Is there a more irrelevant state?


Kansas or Nebraska

He doesn't shop in DE

any anons got delaware testimonials ? all i know is its a tax haven, and one time i heard user tell stories about delaware cities being shockingly blacked

North Dakota. I can't think of one relevant thing there

Native Delawarean reporting, we've got all the banks incorporating here to dodge taxes. Also without delaware you'd have no fight club. Oh and if you like horseshoe crabs we're one of like 3 places in the WORLD that gets em. DELAWARE FUCK YEAH

delaware is the credit card and tax free zenith of USA

how is that irrelevant?

you just pointed out its danger. nobody thinks its a shit but its a huge shit.

Wilmington is black.
Not sure about south DE, but the middle of DE is full of retarded meth heads and good ol boys, which is just as bad.
The only reason anyone goes to DE is to buy shit without tax.

Can confirm blacks everywhere, though not really in higher concentrations in most places. Wilmington aka killington however is a fucking black hole. Huge banking skyscrapers surrounded by ghettos, model of the future imo

NJ gets those creepy fucks too see cape may, love doing my shopping in DE. Tristate stronk

Perhpas the MOST relevant state since just about every business of any significance is incorporated there.

This is why people major in things like business, rather than poetry. You're still in debt, but you will know about things that actually matter.

B/c OP is an ignoramus.

This is mostly correct.

I am from the South though and moved to the Philly area for work.

imo DE/Pennsyltucky good ole' boys are awesome folk. Just don't understand why they fly CSA flag everywhere. Your damn ancestors shot mine who were carrying that flag...

New Mexico reporting in, we're so irrelevant that people don't even think we're part of the United States

I thought Delaware was a hardware store

There's a NEW Mexico???

Is it worth moving to Idaho?

Looks comfy tbqh

>LLC having anything to do with taxes
I love this meme

Connecticut is pretty depressing.

Wilmington is quite blacked and dangerous as hell
It also isn't really a city as it has 72000 people.
Dover is also small as shit with 38000 people
5th most populated area only has a population of 10000
I think Deleware used to have no limits on usury either, no it is 5% over FDR rate unless it is over $100k with no mortgage backing in which case

Nevada here, most people probably think Vegas is the capital of the state for Christ's sake. Other than gambling and some silver mining we're basically nothing

It's okay New Mexico, desert friends have to stick together

Boise's good, but don't expect a happening nightlife. If you like keeping to yourself and working a steady job it'll do right by you.

DE reporting in. besides Newark and the beaches theres no real draw here. The rednecks here a nice though and no tax.

Lake Tahoe makes Nevada relevant


explain it to me than fancy pants, I'm just a simple man from delaware. I ain't got no fancy book learning.

Absent Wal Mart, I'd say Arkansas is utterly useless. A lot of other southerners won't acknowledge them and the same goes for Midwesterners. When I picture the place, I imagine railroad weeds, poison ivy and dead Clinton opponents as far as the eye can see.


I love UD, nothing but hot girls in yogo pants or mini skirts. Doesnt matter if its the middle of winter, yogo pants and mini skirts, damn those hoes are dedicated

I was going to say Wyoming but Laramie started off the 2nd Gay Rights Wave, so I'd say Montana. Definitely a non-coastline Northwest state. Not anything bad up there, just uninfluential as hell.

Why is Rhode Island even a state?

Pretty much every corporation is incorporated in Delaware, which means that the state courts there have an extraordinary amount of power in establishing corporate law and practices.

How are you guys on gun laws and using them for self-defense?

can confirm

If you like megarich white flight communities right next to ghetto af inner cities this place is for you

What's that white shit on top of those hills?

Oh its amazing. I live right off main street but don't go to school here. Degeneracy as far as the eye can see. If you are a male and are above the age of 21 just go to Grottos on a saturday night and you will get laid.

Fuck off. We're full.

(it's great here if you're white)

Pic relates is our standard license plate so I'd say we're in the running for irrelevance. If you're interested in big venues and the arts and shit you'd have to go to Salt Lake City or Portland.

If i recall correctly DE is a may issue state, not entirely sure of the self defense laws but I'd say were somewhere in the middle when it comes to guns.

Delaware here. People forget that Delaware was a slave state. Population is about 20% nog. Most of them are concentrated in wilmington (which is basically a miniature version of the shittiest parts of Philly but without any of the good parts).

