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Alright Cred Forums, I want to get one of those DNA tests done to find out my genetic ancestry. Which one is the most accurate and best value? Also, how do I protect my privacy? I don't really want to hand my genetic code over to some corporation.

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>CEO Anne Wojcicki

Wojcicki, the youngest of three daughters, was born in San Mateo County, California. Her parents are Esther Wojcicki (née Hochman), an educator, and Stanley Wojcicki, a physics professor emeritus at Stanford University. Her mother is Jewish and her father is a Polish American. Her sisters are Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube and a former executive at Google[2] and Janet Wojcicki, anthropologist and epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco.[3]


The pedigree analysis portion of this document begins about page 8. My ancestral breakdown is as follows:

Geography Percent
Germany 23.8041
British Isles 22.6104
Holland 14.5511
European by DNA 6.8362
France 6.6113
Switzerland .7813
Native American .2933
Turkish .0031


80% British Isles

12% Scandinavian

8% Uncertain

Family Tree DNA

75% Western Europe

25% Europe – Romanian, Russian, Tuscan, Finnish

23andMe (Standard Estimate)

99.2% European

0.5% East Asian and Native American

0.3% Unassigned

Genographic 2.0

Northern European – 43%

Mediterranean – 36%

Southwest Asian – 18%


>Native American .2933

Is that more or less than Elizabeth Warren?

>Turkish .0031


Don't do it. The government has access to your DNA despite what they claim and if they ever open it up health insurance companies have access and can now deny you service. It's underwhelming too look at my results.


Who Controls Google?
Of the six(6) Google executives, four(4) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Of the ten(10) Google directors, four(4) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 40%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the Google executives by a factor of 33.5 times(3,350 percent) and over-represented among the Google directors by a factor of 20 times(2,000 percent).


>if they ever open it up health insurance companies have access and can now deny you service

That's actually illegal. They can't deny you service for preexisting conditions (except for obesity)

History? Mines is simply spein empire.

>Obvious sephardic jew
>Native American admixture

Is your (((family))) from the southeast U.S.?

Sephardic jew? Im 0% jew

Jews werent allowed to go to new world from spain not sure about england or netherland

why not just use a fake name if you're worried?

Whatever you say, Eli:

I'd be fascinated to know what family history has been handed down to you that would otherwise account for your cosmopolitan-iberian-goat-herder-meets-cherokee genetics

16% white...

Propaganda, jews werent sponsered by spain, they were expelled and forbidden from spain labd.

Mate you're fucking dumb.


>paying to have your dna analysed and stored by jewish corporations
this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of

So they, uh, presumably went elsewhere? Like to the new world?

Or are you trying to say the sephardim don't exist?

It's written in your blood, man.

> yet

My grandpa is provaby 30 percent middle east, my great grandma wad blonde blue eyes, accounts for the 17% british.

hello my yakut brother

And their region in the U.S.? Rough timeframe for immigration?

Middle eastern, 3% red sea 3% something else

my ancestary extends to Jesus Himself

Don't give your genetic info to the Jew, dude! If you do, at least use a false identity and a PO box or something.

biochemist working for insurance company here:

You're all dumbasses. We love you doing these tests trying to prove you're "white." It lets us compile data we buy from 23andme and use it to prepare for when legislation finally lets us deny people based on pre-existings. Please keep doing it.

spoiler alert, you are a mixshit

Look, man, if you came to pol for validation and reassurance that you're not a mudblood jew, you're not getting it today.

>57% arab

I know sephardic jews they look like demons to me

Hello my fellow asian. I heard that I was part comanche but

100% club

Didn't expect the Balkan, Iberian, or Ashkenazi; but the rest lines up with known history

Also, I've taken my raw data and uploaded it to different online databases/tools, I get pretty much the same populations but with pretty significant deviations in the proportions.

A couple of them suggested Sephardic instead of Ashkenazi which is interesting, maybe it's just predicting a migratory path instead of DNA hits?


