>Swedish government actively pays Swedish girls to be with black men



Can't make this shit up!!!


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50$ a fucking hour? The fuck? Is Sweden just sitting on piles of money or something, how does their government afford all this shit.


> kronor

They tax half of the income of everybody. Their main outlay are social programs since they do not have a military.

>50 kronor
It's $5,89 for you.

Also this shit was in one little county in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, and it wasn't just girls, they had this for youth of both genders.

How can Sweden be so cuck? Jesus Christ, it's like you have been challenging with Goymany the most cucked country of the world award.

>dismissing government prostitution of your young girls to exotic foreigners

>swedish government literally providing underage paid escorts women to migrants

>it's n-nothing guys

Hey swede, I'll pay your cuckold self $6 to hang out with your daughter for a day. Might want to do this 3 or 4 times a month.

Go get her ready

All those doctors and scientists that immigrated from Africa are really bringing in the tax revenue.

>Is Sweden just sitting on piles of money or something

They're rich as fuck.
I think they have the wealthiest culture fund in Europe, or it's at least up there with the top 3 biggest ones, and they love to shill money to all kinds of crazy ass causes like this.

its an extremely high risk job I suppose.


Hey, can I buy your daughters company for a day?

I will give you 60 kronor an hour for your daughter, more than a swede is worth to me.

Your link is broken, I think this may be bullshit

>>Swedish government actively pays Swedish girls to be with black men

Oh fuck off, I mean I know it's sweden but this one must be satire.

Come on swede, I got $6 us for your daughter's company.



Give me your daughter for a day. I'll pay you 70 kronor for her, more than a swede is worth.

So is it rape or assault if they're getting paid for it?

the ones who are asylum seekers don't even get paid, the swedes do though

also i've never heard of this before, the pay is really shit even for kids

Google is literally blocking it when i translate it. it flashes up and then disappears.

Nevermind that, you and I have a flight to catch.

To a magical land where young girls can be bought for $6 an hour

Okay swede, you drive a hard bargain.

$65 kronor for a date with your daughter. Now go get her ready to escort me on a date at the lake.

Swedish underage prostitutes are cheaper than a movie...

All banter aside:
There is literally no reason any government would pay SPECIFICALLY young girls to "make friends" with SPECIFICALLY "refugee" males that are from Africa and the Middle East (no where else!). Except to see them couple.

The interracial breeding grounds is a real thing in Sweden, I guess.

>Swedish government actively pays Swedish girls to be with black men

Did you think this was a fucking game?

Literally a repost of a repost of a repost.

Sweden, the country where niggers are plentiful but the locals have to be paid to associate.

It's literally about language training, has nothing to do with matching niggers and white women.

I have no words for this shit, Jesus Christ Sweden get your shit together

if you had even watched the video you'd see there are immigrants and swedes from both genders

I never expected it to be this blatant, no.

They might as well pass prima nocta again and mandate every white girl fuck a nigger on her wedding day while white males get castrated.

Hey there, how much to buy your daughter for an hour to 'language train' me?

50 kronor is the acceptable rate for swedish girls right? You better tell her to be nice and friendly....

There is nothing SPECIFICALLY about this at all you nigger. They're being taught about Swedish culture and some Swedish youth, both men and women, participate.

You were warned. We all were





>The authorities are encouraging young people to spend time with migrants and asylum seekers, to form social bonds and show that integration and multiculturalism can work. Around 50 young Swedish people (originally from Sweden or elsewhere), aged from 14 to 15, are being paid 50 Swedish crowns (around 5.50 euros) per hour to mix with new arrivals, mainly Muslims, to create social relations.
After three weeks, the first group had acquired better knowledge of democracy, equality and prosperity

It must be like some kind of alternative version of City 17 where Combine guards with tazers go around ordering swedes "Pick up that black cock"

Cool, so can I buy your daughter for an hour or two?

I'll go as high as 60 kronor but frankly, Swedish girls aren't worth that much.

Just make sure she is nice and friendly and knows the score.

Can't wait to see the new TV show where Swedish women get divorced with their muslim men, and a specialist helps them.

Seriously, how much does a young Italian girl cost an hour?

why do they have to be teenagers though? Why not teachers or educators in general? Why the impressionable ages, the sex crazed hormone years?