Delaware may be small, but it's not homogeneous in its culture. The part above the C&D canal is essentially the southernmost suburbs of philly, and is PA in everything but name. Past the canal, you're in the south where things are slow and comfy and everyone speaks from a draw. Except for all the fucking retiree transplants that are infesting the beaches. Along with the fags in rehoboth.

Would you like to know more?

Thanks Delaware for my good time at Rehoboth beach. It was the last time I truly felt free.


that's more on California's side but I guess so.

It's a way of signaling non-identification with the region's elite.

Here in New England I've met several Mayflower descendents who associate themselves with Irish-American imagery... same thing.

And of course, we all knew that super rich jewish kid from college who joins Palestinian activist groups... until he graduated.

Delaware is technically may issue, but is shall issue in practice.

Having said that, it's a pain in the dick to actually get a CCW license. It'll cost you a couple hundred in fees and the fact that you need to take out an ad in a major newspaper saying that you're so-and-so and you now have a CCW. It's fucking retarded, tbhfam.

I'd like to get one, but it's expensive and a pain in the ass. Luckily there are no problems open carrying though, as you don't need a license for that.

It allows owners of private companies to separate their personal assets from the companies assets. For example if you own a local pizza shop and are not an LLC and your business fails or you get sued your creditors your take your home, your car, and absolutely anything you own. If you register as an LLC and your business fails or you get sued they can't take from you personally they can only take assets from the company. It's not a tax thing.

I was born and grew up in Connecticut and believe me it's twice as irrelevant as Delaware and also shittier

Rehoboth is literally for fags. Cape Henlopen drive-on beach master race

If you don't want it i would glady accept to get back our rightfull clay


And delaware is the only state that allows this separation?

I give literally 0 fucks about relevancy. There are literally only 2 factors that matter to me when choosing a state

1. Whitness
2. Taxes

This particular state seem to be very white, and very low taxes. Is my assessment correct?

>Rehoboth is literally for fags
I've heard this, but I have no idea what people are talking about. It was a typical beech with families and people of all types. So much more quiet, calm and less crowded than ocean city. Also seems a little warmer.

All my heroin comes from there, so no. Try North Dakota b

Rhode Island is the stupidest fucking place on earth. Literally does not need to exist.

Rhode Island is shit, nothing but niggers and high taxes.

No you can incorporate in any state. Delaware just has a super speedy court system. So if you get sued by some faggot because he slipped on the floor in your restaurant you won't be stuck fighting it in court for a year.

Just wait for after hours.

But really, it's not that big of a deal. The main issue plaguing the Delaware beaches is all the non-delawarean transplants. All the farms and such are being bought up and turned into neighborhoods as far as the eyes can see. And these fucking people are clogging up the towns because the infrastructure was never meant to handle this many people living here. Not to mention it looks like shit and all these people coming here is destroying the sense of local culture/community and turning it into another cosmopolitan shithole ala florida.

Let them have Delaware. Fewer people invading my state.

The state of israel?

>you need to take out an ad in a major newspaper saying that you're so-and-so and you now have a CCW

That defeats the whole purpose.

My wife has a stalker that's going to be released from jail in the next year or so. The last thing I want that fucker to know is that I've got a permit to carry concealed.

At least it was easy to get my CCW here in Georgia.
>fill out form
>pay $80 in fees
>get photographed
>get fingerprinted
>waited 30 days for permit to arrive in the mail

At least we aren't ruled by democratic commies in kansas

I know, it's fucking bullshit. And there are nogs who will go out and break into homes just to raid your gun cabinet. Putting out an ad for this is basically the same as pointing a sign that says "PLEASE BREAK INTO MY HOUSE WHILE I'M ON VACATION AND TAKE ALL MY FIREARMS"

It's still not as bad as the surrounding areas of maryland and jersey. PA is based though.

What are you talking about? Rhode Island is white as hell if you get out of Providence

Nope just bankrupt by idiotic right wing extremists thank god most of them got kicked out during the Primary.

Its highly concentrated Aryan nectar. It culminates in the atmosphere where large amounts of whites live and can be seen at high altitudes

You're mostly right on those two. As usual with white flight, just be aware depending on how things go with elections, no place is immune to shitskinifcation.

