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Which ideology is better in your opinion and why? American Nationalism or White Nationalism?

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world socialism


American nationalism, because it accomplished more than White nationalism.

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American Nationalism.
The more the merrier.

Direct democracy.
Nothing else, nothing more.

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Pan - European Nationalism/Facism.
Without niggers of course.

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This is 10 year old logic. Like it's literally what i believed as an 10 year old.

well... It's what we do in my country and guess what, it's work pretty well.

Thanks for all the input guys, I've just been torn between the two for a couple years now. I'm proud of my race and I recognize white genocide as an issue that HAS to be addressed but at the same time I love my country... Can I be both without being a double thinker?

White is not a nation.

Direct democracy is not an ideology.

Nothing's black and white you know. It's possible to appreciate America while also appreciating white people.

Tfw whites will never have their own nation to themselves ever again.
Feels bad man

Thanks senpai
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anarcho-syndicism based on blockchain technology and immutable contracts. Human are tribal but the institutionalization of that instinct has been an abject failure on every front.

American Nationalism because if you actually get other races to assimilate culturally there's no meaningful difference between the races

Neither. You must acknowledge that both your ethnicity and nationality are important components of your facticity; the specific unique conditions of your existence. Recognizing the proper path to developing personal virtue requires reconciling these "factors of existence". To mindlessly discard your racial and civic identity denies you the intellectual and political opportunity to cultivate personal excellence.


This doesn't sound half bad either

American nationalism. White nationalists are usually white trash idiots.

White nationalism is better because shitskins do not share our values or our abilities

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But some can. There are plenty of black Christians who support the right and traditionalist values

well, I wish them well in their own countries

surely you aren't pro White geNOcide? White children need their own homelands

>american nationalism
What exactly is that except for "muh guns" ?

American nationalism, white nationalism would be a waste of useful population, and most likely it will be a violent transition of power, and highly unlikely since the US guarantees the freedom of every American.

I'm not at all actually. It's just here in America I doubt we'll ever see the day we remove all the negroes, so we may as well promote staying to your own race which would solve a lot of the problem

wtf I hate ten year olds now

>muh mindlessly following strict political dogma
how about none?

have you read cwii ?

I think it's inevitable there will be a civil war in the US, unless something is done about the invaders first

is it impossible to remove all the negroes, spics, gooks and kikes?

America comes first and foremost. Don't spend money on other countries and don't help other countries that can't return the favor ie Syria and other sand nigger countries. And muh guns

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>dat gap

serb nationalism

[ R E M O V E ]

>what is Liberia

>what is chicago and detriot

>well, these niggers will their higher crime rates just haven't been assimilated enough, you racist!

I haven't but it could. The only way it would happen though is if the mud skins went full retard out to kill every last white. Then we'd be an all white nation in a years time

so neoconservatism with less emphasis on supporting israel?


American nationalism is white nationalism. America is a white nation that had a breeding population of blacks fester within itself from slavery to poison it from the inside, combined with waves of invading brown people from the south.

John Wilkes Booth ruined all that for us

Ireland is correct. National Socialism but our nation is terra. It shall be us vs (((them))) too see who shall rule the new world. The next decades shall determine the course of mankind for millieniem.

American Nationalism, literally the most based people (and meeting of peoples) in the history of the world. (Save for the Third Reich)

demographic conquest is still conquest

the point will be reached when they decide your territory is theirs, then it kicks off

but how will you deal with the half niggers that currently populate spain/italy/moortugal and romania?

That would start some shit too

it's inevitable if not reversed soon

>what is redlining and economic discrimination
>what is disparate prosecutorial affect
>what is civil forfeiture

All of these things are institutional (they are far better than in the past however) and actively prevent blacks from accumulating wealth, which is how any group improves its lot over the course of generations.

Is there a cultural problem in the African American community? Absolutely.

Is that a result of an innate racial disparity in competence? Absolutely not. Discrimination is real, and while the actual application is less today, the problems created (lack of wealth in the community) are not something you can just break out of with willpower alone.

