>Eastern Europe

No, thank's buddy.

yeah that is pretty gross ngl

It could be called the Union of poverty.

Us could merge with UK though.

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the gross bit sounds about right

Didn't you catch the memo? Almost every German east of former eastern Germany is wiped out. Stop smoking crack


What is this KIKE BULLSHIT?

I'm in Czechia right now. Trust me deutschfags, you don't want it.

Prague was alight.
Cesky Krumlov was nice, way too many slant eyes though.

What the fuck is that.
That map is fucking digusting.
Niggers won't be coming into Central/Eastern Europe any time soon.

t. proud 1% germanic heritage

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How come your customer service is such shit?

not a single one of those countries would ever hold an interest in joining Cuckland.

could see such an alliance of them forming against Germany.

Town rapist+polish degenerate+german caliphate+annex russians+not really a country (belgium/belarus/ukraine)+germanized slavs

Doesn't even incluse Hungary who fought hard againts Islamic hordes ... well no wonder who would the enemy to be part of your "united states"

pls no

>das grobe nazi reich


No, no and no. Germany needs to die. They have done enough damage in the past 400 years.

>Moldova, Belarussia and Ukraine in
>Croatia and Hungary not
Really makes you think

Not enough fellow terrorists, eh Ahmad?

You faggots, stop including us in your shitty fantasy unions. First the intermaruim autists now this shit. Just stop it.