Denmark now got female imam running women-only mosque
Such tolerance, such diversity

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>No veil
If Islam were this, there would be no problem.

HAHAHAHAHAHA one moment AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i hope this "mosque" also has a ham bar. I just love these guys, they love to mock the muslims.

I guess gender segregation is progressive now.

id laugh if they hijacked the religion and the ideology spread though the migrants all the way back to the middle east and all the women rose up and made it a matriarchy

would be pretty funny

How long do you guys think until they get exploded

I support reforming islam, if you're against this youre a mudshit

you don't actually need a veil, just don't show any skin except arms and face but female-only mosques are against islamic law

Can't women just sit in the back of a regular mosque?

Fair enough. xD I hope it spreads.


Don't woman have to sit on a balcony or something?

can't wait for her to get killed by muslims

>supports injecting feminism into anything
Mixing one hatefilled ideology with another hatefilled ideology is probably not the best road to reform
They want to fight patriarchical attitudes and traditions (or some shit like that)

>“This movement in Denmark is part of a greater worldwide movement,” said Khankan, who visited Bradford in May and is planning an international conference on female imams next year.
Why can't we just bomb Copenhagen already.

I don't know.
But I'm all for seperate but equal.

I'd bet the farm real muslims are gonna blow these people up



This is actually great. It's subversion of a religion at its finest.

I predict an islamic terror attack against this "mosque" within the next 12 months. Dubs say it's true. Kek wills it.

absolutely haram. in addition, whore shows hair.

Oh this is great


I second this motion

I don't know who is jewing who anymore.

>White Muslims

Aren't all mosques with women in them 'womenz only monsques'?

As long as it triggers nonsecular mudslimes it should be supported

liberal women who have absolutely no idea what they are doing

is it an ironic thing?
like to piss off muslims?
I'm not sure how to feel about this

Why is she wearing a cape? Is she Hollywood's new Supergirl LOL

but this is a good thing. Mooslims are here to stay (you like it or not) and it is better that they adapt more western values than trying to make us adapt theirs. Same with national outfits designed for muslims etc.. I don't understand why would you oppose this.


Can somebody send info about the mosque to some hardcore islamists?

Holy shit. This is the Jew's end game. They're going to slowly turn Muslims into cucks.

Feminism now is tied with islam.

I would be fine with that.

Sure. Sure. Right. Sure.

what the fuck is wrong with her face?

lmao they're using the afghan principle on them. that you expect to go to an area to change it, but the area is so different that it in turn changes you, and you are never the same again.

10/10 would jew again

Are women even allowed in mosque?

Oh wow Muslims are going to go insane and explode this shot.

I don't see it that way. Islam has become increasingly feminist since exposure to west in 70s. It is just now apparent that western feminism is a mirror of Islamic women mentality. I'd go so far as to say, this has been the evolution of feminism all along, to deconstruct western traditions and adapt new foreign ones even if foreign ones are oppressive.

A schism is probably one of the best ways to weaken islam.

Frau Luther please continue

Its just separeted in another room. But equal or bigger in size since they have the children there as well.

she looks like a wax figure.

Reconstructive make up from an acid shower.

We already have these

Weminz only mosques exist in China,Amsterdam,Berlin and California and of course in various Muslim countries outside Arabia....The Denmark one is being Imam'd by two White convert Muslima (and quite pleasant on the eye too)...

Quite positive development I say, you go girls...!

( gril on left is the main Imam of that mosque )

just want to clarify, I did see 2 goat fuckers fuck a goat right?

they are cucking islam, no solace though since they are degrading all society

this is probably why Islam hates the West

daaaamn shes a qt i'd rape her in allahs name

>reforming islam without bloodshed

Not how it works

And this is the other White Imam of that mosque

>that is considered attractive in Denmark
Literally inbred

Cred Forums should make this happen. Any qts on here want to do their nation proud?

We all know what you find attractive


>i support reforming islam so the authorities can more easily integrate arab immigrants and end white majority

I wish this ended with them getting predator'd into oblivion. The after-action report would have been hilarious to read.

expecting these roasties to get snackbarred

They are not here to stay, and ''you like it or not'' phrase is cuck phrase. We can form the world as we want.

Make sure you get all of Norrebro, i'll paint a target on my roof.

That's the face of mental retardation

Anything women touch will get ruined.

I thought women are allowed to be the imam when with women. And there are no men in the mosque, so what's haram about this?

At least your dick is safe

She's a FINE looking Danish girl, what's wrong with your eyes you fag ?

>infect kebab with feminism
>deport them back to darkiestan
>once women take over, jew them out of their oil by trading them makeup or something

One eye on the infidels, one eye on the streets

I'd rape her

Good luck finding it. Its location is kept secret in order to protect its congregants from real Muslims.

When is the next muslim holiday?

