On behalf of all boards, stop spreading your garbage LE REDPILL faggotry all over this site. I can't go one fucking board without seeing the cancer that you spread.

enjoy your sitewide ban faggot

>red pill is from pol
Pol is a board of peace, stop spreading lies or be beheaded.

We dindu nuffin
We are a board of peace
#Cred Forumsacks welcome

Back to tumblr.

>people post across multiple boards
>they dare to have opinions
wow, it's almost like you're a retarded faggot

Do you want to know how I know that you haven't been around here for more than 3 years, most likely less than that

You reddit migrants are getting out of hand tbqh

Why don't you fuck off to redit where you can downvote posts that hurt your feelings and offend your delicate sensibilities, cuntrag?


I dindu nuffin because I just got home from church.

We don't send people to other boards, armed with red pills.
People from other boards come here and arm themselves.

I think there is a resurgence of anti-Cred Forums sentiment because at this point in time Cred Forums has not yet learned how not to be uncucked. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Cred Forums is not going to be the cucked boards they once were in the last few years and Cred Forums is going to be at the centre of that.

It’s a huge transformation for Cred Forums to make. We're are now going into an uncucking mode and Cred Forums will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Cred Forums will not survive.

Praise Kek, Kek is great.

It's too late just accept Cred Forums into your heart. We're everywhere.


>people being racist on Cred Forums is solely the responsibility of Cred Forums.

How new are you? Cred Forums has been a den of hate speech and wrongthink since its inception.

Go to tumblr or reddit if you don't like people on Cred Forums calling you a dumb nigger.

pol is by far the most popular board on this site

>he doesn't realize boards bleed onto one another
>he doesn't know most Cred Forums users use multiple boards

Bye newfag


Only in moderation though
We are not extremist here

checked and keked.


we are a board of peace


now go back to your cuck porn threads

are you sure it is Cred Forums you are mad at
are you sure it is not

>uses a pol meme
>tells pol to stop spreading memes

Why so angry?

We are a board of peace!

It's not Cred Forums spreading anything, it's people waking up to the realities of our lives.

pol owns Cred Forums though you fags are on our site remember that next time you come here talking shit sage

jews did 9/11 and you're a bitch nigger


I only moderately support this

Maybe you should go back to LE REDDIT then.

the stormfaggotry is shite of the lowest order

Can't suppress the truth

well, you reatrd, stormfaggotry is tame compared to Cred Forums, and has weak bants

just like the potato niggers

It's your people. They come here and take it back with them.