Unfortunately the only way to fix it is to stearalize the adults teaching the kids the bad habits that have developed over time and putting the children in intensive, military school style education that will rid them of the notion that maintaining their degenerate culture and improving the economic fate of their family and kin are in any way compatible.

t. cultural bigot but not a racist

You also maintain private bank accounts for the ((((((wealthy)))))).

I hope you guys across the pond experience this soon. Makes me sad, Europe should only be for Europeans

I almost welcome it. There are only so many ways to fight the white man. Force isn't one of them

>Is that a result of an innate racial disparity in competence? Absolutely not.
why would geographically separated populations develop the same mutations?

do you really think that everyone has the same chance of becoming a world class sprinter? even though blacks dominate this field. you could say they are the superior race in sprinting

and if you agree that all 100 of the fasted 100m sprinting world record holders are african(and how could you disagreee with this fact), why do you think it's not possible that some groups are inherently more intelligent or creative?

>not a racist
but yo agree africans are the master race in sprinting?

Europe, America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand also

don't worry bro, we feed, clothe, and supply utilities to these ingrates, it's a somple matter to shut them off and transport them wherever we like

the earlier it happens, the easier it will be


I'd say American Nationalism. There are Latinos, Blacks, and Asians here that love American and White culture. They are actively aware of the implicit whiteness of American Nationalism.

It really has two results
>balkanization with white, black, asian, latin ethnostates
>or american civil nationalism a la trump while deincentivizing immigration sending illegals and a good amount of legals back

holy fuck

culture is the flower genetics are the root


>American nationalism
America is a nigger invested shit hole with no culture or standards and the girl you posted is a disgusting abomination. If Hillary Clinton gets elected I'm moving to another country.

Balkanization would be alright as long as white Americans got the majority to all of the mainland seeing as we've built this country to what it is

What country do I move to If I just want to be with other white people? Is there anywhere I can just be with my own people like the other races can?

>California wants direct democracy.
>Implying our governor didn't just dictate like 7 unconstitutional gun regulations into law.
>Implying people aren't stealing thousands of petition names from gun stores.

Californians want a dictator.

do you really think all groups have the same values and abilities? if so, why do they come to western civilization? if theirs is just as good?

>white nationalist
>not wanting to stick around for the race war that would follow and help make America white again


Poland or Hungary. Good luck learning the languages though

I'll probably try moving to Poland at some point

It's a nigger. You are a degenerate.

Of course not, that would be racist

Your best bet is middle america, rural canada, or learn danish and go through the lengthy process of becoming a danish citizen.

Rural Ireland, Iceland and Finland works too

those are the ones off the top of my head.

Obviously avoid cities. All western cities are becoming minority majority and definitely will be white minority within the next 20 years, london already is unless you allow for polish.

American Nationalism because by its very nature embraces a multiethnic society

Multiculturalism is the enemy, multiethnicity is not

>Which ideology is better in your opinion and why?


>disparate prosecutorial affect
>muh equality of outcome

Her hands and neck are white idiot

nah nigga, that's effect. Prosecutors literally choose to charge blacks in federal rather than state courts and considerably up the charges to force a plea deal. That is all discretionary and is routinely applied in a discriminatory way.

how does it feel to be europes native niggers?

American Nationalism because it allows the freedom for white people to associate with whites or niggers as they chose


White Nationalism because we need it more at the moment and American Nationalism isn't under fire.

>be Irish
>die from lack of potato

yeah, no culture

try living in africa and then claim america has no culture

kek, I hope you are only pret4ending to be retrded

I agree wholeheartedly

bring it on you bourgeois fuckboy's.

explain how so many niggers end up with 6 or more felonies before they get any proper time

>muh outliers
It doesn't matter. There are lots of fast white dudes too, of all the people that are involved in sprinting.