Under rated post

very well, you can come pick her up whenever you'd like. i have told her to dress up nicely and to forget about her boyfriend mohamed for a few hours.

i'll be in my shed if you need anything

You know why.

We all do. Now let's fly to sweden and get some intensive 'language training' from some impressionable little swedish escorts on the cheap

Swedes are actually defending this

>Seriously, how much does a young Italian girl cost an hour?

I have banged more prostitutes in 5 years than you could ever hope to in a lifetime, and i've yet to meet an italian prostitute. They are all slavic whores pretending they are italian to get paid more, all advertising as italians. A few trannies are native

I look like a sandnigger, because part-Italian.
I will definitely now use that chance to get some Swedish pussy, you should do that too Italian user. Great days for brown skins.

Ayyyyy, if the government of your city told you they wanted to pay your little girl $5 an hour to go on a date with a a Syrian refugee boy her own age, what would you do America?

Wait a minute... Does this mean prostitutes are free in Sweden? Does this only apply to illegal immigrants or can I benefit from it if I go there as a tourist?

>It's $5,89 for you.
Yes, but it's 24 hours of the day, including when getting ficki'd.

And they get additional money for buying candy and shit like that above and beyond basic sustenance.

I read an article from back when it started, calculating that they earned as much as the average electrician. That's just for hanging out and providing sex and education.


>her own age

Stop being cuck for one second, Sweden.

Shoot him and hang him in the streets.

You fucking cuck

i deserve a bit more recognition ye


Come on swedes, tell us the details we all want to hang out with swedish girls and get some language training

Why are they actively trying to become a 3rd world nation?

Where do you live? In the south east it's mostly africans.

I would too senpai. I would too.

Swedes would go prep their daughters for escort service.

Tough to say. My community would NEVER elect someone that would do this. If somehow it did happen there would be huge demonstrations and protests at the least.

Sandniggers are short,inbred, hook nosed and tanned
Italians are beautiful, tall, roman nosed and tanned
Anglos are feminine, weak and cucked

inb4: Its not rape because the government pays for it.

So really, you're unconcerned that swedish girls can be bought as escorts for 50 kronor.

who wants to rent one of my daughters? aged 13 and 15

60kr/hour, 100kr/hour if you want both of them


its a jew shil, that is a bit crazy

>it wasn't just girls, they had this for youth of both genders.
You're not technically lying, but the males ones are "organizers." They buy and distribute movie tickets, make the beds for them, etc.

it's getting very, very pathetic, Sven
Jesus Christ just do something already

Somthing finally snapped inside my mind.
I don't hate Sweden, I'm not even angry for them anymore, I just feel extremley sorry for them.
I think we should nuke them, as an act of mercy.


i'm a "french" black muslim (La illaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah)
Are there a lot of blonde good looking girl there ? DO they wanna learn about islam ? We could exchange a lot
Do i have to keep my french ID in France ?

We are getting tired of your cuckness
At this point your government will put all whites males in prison

this is only happening because sweden wants to be little america

top banter

are there any swedish men left?

If you are white, Sweden is the worst country to live

>nigger and muslim
How do you even sleep at night without dreaming about killing yourself?

You do know those rapefugees will fuck little boys as much as girls right?

>getting paid to get fucked by glorious bbc
its a win-win situation, swedish girls are playing life on easy mode

According to this video Swedish men don't exist.


We never wanted you to be like us
You were a homogenous society, everyone liked that.
I'm sorry that the jews made diversity sound so appealing.
Just think of the rabbits, sven.

>implying that all the swedish males arnt bottoms for muhammad anyway


They will get married in a sharia courts/mosques though, there will be no divorce.

well I guess things can still turn around if you elect trump.

europe will surely be influenced by the anti political correctness


The universal language is FIKKI FIKKI


>Do you know what fika is? It’s the Swedish word for coffee-break, but it’s more of a concept than just a word.Fika (pronounced fee-kah) is both a noun and a verb: “taking a fika” is the same as “to fika“. It basically means to take a break and have coffee, usually with something sweet. You can also have other beverages, including tea and lemonade, but nothing with alcohol.Swedes have fika almost everyday, and often several times a day. We enjoy it at home, outdoors, in cafés and at work (most work places actually have fika on the schedule, including in the government).