The 23 and me view that everyone shows with specific countries is only 51% accurate.

If you use the 90% accuracy view, then most of your DNA will be assigned to areas as large as all of NW Europe or even the entirety of Europe itself.

Pretty much all the data is gathered from self-reporting.

It's pretty shit, desu.

go 23andme if you want medical with a simple haplogroup

Ancestrydna if you're cheap or have a tree already

FTDNA if your main focus is your surname (get str y67)

>he fell for the 23andmeme

>Pretty much all the data is gathered from self-reporting.
no, they used 100% data from studies and official research approved by every single institution that studies populations. They then filled in locations that weren't part of those studies with submitted information, only after they collected enough of a group and they all showed they were similar. Their numbers have improved vastly over the years.

shows pretty much nothing if you do conservative

TIL you're a self-hating jew

My sister got one of these and we are 70% French/German, 15% English, 10% Scandinavian, and 5% Irish.
Should I just kill myself now for being tainted with Anglo blood?

The sephardic diaspora is just coming out of the woodwork today

Southeast U.S.?


>tfw I graduated from Stanford and while attending classes I lived in a dorm then an apt. behind Hillsdale Mall.

>Turkish .0031
This is what I'm afraid of. Right now I'm 100% european. I'd be dropping $100 to potentially lose my perceived purity.

Take the NatGeo Test.
It's anonymous unless you agree to give your data for research purposes

And it's still up to 10% wrong.

100 % American both grandparents siblings

>Right now I'm 100% european.
Good joke, best joke 2016, applause!

The gubmint already has your DNA, though I'm being speculative.

This is what I get at 90%. I think the Yakut could easily be 1.x% Native American, because it shows up even in conservative. Fuck I wish it was more accurate to know for sure.

Tell me about it, I did 23andme and have Greek ancestry, I was praying for no Asian Ancestry and got my wish, who the fuck wants the turk rape baby meme to actually be real, was even extra excited when I got 0% sub-saharan too.

I would do this but I'm Iranian and the only label for me would be generic "middle eastern" which doesnt tell shit

There are 3rd party services you can plug your results into like dodecad and it breaks it down more accurately.

Gedmatch tells you regional admixture

That's what I was looking for to point out to

>Of the six(6) Google executives, four(4) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Of the ten(10) Google directors, four(4) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 40%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.*
You cant count having jewish spouse as being a jew and then call it an overpresentation.This shit should a 12 year old see isnt correct.

Should be no problem; they're not fully sequencing your sample, only running it out on a SNP array for a list of genes. I guess if they're typing enough SNPs though, you could class it as identifying based on the combination of each individual...

Just use a fake name, email, and a PO Box or something.

Why does this view not show Y chromosomes?

That's sick. Gonna try it out.

Hell, it was enough of a leap of faith to trust 23andMe -- an actual company. Now I'm supposed to sign up with some random dude in Florida?

what is he going to do with some random persons gene sequence? clone you?

>The lads at work have been bantering me about my Jewish looking nose

Wanna get this done but a little scared of the results desu

anglos have weird noses lad dont worry, sure you're just a native convict

Having a Jewish spouse means you are open to their influence and according to Jewish tradition, if the mother is a Jew them the children are Jews regardless of what they say.

Why does every admixture tool give completely different results?

There is always an error interval.
Being 00,31 turkish is absolutely irrelavt?

>94% Irish
>that trace of Dune Coon

feels bad man

The margin of error is 50% so that means nothing.

The woman in charge of 23&me is married to the Sergei Brin founder of Google

fuck genetic tests, who gives a shit anyway

That Australian's thread a few days ago freaked me out. To prove they're white, people literally give up their fucking genetic code to (((them))). It's the perfect plot.

Just wait a couple more years and you'll be able to spit on your iphone to get the same info

No need to store your data in some database for future (((use)))

well that's a relief

>1.4% southern european
>claims to be anything other than untermensh garabage