You heard him blacks: Get out there and vote for Hillary Clinton!

You heard him blacks: Get out there and vote for Hillary Clinton!

Hillary literally just unironically won.

>obama getting the nigger votes
>bernie getting the cuck votes

Drumpf is finished.

You heard him, boys. Now be good little field niggers and obey your massah. House niggers can come too if they get their work done early.

yeah don't disappoint the father you never had and vote.

>he aint mah kin

Lol yeah Blacks just love being told what to do

This is dumb and will backfire.

I'm voting for Hillary

He has lost enough clout for this statement to have minimal effect.

>bernie getting the cuck votes
he got like 300 people at a rally for hillary, it was mostly old white women
bernie is kill

What exactly has obama done for the black community

>DNC leaks literally show Democrats treating Hispanics as a commodity of votes, nothing more
>Now Obama goes out and says Blacks need to "keep his legacy"

Daily reminder that the Ku Klux Klan was started by Democrats and their racist agendas are still being pushed to this day by liberals in 2016.

Kek he just set himself up for more disappointment. If the black turnout is worse or polls show Trump gets more blacks than mccain/romney, he's been personal insulted kek

Obama treating the African American populaton like they his to control


Gave them a role model that isnt a rapper or basketball player, eh

If he did so much for blacks, then why are they chimping out a lot lately?

I'm sure negroids will vote, they'll be voting for trump though.

Except Obama isn't successful

So he's basically saying I owe the democratic party?

I don't owe you shit nigga

Democrats don't do shit for black people if you haven't realized yet

Not sure I agree with this. They do supply the gibsmedats from white taxpayers and they've been fairly supportive of the chimpouts. The GOP would not put up with this sort of shit happening in their towns.

I know a lot of you think that blacks just want to go to work and would be Republican if they knew better, but a lot of them have no problem sitting at home and collecting the check. ESPECIALLY negro women.

itt pol pretends to be pro black

pol is like a politician.
They are pro whatever the fuck that will benefit their agenda.

But I want to work though, it makes coming home and sitting at my computer all night a bigger reward than doing it all day.

>democratically elected President of the United States who served for 2 full terms
>not successful

Jaded to an extreme level, aren't you.

Lmao I doubt the KKK would support wealth transfer from whites to blacks, but whatever floats your boat.

Isn't it kinda racist to assume they have to support his politics just because of their skin color?

Jeez, I thought this was 2016

>democratically elected
the first time

I thought criminals had their voting rights taken away?


He got me dat Obama phone nigga!

Berniefags hate Hillary and ever since his email list progressive part shit Berniefags hate Bernie.

The house thing is stupid though. A congressman can aford $600,000.

Shut up and do it, you owe him for being the role model you never had.

I am black, faggot. I'm tired of dems treating blacks like children and I'm tired of nigs acting like.children. Both deserve helicopter rides.

>winning after bush
>media helping
>race card bonus
Oh yeah so difficult

>go vote for Clinton goy

How are african americans not offended by this ?
They are treated like children.

I have a friend who was a super bernie bro until he droped out and despite knowing about Clinton's corruption he's still pro clinton now because she's the dem nominee and therefore she must be good, therefore everyone else is evil.

Never underestimate the brainwashed mind of a post modern liberal.

Are you really black?

Tell me, do blacks really consider Obama to be black? His mother was white, so genetically he's half white. And he acts white as fuck and seems pretty distant from black communities..

such a melting pot!

>I'm tired of dems treating blacks like children

Children can't get elected as president

Is that just a guess?

Obama always bringing up race.. typical

The only people who don't care about race is whites

>Obama's legacy is blacks returning to the Republican Party for the first time since the 1920s


These people get their news from CNN, MSNBC, TYT, etc. unironically.

Im black and definitely not voting for Hillary !

Depends on the type of black. "White talking" blacks literally dont care. The fact that he's black makes no difference to us because we have lives and careers and only care about how he'll affect our retirement and savings. For that reason most of us are neutral or slightly jaded against him because the affordable care act.

We wuz nigs consider him full nlack because we wuz president and shit.

Pretty much every other black person I know considered him to be fully black until he did things they didn't like, then he was all of a sudden a white devil nwo jew controlled kkk nazi because they lost some money fo dey programs or had to pay more for insurance.

b-but hillary is white and me as a nigger I hate all white people!

nigga how u get out there?

always bringing up race.

someone on twitter post this picture with the hashtag


Listen to the head house nigger and fall in line.

Saul Alinsky's plan was to destroy USA and then the world

Everything is according to the plan

We don't take advice from traitors. Lick balls Barry

No, but they did support minimum wage to keep blacks out if the work force.

As well as Gun control to keep them disarmed.

Fuck. I hate it when you're right, leafy. I guess there is something that can be salvaged from his presidency after all.



Why would I, a black man, vote for Trump when I have been called all sorts of vile names by his supporters?

Made them proud to be slaves on the Democrat plantation.

It's not racist when Democrats do it.

>when I have been called all sorts of vile names

Nobody gives a shit about your stupid feelings, nog.

vote for trump. Kys. Nobody cares.

>policies and positions don't matter lmao
>who will butter up to me

>King nigger telling niglets to go to the polls will make it so

That you would weigh the future of you, your friends, your family, and everyone you know on the fact that someone said something to hurt your feelings is rather terrifying. While a Trump supporter may have called you a nigger to your face, Clinton has been caught calling you a nigger behind your back while deliberately leavinng you fucked in life so she can benefit from your desperation.

Emperor nigger demands we vote or else we're not true black.

We wouldn't want that label now would we?

We're pro American. If a black person acts decently and not like a nigger, we treat them well.

>implying they don't vote 95%+ democrat in every election

>Drumpf is finished.

>I'm voting for Hillary

>pol is like a politician.

>Why would I, a black man, vote for Trump when I have been called all sorts of vile names by his supporters?

Thank you for:




Candidate CLINTON
and the
C.T.R. Initiative
have deposited 2 Shekels into your account.
You've earned a chance at a BONUS*
D U B S: Lord KEK breeds the autism out of your line.

T R I P S: You never existed.

Q U A D S or Higher: Hillary strokes out after 1st debate.

Can't wait to tell my kids I voted for the first woman president.

You can still hate a group of people but want what's best for them so they can improve. Blacks will continue to act the way they do if things don't change.

>we treat them well
>uses n-word


Back to Cred Forums pedo faggot

*your wifes kids
Wasted trips

I am pro black, as in shipping them back to get in touch with their black roots.

How about you vote for whoever the fuck you want to vote for and not have king bongo tell you what to do? These are grown ass people who presumably are capable of making their own decisions.

Seriously, where do these fucks come from? Literally every hardcore CTR pusher belongs in a mass grave.

>it's okay when blacks speak to other blacks condescendingly

The fact that Obama is doing this means they are getting desperate

Why is this faggot out there campaigning for her?

I just hope he has as much success as he did in telling us Brits how to vote

It's funny how condescending the liberal establishment is to black people. At least we apply the same standards to blacks as we would to whites and point out "hey y'all are fucking shit up" but the libtards just go "it's not your fault lil' boi, you dindu nuffin have more gibs".

Who is this "Bernie" anyway?