They just have lectures. There is nothing like women preaching for men in Muslim Mosques. Its men preaching for men and women. But women will say faulty things and misinterpret hadeeths. I mean its ok for women to have lectures but bear in mind it takes atleast 6 to 10 years minimum of Islamic study to start giving lectures wich I might say those women would have hard time dedicating they're time for.

>female imam
She's going to be dead in a month.

Anyone wanna team her with me?

Damn cute, She Could be a model....

A certain Islamic State needs to know that.

9/10 would enrich

If she's not dead before 2017 it at least kind of shows that westernized muslims might be ready to get out of the dark ages.

>muslim hordes see weakness in Europe brought on by utter corruption of everything sane
>see opportunity to invade

>upon invading, instead of their culture taking advantage of the cancer, they caught the cancer themselves

it's like pottery

Is she married? Bet she is.

Apparently She went to Syria for her Islamic Studies after she converted to Islam...

tfw no mosques in Aalborg
Seriously what the fuck Copenhagen?

How long until an Isis radical blows this one to smithereens? aalborg&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gws_rd=cr&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjhy4yKzZnPAhXLCCwKHRfOCf8Q_AUICSgC

wtf I want to marry a qt aryan muslim imam now

Shit, jeg har provet at finde en for. Jeg burde smide haribo vingummibamser udenfor stedet fordi de putter gelatine i dem.

>female imam

60+ wiminz joined for the first prayer service of that Mariam Mosque, I'm guessing not all of them were just White converts but mostly originally Muslim women !

btw : Mariam is 'Mother of Jesus' in Islam

Alright how long do think until happening o'bong fphams? Memeize some kekkery

I bet it will upsets these goat-fuckers


>Does it matter?
I would show her my minaret anyways.

>Mixing one hatefilled ideology with another hatefilled ideology is probably not the best road to reform
Greeks called this shit Pandora's box.

need a scandi muslim feminist gf

>Pandora's box
When you put it like that we should go ahead and see what happens.
For science.

I can't watch these Tedx vids anymore after The Onion parody.

I dont know about you guys, but I would nut on her face

actually this is fine. It's the beginning of their religious breakdown like Christianity had. If we can help them on this path to retarded wishywashy not following their scriptures kinda religion then all is fine. Their strength will fail if this is allowed.

its like dangling a piece of meat in front a starving dog

unsubscribed ted months ago. i only watch some vids about certain topics that are physics related. but prof. süßkind is more interesting anyways

tfw when your just another feminist with rape fantasies and you don't want the betas to know

Western degeneracy or Islam

Who will win?

liberalization of islam will fail. muslims don't buy your shitty propaganda.

going to laugh when their mosque gets bombed or mass raped

I'd keep tabs on this woman. Somehow, I'm worried this won't end well.

Someone will soon behead this qt and her funny eye.


i dont even care anymore you cant fight this much propaganda

white men enabled white women who in turn have feminized their boys and are now crashing western civilization

accept it and make sure that you will survive

These idiots are trying to take islam and mix it with feminism. "See we can all get along". The Muslims are NOT ok with this, that is a fact.

You know, every time I think the USA is leading the way in terms of retarded self_destruction, Europe make me remember that it could always be worse. Thanks for making me feel better.

>Be Jew
>See Europeans bastardize Christianity
>Move to Israel
>tell goyim that taking in Muslims is very Christian
>Some actually start converting
>Europeans begin to Bastardize Islam too

So THESE are the TRUE MUSLIMS that they were talking about >:^D

White converts should be rounded up and shot first.

When will Denmark stop consuming the evil flesh of pig?

Nope we need their eggs. Put them in a camp and have them force bred by legit alpha males until they are of no more use.

That way those traitor cunts can give their people at least a handful of kids we can use for the future

I want off this ride. Women are ruining this world. They have no idea what they are doing.


>Cred Forums memes Trump into office then memes an islamic revolution
clearly meme magic has no bounds.

check 'em


basically sweden

>no arab
>no veil and slutty clothes

religion of peace in 3,2,1?

Is such thing even allowed in Islam?
Why is this Danish woman culturally appropriating Islam?


i swear some radical wahabbi will blow her up

Yeah, lets pass their genes on.

That'd be a great idea. Select for maximum degeneracy and disloyalty.

Cuckmany eugenics folks

just wait till Ahmed and his mates would show up and fuck the shit outta that fake Imam.

id convert if we had sex

Post yfw western Marxists turn Islam into a cuck religion

The Christianity that rose in the Middle East was not the same as the Christianity of Europe. It's normal for new religions to be "reformed" to satisfy the natives

burn it

kill it with fire

then burn the remains

dræbe dig selv

I still can't get over just how classically beautiful your Danish Imam is !!! her husband and kid are attractive people on their own too...

