Ask an anarcho-monarchist anything

Ask an anarcho-monarchist anything

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what the fuck
anarcho monarchism is a thing?
thats like being a christian muslim or a smart woman,it makes no sense

Yes we exist
Through monarchy we will achieve full anarchism

What the fuck are you talking about it that's literally two fundamentally contradictory ideas

get educated


Anarcho-Monarchy works like this:

The King has full, undisputed power, but no army or police force.

He issues proclamations at will, but the people are free to ignore them, and usually do, since the king is a moron.

no not really

wait,so the king has power but no way of implementing his wishes?
then what power does he have?
sounds like complete chaos to me

It is like Emperor Norton.

So you are the Sicilian/Russian mafia

King rat

No ideea who that is

Literally a contradiction.

is this a new meme?

what form of autism do you have?

>educate yourself on this autistic faggot contradictory shit that some faggot came up with

k cockroach, sure thing

A regime like this wouldn't even last 5 minutes since anyone can claim royalty.

anarcho monarchism is like anarcho capitalism but better and makes more sense

But who will build the dirt roads?

voluntary and democratically elected peasants

wot? my anarcho-monarchism is to achive monarchism trough anarcho-capitalism

Guy in the USA who declared himself Emperor of America in the 1800s.

So, it's like conservative anarcho-capitalism?

The king.

Is this like Hoppe's idea for a quasi-feudal anarchist state?


Hello flag i dont have

If someone steps on my private property will I be allowed to drop a Tomahawk missile on him or will I have to call the Crown to bring in a Predator drone and deal with him?

hi autism

>The King has full, undisputed power, but no army or police force.
not really. there will be voluntary and democratically elected knights who will work for the King and the aristocracy.

I support you. Please continue spreading your values as this board really needs them.

more like reactionary ancap, see hans hermann hoppe who use the physical removal principle more than the non-aggression principle

why do retarded autists come up with the most dumb fuckery imaginable when it comes to "political ideologies"

thank you
please visit this website if you want to learn about our cause

this is even more autistic then ancaps

if he did it on purpose you can punish him

first stop calling us autistic.
we have millions of supporters worldwide.

"Anarcho-monarchism is a thing!"

>doesn't even have a wikipedia page

do we need one?

What political representatives or activists does this so called ideology have?

>create an accurate anarcho-monarchism page
>some communist faggot edit the page into shit

no thanks


we go in the band wagon of anarcho-capitalism, as its extremely similar

he is a paleo-ancap?

This may be the most autistic ideology i've seen on this site thus far

he called for the restoration of Poland's monarchy in 2014

I support a re-instatement of aristocracy.

I never cease to be impressed by the bait people fall for.

This is some highbrow trolling.

Also, kill yourself.

Literally who?
May I have some links?

so a libertarian monarchist, 10/10 would vote for him


are you?

Serious question OP.
Does this ideology basically provide a theoretical framework for how some societies would work under an AnCap social order?

>Decentralization of political power
>Society organizes under municipal corporations, city states, & people with land and the means to defend it
>Some large landowners become feudal lords?

Are you legit retarded?


The monarch will have symbolic power and/or guardian of the people's freedom and self-determination.
Monarchy can serve our libertarian ideas.
>Society organizes under municipal corporations, city states, & people with land and the means to defend it
>Some large landowners become feudal lords?

my own anarcho-monarchism is families organising themselve in ancapland like some old clan in japan

will be guardian of the people's freedom and self-determination*

Interesting. I'm afraid most common retort is "wut an autist"
Just gotta #NotanArgument those anons

Dissuade them of this moral legitimacy of democracy meme

[citation desperately needed]

It kinda sounds like he's the cultural/ethnic ruler without real military power.

Like that old guy in the neighborhood every one respects because of reasons.

Honestly this sounds retarded.

>Through monarchy we will achieve
So no monarchy?

Whats next, atomic bomb anarchism

Through atomic bombs we will archieve anarchism by creating a post apocalipse society

>not being an anarcho-fat cat

ps: My point is, the X of "anarcho X" is how it will work after it becomes reality, and not what was made to reach that new" type of goverment"

great meme

Anarcho-monarchism is anarchy for the monarch. No rules apply to the monarch.

Thoughts on Hans-Herman Hoppe's views on monarchy and on anarcho-capitalism in general?

Wasn't teal/black supposed to be anarcho transhumanism?

I can sort of get the concept. The Kings are by definition supposed to represent pure flawlessness, and an anarchistic populance simply accepts that which is flawless as the head in the hierarchy.

But realistically I don't think this is a possible societal organisation. There will always be a Hillary to every Trump and society will be split on all the disinformation from those that want to get into power.

How do you think society will ever close the gap and become unified without having a substantial proportion of dumbfucks that pull society into the wrong directions. I can see like 5 people coming together in agreement, but not a million, and much less 7 billion.

anarcho transhumanism is blue and black. If I recall, teal anf black is egoist anarchism