They don't

I envy Sweden. Our government should do the same I mean those poor Bolivians and Paraguayans that come to our big country and get discriminated for no reason, I think some Argentinean girls should learn a thing or two about acceptance.

I am sorry for your people.

We have to be cruel to you, you understand that right? We have to put you in the stocks and ridicule you as a lesson to the others.

Now go get your daughter ready to escort am exotic foreigner on a study date.

>>Do you know what fika is? It’s the Swedish word for coffee-break, but it’s more of a concept than just a word.Fika (pronounced fee-kah) is both a noun and a verb

Goddamit I'm dying.


Oh boy that's it i'm making a thread about this


The memes got too real, both italian too.

Jesus Christ, at least our "pay shitskins to ficki our women" program was a hoax

Sorry friendo, I'm too white. That's prostitution.

>I...it wasn't that much senpai
>Bb..both genders makes it better haha


For those who don't know FIKI FIKI was a italian meme song of late 80s about getting your dick wet "facciamo fiki fiki insieme/ lets do fiki fiki together" whike fica is a meme word for female genitals and also for a fruit red on the inside.

Don't think there is a single government that hates FUCKING WHITE MALES so much as the Swedish government. One day the radical feminists who occupy key positions in the government will decide that fucking white males need to be castrated for being too privileged.

Meh, swedes don't even mind

Is Sweden even salvageable at this point?

I have ever seen such a fucking degenerate country before that actively hates and tries to biologically genocide its own people.



But we get to watch. Like a slow motion train wreck that they won't jump off of.

Oy vey! This is so progressive and tolerant!

Already happened but it was a "joke" of course

Check my digits.

We need to band together and put Sweden out of its misery
>nuke Sweden when?


>government funded prostitution

oh wow

t. faggot

Last boat tour I saw two canoe with MUFL ( young refugees without parents here - they are pampered from government especially and each one cost the taxpayer around 40.000 € per year) and their student age guardian.

I asked him how much he would get in refugee industrie per hour. He hedged that question telling me it would be different each time and youth office would pay it.

I said bitter ironic and political correct: Well, we he have to afford our guests something. He said yes and was not sure if I was serious.

The young refugees got it and called him potato in front of me. I said to them they should better call him cuck. He veered away then...

What makes my blood boil is that children living of social welfare can't rent a canoe for five hours in their free time.

>you literally have to pay swedish girls to even be around blacks
>american girls do it for free

I can't even do that, it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

At least now we know the beta uprising will be real and it will start in Sweeden out of fucking necessity.

Alright so the Swedish government is basically grooming out young girls fully well aware that dindus will rape and fuck everything by default.

Please Swedes, remember the names of central politicians, journalists and officials. Don't let these people get away unpunished.

>Swedish government actively pays Swedish girls to be with black men
unlike Germany where they do it for free

There is no coming back from whoring your children to niggers

That's amazing Hans, you managed to outcuck sweden once again

>g-guys, look at germany! cucks, r-right?

Germany and Sweden are a just like the two eternal rivals anime trope. Each one of them always striving to become more powerful than the other one.

You two are like the Goku and Vegeta of the cuckoldry

In the 50's and 60's it was the same
It wasn't until the jews started normalizing interracial relationships that slowly more and more white women were ok with interracial couples, then more and more were ok with dating a man of another race themselves, then more and more wanted to date a black guy. It's a long process, a disease the jews inflict countries with.


>notice me senpai!

>According to this video Swedish men don't exist.

Swedish men are too busy loving nature.


yes senpai

fucking THIS

Show is literally named "outsiders" though, as in people outside of the norm.

You DO realize Cred Forums is responsible for this, right?

Look, this has to stop. I'm all in favor of memetic warfare, but you are actively memeing all sorts of cuckoldry to Sweden.


OMFG that's possible ??? Jews have really destroyed sweden, Swedish men are so much pussy wimp ??? in other countries it would have created a civil war

The only redpilled swede i know of is Pewdiepie, i'm certain he is trying to jam some subliminal redpill messages into his videos for handicapped kids.
And he got an italian gf, go figure

Did you think we were just being epic memers about the interracial breeding grounds?

Fiki fiki is an italian meme from late 80s, pol has nothing to do with it.
For once it dindu nuffin.

God I hate these ungrateful pricks. Especially the way they are always slouching, trying to emulate American niggers. Yuck.