Broadly, across populations, humans are effectively all equally powerful and equally prudent as individuals. What they do in groups is culture, and those can be objectively judged in some ways. That's why nog culture that has been allowed to fester and decay because they were systematically prevented from being able to accumulate wealth for their children and kin over generations. The effects of THAT have definitely made blacks in america today fat and stupid, but it's not all their fault. What happened to blacks after ww2 and especially civil rights is really fucked up and sad, from where they could have ended up.

Like I said the only solution is to nuter the adults (maybe for a cash payout) and intensively reeducate the children.

she could have a lunch lady face and I'd still hit it from behind 24/7

A monoculture destroying any ties to the old culture of a certain ethnicity is retarded? How do you think Rome expanded into Gaul and Iberia?

source it bong

>soros shills

>There are lots of fast white dudes too
could you point to theem in the hundred fastest 100m times?

why do you assume that all people can produce or integrate into the same culture?

mentions rome, yeah, and what happened to them once they were flooded with imports who valued their own interests above romes?

I can't, where could I find this info? is it recorded?

>a billionaire funding sjw movements cares about the rambling opinions of sexually insecure juvenile white nationalists

>muh outliers
No, but I don't care if asians have the top 100 iqs, or if whites have the 100 most naturally imperialistic assholes either. Want to respond to any of the rest of my post?

That's why you enforce assimilation into a single culture you retarded limey

Multicultural =! Multiethnic

>he's even being paid by soros to be this much of a little cucklet fag
lmao 2bh

not until you admit that africans are the superior sprinters

enforce it? how?

different groups have different values, it's mostly genetic

why would you expect a dumb sandnigger mudslime to change into an english gentleman on the boatride over?

you can't polish a turd. if they are so great, why haven't they created a free society in their own countries?

in short your premise is factually incorrect, and you are a retard for believing it for a second

Both are stupid. The best political ideology is self-annihalation. Basically we wipe out the earth, because shits pointless.

>American nationalism
As a nation without racial or cultural homogeny, i can only assume this means that you kiss the governments ass and say you are better than everyone.

>I'm going to refuse to acknowledge the parts of your argument I don't like until you agree to an ultimatum of mine
putting aside how autistic of a practice this is, I have, they are.

But I don't give a shit. Those are outliers, and I am interested in broad populations. In general, all humans are individually basically equally powerful and equally prudent.

>what is cultural assimilation
is that why Boston is just like Dublin, or Staten Island is just like Florence?

fools on you all........

American Nationalism
White Nationalism

Deny these facts:

You are speaking ENGLISH..if not you are not Amurican

Const and bill of rights based on OLD English (old Teutonic) rights of the people and the land.

American INCLUSIONISM has allowed all WHITE peoples to come here and we have integrated WELL....until integration of BLACKS by FORCE in the 50-60's.
Its been downhill since that. The trend of BLACK vs ALL violence has (X) by 1400%
deny all you want....we have facts to crush your denial.

Welfare speaks for its self

ghettos speak for themselves


re eval your definition of both of those things. Blacks are good people but they are not of us - they are apart. We are not the same people. It does not make them LESSER. It makes them different. They are MORE VIOLENT - its just who they are.
White violence is more organized and with rule.
theirs is CHAOTIC and truly destructive to our genetic.

We must purge and divide.

>American Nationalism or White Nationalism?
They're the same thing.

>n general, all humans are individually basically equally powerful and equally prudent.
you know this isn't true, just look at the violent crime rates of different races around the world

blacks are equally prudent, despite committing 50% of the murders in the US and only being 6% of the population?

>is that why Boston is just like Dublin, or Staten Island is just like Florence?
I like the way you picked Whites integrating into White societies

do you have any examples of blacks integrating as a group? in any White country?

>Blacks are good people
I agree with everything you said apart from this

they are not


Where is this?

We can't get autos in USA or CAD

Where is this?

We can't get autos in USA or CAN

no response?

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I don't care as long as the outcome is guns and quality booty like in this picture. Damn.

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Kek. A nigger can be american but never european.

Blind nationalism is never a good thing. Protecting the interests of the place you live when it benefits you and your family is though.