digital world. Women just want something I'm not.

What's the most dangerous place you have sailed to user?

I got of college and worked my ass of for the next 10 years to save up enough to get enough to just leave, I got out of college and was putting away 85% of my earnings. Working as an accountant and was making 60k straight from college with no debt since I had scholarships and worked my way through college. With proper investments and saving I had 700k by the end. Sold the house that I inherited for another 600K and left. I still work odd jobs when I am at port since I don't really like draining my accounts. I am 44.
currently at port, though I have sat internet for charts and stuff when at sea.

For what reason? What is my prize?
Freedom without purpose is meaningless to me.
And I can't see purpose in a world of mindless beasts. Especially since all I'd make would benefit the beasts in the end, if not immediately then after I'm gone.
Why build a house if the roaches will just take it over?

probably Africa, Though I keep an ar-10 loade with silver tips as an insurance policy.

And by prize I don't mean money, not even medals. I'd have done it all for "my people" but where are my people?

Jesus, I should stop drinking. * I got out of college and worked my ass off.

Have you ever seen any strange things whilst at sea, USOs UFOs?

It's actually female hypergamy enabled by the welfare state. Studies show that 80% of the Women are having sex with only 20% of the Men. Basically because Women do not need a Man to survive they only want them for money or to give them what their dildo can't. That is dominate them in bed to fulfill their natural desire to submit. They seek out an fuck only the cutest Chad's.

The problem is of course these 20% of Men can't possibly father children among all 80% of Women they are fucking. In fact most of them don't even want kids as they have everything they want already. An endless supply of pussy. A new girl every month.

The only solution is to make Women dependent on Men again to survive so they marry an fuck guys who are not the best of the best too. That of course wont happen willingly. Economy will have to collapse first.

Good for you man. Don't go back. The sea and a volleyball/dog is a better friend for a man that this whole shit world.
Don't ever go back.

This whole thread is full of excuses as to why you shouldn't man up.

>The HR departments have been filled with women who screen them out.
Meanwhile in reality, men (especially handsome men) have it easier because of exactly that.

How about you woman up first?

not that I know of though I have plenty of stories from my buddies. My favorite thing to do is to sail into a doldrum and stay there for the night. The sea is glass smooth and you are utterly surrounded by the stars, just the universe and your thoughts. I really should get a camera and take photos of those.


If obsessing over anime and jacking off to hentai is pathetic, but more and more adult men are choosing that over society. Then what does that say about society?

Maybe society should compete for men's participation instead of abusing us when we submit or ridiculing us when we find a superior alternative.

Ehh, I will probably settle down eventually, though I may just find a gal down with sailing get a bigger boat and keep on going. We will see, I do want to have kids though.

Source? This isn't how the human species works. Humans are primarily monogamous and women absolutely hate sharing men. You're just making shit up.

Welcome to the highest tier of red pill

Being a 30 year old virgin is better than being divorced at 27 and forced to pay child support for a kid that probably isnt yours

for an example of the sky while on the ocean.

Problem is that people are lacking nature and free time. It's not alcohol that's to blame, like it's not digital technology that's to blame, it's not refugees that's to blame. We should blame capitalism for mismanagement of all that. There should be limits put in place for everything and i don't mean just law limits, changes in environment limits, but also propaganda limits.

>why would anyone participate in this joke?
Boomers need someone to pay for their retirement.

>falling work force participation
>lower birthrates

Why not just import more immigrants? This would solve both problems. That type of logic is why the government will never address underlying societal problems that caused the problem in the first place. Blaming the digital age seems silly since trends like these have been going on far longer than the internet has been around.

Checked for truth senpai

I'm a 6'3" white guy with green eyes. I'm married to a beautiful green eyed girl, we're both engineers, and we're fucking like rabbits to start making some kids. We're planning 3 or maybe 4.

Actually, boomers killed reproduction. They made sex easily accessible while making marriage and fatherhood a huge liability to men.

Fuck those generational niggers. I think that when all nonboomers become a majority we should throw them into the ovens before the shit skins.


schlomo is right

The leaf speaks the truth for once.
Keep it up and we might forgive you guys for the AI gf post.

>The men aren't. So they just check out. And why even have a family? The government will just import more humans as needed. It was already hard to make people care about their own culture even when their governments did. Now it's an uphill battle against your own government.

I regret saying 'the day I see a good leafpost is the day I cut my dick off' now

I don't know why nobody does ever come to the following conclusion. The only way to increase birthrates, give men a higher value in society, stop degenerative sluts and may also fight neets, homosexuality and all that shit is by abolishing pensions and welfare.

Do you know why people in every third world shitty country get lots of children?
Fear! They fear to be alone when they're old, because without children they are fucked. They invest so much in their kids, because they need well educated and fit children for their own survival. They need children to work for them. The instinct to get kids is not enough to let people get kids.

>internet and smartphones have killed society
>better post it on the internet