>A single community is testing it out
>Filled with their own kids no doubt
>Shit will go down and be buried because niggers
>Idea will be dead and buried after that

It's not the first time they try to force Swedes and shitskins to coexist, it's just not happening.
We're like oil and water, doesn't mix no matter how hard you shake the damned bottle.

HAHHAHAHAHAHHA has there ever been a meme-ier cucktry?


No, it's your fault because native Swedes aren't fighting back.

This is old and yes it's been going on for a long time here. Gotta love paying taxes in this country...

>but you are actively memeing all sorts of cuckoldry to Sweden.

Hoho yeah, i'm sure it's my fault for pic related

In a generation or two Sweden will only exist in history books.

>has there ever been a meme-ier cucktry?
said the kanker moroccan

Sweden wins the virtue signalling lottery.

>Svenljunga scout lend canoes. The vast majority have never been in a canoe and canoe sway precariously in the water when they are pushed out of the country.

Doing gods work.

>virtue signalling

Guys can't like guys now? That's pretty close-minded :^)

Fucking saved

What's wrong with you Italy? Start sinking the boats or Europe is doomed. Italy is the front line now.

So real talk, I'm actually ok with this. It's clear that they are marrying each other because they both need state benefits. In my head cannon the pregnant woman lost her husband in war, just wants a good life for her child and doesn't care about the politics of "men" and the other woman just got a shit draw in life. Bend the rules, the country allows it, with a wink and a nod, and then goes back to bombing the shit out of her shit hole country. Really, I like my right wing utopias with a dose of cute, harmless, liberalism.

nice ID Cuc


sweds have that nazi gold.

>Really, I like my right wing utopias with a dose of cute, harmless, liberalism.

>the swede male preps the bed
>then he preps the bull

Lmao, no.
They wanted them and now they get them.


You mean the Swiss.

Why the excruciatingly slow national suicide Sweden? Why not just set off nukes all over your country? It's a quicker and more humane death.


>Start sinking the boats or Europe is doomed.
If we do Mama Merkel says we're racist and gets mad. Besides we are the #1 suppliers of black cocks for our insatiable german and swedish friends (99% of the somali-swedes gentlemen you see in the ads got their IDs here).
There will be social unrests in Germany and Sweden if we stop sending giving them their dose of african bulls

Oh you're gonna love this

>be """"""english""""" kid on holiday chilling in your bedroom in sweden
>a somali gang throws a fucking handgranade in your room from the street
>get ABDIL'D
It's poetically beautiful

Jesus Christ Sweden....

I bet the government gives them the weapons .

>Jesus Christ Sweden....

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Mild kek

How have red-blooded swedes not left that place yet?

If my nation, women and brothers so blatantly betrayed me i'd just leave.

Why are you even sorry for Sweden? They kind of deserve it desu

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Somali niggers are British

Its a white thing. Empathy.

Kind of where all of this trouble stems from.

Story after story of stuff you can't make up.

>How have red-blooded swedes not left that place yet?

But they did, they were the original boat people fleeing from swedish women.



post more

>22 days
Jesus, not even here it's that bad.

So, serious question, how do I get a terrified Swedish qt to seek asylum in my bed?

I'm asking for a friend.

They are lovin it

I see your rape and raise you a gang rape

top kek

>Who commit serious rape
>serious rape

Just do what the other dark-skinned individuals do. I'm sure you'll find your way around, Jerome.

They handed a Twitter account to a random migrant and let him to say whatever he wanted. This is the first thing he said.

Yeah the fickie fickie that raped the 4 year old in Kiel, got 2 years. We are waaaaay better than sweden, right guis ?

>seeking asylum
>in France
You know, the whole point of seeking asylum is to escape a warzone

Did they delete the Tweet ?

Based Elias saying it like it is

WHats up with all this italian banter ITT?
k-keep going plz.

Having flashbacks of the time I took DMT with mates and seen the interracial breeding grounds.
It's hard to convey the scale of this thing. It's as if one entire country was designated to be this breeding ground, and white women made a pilgramage there from the world over.

Thousands of waiting room tents on a completely level field, cum storage vats the size of grain silos,
Then the main breeding facilities which hold thousands of the strongest fittest black studs,
With suction tubes attatched to their cocks like the ones attatched to cows utters, draining their balls.