There's one city in Idaho (Twin Falls) that is being flooded with Mudslime scum to work at a yogurt factory. And there's a small refugee community (Iraqis mostly) in Boise. Obama's been sending a lot of his little pets to places like this where they won't attract as much attention, so again, no place is safe. Everyone here has a gun though and there's very little risk of it ever being anything but conservative. Weather is good, utilities are cheap, taxes are low. I'd move here again. ISP's around Boise suck tho unless you can afford to move into a fiber community.

State itself is 94% white but you will find quite a few hispanics as well as there's lots of agriculture up here.

So businesses all incorporate in delaware because the courts are efficient? It has nothing to due with taxes or special laws?

It's basically the Switzerland of America (tax wise)

I thought Delaware was a city

Dakota's have the most groups for WW2 Re-enactors


Vermont, probably, because Delaware atleast has coastine, which can be valuable.

Tons and tons of oil

That fucking triggers the hell out of me. The way they purposefully insert the diversity in places that are still white. It's like he's saying "OH NO HOW DARE YOU SILLY GOYIM HAVE A MAJORITY WHITE CITY, GOTTA SNATCH THAT UP TOO"

I'm over on the east coat in delaware, and I've literally never seen a majority-white city. Every single one is infested by nigs. I can't even comprehend such a thing. but they continue to ruin the few that exist.

Pretty much. The entire issue has blown up into a shit ton of misinformation the last few years. People have no idea how corporate law works and will eat up anything the media tells them.


i mean has anyone here even heard of California? I think it has a couple people in it but not officially a state. They haven't been as far as decided even go want to do recognize as is a state

>local culture/community
What fucking local culture? I was there 12 years ago.

It's a real pain in the ass to get a concealed carry permit, besides that we are good

Only nfa items allowed care SBRs


>CTR + F
>No literally who the state

>not Maine
you fucked up

there's no tax on business done outside DE, sounds very very relevant to me and likeminded tax dodgers

Corn mafia pretty strong up there

More like Delawhat.

I did read about that yogurt factory the other day

Where do these peope live though? Do they rent appartments in Boise? Are people talking about it at all?

Slower Lower Delaware (Dover) is lots of Blacks, Lots of Amish and Mennonite.
Horses Farms, and Inbreds.

Lived there for 5 years.
Shithole called Frederica.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Fucking Delaware.

Sorry appartments in Twin Falls*

Delaware is a state??
I thought it was a town
The more you know....

>Fucking Delaware
Delaware is very flat. Very easy to build houses and other infrastructure.

I'm from and still liver in Delaware.

Tax free shopping, some of the best beaches, not too crowded, great gun laws for a blue state. The bottom 2 counties are nothing like the shithole encompassing wilmington and newark.

There are worse states out there.

colt is based here and we make your nuclear submarines yeah also the cheeseburger was invented in ct so...

Im from Florida... your beaches are shit...
and by beaches, you mean Rehoboth? Ocean City is in Maryland.. they both are wall to wall people a few weeks a years, then Ghost town.....


No one here considers rehoboth a good beach. Im talking fenwick, cape, etc. The beaches out of state retards don't know about.

dat """beach""" pic is absolutely disgusting by adriatic standards

LLC is like one of the main forms of business entities. Business entities include:

>Limited Liability Companies(LLC)

It's how owners and accountants world wide organize businesses so they can perform their tasks of running and maintaining their assets/liabilities/owners equity. Shits day one corporate accounting. Calling your business an LLC or a partnership or a corporation is, in the simplest and most stripped down descriptions, just a way of organizing your business assets and retention of said assets/accounts. this is legal everywhere that capitalism isn't completely appalled, so most western countries.

Nice cherrypicked photo. Of course the bit of beach right on the boardwalk is going to be crowded as fuck because it's where all the shoobies go. Probably on memorial day too.

Real DE niggas have surf fishing licenses and go to the drive-on beaches at henlopen and towers.

fuck all the tiny yankee "states". need to combine them. they just serve to give democrats more electoral votes

Agriculture in Kansas. Nebraska can go.

northern delaware should be annexed by maryland. And then lower-slower DE should merge with the MD eastern shore and that bit of virginian clay to form the red state of Delmarva

>he doesn't visit RB in the fall

It's great. the ocean in RB is fuckign shit anyway so there's no point in dealing with the high season.

Ask any bank if Delaware is irrelevant.

also, former Newark resident reporting. it's suprisngly nice there and the women are very, very attractive. Obvioulsy sloots though

>red state of Delmarva

Strong corn, poultry, and dairy that way. But we'd probably fight for the two water crossings.