Many Imams say shit like that a woman's hair makes a man go sexually crazy and that she needs to cover it for her safety. I forge if there is a hadith about this, there probably is because there is a hadith about everything.


Here's the first Female Mosque in USA that opened last year


I went to a Greek Orthodox church tour yesterday. The guy explained to me that the reason that muslims have women in the back is because it would be inappropriate for the women to prostrate themselves in front of the men, because it would expose their cooters. Because Orthodox don't do this they can mix men and women.

It was a cute and visually appealing/disgusting whitewashing of Islam.

as a muslim,
she needs to fuck off.

>white people are so crazy they Borg an entire race's culture

what the fuck extraordinaire

Femenist in that now Imams are encouraging female suicide bombers and the 14 male virgins in paradise. LMAO muslim women are rewarded with being whores in the afterlife.

This looks like the same type of woman who becomes a wiccan or pagan or something


First Imam to do a nudie photoshoot?

all abrahamic religions must removed

Speaking from religious point. She can be an imam. The title ,unlike christian priest, doesn't carry any weight but rather represents the person leading the prayer. The person leading the prayer is always the imam. So long as the entire congregation is women a women can lead the prayer. Due to nature of how prayer is organized in Islam there are no prohibitions on what they are doing.

Could never agree more with you. I hue'd, kek'd and hah'd

That Orthodox Priest prettymuch hit the nail on the head with that explanation...

No, just behind men. If there were 5 people in a group, 3 men and 2 women. 1 men would lead the prayer as imam, second row behind him would stand 2 men and behind them in third row the 2 women.

she needs to leave our religion.

I got a feeling this will end badly.

I always wondered how Cred Forums can accept the idea of pagan whites abandoning and europeanizing a foreign sandnigger cult as has been done multiple times in European history (ISIS, Mithras, Cybele, Jesus) but not Islam

In 500 years there's gonna be Muslim fundies on Cred Forums bitching about how "Islam is white history" and decrying worship of galactic emperor Xa'Ash

She isn't braking any commands of God. Your words on the other hand could be interpreted as takfir

Nah she doesnt have to leave or nothing. She just have to keep giving lectures but without a manly title such as imam.

she probably is going to sneak in some liberal drivel into the sermons and say "its ok to be gay as long as you dont tell anyone! being transgender is ok because sometimes you were born with the wrong body!"

I meant, elaborate on why she needs to leave

what about give us syria, palestine/israel, jordan, hejaz, and egypt, and make it a deal?

and when and if she does that you can say she is takfir until than be quiet

>female leader
Absolutely haram

Abdul get the acid

It's going to be ugly when this place gets bombed.

The women imam is a mixed breed. Doesn't really matter if the offspring offers the trait of the white race, isn't it?
And follow moderate - i.e. abide to local laws - islam.


Why is this so bad? Muslim women are based as fuck.

>implying Xa'Ashism isn't white heritage
It's those extradimensional Q'lopt'rx'ians we should be uniting against.

kuffars blaspheming in the name of allah.

Women are not allowed out of the house without an escort, We will have to go stone these women to death in the Name of God.

This is actually a good thing.

i can see that she's the type that would try to make islam hip and all that and more liberal. what we need are not these types of liberals that hear one thing about our religion and are ready to convert, we need our people to do our things.

One of her parents is syrian.

show pic of husband

It's always the middle aged crazy white women. Always

how long till its firebombed or she gets acid in her face?

Fifth columnists, destroying it from within

i mean by muslims of cause. heretics and apostates are worse for them than infidels

Bomb in 3...2...1

This. Send them to hell with their dick still stuffed inside

Sure, but should I have blurred out the kid ?

Lebos spotted!

Her husband is way out of her league

I have no words. Maybe this is good but what the fuck do I know about social dynamics I'm a school dentist. I just know that most of the danish women who wears a veil don't really brush their kids' teeth. Same with doctors oddly enough.

Denmark YES!

Look at the flag and learn to sniff-out a shitpost m8...

Muslim here. You realize this is not haram at all right? Only thing bad about it men aren't allowed.

>one eye at mirror
>one eye on husband about to kill me

>female imam

What the fuck is that?

is this a joke? why do lefties do this, its fucking irrational to the core, do they just want to piss of people?

so it isn't a common thing? I thought it may be normal for women to have woman imam

If you wanted to keep your religion pure you should have kept it in Arabia. By the time we're done with your Dogma Islam will be called Meow Mix. See you in 20 years Akmed.

This. I'm not sure why you guys are so butthurt about some dykes opening girls-only Mosque anyway; it's not like any sensible man would even want to get within ten feet of it.

One eye on the congregation the other eye on Allah

The cuckoldery is so deep that it went 360°

how cucked can you get, you picked a religion that has a holy box in the desert that you arent allowed to go near to not only because you arent a sandnigger but because you are a woman, why even pick a religion just become a prostitute if you want nigger dick so bad ,atleast youd get paid that way.