Then after they were drained they would remove the apparatus and head into one of the resting tents.
The cum went up through thousands of tubes into individual transparent holding vats in the ceiling,
coming down in a large circus style big top tent where thousands of women lined up to sit on these bench styled apparatus with individual arse recessed seats which inseminated them,
There were changing room facilities for the women to put their clothes while they got inseminated.

When my mates ask me what my experience was like I had to lie and say I was flying over a forest


Jérôme is one of the whitest names in France, Mehmet.

Eastern and Northern Paris are warzones.

Italian + Swedish is actually pretty based.

Choose only one, nigger

I usually sneer at the extremist people on Cred Forums who are constantly advocating rising up against the government.

But in all honestly, I think the people of Sweden need to overthrow their government before the term "the people of Sweden" doesn't even apply to you anymore.

Probably have by now.

No not way better. Just a little.


Was being sarcastic. impression is the reason. Its why pedos succeed much easier with 13-16


why do people use this argument ever?

H-hah you g-genocided people, it's only just that you don't resist and also die now.

Like what? Did native americans not fight the Européan settlers? Fucking cucks

No, I mean the sweds probably found a couple trains.
Swiss have the majority though.

All swedish men fled on wooden boats long time ago.

Slovenian bro, why your kind always comes out foaming from their mouth whenever an italian flag shows up?
Serious question

You've heard our Nostradamus swede friends. Get that bull prepping, it's the law

It our personal butthurt belt, russia have the balts we have the northern balkans.
It means we are relevant.

I know things are bad in Germany, but atleast we don't have government officials spouting shit like that.

Look at the pic you posted.
We can be friends if you lower your gas prices.

It's nto a government official, the @sweden is given to a (((random))) swede every week

only after they all jacked themselves off at how progressive that sounds


Then there will be absolutely no one to pay for their welfare

They do have an army of faggots tho

Fuck Sweden
Fuck Sweden
Fuck Sweden

>Refusing to prep the bull is illegal in Sweden
I cant believe this shit, even if its real.


top jej

The problem with Sweden is that you are unable to distinguish anymore the fake shit from the real ones

pls no that video triggers me too badly

This... can't be real. I mean with everything going on it really gets you going, but that can't ACTUALLY be a law that passed right?

That's not what i meant Mr. We ship refugees into our own country.

I meant that german political figures don't say the things, that swedish political figures say. "deport all swedish men and bring in more refugees" "we swedes have no culture, only silly things like midsomar"

>year 2026
>politicians sold all young European females to Muslim migrants
>initiate race mixing to keep political power
>an entire generation of European males with no females
>millions of angry European makes with nothing to lose

What could possibly go wrong?

Still not an army


As i said, reality and cuck fantasies are no longer clearly defined in sweden

these are fake
this is funded by the government

you have nothing left.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas :DDDD

This will happen when they get desperate. Lefties will be the first that make camps a thing again.

Yeah, what about le austerity wheelchair man saying that you germans are inbred and should take more black cocks eh?

rude, mr 60% ""white""

I do believe i've got the explanation


the other 20% are muslims, and growing

Any proof on that shitaly ?


>80% atheist
just no.
Also Czechs are more non-religious than us and they aren't cucked



got more?
I honestly, if i wasn't so bad with electronics/circuitry and shit would love to build cell sized robots which were able to fix peoples brains and make them more intelligent. Just so you can show them how fucked in the head they are and what they've done to the world.

Odin! Just kill us all

>being in denial so hard


In an interview with weekly paper Die Zeit, Mr Schäuble rejected the idea Europe could close its borders to immigrants, and said: “Isolation is what would ruin us – it would lead us into incest.”

Taking aim at opponents of Germany’s border policies, he said: “Muslims are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity.”

“Look at the third generation of Turks, especially the women. That is an enormous innovation potential,” he added.


Wtf? This cant be real, sweden is completely cucked but this is insane

>Italian + Swedish is actually pretty based.
No. It and endless narrative about shoes, handbags and sunglasses.



Don't forget they were going to implement basic income before all the mudlimes showed up.

They're also the first and only country to come up with transplantable wombs for trannies to get pregnant the natural way.

The nigerian princes?

Still better than squandering your lineage into a genetic deadend of a swedish woman whose offspring will push for multiculturalism and diversity while feeling bad about not being brown

we have entered an endless recursion of JUST


To be honest the little girl isn't that bad.


