Anglosphere thread!

Anglo's report in!

United Kingdom standing by.

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Australia sucks lol


Get the fuck out UK. This thread is for ethnically anglo countries.

Nice meme yanker.

Great comeback ahmed.

Your a fag

Nice proxy anglo.

australia senpai is so cute, I hope he notices me :3

Hurrr durrr being called out must be a proxy, also you are a fag

get the fuck out of here mustafa

yea sorry we bow to no kings you cucked faggot

It's my 25th birthday today Anglo-bros. Fuck.

Except for Israel, right goy.

Shut it down

How do we deal with the ARYANSPHERE, brother Anglos?


Nah they are committing soddoku it's sad

Yeah how do you guys deal with having an aryan monarch.


Are you a fucking nigger or a spic m8?

>Ireland at the bottom

Nice pali

Remove Ireland, replace with Ulster

It's like when a parent says I'm not mad just disappointed


I'm 100 nordic

Stop bringing in Somalis

lel sure you are

with those cuck fantasies of yours it is quite clear you are 100% American


angels high squadron reporting in

that blood stained rebel flag on a chain is depressing.

>literally excusing rapes

Y'all are so fucked in the head out there in Europe I can't even express in words.

This is the fate you deserve until you step up to the plate and fight for your right to live.

There coming here thanks to our glorious leader comrade

>come into an Anglosphere thread
>it's not comfy
What the fuck guys?



Its just too dauting

Our past is to great for us to end up like this so I just ignore it

this would make me very happy