Women normally get stuffed into some dingy side room where they're supposed to pray on their own.

That's not Islam; Islam is a religion of peace desu.
Submit to Islam.

No they pray the same prayer as the men. Sometimes their place is nice and others its shit because no money.

How to save Denmark: The post

To be a liberal Jew, Christian, or Muslim (or really any religion) requires such an astounding degree of mental gymnastics, it's crazy. This is not Islam, just as liberal christianity is not Christianity. Women holding sermons is secifically banned in the Koran.

Turk user is most Probably a tourist there, Turkey has 100s of Female Cleric and Deputy Mufty of Various mosques trained to stand as Imam

>says the Swede
Stop posting or your bull will revoke your internet privileges.

>it's some white woman

She's fair game.

You're wrong. Islam is a theocracy no matter what.

Southern redneck detected

White is right


People of every race can go to Mecca

Not kuffar though

>Not kuffar though
What is kuffar, and why can't they go?

They're infidels and they're considered dirty by Islam.

war of the worlds tier story desu
>islam spreads into western europe
>aggressive ideology takes hold in accepting liberal society
>nobody stands in their way...
>something odd is happening though
>muslim women are listening to western music
>a woman is now running a mosque
>suddenly, feminism is now embedded in islam and liberalizes it from the inside out

Non muslims. Technically not haram but there is no room so saudis disallow it.

Non-muslims can't go to Mecca

It's a place for Muslims to spiritually cleanse themselves and congregate with brethren

Black, white, asian, hispanic, etc. doesn't matter

Everyone wears white shawls

Don't Muslims consider every sect that isn't theirs infidel?

>You think the cucking is your ally?

>We were BORN in it...molded by it

>We didn't see the bull until the blindfold was off

>The Marxists betray you because they belong to us!

The reason people are not going there of other religions is because the saudi family is by cover ''muslim'' but in hearts the biggest kaffirs you can imagine. That about christians and jews can go to mecca is true. It is for all abrahamic religions.

Ever wondered why we cluster all the muslims in Skåne and Blekinge? The future looks bright for Sweden. Not so much for Denmark.

i feel like this is not sincere, just a scam to get some saudi money


>female imam
>women-only mosque

Oh yeah

The Saudis are crypto-jews

Muslims aren't in Israel to stay, so why would they be in Europe?

My father, who works in Saudi Arabia and pretends to be Muslim to fit in, told me that the royal family there is known for doing a lot of haram shit, like drinking, when they go on trips outside the country.

yea, we could start with Norrebro, Tingbjerg, Værebroparken, Askerod etc.. All the Muslim cancer tumors.

Also, don't forget Århus, we should wipe out Gellerup

Nope Koran or any Top hadith do not address the issue of Female Imam for women only Mosques...tho some hadith forbids mixed prayer ceremonies, Prophet Mohamed himself instructed one of the most Learned Female of her time to lead the mixed prayer session in his presence...

>The Quran does not address this issue of Femal Imam; relevant precedents are therefore sought for in the hadith, the traditions attributed to Muhammad; the sunnah, his actions, including but not limited to hadith; and the principle of ijma, consensus.

>The only hadith that unequivocally states that women may not lead mixed congregations is Ibn Majah (Kitab iqamat is-salat was-sunnati fiha) #1134, narrated through Jabir ibn Abdullah: "A woman may not lead a man in Prayer, nor may a Bedouin lead a believer of the Muhajirun or a corrupt person lead a committed Muslim in Prayer."

>An indirectly relevant hadith is widely considered to be crucial, since the imam stands at the front of the congregation. The hadith in question is #881 of Sahih Muslim: "Abu Huraira said: The best rows for men are the first rows, as opposed to the last ones, and the best rows for women are the last ones as opposed to the first ones."

>The hadith of Umm Waraqa has given rise to debates among Islamic leaders on whether it is acceptable or not for women to lead prayers, including mixed-gender congregational prayer. Umm Waraqa bint Abdallah, an Ansari woman, who knew the entire Quran (jama'at al-Qur'an), was instructed by Prophet Muhammad to lead ahl dariha, which consisted of both men and women, in prayer. The Arabic phrase means "the people of her home"

B/c the Jews say so.

>If Islam were this, there would be no problem.
There are plenty of women who don't wear the veil and live pious lives. All are welcome to Islam and you are free join us.


According to sharia a woman can lead other women in prayer so it is allowed to be a imam in that case, but she can't hold Friday sermons and only men are required to attend Friday sermons anyway.

There are children in the men's part as well. Mosques are only required for men, women get more rewards for praying at home and only use mosques when outside on errands.

she is part Finnish part Middeleastern (on her fathers side of course )

A bonus info; at the first preach in this new female mosque, they said in the news that the majority of the people present where non-muslims.

It sort of capture the essens of it all.