I'd say we take a little break while we have a little talk about Germany, what do you say Pekka?

so perfect

This is fake, which is why they obscured the end of the URL with that little bit of the arrow.

The "Magna Charta" is a much older document.

Unless someone here is willing to provide more substantial proof, then I believe this is most likely a different document with the URL scrubbed over.

I'm not sure if you noticed but that's a spanish volunteer on the left, check the tag on the shoulder.

>my sides

what a time to be alive



Nah they frequently raided towns killing, kidnapping, and scalping people, but they was just defendin their land and shit because we were invadors and had no right to be there, they had a right to kill us and they dindu nuffin.

Yeah, we had to employ the army to satisfy your demand for black cocks. But don't worry, this fresh new batch of senegalese bulls are coming right in Germany

user...Kek is here!

I just feel sorry for the Swedes country now... How did it end up like that?

The woman is german and if she isn't i'll pretend she is anyway because fuck you Germany

Wut? I'm just saying the male is a volunteer from spain.

>How did it end up like that?
They've had more females than males up until this year. That's how.



Why are you so mad at germany ?
You should be thankful that we didn't exterminate you retards in ww2 after taking down the roman empire.

We lost ww2 because of your incompetence in greece.

It's a matriarchy p.much

That's why I'm NEET, like who cares lol

I'll collect social benefits and conver to Islam if shit gets bad

Sven Sven sven sven rememeber when your brain worked eons ago? If it:
>wasn't just girls, they had this for youth of both genders.
But actually only male lone 'refugee children' are arriving it means in reality it's only girls who get paid to show their coon to mahmud, ismail ahmed plus muhammed

>Germany loses WW1 thanks to us
>Germany loses WW2 thanks to us
>Gemany becomes a thrid world country full of niggers and islam thanks to us

Germans are all evil nazis and must be stopped. And thanks to us a new wave of vibrant males from africa will come to your country and give your women beautiful black babies that will teach you how not to be a nazi

You destroyed our Empire 2000 years ago, here is a little payback now. We cannot rebuild Rome but we can avenge it



I know you're just memeing, but Mussolini invented Facism, so it's kind of ridicoulus for you to call us nazis.

>fascism is nazism

>They're being taught about Swedish culture

Aren't they the ones who bring the Swedish culture with them though?

Israel has closed borders, does that mean they're imbred?

>80% atheist country is the most degenerate and cucked

don't forget the whole Africa fiasco

wow how do you sleep at night




The worst thing is that the men here are so weak and faggy that the women would rather take mudshit dick

Swedens government is going broke according to economists, but it's not a problem when the average Sven has more money than your average Euro or Burger. Especially when they don't care being cucked by taxes because they still hold on to the fantasy that the welfare state works the same way since Tage Erlanders time...

Pekka is correct.

I honestly don't see myself staying here after getting my degree, people are so willing to give up their individuality and cuck themselves to the state


>our government-sanctioned child prostitutes are only paid $6/hour so it's okay

>tfw we have the same surname
>tfw we are probably relatives

Will they ever reach rock bottom?

Too bad you're paying to breed your own extinction.

Sweden breeds it's women

cuck bottom

i swear to god, i cant deal with this much longer. please just end me

Sweden needs it's fluffers user.

Honestly this is the saddest fucking thread I have ever read. Start hanging your traitorous politicians and get your country back.

so many swedes try to make you guys think the swede meme is not real, this is false. The meme is 100% correct, ive seen this shit first hand. the country is fucked.

Kill your leftie politicans in the name off pisslam.


how come no one in swedan is speaking up against this?

No WiFi in the shed so most don't know.

literal brainwashing by state funded media

And thats why Finns mongoliod peasants are fucking mad at Sweden..

Hey Sweden, let me fuck your daughter, I'll up the ante and pay her $7.00 an hour

because it's only a small irrelevant county doing it.
And it's a low amount of money so there aren't probably that many kids doing it

Since the 4 year old was also a nigger, I don't really give a fuck.


It's like the matrix but with cuckold fantasies.

>The refugee crisis is payback for the Sacking of Rome
You wops were playing the long game I see.

yes I'm sure many boys signed up to hang out with the refugees

god you guys are fucking cucked, your country is openly selling underage girls to 30yo old Arab males and you defend it